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Ord. Rodent

Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Mammals --> S.Class Theria --> Eutheria --> Boreoeutheria --> Superord. Euarchontoglires --> Glires -->


Rodents are animals in the order Rodentia. Typical rodent species are mice, rats, beavers, guinea pigs, hamsters and similar. They are characterized by a pair of continuously growing incisors (teeth) in each of the upper and lower jaws.

Please see below for families in the Rodentia order. To see all registered species with pictures on one page, click here.

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Normal view

Pedetes capensis

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

North American Beaver, Castor canadensis

"Untitled" by Minette Layne via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Eurasian Beaver, Castor fiber

"Praying for a Sunny Weekend.....(Happy Furry Friday.:O))" by Law_keven via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Guinea pig, Cavia porcellus

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Patagonian Mara, Dolichotis patagonum

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Capybara, Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Long-tailed chinchilla, Chinchilla lanigera

"Chinchilla" by Just chaos via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Brazilian Porcupine, Coendou prehensilis

KCZooFan via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Coypu, Myocastor coypus

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Degu, Octodon degus

"2007-08-12-11h49m30.IMG_2629e" by A.J. Haverkamp via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Fukomys anselli

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Fukomys damarensis

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Crested porcupine, Hystrix cristata

"Porcupine @ Africa Alive, Suffolk" by Timparkinson via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

European water vole, Arvicola amphibius (terrestris)

"Water vole - Arvicola amphibius 2b" by Dluogs via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Steppe Lemming, Lagurus lagurus

Dawson via Wikicommons, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Norway lemming, Lemmus lemmus

"Lemming (4103)" by Kgleditsch via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Field Vole, Microtus agrestis

"Field Vole" by Hello, I am Bruce via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Bank Vole, Myodes glareolus

"Juicy Vegetation" by Peter G Trimming via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Muskrat, Ondatra zibethicus

"Muskrat and delicious grass" by Benimoto via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

European Hamster, Cricetus cricetus

Katanski via Wikicommons, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Golden hamster, Mesocricetus auratus

Protze ©.

Campbell's dwarf hamster, Phodopus campbelli

Ch.Neef ©.

Roborovski hamster, Phodopus roborovskii

"Maria has the blues" by Jpockele via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Djungarian hamster, Phodopus sungorus

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Mongolian gerbil, Meriones unguiculatus

"Mongolian Gerbil" by Alastair Rae via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Sand Rat, Psammomys obesus

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Yellow-necked Mouse, Apodemus flavicollis

"Kaupunkilaistunut metsähiiri" by Deemu via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Wood mouse, Apodemus sylvaticus

"Wood Mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus)" by Spencer77 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Eurasian harvest mouse, Micromys minutus

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

House mouse, Mus musculus

"Mus Musculus" by Davide.santoni via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Steppe Mouse, Mus spicilegus

Altbacker ©.

African Pygmy Mouse, Mus minutoides

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Brown rat, Rattus norvegicus

"Brown Rat (Rattus norvegicus)" by Anemoneprojectors via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Black rat, Rattus rattus

"Rattus rattus" by Piglicker via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs.

Hypogeomys antimena

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Plantain squirrel, Callosciurus notatus

W. Djatmiko via Wikicommons, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Funambulus pennantii

"Indian Palm squirrel (Funambulus pennanti)" by Stephen Barnett via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Siberian flying squirrel, Pteromys volans

Marko Schrader via Wikicommons, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Eastern gray squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Red Squirrel, Sciurus vulgaris

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Black-tailed prairie dog, Cynomys ludovicianus

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Marmota flaviventris

"Yellow-bellied marmot (Marmota flaviventris) on Mount Tallac summit" by MiguelVieira via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

California ground squirrel, Otospermophilus beecheyi

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Tamias striatus

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.


Fam. Anomaluridae
Anomalurinae (Add)
Gen. Anomalurus (Add)
Anomalurus beecrofti (Add)
Anomalurus derbianus (Add)
Anomalurus pelii (Add)
Anomalurus pusillus (Add)
Zenkerellinae (Add)
Gen. Idiurus (Add)
Idiurus macrotis (Add)
Idiurus zenkeri (Add)
Gen. Zenkerella (Add)
Zenkerella insignis (Add)
Fam. Pedetidae
Gen. Pedetes (Add)
Pedetes capensis

Pedetes surdaster (Add)
Fam. Beavers, Castoridae

Gen. Castor (Add)
North American Beaver, Castor canadensis

Eurasian Beaver, Castor fiber

Fam. Pocket gopher, Geomyidae (Add)
Fam. Heteromyidae (Add)
Hystricomorpha (Add)
Fam. Chinchilla rat, Abrocomidae (Add)
Fam. Hutia, Capromyidae (Add)
Fam. Cavy Family, Caviidae

Caviinae (Add)
Gen. Cavia (Add)
Brazilian guinea pig, Cavia aperea (Add)
Cavia fulgida (Add)
Cavia intermedia (Add)
Cavia magna (Add)
Cavia patzelti (Add)
Guinea pig, Cavia porcellus

Montane Guinea Pig, Cavia tschudii (Add)
Gen. Galea (Add)
Galea flavidens (Add)
Muenster yellow-toothed cavy, Galea monasteriensis (Add)
Common yellow-toothed cavy, Galea musteloides (Add)
Galea spixii (Add)
Gen. Microcavia (Add)
Southern mountain cavy, Microcavia australis (Add)
Microcavia niata (Add)
Microcavia shiptoni (Add)
Dolichotinae (Add)
Gen. Dolichotis (Add)
Patagonian Mara, Dolichotis patagonum

Chacoan Mara, Dolichotis salinicola (Add)
Hydrochoerinae (Add)
Gen. Hydrochoerus (Add)
Capybara, Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris

Hydrochoerus isthmius (Add)
Gen. Kerodon (Add)
Kerodon acrobata (Add)
Rock cavy, Kerodon rupestris (Add)
Fam. Chinchillidae

Chinchillinae (Add)
Gen. Chinchilla (Add)
Chinchilla brevicauda (Add)
Long-tailed chinchilla, Chinchilla lanigera

Gen. Lagidium (Add)
Lagidium ahuacaense (Add)
Lagidium peruanum (Add)
Lagidium viscacia (Add)
Lagidium wolffsohni (Add)
Lagostominae (Add)
Gen. Lagostomus (Add)
Lagostomus crassus (Add)
Lagostomus maximus (Add)
Fam. Tuco-tuco, Ctenomyidae (Add)
Fam. Paca, Cuniculidae (Add)
Fam. Dasyproctidae (Add)
Fam. Dinomyidae (Add)
Fam. Spiny rat, Echimyidae
Dactylomyinae (Add)
Gen. Dactylomys (Add)
Dactylomys boliviensis (Add)
Dactylomys dactylinus (Add)
Dactylomys peruanus (Add)
Gen. Kannabateomys (Add)
Kannabateomys amblyonyx (Add)
Gen. Olallamys (Add)
Olallamys albicauda (Add)
Olallamys edax (Add)
Echimyinae (Add)
Gen. Callistomys (Add)
Callistomys pictus (Add)
Gen. Diplomys (Add)
Diplomys caniceps (Add)
Diplomys labilis (Add)
Diplomys rufodorsalis (Add)
Gen. Echimys (Add)
Echimys blainvillei (Add)
Echimys braziliensis (Add)
Echimys chrysurus (Add)
Echimys dasythrix (Add)
Echimys grandis (Add)
Echimys lamarum (Add)
Echimys macrurus (Add)
Echimys nigrispinus (Add)
Echimys pictus (Add)
Echimys rhipidurus (Add)
Echimys saturnus (Add)
Echimys semivillosus (Add)
Echimys thomasi (Add)
Echimys unicolor (Add)
Gen. Isothrix (Add)
Isothrix barbarabrownae (Add)
Isothrix bistriata (Add)
Isothrix negrensis (Add)
Isothrix pagurus (Add)
Isothrix sinnamariensis (Add)
Gen. Makalata (Add)
Makalata armata (Add)
Gen. Pattonomys (Add)
Gen. Phyllomys (Add)
Phyllomys brasiliensis (Add)
Phyllomys thomasi (Add)
Phyllomys unicolor (Add)
Gen. Santamartamys (Add)
Eumysopinae (Add)
Gen. Carterodon (Add)
Carterodon sulcidens (Add)
Gen. Clyomys (Add)
Clyomys bishopi (Add)
Clyomys laticeps (Add)
Gen. Euryzygomatomys (Add)
Euryzygomatomys spinosus (Add)
Gen. Hoplomys (Add)
Hoplomys gymnurus (Add)
Gen. Lonchothrix (Add)
Lonchothrix emiliae (Add)
Gen. Mesomys (Add)
Mesomys didelphoides (Add)
Mesomys hispidus (Add)
Mesomys leniceps (Add)
Mesomys obscurus (Add)
Mesomys stimulax (Add)
Gen. Proechimys (Add)
Proechimys albispinus (Add)
Proechimys amphichoricus (Add)
Proechimys bolivianus (Add)
Proechimys brevicauda (Add)
Proechimys canicollis (Add)
Proechimys cayennensis (Add)
Proechimys chrysaeolus (Add)
Proechimys cuvieri (Add)
Proechimys decumanus (Add)
Proechimys dimidiatus (Add)
Proechimys goeldii (Add)
Proechimys gorgonae (Add)
Proechimys guairae (Add)
Proechimys gularis (Add)
Proechimys hendeei (Add)
Proechimys hoplomyoides (Add)
Proechimys iheringi (Add)
Proechimys longicaudatus (Add)
Proechimys magdalenae (Add)
Proechimys mincae (Add)
Proechimys myosuros (Add)
Proechimys oconnelli (Add)
Proechimys oris (Add)
Proechimys poliopus (Add)
Proechimys quadruplicatus (Add)
Proechimys semispinosus (Add)
Proechimys setosus (Add)
Proechimys simonsi (Add)
Proechimys steerei (Add)
Proechimys trinitatis (Add)
Proechimys urichi (Add)
Proechimys warreni (Add)
Gen. Thrichomys (Add)
Thrichomys apereoides (Add)
Thrichomys inermis (Add)
Thrichomys laurentius (Add)
Thrichomys pachyurus (Add)
Heteropsomyinae (Add)
Gen. Boromys (Add)
Boromys offella (Add)
Boromys torrei (Add)
Gen. Brotomys (Add)
Brotomys contractus (Add)
Brotomys voratus (Add)
Gen. Heteropsomys (Add)
Heteropsomys antillensis (Add)
Heteropsomys insulans (Add)
Gen. Puertoricomys (Add)
Puertoricomys corozalus (Add)
Fam. New World porcupines, Erethizontidae

