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Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Actinopterygii --> S.Class Neopterygii --> Superord. Acanthopterygii --> Ord. Perciformes -->


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Gen. Aplodinotus (Add)
Aplodinotus grunniens (Add)
Gen. Argyrosomus (Add)
Argyrosomus amoyensis (Add)
Argyrosomus beccus (Add)
Argyrosomus coronus (Add)
Argyrosomus heinii (Add)
Argyrosomus hololepidotus (Add)
Argyrosomus inodorus (Add)
Argyrosomus japonicus (Add)
Argyrosomus regius (Add)
Argyrosomus thorpei (Add)
Gen. Aspericorvina (Add)
Aspericorvina jubata (Add)
Gen. Atractoscion (Add)
Atractoscion aequidens (Add)
Atractoscion nobilis (Add)
Gen. Atrobucca (Add)
Atrobucca adusta (Add)
Atrobucca alcocki (Add)
Atrobucca antonbruun (Add)
Atrobucca bengalensis (Add)
Atrobucca brevis (Add)
Atrobucca geniae (Add)
Atrobucca kyushini (Add)
Atrobucca marleyi (Add)
Atrobucca nibe (Add)
Atrobucca trewavasae (Add)
Gen. Austronibea (Add)
Austronibea oedogenys (Add)
Gen. Bahaba (Add)
Bahaba chaptis (Add)
Bahaba polykladiskos (Add)
Bahaba taipingensis (Add)
Gen. Bairdiella (Add)
Bairdiella armata (Add)
Bairdiella chrysoura (Add)
Bairdiella ensifera (Add)
Bairdiella icistia (Add)
Bairdiella ronchus (Add)
Bairdiella sanctaeluciae (Add)
Gen. Boesemania (Add)
Boesemania microlepis (Add)
Gen. Caucasisciaena (Add)
Gen. Cheilotrema (Add)
Cheilotrema fasciatum (Add)
Cheilotrema saturnum (Add)
Gen. Chrysochir (Add)
Chrysochir aureus (Add)
Gen. Cilus (Add)
Cilus gilberti (Add)
Gen. Collichthys (Add)
Collichthys lucidus (Add)
Collichthys niveatus (Add)
Gen. Corvula (Add)
Corvula batabana (Add)
Corvula macrops (Add)
Gen. Ctenosciaena (Add)
Ctenosciaena gracilicirrhus (Add)
Ctenosciaena peruviana (Add)
Gen. Cynoscion (Add)
Cynoscion acoupa (Add)
Cynoscion albus (Add)
Cynoscion analis (Add)
Cynoscion arenarius (Add)
Cynoscion guatucupa (Add)
Cynoscion jamaicensis (Add)
Cynoscion leiarchus (Add)
Cynoscion microlepidotus (Add)
Cynoscion nannus (Add)
Cynoscion nebulosus (Add)
Cynoscion nortoni (Add)
Cynoscion nothus (Add)
Cynoscion othonopterus (Add)
Cynoscion parvipinnis (Add)
Cynoscion phoxocephalus (Add)
Cynoscion praedatorius (Add)
Cynoscion regalis (Add)
Cynoscion reticulatus (Add)
Cynoscion similis (Add)
Cynoscion squamipinnis (Add)
Cynoscion steindachneri (Add)
Cynoscion stolzmanni (Add)
Cynoscion striatus (Add)
Cynoscion virescens (Add)
Cynoscion xanthulus (Add)
Gen. Daysciaena (Add)
Daysciaena albida (Add)
Gen. Dendrophysa (Add)
Dendrophysa albida (Add)
Dendrophysa russelli (Add)
Gen. Elattarchus (Add)
Elattarchus archidium (Add)
Gen. Equetus (Add)
Equetus lanceolatus (Add)
Equetus punctatus (Add)
Gen. Genyonemus (Add)
Genyonemus lineatus (Add)
Gen. Isopisthus (Add)
Isopisthus parvipinnis (Add)
Isopisthus remifer (Add)
Gen. Johnius (Add)
Johnius amblycephalus (Add)
Johnius australis (Add)
Johnius belangerii (Add)
Johnius borneensis (Add)
Johnius cantori (Add)
Johnius carouna (Add)
Johnius carutta (Add)
Johnius coitor (Add)
Johnius distinctus (Add)
Johnius dorsalis (Add)
Johnius dussumieri (Add)
Johnius elongatus (Add)
Johnius fasciatus (Add)
