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Fam. Combtooth blenny

Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Actinopterygii --> S.Class Neopterygii --> Superord. Acanthopterygii --> Ord. Perciformes -->


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Gen. Aidablennius (Add)
Aidablennius sphynx (Add)
Gen. Alloblennius (Add)
Alloblennius anuchalis (Add)
Alloblennius jugularis (Add)
Alloblennius parvus (Add)
Alloblennius pictus (Add)
Gen. Alticus (Add)
Alticus anjouanae (Add)
Alticus arnoldorum (Add)
Alticus kirkii (Add)
Alticus monochrus (Add)
Alticus montanoi (Add)
Alticus saliens (Add)
Alticus sertatus (Add)
Alticus simplicirrus (Add)
Gen. Andamia (Add)
Andamia aequipinnis (Add)
Andamia amphibius (Add)
Andamia cyclocheilus (Add)
Andamia heteroptera (Add)
Andamia reyi (Add)
Andamia tetradactylus (Add)
Gen. Antennablennius (Add)
Antennablennius adenensis (Add)
Antennablennius australis (Add)
Antennablennius bifilum (Add)
Antennablennius ceylonensis (Add)
Antennablennius hypenetes (Add)
Antennablennius simonyi (Add)
Antennablennius variopunctatus (Add)
Gen. Aspidontus (Add)
Gen. Atrosalarias (Add)
Atrosalarias fuscus (Add)
Atrosalarias hosokawai (Add)
Gen. Bathyblennius (Add)
Gen. Blenniella (Add)
Blenniella bilitonensis (Add)
Blenniella caudolineata (Add)
Blenniella chrysospilos (Add)
Blenniella cyanostigma (Add)
Blenniella gibbifrons (Add)
Blenniella interrupta (Add)
Blenniella leopardus (Add)
Blenniella paula (Add)
Blenniella periophthalmus (Add)
Gen. Blennius (Add)
Blennius normani (Add)
Blennius ocellaris (Add)
Gen. Chalaroderma (Add)
Gen. Chasmodes (Add)
Gen. Cirripectes (Add)
Gen. Cirrisalarias (Add)
Cirrisalarias bunares (Add)
Gen. Coryphoblennius (Add)
Coryphoblennius galerita (Add)
Gen. Crossosalarias (Add)
Gen. Dodekablennos (Add)
Dodekablennos fraseri (Add)
Gen. Ecsenius (Add)
Ecsenius axelrodi (Add)
Ecsenius bathi (Add)
Ecsenius bicolor (Add)
Ecsenius caeruliventris (Add)
Ecsenius fijiensis (Add)
Ecsenius niue (Add)
Ecsenius opsifrontalis (Add)
Ecsenius shirleyae (Add)
Ecsenius tigris (Add)
Gen. Enchelyurus (Add)
Gen. Entomacrodus (Add)
Entomacrodus chapmani (Add)
Entomacrodus solus (Add)
Gen. Exallias (Add)
Exallias brevis (Add)
Gen. Glyptoparus (Add)
Gen. Haptogenys (Add)
Haptogenys bipunctata (Add)
Gen. Hirculops (Add)
Hirculops cornifer (Add)
Gen. Hypleurochilus (Add)
Hypleurochilus aequipinnis (Add)
Hypleurochilus bananensis (Add)
Hypleurochilus bermudensis (Add)
Hypleurochilus caudovittatus (Add)
Hypleurochilus fissicornis (Add)
Hypleurochilus geminatus (Add)
Hypleurochilus langi (Add)
Hypleurochilus multifilis (Add)
Hypleurochilus pseudoaequipinnis (Add)
Hypleurochilus springeri (Add)
Gen. Hypsoblennius (Add)
Gen. Istiblennius (Add)
Gen. Laiphognathus (Add)
Gen. Lipophrys (Add)
Lipophrys adriaticus (Add)
Lipophrys bauchotae (Add)
Lipophrys caboverdensis (Add)
Lipophrys canevae (Add)
Lipophrys dalmatinus (Add)
Lipophrys heuvelmansi (Add)
Lipophrys nigriceps (Add)
Lipophrys pholis (Add)
Lipophrys velifer (Add)
Gen. Litobranchus (Add)
Gen. Lupinoblennius (Add)
Gen. Meiacanthus (Add)
Meiacanthus abditus (Add)
Meiacanthus anema (Add)
Meiacanthus atrodorsalis (Add)