Chaetomyinae (Add)
Gen. Chaetomys (Add)
Chaetomys subspinosus (Add)
Erethizontinae (Add)
Gen. Coendou (Add)
Coendou bicolor (Add)
Coendou nycthemera (Add)
Brazilian Porcupine, Coendou prehensilis

Coendou rothschildi (Add)
Gen. Echinoprocta (Add)
Echinoprocta rufescens (Add)
Gen. Erethizon (Add)
Erethizon dorsatum (Add)
Gen. Sphiggurus (Add)
Sphiggurus ichillus (Add)
Sphiggurus insidiosus (Add)
Sphiggurus melanurus (Add)
Sphiggurus mexicanus (Add)
Sphiggurus pallidus (Add)
Sphiggurus quichua (Add)
Sphiggurus roosmalenorum (Add)
Sphiggurus spinosus (Add)
Sphiggurus vestitus (Add)
Sphiggurus villosus (Add)
Fam. Giant hutia, Heptaxodontidae (Add)
Fam. Myocastoridae

Gen. Myocastor (Add)
Coypu, Myocastor coypus

Fam. Octodontidae

Gen. Aconaemys (Add)
Aconaemys fuscus (Add)
Aconaemys sagei (Add)
Gen. Octodon (Add)
Bridges' degu, Octodon bridgesi (Add)
Degu, Octodon degus

Moon-toothed Degu, Octodon lunatus (Add)
Pacific Degu, Octodon pacificus (Add)
Gen. Mountain Degu, Octodontomys (Add)
Mountain Degu, Octodontomys gliroides (Add)
Gen. Octomys (Add)
Viscacha rat, Octomys mimax (Add)
Gen. Pipanacoctomys (Add)
Golden Vizcacha Rat, Pipanacoctomys aureus (Add)
Gen. Salinoctomys (Add)
Chalchalero vizcacha rat, Salinoctomys loschalchalerosorum (Add)
Gen. Spalacopus (Add)
Coruro, Spalacopus cyanus (Add)
Gen. Tympanoctomys (Add)
Plains Viscacha Rat, Tympanoctomys barrerae (Add)
Tympanoctomys cordubensis (Add)
Ctenodactylomorphi (Add)
Fam. Gundis, Ctenodactylidae (Add)
Fam. Diatomyidae
Gen. Diatomys (Add)
Gen. Fallomus (Add)
Fallomus ginsburgi (Add)
Fallomus quraishyi (Add)
Fallomus razae (Add)
Gen. Laonastes (Add)
Laonastes aenigmamus (Add)
Gen. Marymus (Add)
Gen. Pierremus (Add)
Pierremus explorator (Add)
Pierremus ladakhensis (Add)
Gen. Willmus (Add)
Phiomorpha (Add)
Fam. Blesmol, Bathyergidae

Gen. Bathyergus (Add)
Bathyergus janetta (Add)
Bathyergus suillus (Add)
Gen. Cryptomys (Add)
Cryptomys anomalus (Add)
Cryptomys holosericeus (Add)
Cryptomys hottentotus (Add)
Cryptomys natalensis (Add)
Cryptomys nimrodi (Add)
Gen. Fukomys (Add)
Fukomys amatus (Add)
Fukomys anselli

Fukomys bocagei (Add)
Fukomys damarensis

Fukomys darlingi (Add)
Fukomys foxi (Add)
Fukomys ilariae (Add)
Fukomys kafuensis (Add)
Fukomys mechowi (Add)
Fukomys micklemi (Add)
Fukomys occlusus (Add)
Fukomys ochraceocinereus (Add)
Fukomys whytei (Add)
Fukomys zechi (Add)
Gen. Georychus (Add)
Cape Mole Rat, Georychus capensis (Add)
Gen. Heliophobius (Add)
Silvery mole rat, Heliophobius argenteocinereus (Add)
Gen. Naked mole rat, Heterocephalus (Add)
Naked mole rat, Heterocephalus glaber (Add)
Fam. Old World porcupine, Hystricidae

Gen. Atherurus (Add)
Atherurus africanus (Add)
Atherurus macrourus (Add)
Gen. Hystrix (Add)
Hystrix africaeaustralis (Add)
Hystrix brachyura (Add)
Hystrix crassispinis (Add)
Crested porcupine, Hystrix cristata

Hystrix hodgsoni (Add)
Hystrix indica (Add)
Hystrix javanica (Add)
Hystrix pumila (Add)
Hystrix sumatrae (Add)
Gen. Trichys (Add)
Trichys fasciculata (Add)
Fam. Petromuridae (Add)
Fam. Cane rat, Thryonomyidae
Gen. Thryonomys (Add)
Lesser Cane Rat, Thryonomys gregorianus (Add)
Greater Cane Rat, Thryonomys swinderianus (Add)
Fam. Mouse-like hamster, Calomyscidae (Add)
Fam. Hamsters, Lemmings etc, Cricetidae

Arvicolinae (Add)
Gen. Altaiomys (Add)
Altaiomys ustkanicus (Add)
Gen. Alticola (Add)
Alticola albicaudus (Add)
Alticola argentatus (Add)
Alticola barakshin (Add)
Alticola lemminus (Add)
Alticola macrotis (Add)
Alticola montosa (Add)
Alticola olchonensis (Add)
Alticola roylei (Add)
Alticola semicanus (Add)
Alticola stoliczkanus (Add)
Alticola stracheyi (Add)
Alticola strelzowi (Add)
Alticola tuvinicus (Add)
Gen. Arborimus (Add)
Arborimus albipes (Add)
Arborimus longicaudus (Add)
Arborimus pomo (Add)
Gen. Arvicola (Add)
European water vole, Arvicola amphibius (terrestris)