Johnius fuscolineatus (Add)
Johnius gangeticus (Add)
Johnius glaucus (Add)
Johnius goldmani (Add)
Johnius grypotus (Add)
Johnius heterolepis (Add)
Johnius hypostoma (Add)
Johnius laevis (Add)
Johnius latifrons (Add)
Johnius macropterus (Add)
Johnius macrorhynus (Add)
Johnius mannarensis (Add)
Johnius novaeguineae (Add)
Johnius novaehollandiae (Add)
Johnius pacificus (Add)
Johnius philippinus (Add)
Johnius plagiostoma (Add)
Johnius sina (Add)
Johnius trachycephalus (Add)
Johnius trewavasae (Add)
Gen. Kathala (Add)
Kathala axillaris (Add)
Gen. Larimichthys (Add)
Larimichthys crocea (Add)
Larimichthys pamoides (Add)
Larimichthys polyactis (Add)
Gen. Larimus (Add)
Larimus acclivis (Add)
Larimus argenteus (Add)
Larimus breviceps (Add)
Larimus effulgens (Add)
Larimus fasciatus (Add)
Larimus gulosus (Add)
Larimus pacificus (Add)
Gen. Leiostomus (Add)
Leiostomus xanthurus (Add)
Gen. Lonchurus (Add)
Lonchurus elegans (Add)
Lonchurus lanceolatus (Add)
Gen. Macrodon (Add)
Macrodon ancylodon (Add)
Macrodon mordax (Add)
Gen. Macrospinosa (Add)
Macrospinosa cuja (Add)
Gen. Megalonibea (Add)
Megalonibea fusca (Add)
Gen. Menticirrhus (Add)
Menticirrhus americanus (Add)
Menticirrhus elongatus (Add)
Menticirrhus littoralis (Add)
Menticirrhus nasus (Add)
Menticirrhus ophicephalus (Add)
Menticirrhus paitensis (Add)
Menticirrhus panamensis (Add)
Menticirrhus saxatilis (Add)
Menticirrhus undulatus (Add)
Gen. Micropogonias (Add)
Micropogonias altipinnis (Add)
Micropogonias ectenes (Add)
Micropogonias fasciatus (Add)
Micropogonias furnieri (Add)
Micropogonias megalops (Add)
Micropogonias opercularis (Add)
Micropogonias undulatus (Add)
Gen. Miichthys (Add)
Miichthys miiuy (Add)
Gen. Miracorvina (Add)
Miracorvina angolensis (Add)
Gen. Nebris (Add)
Nebris microps (Add)
Nebris occidentalis (Add)
Gen. Nibea (Add)
Nibea acuta (Add)
Nibea albiflora (Add)
Nibea chui (Add)
Nibea coibor (Add)
Nibea leptolepis (Add)
Nibea maculata (Add)
Nibea microgenys (Add)
Nibea mitsukurii (Add)
Nibea semifasciata (Add)
Nibea soldado (Add)
Nibea squamosa (Add)
Gen. Odontoscion (Add)
Odontoscion dentex (Add)
Odontoscion eurymesops (Add)
Odontoscion xanthops (Add)
Gen. Ophioscion (Add)
Ophioscion adustus (Add)
Ophioscion imiceps (Add)
Ophioscion obscurus (Add)
Ophioscion panamensis (Add)
Ophioscion punctatissimus (Add)
Ophioscion scierus (Add)
Ophioscion simulus (Add)
Ophioscion strabo (Add)
Ophioscion typicus (Add)
Ophioscion vermicularis (Add)
Gen. Otolithes (Add)
Otolithes cuvieri (Add)
Otolithes magdalenae (Add)
Otolithes ruber (Add)
Gen. Otolithoides (Add)
Otolithoides biauritus (Add)
Otolithoides pama (Add)
Otolithoides perarmatus (Add)
Gen. Pachypops (Add)
Pachypops fourcroi (Add)
Pachypops pigmaeus (Add)
Pachypops trifilis (Add)
Gen. Pachyurus (Add)
Pachyurus adspersus (Add)
Pachyurus bonariensis (Add)
Pachyurus calhamazon (Add)
Pachyurus francisci (Add)
Pachyurus gabrielensis (Add)
Pachyurus junki (Add)
Pachyurus paucirastrus (Add)
Pachyurus schomburgkii (Add)
Pachyurus squamipennis (Add)
Pachyurus stewarti (Add)
Gen. Panna (Add)
Panna heterolepis (Add)
Panna microdon (Add)
Panna perarmatus (Add)
