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Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Amphibians --> S.Class Lissamphibia --> Ord. Salamander --> Salamandroidea -->


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Bolitoglossinae (Add)
Gen. Batrachoseps (Add)
Gen. Bolitoglossa (Add)
Gen. Bradytriton (Add)
Gen. Chiropterotriton (Add)
Gen. Cryptotriton (Add)
Gen. Dendrotriton (Add)
Gen. Nototriton (Add)
Gen. Nyctanolis (Add)
Gen. Oedipina (Add)
Gen. Parvimolge (Add)
Gen. Pseudoeurycea (Add)
Gen. Thorius (Add)
Hemidactyliinae (Add)
Gen. Hemidactylium (Add)
Hemidactylium scutatum (Add)
Plethodontinae (Add)
Gen. Aneides (Add)
Aneides aeneus (Add)
Aneides ferreus (Add)
Aneides flavipunctatus (Add)
Aneides hardii (Add)
Aneides lugubris (Add)
Aneides vagrans (Add)
Gen. Atylodes (Add)
Atylodes genei (Add)
Gen. Desmognathus (Add)
Desmognathus abditus (Add)
Desmognathus aeneus (Add)
Desmognathus apalachicolae (Add)
Desmognathus auriculatus (Add)
Desmognathus brimleyorum (Add)
Desmognathus carolinensis (Add)
Desmognathus conanti (Add)
Desmognathus folkertsi (Add)
Desmognathus fuscus (Add)
Desmognathus imitator (Add)
Desmognathus marmoratus (Add)
Desmognathus monticola (Add)
Desmognathus ochrophaeus (Add)
Desmognathus ocoee (Add)
Desmognathus orestes (Add)
Desmognathus organi (Add)
Desmognathus planiceps (Add)
Desmognathus quadramaculatus (Add)
Desmognathus santeetlah (Add)
Desmognathus welteri (Add)
Desmognathus wrighti (Add)
Gen. Ensatina (Add)
Ensatina eschscholtzii (Add)
Gen. Hydromantes (Add)
Hydromantes brunus (Add)
Hydromantes platycephalus (Add)
Hydromantes shastae (Add)
Gen. Karsenia (Add)
Karsenia koreana (Add)
Gen. Phaeognathus (Add)
Phaeognathus hubrichti (Add)
Gen. Plethodon (Add)
Plethodon ainsworthi (Add)
Western Slimy Salamander, Plethodon albagula (Add)
Plethodon amplus (Add)
Plethodon angusticlavius (Add)
Plethodon asupak (Add)
Plethodon aureolus (Add)
Plethodon caddoensis (Add)
Plethodon chattahoochee (Add)
Plethodon cheoah (Add)
Plethodon chlorobryonis (Add)
Plethodon cinereus (Add)
Plethodon cylindraceus (Add)
Plethodon dorsalis (Add)
Plethodon dunni (Add)
Plethodon electromorphus (Add)
Plethodon elongatus (Add)
Plethodon fourchensis (Add)
Northern Slimy Salamander, Plethodon glutinosus (Add)
Plethodon grobmani (Add)
Plethodon hoffmani (Add)
Plethodon hubrichti (Add)
Plethodon idahoensis (Add)
Plethodon jordani (Add)
Plethodon kentucki (Add)
Plethodon kiamichi (Add)
Plethodon kisatchie (Add)
Plethodon larselli (Add)
Plethodon meridianus (Add)
Plethodon metcalfi (Add)
Plethodon mississippi (Add)
Plethodon montanus (Add)
Plethodon neomexicanus (Add)
Plethodon nettingi (Add)
Plethodon ocmulgee (Add)
Plethodon ouachitae (Add)
Plethodon petraeus (Add)
Plethodon punctatus (Add)
Plethodon richmondi (Add)
Plethodon savannah (Add)
Plethodon sequoyah (Add)
Plethodon serratus (Add)
Plethodon shenandoah (Add)
Plethodon sherando (Add)
Plethodon shermani (Add)
Plethodon stormi (Add)
Plethodon teyahalee (Add)
Plethodon vandykei (Add)
Plethodon variolatus (Add)
Plethodon vehiculum (Add)
Plethodon ventralis (Add)
Plethodon virginia (Add)
Plethodon websteri (Add)
Plethodon wehrlei (Add)
Plethodon welleri (Add)
Plethodon yonahlossee (Add)
Gen. Speleomantes (Add)
Speleomantes ambrosii (Add)
Speleomantes flavus (Add)
Speleomantes imperialis (Add)
Speleomantes italicus (Add)
Speleomantes sarrabusensis (Add)
Speleomantes strinatii (Add)
Speleomantes supramontis (Add)
Spelerpinae (Add)
Gen. Rafinesque (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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