Arvicola jacobaeus (Add)
Southwestern Water Vole, Arvicola sapidus (Add)
Arvicola scherman (Add)
Gen. Blanfordimys (Add)
Blanfordimys afghanus (Add)
Blanfordimys bucharensis (Add)
Gen. Caryomys (Add)
Caryomys eva (Add)
Caryomys inez (Add)
Gen. Chionomys (Add)
Chionomys gud (Add)
Chionomys nivalis (Add)
Chionomys roberti (Add)
Gen. Dicrostonyx (Add)
Dicrostonyx groenlandicus (Add)
Dicrostonyx hudsonius (Add)
Dicrostonyx nelsoni (Add)
Dicrostonyx nunatakensis (Add)
Dicrostonyx richardsoni (Add)
Arctic Lemming, Dicrostonyx torquatus (Add)
Dicrostonyx unalascensis (Add)
Dicrostonyx vinogradovi (Add)
Gen. Dinaromys (Add)
Balkan snow vole, Dinaromys bogdanovi (Add)
Gen. Ellobius (Add)
Ellobius alaicus (Add)
Ellobius fuscocapillus (Add)
Ellobius lutescens (Add)
Ellobius talpinus (Add)
Ellobius tancrei (Add)
Gen. Eolagurus (Add)
Eolagurus luteus (Add)
Eolagurus przewalskii (Add)
Gen. Eothenomys (Add)
Eothenomys cachinus (Add)
Eothenomys chinensis (Add)
Eothenomys custos (Add)
Eothenomys melanogaster (Add)
Eothenomys miletus (Add)
Eothenomys olitor (Add)
Eothenomys proditor (Add)
Eothenomys wardi (Add)
Gen. Hyperacrius (Add)
Hyperacrius fertilis (Add)
Hyperacrius wynnei (Add)
Gen. Lagurus (Add)
Steppe Lemming, Lagurus lagurus

Gen. Lasiopodomys (Add)
Lasiopodomys brandtii (Add)
Lasiopodomys fuscus (Add)
Lasiopodomys mandarinus (Add)
Gen. Lemmiscus (Add)
Lemmiscus curtatus (Add)
Gen. Lemmus (Add)
Lemmus amurensis (Add)
Norway lemming, Lemmus lemmus

Lemmus portenkoi (Add)
Lemmus sheri (Add)
Lemmus sibiricus (Add)
North American Brown Lemming, Lemmus trimucronatus (Add)
Gen. Microtus (Add)
Microtus abbreviatus (Add)
Field Vole, Microtus agrestis

Microtus anatolicus (Add)
Common Vole, Microtus arvalis (Add)
Microtus bavaricus (Add)
Microtus brachycercus (Add)
Microtus breweri (Add)
Microtus cabrerae (Add)
Microtus californicus (Add)
Microtus canicaudus (Add)
Microtus chrotorrhinus (Add)
Microtus clarkei (Add)
Microtus daghestanicus (Add)
Microtus dogramacii (Add)
Microtus duodecimcostatus (Add)
Sibling vole, Microtus epiroticus (Add)
Microtus evoronensis (Add)
Microtus felteni (Add)
Microtus fortis (Add)
Microtus gerbei (Add)
Microtus gregalis (Add)
Microtus guatemalensis (Add)
Gunther's vole, Microtus guentheri (Add)
Microtus hyperboreus (Add)
Microtus ilaeus (Add)
Microtus irani (Add)
Microtus irene (Add)
Microtus juldaschi (Add)
Microtus kermanensis (Add)
Microtus kikuchii (Add)
Microtus kirgisorum (Add)
Microtus leucurus (Add)
Southern Vole, Microtus levis (Add)
Microtus liechtensteini (Add)
Microtus limnophilus (Add)
Microtus longicaudus (Add)
Microtus lusitanicus (Add)
Microtus majori (Add)
Microtus maximowiczii (Add)
Microtus mexicanus (Add)
Microtus middendorffi (Add)
Microtus miurus (Add)
Microtus mogollonensis (Add)
Microtus mongolicus (Add)
Microtus montanus (Add)
Microtus montebelli (Add)
Microtus mujanensis (Add)
Microtus multiplex (Add)
Microtus nasarovi (Add)
European Snow Vole, Microtus nivalis (Add)
Microtus oaxacensis (Add)
Common Vole, Microtus obscurus (Add)
Microtus ochrogaster (Add)
Tundra Vole, Microtus oeconomus (Add)
Microtus oregoni (Add)
Microtus paradoxus (Add)
Microtus pennsylvanicus (Add)
Microtus pinetorum (Add)
Microtus qazvinensis (Add)
Microtus quasiater (Add)
Microtus richardsoni (Add)
Microtus sachalinensis (Add)
Microtus savii (Add)
Microtus schelkovnikovi (Add)
Microtus schidlovskii (Add)
Microtus sikimensis (Add)
Social Vole, Microtus socialis (Add)
Microtus subterraneus (Add)
Microtus tatricus (Add)
Microtus thomasi (Add)
Microtus townsendii (Add)
Microtus transcaspicus (Add)
Microtus umbrosus (Add)
Microtus xanthognathus (Add)
Gen. Myodes (Add)
Myodes andersoni (Add)
Myodes californicus (Add)
Myodes centralis (Add)
Myodes gapperi (Add)
Bank Vole, Myodes glareolus

Myodes imaizumii (Add)
Myodes regulus (Add)
Myodes rex (Add)
Grey Red-Backed Vole, Myodes rufocanus (Add)
Northern Red-backed Vole, Myodes rutilus (Add)
Myodes shanseius (Add)
Myodes smithii (Add)
Gen. Myopus (Add)
Wood Lemming, Myopus schisticolor
Gen. Neodon (Add)
Neodon forresti (Add)
Neodon irene (Add)
Neodon juldashi (Add)
Neodon sikimensis (Add)
Gen. Neofiber (Add)
Neofiber alleni (Add)
Gen. Ondatra (Add)
Muskrat, Ondatra zibethicus

Gen. Phaiomys (Add)
Phaiomys leucurus (Add)
Gen. Phenacomys (Add)
Phenacomys intermedius (Add)
Phenacomys ungava (Add)
Gen. Proedromys (Add)
Proedromys bedfordi (Add)
Proedromys liangshanensis (Add)
Gen. Prometheomys (Add)
Prometheomys schaposchnikowi (Add)
Gen. Synaptomys (Add)
Synaptomys borealis (Add)
Synaptomys cooperi (Add)
Gen. Volemys (Add)
Volemys millicens (Add)
Volemys musseri (Add)

Gen. Allocricetulus (Add)
Mongolian Hamster, Allocricetulus curtatus (Add)
Eversmann's Hamster, Allocricetulus eversmanni (Add)
Gen. Cansumys (Add)
Gansu Hamster, Cansumys canus (Add)
Gen. Cricetulus (Add)
Tibetan Dwarf Hamster, Cricetulus alticola (Add)
Chinese Striped Hamster, Cricetulus barabensis (Add)
Chinese hamster, Cricetulus griseus (Add)
Kam Dwarf Hamster, Cricetulus kamensis (Add)
Cricetulus lama (Add)
Long-tailed Dwarf Hamster, Cricetulus longicaudatus (Add)
Gray dwarf hamster, Cricetulus migratorius (Add)
Sokolov's Dwarf Hamster, Cricetulus sokolovi (Add)
Cricetulus tibetanus (Add)
Cricetulus triton (Add)
Gen. European Hamster, Cricetus (Add)
European Hamster, Cricetus cricetus

Cricetus nehringi (Add)
Gen. Mesocricetus (Add)
Golden hamster, Mesocricetus auratus

Turkish hamster, Mesocricetus brandti (Add)
Romanian hamster, Mesocricetus newtoni (Add)
Ciscaucasian Hamster, Mesocricetus raddei (Add)
Gen. Phodopus (Add)
Campbell's dwarf hamster, Phodopus campbelli

