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Fam. Longfin

Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Actinopterygii --> S.Class Neopterygii --> Superord. Acanthopterygii --> Ord. Perciformes -->


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Acanthoclininae (Add)
Gen. Acanthoclinus (Add)
Acanthoclinus fuscus (Add)
Acanthoclinus littoreus (Add)
Acanthoclinus marilynae (Add)
Acanthoclinus matti (Add)
Acanthoclinus rua (Add)
Gen. Acanthoplesiops (Add)
Acanthoplesiops echinatus (Add)
Acanthoplesiops hiatti (Add)
Acanthoplesiops indicus (Add)
Acanthoplesiops naka (Add)
Acanthoplesiops psilogaster (Add)
Gen. Beliops (Add)
Beliops batanensis (Add)
Beliops xanthokrossos (Add)
Gen. Belonepterygion (Add)
Belonepterygion fasciolatum (Add)
Gen. Notograptus (Add)
Notograptus gregoryi (Add)
Notograptus guttatus (Add)
Notograptus kauffmani (Add)
Notograptus livingstonei (Add)
Assessorinae (Add)
Fraudellinae (Add)
Paraplesiopinae (Add)
Plesiopinae (Add)
Gen. Assessor (Add)
Assessor flavissimus (Add)
Assessor macneilli (Add)
Assessor randalli (Add)
Gen. Calloplesiops (Add)
Calloplesiops altivelis (Add)
Calloplesiops argus (Add)
Gen. Fraudella (Add)
Fraudella carassiops (Add)
Gen. Paraplesiops (Add)
Paraplesiops alisonae (Add)
Paraplesiops bleekeri (Add)
Paraplesiops meleagris (Add)
Paraplesiops poweri (Add)
Paraplesiops sinclairi (Add)
Gen. Plesiops (Add)
Plesiops auritus (Add)
Plesiops cephalotaenia (Add)
Plesiops coeruleolineatus (Add)
Plesiops corallicola (Add)
Plesiops facicavus (Add)
Plesiops genaricus (Add)
Plesiops gracilis (Add)
Plesiops insularis (Add)
Plesiops malalaxus (Add)
Plesiops multisquamata (Add)
Plesiops mystaxus (Add)
Plesiops nakaharae (Add)
Plesiops nigricans (Add)
Plesiops oxycephalus (Add)
Plesiops polydactylus (Add)
Plesiops thysanopterus (Add)
Plesiops verecundus (Add)
Gen. Steeneichthys (Add)
Steeneichthys nativitatus (Add)
Steeneichthys plesiopsus (Add)
Gen. Trachinops (Add)
Trachinops brauni (Add)
Trachinops caudimaculatus (Add)
Trachinops noarlungae (Add)
Trachinops taeniatus (Add)
Trachinopinae (Add)

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