Gen. Paralonchurus (Add)
Paralonchurus brasiliensis (Add)
Paralonchurus dumerilii (Add)
Paralonchurus goodei (Add)
Paralonchurus peruanus (Add)
Paralonchurus petersii (Add)
Paralonchurus rathbuni (Add)
Gen. Paranebris (Add)
Paranebris bauchotae (Add)
Gen. Paranibea (Add)
Paranibea semiluctuosa (Add)
Gen. Pareques (Add)
Pareques acuminatus (Add)
Pareques fuscovittatus (Add)
Pareques iwamotoi (Add)
Pareques lanfeari (Add)
Pareques perissa (Add)
Pareques umbrosus (Add)
Pareques viola (Add)
Gen. Pennahia (Add)
Pennahia anea (Add)
Pennahia argentata (Add)
Pennahia macrocephalus (Add)
Pennahia ovata (Add)
Pennahia pawak (Add)
Gen. Pentheroscion (Add)
Pentheroscion mbizi (Add)
Gen. Petilipinnis (Add)
Petilipinnis grunniens (Add)
Gen. Plagioscion (Add)
Plagioscion auratus (Add)
Plagioscion casattii (Add)
Plagioscion magdalenae (Add)
Plagioscion microps (Add)
Plagioscion montae (Add)
Plagioscion pauciradiatus (Add)
Plagioscion squamosissimus (Add)
Plagioscion surinamensis (Add)
Plagioscion ternetzi (Add)
Gen. Pogonias (Add)
Pogonias cromis (Add)
Gen. Protonibea (Add)
Protonibea diacanthus (Add)
Gen. Protosciaena (Add)
Protosciaena bathytatos (Add)
Protosciaena trewavasae (Add)
Gen. Pseudotolithus (Add)
Pseudotolithus brachygnathus (Add)
Pseudotolithus elongatus (Add)
Pseudotolithus epipercus (Add)
Pseudotolithus moorii (Add)
Pseudotolithus senegalensis (Add)
Pseudotolithus senegalla (Add)
Pseudotolithus senegallus (Add)
Pseudotolithus typus (Add)
Gen. Pteroscion (Add)
Pteroscion peli (Add)
Gen. Pterotolithus (Add)
Pterotolithus lateoides (Add)
Pterotolithus maculatus (Add)
Gen. Roncador (Add)
Roncador stearnsii (Add)
Gen. Sciaena (Add)
Sciaena callaensis (Add)
Sciaena deliciosa (Add)
Sciaena umbra (Add)
Sciaena wieneri (Add)
Gen. Sciaenops (Add)
Sciaenops ocellatus (Add)
Gen. Seriphus (Add)
Seriphus politus (Add)
Gen. Sonorolux (Add)
Sonorolux fluminis (Add)
Gen. Stellifer (Add)
Stellifer brasiliensis (Add)
Stellifer chaoi (Add)
Stellifer chrysoleuca (Add)
Stellifer colonensis (Add)
Stellifer ephelis (Add)
Stellifer ericymba (Add)
Stellifer fuerthii (Add)
Stellifer griseus (Add)
Stellifer illecebrosus (Add)
Stellifer lanceolatus (Add)
Stellifer magoi (Add)
Stellifer mancorensis (Add)
Stellifer melanocheir (Add)
Stellifer microps (Add)
Stellifer minor (Add)
Stellifer naso (Add)
Stellifer oscitans (Add)
Stellifer pizarroensis (Add)
Stellifer rastrifer (Add)
Stellifer stellifer (Add)
Stellifer venezuelae (Add)
Stellifer walkeri (Add)
Stellifer wintersteenorum (Add)
Stellifer zestocarus (Add)
Gen. Totoaba (Add)
Totoaba macdonaldi (Add)
Gen. Umbrina (Add)
Umbrina analis (Add)
Umbrina broussonnetii (Add)
Umbrina bussingi (Add)
Umbrina canariensis (Add)
Umbrina canosai (Add)
Umbrina cirrosa (Add)
Umbrina coroides (Add)
Umbrina dorsalis (Add)
Umbrina galapagorum (Add)
Umbrina imberbis (Add)
Umbrina milliae (Add)
Umbrina reedi (Add)
Umbrina robinsoni (Add)
Umbrina roncador (Add)
Umbrina ronchus (Add)
Umbrina steindachneri (Add)
Umbrina wintersteeni (Add)
Umbrina xanti (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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