Roborovski hamster, Phodopus roborovskii

Djungarian hamster, Phodopus sungorus

Gen. Greater Long-tailed Hamster, Tscherskia (Add)
Greater Long-tailed Hamster, Tscherskia triton (Add)
Democricetodontinae (Add)
Gen. Karydomys (Add)
Eumyinae (Add)
Gen. Willeumys (Add)
Lophiomyinae (Add)
Gen. Lophiomys (Add)
Maned Rat, Lophiomys imhausi (Add)
Gen. Microlophiomys (Add)
Gen. Protolophiomys (Add)
Neotominae (Add)
Gen. Baiomys (Add)
Baiomys musculus (Add)
Baiomys taylori (Add)
Gen. Cimarronomys (Add)
Gen. Galushamys (Add)
Gen. Habromys (Add)
Habromys chinanteco (Add)
Habromys delicatulus (Add)
Habromys ixtlani (Add)
Habromys lepturus (Add)
Habromys lophurus (Add)
Habromys schmidlyi (Add)
Habromys simulatus (Add)
Gen. Hodomys (Add)
Hodomys alleni (Add)
Gen. Isthmomys (Add)
Isthmomys flavidus (Add)
Isthmomys pirrensis (Add)
Gen. Megadontomys (Add)
Megadontomys cryophilus (Add)
Megadontomys nelsoni (Add)
Megadontomys thomasi (Add)
Gen. Nelsonia (Add)
Gen. Neotoma (Add)
Neotoma albigula (Add)
Neotoma angustapalata (Add)
Neotoma anthonyi (Add)
Neotoma bryanti (Add)
Neotoma bunkeri (Add)
Neotoma chrysomelas (Add)
Neotoma cinerea (Add)
Neotoma devia (Add)
Neotoma findleyi (Add)
Neotoma floridana (Add)
Neotoma fuscipes (Add)
Neotoma goldmani (Add)
Neotoma lepida (Add)
Neotoma leucodon (Add)
Neotoma macrotis (Add)
Neotoma magister (Add)
Neotoma martinensis (Add)
Neotoma mexicana (Add)
Neotoma micropus (Add)
Neotoma nelsoni (Add)
Neotoma palatina (Add)
Neotoma phenax (Add)
Neotoma pygmaea (Add)
Neotoma stephensi (Add)
Gen. Neotomodon (Add)
Neotomodon alstoni (Add)
Gen. Ochrotomys (Add)
Ochrotomys nuttalli (Add)
Gen. Onychomys (Add)
Onychomys arenicola (Add)
Onychomys leucogaster (Add)
Onychomys torridus (Add)
Gen. Osgoodomys (Add)
Osgoodomys banderanus (Add)
Gen. Paronychomys (Add)
Gen. Peromyscus (Add)
Peromyscus attwateri (Add)
Peromyscus aztecus (Add)
Peromyscus beatae (Add)
Peromyscus boylii (Add)
Peromyscus bullatus (Add)
Peromyscus californicus (Add)
Peromyscus caniceps (Add)
Peromyscus crinitus (Add)
Peromyscus dickeyi (Add)
Peromyscus difficilis (Add)
Peromyscus eremicus (Add)
Peromyscus eva (Add)
Peromyscus fraterculus (Add)
Peromyscus furvus (Add)
Peromyscus gossypinus (Add)
Peromyscus grandis (Add)
Peromyscus gratus (Add)
Peromyscus guardia (Add)
Peromyscus guatemalensis (Add)
Peromyscus gymnotis (Add)
Peromyscus hooperi (Add)
Peromyscus hylocetes (Add)
Peromyscus interparietalis (Add)
Peromyscus keeni (Add)
Peromyscus leucopus (Add)
Peromyscus levipes (Add)
Peromyscus madrensis (Add)
Peromyscus maniculatus (Add)
Peromyscus mayensis (Add)
Peromyscus megalops (Add)
Peromyscus mekisturus (Add)
Peromyscus melanocarpus (Add)
Peromyscus melanophrys (Add)
Peromyscus melanotis (Add)
Peromyscus melanurus (Add)
Peromyscus merriami (Add)
Peromyscus mexicanus (Add)
Peromyscus nasutus (Add)
Peromyscus ochraventer (Add)
Peromyscus pectoralis (Add)
Peromyscus pembertoni (Add)
Peromyscus perfulvus (Add)
Peromyscus polionotus (Add)
Peromyscus polius (Add)
Peromyscus pseudocrinitus (Add)
Peromyscus sagax (Add)
Peromyscus sejugis (Add)
Peromyscus simulus (Add)
Peromyscus slevini (Add)
Peromyscus spicilegus (Add)
Peromyscus stephani (Add)
Peromyscus stirtoni (Add)
Peromyscus truei (Add)
Peromyscus winkelmanni (Add)
Peromyscus yucatanicus (Add)
Peromyscus zarhynchus (Add)
Gen. Podomys (Add)
Podomys floridanus (Add)
Gen. Reithrodontomys (Add)
Reithrodontomys brevirostris (Add)
Reithrodontomys burti (Add)
Reithrodontomys chrysopsis (Add)
Reithrodontomys creper (Add)
Reithrodontomys darienensis (Add)
Reithrodontomys fulvescens (Add)
Reithrodontomys gracilis (Add)
Reithrodontomys hirsutus (Add)
Reithrodontomys humulis (Add)
Reithrodontomys megalotis (Add)
Reithrodontomys mexicanus (Add)
Reithrodontomys microdon (Add)
Reithrodontomys montanus (Add)
Reithrodontomys paradoxus (Add)
Reithrodontomys raviventris (Add)
Reithrodontomys rodriguezi (Add)
Reithrodontomys spectabilis (Add)
Reithrodontomys sumichrasti (Add)
Reithrodontomys tenuirostris (Add)
Reithrodontomys zacatecae (Add)
Gen. Repomys (Add)
Gen. Scotinomys (Add)
Scotinomys teguina (Add)
Scotinomys xerampelinus (Add)
Gen. Symmetrodontomys (Add)
Gen. Xenomys (Add)
Xenomys nelsoni (Add)
Sigmodontinae (Add)
Abrotrichini (Add)
Gen. Abrothrix (Add)
Abrothrix andinus (Add)
Abrothrix hershkovitzi (Add)
Abrothrix illuteus (Add)
Abrothrix jelskii (Add)
Abrothrix lanosus (Add)
Abrothrix longipilis (Add)
Abrothrix olivaceus (Add)
Abrothrix sanborni (Add)
Gen. Chelemys (Add)
Chelemys delfini (Add)
Chelemys macronyx (Add)
Chelemys megalonyx (Add)
Gen. Geoxus (Add)
Geoxus valdivianus (Add)
Gen. Notiomys (Add)
Notiomys edwardsii (Add)
Gen. Pearsonomys (Add)
Pearsonomys annectens (Add)
Akodontini (Add)
Gen. Akodon (Add)
Akodon aerosus (Add)
Akodon affinis (Add)
Akodon albiventer (Add)
Akodon azarae (Add)
Akodon bogotensis (Add)
Akodon boliviensis (Add)
Akodon budini (Add)
Akodon cursor (Add)
Akodon dayi (Add)
Akodon dolores (Add)
Akodon fumeus (Add)
Akodon hershkovitzi (Add)
Akodon illuteus (Add)
Akodon iniscatus (Add)
Akodon juninensis (Add)
Akodon kofordi (Add)
Akodon lanosus (Add)
Akodon latebricola (Add)
Akodon lindberghi (Add)
Akodon longipilis (Add)
Akodon mansoensis (Add)
Akodon markhami (Add)
Akodon mimus (Add)
Akodon molinae (Add)
Akodon mollis (Add)
Akodon neocenus (Add)
Akodon nigrita (Add)
Akodon olivaceus (Add)
Akodon orophilus (Add)
Akodon polopi (Add)
Akodon puer (Add)
Akodon sanborni (Add)
Akodon sanctipaulensis (Add)
Akodon serrensis (Add)
Akodon siberiae (Add)
Akodon simulator (Add)
Akodon spegazzinii (Add)
Akodon subfuscus (Add)
Akodon surdus (Add)
Akodon sylvanus (Add)
Akodon toba (Add)
Akodon torques (Add)
Akodon urichi (Add)
Akodon varius (Add)
Akodon xanthorhinus (Add)
Gen. Bibimys (Add)
Bibimys chacoensis (Add)
Bibimys labiosus (Add)
Bibimys torresi (Add)
Gen. Blarinomys (Add)
Blarinomys breviceps (Add)
Gen. Brucepattersonius (Add)
Brucepattersonius griserufescens (Add)
Brucepattersonius guarani (Add)
Brucepattersonius igniventris (Add)
Brucepattersonius iheringi (Add)
Brucepattersonius misionensis (Add)
Brucepattersonius paradisus (Add)
Brucepattersonius soricinus (Add)
Gen. Dankomys (Add)
Gen. Deltamys (Add)
Deltamys kempi (Add)
Gen. Juscelinomys (Add)
Juscelinomys candango (Add)
Juscelinomys talpinus (Add)
Gen. Kunsia (Add)
Kunsia fronto (Add)
Kunsia tomentosus (Add)
Gen. Lenoxus (Add)
Habromys aplicalis (Add)
Gen. Necromys (Add)
Gen. Hocicudo, Oxymycterus (Add)
Oxymycterus akodontius (Add)
Oxymycterus angularis (Add)
Oxymycterus delator (Add)
Oxymycterus hiska (Add)
Oxymycterus hispidus (Add)
Oxymycterus hucucha (Add)
Oxymycterus iheringi (Add)
Oxymycterus inca (Add)
Oxymycterus nasutus (Add)
Oxymycterus paramensis (Add)
Oxymycterus roberti (Add)
Oxymycterus rufus (Add)
Oxymycterus wayku (Add)
Gen. Podoxymys (Add)
Podoxymys roraimae (Add)
Gen. Scapteromys (Add)
Scapteromys tumidus (Add)
Gen. Thalpomys (Add)
Thalpomys carradensis (Add)
Thalpomys lasiotis (Add)
Gen. Thaptomys (Add)
Ichthyomyini (Add)
Gen. Anotomys (Add)
Anotomys leander (Add)
Gen. Chibchanomys (Add)
Chibchanomys trichotis (Add)
Gen. Ichthyomys (Add)
Ichthyomys hydrobates (Add)
Ichthyomys pittieri (Add)
Ichthyomys stolzmanni (Add)
Ichthyomys tweedii (Add)
Gen. Neusticomys (Add)
Neusticomys monticolus (Add)
Neusticomys mussoi (Add)
Neusticomys oyapocki (Add)
Neusticomys peruviensis (Add)
Neusticomys venezuelae (Add)
Gen. Rheomys (Add)
Rheomys mexicanus (Add)
Rheomys raptor (Add)
Rheomys thomasi (Add)
Rheomys underwoodi (Add)
Oryzomyini (Add)
Gen. Aegialomys (Add)
Aegialomys galapagoensis (Add)
Aegialomys xanthaeolus (Add)
Gen. Amphinectomys (Add)
Amphinectomys savamis (Add)
Gen. Carletonomys (Add)
Carletonomys cailoi (Add)
Gen. Cerradomys (Add)
Cerradomys langguthi (Add)
Cerradomys maracajuensis (Add)
Cerradomys marinhus (Add)
Cerradomys scotti (Add)
Cerradomys subflavus (Add)
Cerradomys vivoi (Add)
Gen. Drymoreomys (Add)
Drymoreomys albimaculatus (Add)
Gen. Eremoryzomys (Add)
Eremoryzomys polius (Add)
Gen. Euryoryzomys (Add)
Euryoryzomys emmonsae (Add)
Euryoryzomys lamia (Add)
Euryoryzomys legatus (Add)
Euryoryzomys macconnelli (Add)
Euryoryzomys nitidus (Add)
Euryoryzomys russatus (Add)
Gen. Handleyomys (Add)
Handleyomys alfaroi (Add)
Handleyomys chapmani (Add)
Handleyomys fuscatus (Add)
Handleyomys intectus (Add)
Handleyomys melanotis (Add)
Handleyomys rhabdops (Add)
Handleyomys rostratus (Add)
Handleyomys saturatior (Add)
Gen. Holochilus (Add)
Holochilus brasiliensis (Add)
Holochilus chacarius (Add)
Holochilus primigenus (Add)
Holochilus sciureus (Add)
Gen. Hylaeamys (Add)
Hylaeamys acritus (Add)
Hylaeamys laticeps (Add)
Hylaeamys megacephalus (Add)
Hylaeamys oniscus (Add)
