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Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Birds --> Superord. Neognathae --> Neoaves --> Ord. Apodiformes -->


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Apodinae (Add)
Apodini (Add)
Gen. Aeronautes (Add)
Aeronautes andecolus (Add)
Aeronautes montivagus (Add)
Aeronautes saxatalis (Add)
Gen. Apus (Add)
Apus acuticauda (Add)
Apus affinis (Add)
Apus alexandri (Add)
Apus apus

Apus balstoni (Add)
Apus barbatus (Add)
Apus batesi (Add)
Apus berliozi (Add)
Apus bradfieldi (Add)
Apus caffer (Add)
Apus horus (Add)
Apus niansae (Add)
Apus nipalensis (Add)
Apus pacificus (Add)
Apus pallidus (Add)
Apus unicolor (Add)
Gen. Cypsiurus (Add)
Cypsiurus balasiensis (Add)
Cypsiurus parvus (Add)
Gen. Panyptila (Add)
Panyptila cayennensis (Add)
Panyptila sanctihieronymi (Add)
Gen. Tachornis (Add)
Tachornis furcata (Add)
Tachornis phoenicobia (Add)
Tachornis squamata (Add)
Gen. Tachymarptis (Add)
Tachymarptis aequatorialis (Add)
Tachymarptis melba (Add)
Chaeturini (Add)
Gen. Chaetura (Add)
Chaetura andrei (Add)
Chaetura brachyura (Add)
Chaetura chapmani (Add)
Chaetura cinereiventris (Add)
Chaetura egregia (Add)
Chaetura fumosa (Add)
Chaetura martinica (Add)
Chaetura meridionalis (Add)
Chaetura pelagica (Add)
Chaetura spinicaudus (Add)
Chaetura vauxi (Add)
Chaetura viridipennis (Add)
Gen. Hirundapus (Add)
Hirundapus caudacutus (Add)
Hirundapus celebensis (Add)
Hirundapus cochinchinensis (Add)
Hirundapus giganteus (Add)
Gen. Mearnsia (Add)
Mearnsia novaeguineae (Add)
Mearnsia picina (Add)
Gen. Neafrapus (Add)
Neafrapus boehmi (Add)
Neafrapus cassini (Add)
Gen. Rhaphidura (Add)
Rhaphidura leucopygialis (Add)
Rhaphidura sabini (Add)
Gen. Telacanthura (Add)
Telacanthura melanopygia (Add)
Telacanthura ussheri (Add)
Gen. Zoonavena (Add)
Zoonavena grandidieri (Add)
Zoonavena sylvatica (Add)
Zoonavena thomensis (Add)
Collocaliini (Add)
Gen. Aerodramus (Add)
Aerodramus bartschi (Add)
Aerodramus brevirostris (Add)
Seychelles Swiftlet, Aerodramus elaphrus (Add)
Aerodramus francicus (Add)
Aerodramus fuciphagus (Add)
Aerodramus germani (Add)
Aerodramus hirundinaceus (Add)
Aerodramus infuscatus (Add)
Aerodramus inquietus (Add)
Aerodramus leucophaeus (Add)
Aerodramus maximus (Add)
Aerodramus mearnsi (Add)
Aerodramus nuditarsus (Add)
Aerodramus ocistus (Add)
Aerodramus orientalis (Add)
Aerodramus palawanensis (Add)
Aerodramus papuensis (Add)
Aerodramus pelewensis (Add)
Aerodramus rogersi (Add)
Aerodramus salangana (Add)
Aerodramus sawtelli (Add)
Aerodramus spodiopygius (Add)
Aerodramus terraereginae (Add)
Aerodramus unicolor (Add)
Aerodramus vanikorensis (Add)
Aerodramus vulcanorum (Add)
Aerodramus whiteheadi (Add)
Gen. Collocalia (Add)
Collocalia esculenta (Add)
Collocalia linchi (Add)
Collocalia troglodytes (Add)
Gen. Hydrochous (Add)
Hydrochous gigas (Add)
Gen. Schoutedenapus (Add)
Schoutedenapus myoptilus (Add)
Schoutedenapus schoutedeni (Add)
Cypseloidinae (Add)
Gen. Cypseloides (Add)
Cypseloides cherriei (Add)
Cypseloides cryptus (Add)
Cypseloides fumigatus (Add)
Cypseloides lemosi (Add)
Cypseloides niger (Add)
Cypseloides rothschildi (Add)
Cypseloides senex (Add)
Cypseloides storeri (Add)
Gen. Streptoprocne (Add)
Streptoprocne biscutata (Add)
Streptoprocne phelpsi (Add)
Streptoprocne rutila (Add)
Streptoprocne semicollaris (Add)
Streptoprocne zonaris (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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