Meiacanthus bundoon (Add)
Meiacanthus crinitus (Add)
Meiacanthus ditrema (Add)
Meiacanthus fraseri (Add)
Meiacanthus geminatus (Add)
Meiacanthus grammistes (Add)
Meiacanthus kamoharai (Add)
Meiacanthus limbatus (Add)
Meiacanthus lineatus (Add)
Meiacanthus luteus (Add)
Meiacanthus mossambicus (Add)
Meiacanthus naevius (Add)
Meiacanthus nigrolineatus (Add)
Meiacanthus oualanensis (Add)
Meiacanthus phaeus (Add)
Meiacanthus procne (Add)
Meiacanthus reticulatus (Add)
Meiacanthus smithi (Add)
Meiacanthus tongaensis (Add)
Meiacanthus urostigma (Add)
Meiacanthus vicinus (Add)
Meiacanthus vittatus (Add)
Gen. Mimoblennius (Add)
Gen. Nannosalarias (Add)
Gen. Oman (Add)
Gen. Omobranchus (Add)
Gen. Omox (Add)
Omox biporos (Add)
Omox lupus (Add)
Gen. Ophioblennius (Add)
Ophioblennius atlanticus (Add)
Ophioblennius macclurei (Add)
Ophioblennius steindachneri (Add)
Ophioblennius trinitatus (Add)
Gen. Parablennius (Add)
Parablennius cornutus (Add)
Parablennius cyclops (Add)
Parablennius dialloi (Add)
Parablennius gattorugine (Add)
Parablennius goreensis (Add)
Parablennius incognitus (Add)
Parablennius intermedius (Add)
Parablennius laticlavius (Add)
Parablennius lodosus (Add)
Parablennius marmoreus (Add)
Parablennius opercularis (Add)
Parablennius parvicornis (Add)
Parablennius pilicornis (Add)
Parablennius postoculomaculatus (Add)
Parablennius rouxi (Add)
Parablennius ruber (Add)
Parablennius salensis (Add)
Parablennius sanguinolentus (Add)
Parablennius serratolineatus (Add)
Parablennius sierraensis (Add)
Parablennius tasmanianus (Add)
Parablennius tentacularis (Add)
Parablennius thysanius (Add)
Parablennius verryckeni (Add)
Parablennius yatabei (Add)
Parablennius zvonimiri (Add)
Gen. Parahypsos (Add)
Gen. Paralipophrys (Add)
Paralipophrys trigloides (Add)
Gen. Paralticus (Add)
Paralticus amboinensis (Add)
Gen. Parenchelyurus (Add)
Gen. Pereulixia (Add)
Gen. Petroscirtes (Add)
Gen. Phenablennius (Add)
Gen. Plagiotremus (Add)
Gen. Praealticus (Add)
Gen. Rhabdoblennius (Add)
Gen. Salaria (Add)
Salaria basilisca (Add)
Salaria economidisi (Add)
Salaria fluviatilis (Add)
Salaria pavo (Add)
Gen. Salarias (Add)
Salarias alboguttatus (Add)
Salarias ceramensis (Add)
Salarias fasciatus (Add)
Salarias guttatus (Add)
Salarias luctuosus (Add)
Salarias nigrocinctus (Add)
Salarias obscurus (Add)
Salarias patzneri (Add)
Salarias quadripennis (Add)
Salarias ramosus (Add)
Salarias reticulatus (Add)
Salarias segmentatus (Add)
Salarias sexfilum (Add)
Salarias sibogai (Add)
Salarias sinuosus (Add)
Gen. Scartella (Add)
Scartella caboverdiana (Add)
Scartella cristata (Add)
Scartella emarginata (Add)
Scartella itajobi (Add)
Scartella nuchifilis (Add)
Scartella poiti (Add)
Scartella springeri (Add)
Gen. Scartichthys (Add)
Scartichthys crapulatus (Add)
Scartichthys fernandezensis (Add)
Scartichthys gigas (Add)
Scartichthys rubropunctatus (Add)
Scartichthys variolatus (Add)
Scartichthys viridis (Add)
Scartichthys xiphiodon (Add)
Gen. Spaniblennius (Add)
Spaniblennius clandestinus (Add)
Spaniblennius riodourensis (Add)
Gen. Stanulus (Add)
Stanulus seychellensis (Add)
Stanulus talboti (Add)
Gen. Xiphasia (Add)

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