Hylaeamys perenensis (Add)
Hylaeamys tatei (Add)
Hylaeamys yunganus (Add)
Gen. Lundomys (Add)
Lundomys molitor (Add)
Gen. Megalomys (Add)
Megalomys audreyae (Add)
Megalomys curazensis (Add)
Megalomys desmarestii (Add)
Megalomys luciae (Add)
Gen. Melanomys (Add)
Melanomys caliginosus (Add)
Melanomys robustulus (Add)
Melanomys zunigae (Add)
Gen. Microakodontomys (Add)
Microakodontomys transitorius (Add)
Gen. Microryzomys (Add)
Microryzomys altissimus (Add)
Microryzomys minutus (Add)
Gen. Mindomys (Add)
Mindomys hammondi (Add)
Gen. Neacomys (Add)
Neacomys dubosti (Add)
Neacomys guianae (Add)
Neacomys minutus (Add)
Neacomys musseri (Add)
Neacomys paracou (Add)
Neacomys pictus (Add)
Neacomys spinosus (Add)
Neacomys tenuipes (Add)
Gen. Nectomys (Add)
Nectomys apicalis (Add)
Nectomys magdalenae (Add)
Nectomys palmipes (Add)
Nectomys rattus (Add)
Nectomys squamipes (Add)
Gen. Nephelomys (Add)
Nephelomys albigularis (Add)
Nephelomys auriventer (Add)
Nephelomys caracolus (Add)
Nephelomys childi (Add)
Nephelomys devius (Add)
Nephelomys keaysi (Add)
Nephelomys levipes (Add)
Nephelomys meridensis (Add)
Nephelomys moerex (Add)
Nephelomys nimbosus (Add)
Nephelomys pectoralis (Add)
Nephelomys pirrensis (Add)
Gen. Nesoryzomys (Add)
Nesoryzomys darwini (Add)
Nesoryzomys fernandinae (Add)
Nesoryzomys indefessus (Add)
Nesoryzomys swarthi (Add)
Gen. Noronhomys (Add)
Noronhomys vespuccii (Add)
Gen. Oecomys (Add)
Oecomys bicolor (Add)
Oecomys catherinae (Add)
Oecomys cleberi (Add)
Oecomys concolor (Add)
Oecomys flavicans (Add)
Oecomys mamorae (Add)
Oecomys paricola (Add)
Oecomys phaeotis (Add)
Oecomys rex (Add)
Oecomys roberti (Add)
Oecomys rutilus (Add)
Oecomys speciosus (Add)
Oecomys superans (Add)
Oecomys sydandersoni (Add)
Oecomys trinitatis (Add)
Gen. Oligoryzomys (Add)
Oligoryzomys andinus (Add)
Oligoryzomys arenalis (Add)
Oligoryzomys chacoensis (Add)
Oligoryzomys delticola (Add)
Oligoryzomys destructor (Add)
Oligoryzomys eliurus (Add)
Oligoryzomys flavescens (Add)
Oligoryzomys fulvescens (Add)
Oligoryzomys griseolus (Add)
Oligoryzomys longicaudatus (Add)
Oligoryzomys magellanicus (Add)
Oligoryzomys microtis (Add)
Oligoryzomys nigripes (Add)
Oligoryzomys vegetus (Add)
Oligoryzomys victus (Add)
Gen. Oreoryzomys (Add)
Oreoryzomys balneator (Add)
Gen. Oryzomys (Add)
Oryzomys albiventer (Add)
Oryzomys antillarum (Add)
Oryzomys couesi (Add)
Oryzomys dimidiatus (Add)
Oryzomys gorgasi (Add)
Oryzomys nelsoni (Add)
Oryzomys palustris (Add)
Oryzomys peninsulae (Add)
Gen. Pennatomys (Add)
Gen. Pseudoryzomys (Add)
Pseudoryzomys simplex (Add)
Gen. Scolomys (Add)
Scolomys melanops (Add)
Scolomys ucayalensis (Add)
Gen. Sigmodontomys (Add)
Sigmodontomys alfari (Add)
Sigmodontomys aphrastus (Add)
Gen. Sooretamys (Add)
Sooretamys angouya (Add)
Gen. Transandinomys (Add)
Transandinomys bolivaris (Add)
Transandinomys talamancae (Add)
Gen. Zygodontomys (Add)
Zygodontomys brevicauda (Add)
Zygodontomys brunneus (Add)
Phyllotini (Add)
Gen. Andalgalomys (Add)
Andalgalaomys pearsoni (Add)
Andalgalomys olrogi (Add)
Gen. Andinomys (Add)
Andinomys edax (Add)
Gen. Auliscomys (Add)
Auliscomys boliviensis (Add)
Auliscomys micropus (Add)
Auliscomys pictus (Add)
Auliscomys sublimis (Add)
Gen. Calomys (Add)
Calomys boliviae (Add)
Calomys callidus (Add)
Calomys callosus (Add)
Calomys cerqueirai (Add)
Calomys hummelincki (Add)
Calomys laucha (Add)
Calomys lepidus (Add)
Calomys musculinus (Add)
Calomys sorellus (Add)
Calomys tener (Add)
Calomys tocantinsi (Add)
Gen. Chinchillula (Add)
Chinchillula sahamae (Add)
Gen. Eligmodontia (Add)
Eligmodontia bolsonensis (Add)
Eligmodontia hirtipes (Add)
Eligmodontia moreni (Add)
Eligmodontia morgani (Add)
Eligmodontia puerulus (Add)
Eligmodontia typus (Add)
Gen. Galenomys (Add)
Galenomys garleppi (Add)
Gen. Graomys (Add)
Graomys domorum (Add)
Graomys edithae (Add)
Graomys griseoflavus (Add)
Gen. Irenomys (Add)
Irenomys tarsalis (Add)
Gen. Loxodontomys (Add)
Gen. Olympicomys (Add)
Gen. Paralomys (Add)
Gen. Phyllotis (Add)
Phyllotis amicus (Add)
Phyllotis andium (Add)
Phyllotis bonaeriensis (Add)
Phyllotis caprinus (Add)
Phyllotis darwini (Add)
Phyllotis definitus (Add)
Gen. Salinomys (Add)
Gen. Tapecomys (Add)
Reithrodontini (Add)
Gen. Euneomys (Add)
Euneomys chinchilloides (Add)
Euneomys fossor (Add)
Euneomys mordax (Add)
Euneomys petersoni (Add)
Gen. Ichthyurodon (Add)
Gen. Neotomys (Add)
Neotomys ebriosus (Add)
Gen. Panchomys (Add)
Gen. Reithrodon (Add)
Reithrodon auritus (Add)
Gen. Tafimys (Add)
Sigmodontinae incertae sedis (Add)
Gen. Abrawayaomys (Add)
Abrawayomys chebezi (Add)
Abrawayomys ruschii (Add)
Gen. Jacobsomys (Add)
Gen. Juliomys (Add)
Juliomys anoblepas (Add)
Juliomys ossitenuis (Add)
Juliomys pictipes (Add)
Juliomys rimofrons (Add)
Gen. Megaoryzomys (Add)
Gen. Phaenomys (Add)
Phaenomys ferrugineus (Add)
Gen. Punomys (Add)
Punomys lemminus (Add)
Gen. Wilfredomys (Add)
Wilfredomys oenax (Add)
Sigmodontini (Add)
Thomasomyini (Add)
Gen. Aepeomys (Add)
Aepeomys fuscatus (Add)
Aepeomys lugens (Add)
Gen. Chilomys (Add)
Chilomys instans (Add)
Gen. Rhagomys (Add)
Rhagomys longilingua (Add)
Rhagomys rufescens (Add)
Gen. Rhipidomys (Add)
Rhipidomys austrinus (Add)
Rhipidomys caucensis (Add)
Rhipidomys couesi (Add)
Rhipidomys fulviventer (Add)
Rhipidomys ipukensis (Add)
Rhipidomys latimanus (Add)
Rhipidomys leucodactylus (Add)
Rhipidomys macconnelli (Add)
Rhipidomys mastacalis (Add)
Rhipidomys nitela (Add)
Rhipidomys ochrogaster (Add)
Rhipidomys scandens (Add)
Rhipidomys venezuelae (Add)
Rhipidomys venustus (Add)
Rhipidomys wetzeli (Add)
Gen. Thomasomys (Add)
Thomasomys aureus (Add)
Thomasomys baeops (Add)
Thomasomys bombycinus (Add)
Thomasomys cinereiventer (Add)
Thomasomys cinereus (Add)
Thomasomys daphne (Add)
Thomasomys eleusis (Add)
Thomasomys gracilis (Add)
Thomasomys hylophilus (Add)
Thomasomys incanus (Add)
Thomasomys ischyurus (Add)
Thomasomys kalinowskii (Add)
Thomasomys ladewi (Add)
Thomasomys laniger (Add)
Thomasomys monochromos (Add)
Thomasomys niveipes (Add)
Thomasomys notatus (Add)
Thomasomys onkiro (Add)
Thomasomys oreas (Add)
Thomasomys paramorum (Add)
Thomasomys pyrrhonotus (Add)
Thomasomys rhoadsi (Add)
Thomasomys rosalinda (Add)
Thomasomys silvestris (Add)
Thomasomys taczanowskii (Add)
Thomasomys vestitus (Add)
Wiedomyini (Add)
Gen. Cholomys (Add)
Gen. Wiedomys (Add)
Wiedomys cerradensis (Add)
Wiedomys marplatensis (Add)
Wiedomys pyrrorhinos (Add)
Tylomyinae (Add)
Nyctomyini (Add)
Gen. Nyctomys (Add)
Nyctomys sumichrasti (Add)
Gen. Otonyctomys (Add)
Otonyctomys hatti (Add)
Tylomyini (Add)
Gen. Ototylomys (Add)
Ototylomys phyllotis (Add)
Gen. Tylomys (Add)
Tylomys bullaris (Add)
Tylomys fulviventer (Add)
Tylomys mirae (Add)
Tylomys nudicaudus (Add)
Tylomys panamensis (Add)
Tylomys tumbalensis (Add)
Tylomys watsoni (Add)
Fam. Dipodidae
Allactaginae (Add)
Gen. Allactaga (Add)
Allactaga balikunica (Add)
Allactaga bullata (Add)
Allactaga elater (Add)
Allactaga euphratica (Add)
Allactaga firouzi (Add)
Allactaga hotsoni (Add)
Allactaga major (Add)
Allactaga severtzovi (Add)
Allactaga sibirica (Add)
Allactaga tetradactyla (Add)
Allactaga vinogradovi (Add)
Allactaga williamsi (Add)
Gen. Allactodipus (Add)
Allactodipus bobrinskii (Add)
Gen. Pygeretmus (Add)
Pygeretmus platyurus (Add)
Pygeretmus pumilio (Add)
Pygeretmus shitkovi (Add)
Cardiocraniinae (Add)
Gen. Cardiocranius (Add)
Cardiocranius paradoxus (Add)
Gen. Salpingotulus (Add)
Salpingotulus michaelis (Add)
Gen. Salpingotus (Add)
Salpingotus crassicauda (Add)
Salpingotus heptneri (Add)
Salpingotus kozlovi (Add)
Salpingotus pallidus (Add)
Salpingotus thomasi (Add)
Dipodinae (Add)
Gen. Dipus (Add)
Dipus sagitta (Add)
Gen. Eremodipus (Add)
Eremodipus lichtensteini (Add)
Gen. Jaculus (Add)
Jaculus blanfordi (Add)
Lesser Egyptian Jerboa, Jaculus jaculus (Add)
Jaculus orientalis (Add)
Jaculus turcmenicus (Add)
Gen. Paradipus (Add)
Paradipus ctenodactylus (Add)
Gen. Stylodipus (Add)
Stylodipus andrewsi (Add)
Stylodipus sungorus (Add)
Stylodipus telum (Add)
Euchoreutinae (Add)
Gen. Euchoreutes (Add)
Long-eared Jerboa, Euchoreutes naso (Add)
Sicistinae (Add)
Gen. Sicista (Add)
Sicista armenica (Add)
Northern Birch Mouse, Sicista betulina (Add)
Sicista caucasica (Add)
Sicista caudata (Add)
Sicista concolor (Add)
Sicista kazbegica (Add)
Sicista kluchorica (Add)
Sicista napaea (Add)
Sicista pseudonapaea (Add)
Sicista severtzovi (Add)
Sicista strandi (Add)
Southern Birch Mouse, Sicista subtilis (Add)
Sicista tianshanica (Add)
Zapodinae (Add)
Gen. Eozapus (Add)
Eozapus setchuanus (Add)
Gen. Napaeozapus (Add)
Napaeozapus insignis (Add)
Gen. Zapus (Add)
Zapus hudsonius (Add)
Zapus princeps (Add)
Zapus trinotatus (Add)
Fam. Murids, Muridae

Deomyinae (Add)
Gen. Spiny mouse, Acomys (Add)
Acomys cahirinus (Add)
Acomys cilicicus (Add)
Acomys cineraceus (Add)
Acomys dimidiatus (Add)
Acomys ignitus (Add)
Acomys kempi (Add)
Acomys louisae (Add)
Cretan spiny mouse, Acomys minous (Add)
Acomys mullah (Add)
Acomys nesiotes (Add)
Acomys percivali (Add)
Acomys russatus (Add)
Acomys spinosissimus (Add)
Acomys subspinosus (Add)
Acomys wilsoni (Add)
Gen. Deomys (Add)
Deomys ferrugineus (Add)
Gen. Lophuromys (Add)
Gen. Uranomys (Add)
Uranomys ruddi (Add)
Gerbillinae (Add)
Gen. Ammodillus (Add)
Ammodillus imbellis (Add)
Gen. Brachiones (Add)
Brachiones przewalskii (Add)
Gen. Desmodilliscus (Add)
Desmodilliscus braueri (Add)
Gen. Gerbillurus (Add)
Gerbillurus paeba (Add)
Gerbillurus setzeri (Add)
Gerbillurus tytonis (Add)
Gerbillurus vallinus (Add)
Gen. Gerbillus (Add)
Gerbillus acticola (Add)
Gerbillus agag (Add)
Gerbillus allenbyi (Add)
Gerbillus amoenus (Add)
Gerbillus andersoni (Add)
Gerbillus aquilus (Add)
Gerbillus bilensis (Add)
Gerbillus bonhotei (Add)
Gerbillus bottai (Add)
Gerbillus brockmani (Add)
Gerbillus burtoni (Add)
Gerbillus campestris (Add)
Gerbillus cheesmani (Add)
Gerbillus cosensi (Add)
Gerbillus dalloni (Add)
Gerbillus dasyurus (Add)
Gerbillus diminutus (Add)
Gerbillus dongolanus (Add)
Gerbillus dunni (Add)
Gerbillus famulus (Add)
Gerbillus floweri (Add)
Gerbillus garamantis (Add)
Gerbillus gerbillus (Add)
Gerbillus gleadowi (Add)
Gerbillus grobbeni (Add)
Gerbillus harwoodi (Add)
Gerbillus henleyi (Add)
Gerbillus hesperinus (Add)
Gerbillus hoogstraali (Add)
Gerbillus jamesi (Add)
Gerbillus juliani (Add)
Gerbillus latastei (Add)
Gerbillus lowei (Add)
Gerbillus mackillingini (Add)
Gerbillus maghrebi (Add)
Gerbillus mauritaniae (Add)
Gerbillus mesopotamiae (Add)
Gerbillus muriculus (Add)
Gerbillus nancillus (Add)
Gerbillus nanus (Add)
Gerbillus nigeriae (Add)
Gerbillus occiduus (Add)
Gerbillus percivali (Add)
Gerbillus perpallidus (Add)
Gerbillus poecilops (Add)
Gerbillus principulus (Add)
Gerbillus pulvinatus (Add)
Gerbillus pusillus (Add)
Gerbillus pyramidum (Add)
Gerbillus quadrimaculatus (Add)
Gerbillus riggenbachi (Add)
Gerbillus rosalinda (Add)
Gerbillus ruberrimus (Add)
Gerbillus simoni (Add)
Gerbillus somalicus (Add)
Gerbillus stigmonyx (Add)
Gerbillus syrticus (Add)
Gerbillus tarabuli (Add)
Gerbillus vivax (Add)
Gerbillus watersi (Add)
Gen. Meriones (Add)
Meriones arimalius (Add)
Meriones chengi (Add)
Meriones crassus (Add)
Meriones dahli (Add)
Meriones hurrianae (Add)
Meriones libycus (Add)
Meriones meridianus (Add)
Meriones persicus (Add)
Meriones rex (Add)
Meriones sacramenti (Add)
Meriones shawi (Add)
Meriones tamariscinus (Add)
Meriones tristrami (Add)
Mongolian gerbil, Meriones unguiculatus

Meriones vinogradovi (Add)
Meriones zarudnyi (Add)
Gen. Microdillus (Add)
Microdillus peeli (Add)
Gen. Pachyuromys (Add)
Pachyuromys duprasi (Add)
Gen. Psammomys (Add)
Sand Rat, Psammomys obesus

Psammomys vexillaris (Add)
Gen. Rhombomys (Add)
Rhombomys opimus (Add)
Gen. Sekeetamys (Add)
Sekeetamys calurus (Add)
Gen. Tatera (Add)
Tatera afra (Add)
Tatera boehmi (Add)
Tatera brantsii (Add)
Tatera guineae (Add)
Tatera inclusa (Add)
Tatera indica (Add)
Tatera kempi (Add)
Tatera leucogaster (Add)
Tatera nigricauda (Add)
Tatera phillipsi (Add)
Tatera robusta (Add)
Tatera valida (Add)
Gen. Taterillus (Add)
Taterillus arenarius (Add)
Taterillus congicus (Add)
Taterillus emini (Add)
Taterillus gracilis (Add)
Taterillus harringtoni (Add)
Taterillus lacustris (Add)
Taterillus petteri (Add)
Taterillus pygargus (Add)
Leimacomyinae (Add)
Murinae (Add)
Gen. Abditomys (Add)
Abditomys latidens (Add)
Gen. Abeomelomys (Add)
Abeomelomys sevia (Add)
Gen. Aethomys (Add)
Aethomys bocagei (Add)
Aethomys chrysophilus (Add)
Aethomys hindei (Add)
Aethomys ineptus (Add)
Aethomys kaiseri (Add)
Aethomys nyikae (Add)
Aethomys silindensis (Add)
Aethomys stannarius (Add)
Aethomys thomasi (Add)
Gen. Allorattus (Add)
Allorattus engesseri (Add)
Gen. Anisomys (Add)
Anisomys imitator (Add)
Gen. Anonymomys (Add)
Anonymomys mindorensis (Add)
Gen. Antemus (Add)
Antemus chinjiensis (Add)
Antemus thailandica (Add)
Gen. Anthracomys (Add)
Gen. Apodemus (Add)
Striped Field Mouse, Apodemus agrarius (Add)
Alpine Field Mouse, Apodemus alpicola (Add)
Small Japanese Field Mouse, Apodemus argenteus (Add)
Apodemus avicennicus (Add)
Chevrier's Field Mouse, Apodemus chevrieri (Add)
South China Field Mouse, Apodemus draco (Add)
Western Broad-toothed Field Mouse, Apodemus epimelas (Add)
Yellow-necked Mouse, Apodemus flavicollis

Himalayan Field Mouse, Apodemus gurkha (Add)
Caucasus Field Mouse, Apodemus hyrcanicus (Add)
Sichuan Field Mouse, Apodemus latronum (Add)
Broad-toothed Field Mouse, Apodemus mystacinus (Add)
Ward's Field Mouse, Apodemus pallipes (Add)
Korean field mouse, Apodemus peninsulae (Add)
Black Sea Field Mouse, Apodemus ponticus (Add)
Kashmir Field Mouse, Apodemus rusiges (Add)
Taiwan Field Mouse, Apodemus semotus (Add)
Large Japanese Field Mouse, Apodemus speciosus (Add)
Wood mouse, Apodemus sylvaticus

Ural Field Mouse, Apodemus uralensis (Add)
Steppe Field Mouse, Apodemus witherbyi (Add)
Gen. Apomys (Add)
Apomys abrae (Add)
Apomys camiguinensis (Add)
Apomys datae (Add)
Apomys gracilirostris (Add)
Apomys hylocetes (Add)
Apomys insignis (Add)
Apomys littoralis (Add)
Apomys microdon (Add)
Apomys musculus (Add)
Apomys sacobianus (Add)
Gen. Archboldomys (Add)
Archboldomys kalinga (Add)
Archboldomys luzonensis (Add)
Archboldomys musseri (Add)
Gen. Arvicanthis (Add)
Arvicanthis abyssinicus (Add)
Arvicanthis ansorgei (Add)
Arvicanthis blicki (Add)
Arvicanthis nairobae (Add)
Arvicanthis neumanni (Add)
Arvicanthis niloticus (Add)
Arvicanthis rufinus (Add)
Gen. Baiyankamys (Add)
Baiyankamys habbema (Add)
Baiyankamys shawmayeri (Add)
Gen. Bandicota (Add)
Bandicota bengalensis (Add)
Bandicota indica (Add)
Bandicota savilei (Add)
Gen. Batomys (Add)
Batomys dentatus (Add)
Batomys granti (Add)
Batomys hamiguitan (Add)
Batomys russatus (Add)
Batomys salomonseni (Add)
Gen. Beremendimys (Add)
Gen. Berylmys (Add)
Berylmys berdmorei (Add)
Berylmys bowersi (Add)
Berylmys mackenziei (Add)
Berylmys manipulus (Add)
Gen. Brassomys (Add)
Brassomys albidens (Add)
Gen. Bullimus (Add)
Bullimus bagobus (Add)
Bullimus gamay (Add)
Bullimus luzonicus (Add)
Gen. Bunomys (Add)
Bunomys andrewsi (Add)
Bunomys chrysocomus (Add)
Bunomys coelestis (Add)
Bunomys fratrorum (Add)
Bunomys penitus (Add)
Bunomys prolatus (Add)
Gen. Canariomys (Add)
Canariomys bravoi (Add)
Canariomys tamarani (Add)
Gen. Carpomys (Add)
Carpomys melanurus (Add)
Carpomys phaeurus (Add)
Gen. Castillomys (Add)
Gen. Castromys (Add)
Gen. Chardinomys (Add)
Gen. Chiromyscus (Add)
Chiromyscus chiropus (Add)
Gen. Chiropodomys (Add)
Chiropodomys calamianensis (Add)
Chiropodomys gliroides (Add)
Chiropodomys karlkoopmani (Add)
Chiropodomys major (Add)
Chiropodomys muroides (Add)
Chiropodomys pusillus (Add)
Gen. Chiruromys (Add)
Chiruromys forbesi (Add)
Chiruromys lamia (Add)
Chiruromys vates (Add)
Gen. Chrotomys (Add)
Chrotomys gonzalesi (Add)
Chrotomys mindorensis (Add)
Chrotomys sibuyanensis (Add)
Chrotomys silaceus (Add)
Chrotomys whiteheadi (Add)
Gen. Coccymys (Add)
Coccymys kirrhos (Add)
Coccymys ruemmleri (Add)
Coccymys shawmayeri (Add)
Gen. Colomys (Add)
Colomys goslingi (Add)
Gen. Conilurus (Add)
Conilurus albipes (Add)
Conilurus capricornensis (Add)
Conilurus penicillatus (Add)
Gen. Coryphomys (Add)
Coryphomys buehleri (Add)
Coryphomys musseri (Add)
Gen. Crateromys (Add)
Dinagat Bushy-Tailed Cloud Rat, Crateromys australis (Add)
Panay Cloudrunner, Crateromys heaneyi (Add)
Ilin Island Cloudrunner, Crateromys paulus (Add)
Giant Bushy-Tailed Cloud Rat, Crateromys Schadenbergi (Add)
Gen. Cremnomys (Add)
Cremnomys cutchicus (Add)
Cremnomys elvira (Add)
Gen. Crossomys (Add)
Crossomys moncktoni (Add)
Gen. Crunomys (Add)
Crunomys celebensis (Add)
Crunomys fallax (Add)
Crunomys melanius (Add)
Crunomys suncoides (Add)
Gen. Dacnomys (Add)
Dacnomys millardi (Add)
Gen. Dasymys (Add)
Dasymys alleni (Add)
Dasymys cabrali (Add)
Dasymys foxi (Add)
Dasymys incomtus (Add)
Dasymys montanus (Add)
Dasymys nudipes (Add)
Dasymys rufulus (Add)
Dasymys rwandae (Add)
Dasymys sua (Add)
Gen. Dephomys (Add)
Dephomys defua (Add)
Dephomys eburnea (Add)
Gen. Desmomys (Add)
Desmomys harringtoni (Add)
Desmomys yaldeni (Add)
Gen. Dilatomys (Add)
Gen. Diomys (Add)
Diomys crumpi (Add)
Gen. Diplothrix (Add)
Diplothrix legata (Add)
Gen. Echiothrix (Add)
Echiothrix centrosa (Add)
Echiothrix leucura (Add)
Gen. Eropeplus (Add)
Eropeplus canus (Add)
Gen. Euryotomys (Add)
Gen. Golunda (Add)
Golunda ellioti (Add)
Gen. Grammomys (Add)
Grammomys aridulus (Add)
Grammomys brevirostris (Add)
Grammomys buntingi (Add)
Grammomys caniceps (Add)
Grammomys cometes (Add)
Grammomys dolichurus (Add)
Grammomys dryas (Add)
Grammomys gigas (Add)
Grammomys ibeanus (Add)
Grammomys kuru (Add)
Grammomys macmillani (Add)
Grammomys minnae (Add)
Grammomys poensis (Add)
Grammomys selousi (Add)
Gen. Hadromys (Add)
Hadromys humei (Add)
Hadromys loujacobsi (Add)
Hadromys yunnanensis (Add)
Gen. Haeromys (Add)
Haeromys margarettae (Add)
Haeromys minahassae (Add)
Haeromys pusillus (Add)
Gen. Hapalomys (Add)
Hapalomys delacouri (Add)
Hapalomys longicaudatus (Add)
Gen. Heimyscus (Add)
Heimyscus fumosus (Add)
Gen. Hooijeromys (Add)
Hooijeromys nusatenggara (Add)
Gen. Huaxiamys (Add)
Gen. Huerzelerimys (Add)
Gen. Hybomys (Add)
Hybomys badius (Add)
Hybomys basilii (Add)
Hybomys lunaris (Add)
Hybomys planifrons (Add)
Hybomys trivirgatus (Add)
Hybomys univittatus (Add)
Gen. Hydromys (Add)
Hydromys chrysogaster (Add)
Hydromys hussoni (Add)
Hydromys neobrittanicus (Add)
Hydromys ziegleri (Add)
Gen. Hylomyscus (Add)
Epimys aeta (Add)
Gen. Hyomys (Add)
Hyomys dammermani (Add)
Hyomys goliath (Add)
Gen. Kadarsanomys (Add)
Kadarsanomys sodyi (Add)
Gen. Komodomys (Add)
Komodomys rintjanus (Add)
Gen. Kritimys (Add)
Gen. Lamottemys (Add)
Lamottemys okuensis (Add)
Gen. Leggadina (Add)
Leggadina forresti (Add)
Leggadina lakedownensis (Add)
Gen. Lemniscomys (Add)
Lemniscomys barbarus (Add)
Lemniscomys bellieri (Add)
Lemniscomys griselda (Add)
Lemniscomys hoogstraali (Add)
Lemniscomys linulus (Add)
Lemniscomys macculus (Add)
Lemniscomys mittendorfi (Add)
Lemniscomys rosalia (Add)
Lemniscomys roseveari (Add)
Typical Striped Grass Mouse, Lemniscomys striatus
Lemniscomys zebra (Add)
Gen. Lenomys (Add)
Lenomys meyeri (Add)
Gen. Lenothrix (Add)
Lenothrix canus (Add)
Gen. Leopoldamys (Add)
Leopoldamys ciliatus (Add)
Leopoldamys edwardsi (Add)
Leopoldamys milleti (Add)
Leopoldamys neilli (Add)
Leopoldamys sabanus (Add)
Leopoldamys siporanus (Add)
Gen. Leporillus (Add)
Leporillus apicalis (Add)
Leporillus conditor (Add)
Gen. Leptomys (Add)
Leptomys arfakensis (Add)
Leptomys elegans (Add)
Leptomys ernstmayri (Add)
Leptomys paulus (Add)
Leptomys signatus (Add)
Gen. Limnomys (Add)
Limnomys bryophilus (Add)
Limnomys sibuanus (Add)
Gen. Linomys (Add)
Gen. Lorentzimys (Add)
Lorentzimys nouhuysi (Add)
Gen. Macruromys (Add)
Macruromys elegans (Add)
Macruromys major (Add)
Gen. Madromys (Add)
Madromys blanfordi (Add)
Gen. Malacomys (Add)
Malacomys cansdalei (Add)
Malacomys edwardsi (Add)
Malacomys longipes (Add)
Malacomys lukolelae (Add)
Malacomys verschureni (Add)
Gen. Mallomys (Add)
Mallomys aroaensis (Add)
Mallomys gunung (Add)
Mallomys istapantap (Add)
Mallomys rothschildi (Add)
Gen. Malpaisomys (Add)
Malpaisomys insularis (Add)
Gen. Mammelomys (Add)
Mammelomys lanosus (Add)
Mammelomys rattoides (Add)
Gen. Margaretamys (Add)
Margaretamys beccarii (Add)
Margaretamys elegans (Add)
Margaretamys parvus (Add)
Gen. Mastacomys (Add)
Mastacomys fuscus (Add)
Gen. Mastomys (Add)
Mastomys awashensis (Add)
Mastomys coucha (Add)
Mastomys erythroleucus (Add)
Mastomys huberti (Add)
Mastomys kollmannspergeri (Add)
Mastomys natalensis (Add)
Mastomys pernanus (Add)
Mastomys shortridgei (Add)
Gen. Maxomys (Add)
Maxomys alticola (Add)
Maxomys baeodon (Add)
Maxomys bartelsii (Add)
Maxomys dollmani (Add)
Maxomys hellwaldii (Add)
Maxomys hylomyoides (Add)
Maxomys inas (Add)
Maxomys inflatus (Add)
Maxomys moi (Add)
Maxomys musschenbroekii (Add)
Maxomys ochraceiventer (Add)
Maxomys pagensis (Add)
Maxomys panglima (Add)
Maxomys rajah (Add)
Maxomys surifer (Add)
Maxomys wattsi (Add)
Maxomys whiteheadi (Add)
Gen. Melasmothrix (Add)
Melasmothrix naso (Add)
Gen. Melomys (Add)
Melomys aerosus (Add)
Melomys arcium (Add)
Melomys bannisteri (Add)
Melomys bougainville (Add)
Melomys burtoni (Add)
Melomys capensis (Add)
Melomys caurinus (Add)
Melomys cervinipes (Add)
Melomys cooperae (Add)
Melomys dollmani (Add)
Melomys fraterculus (Add)
Melomys frigicola (Add)
Melomys fulgens (Add)
Melomys howi (Add)
Melomys leucogaster (Add)
Melomys lutillus (Add)
Melomys matambuai (Add)
Melomys obiensis (Add)
Melomys paveli (Add)
Melomys rubicola (Add)
Melomys rufescens (Add)
Melomys spechti (Add)
Melomys talaudium (Add)
Gen. Mesembriomys (Add)
Mesembriomys gouldii (Add)
Mesembriomys macrurus (Add)
Gen. Micaelamys (Add)
Micaelamys granti (Add)
Micaelamys namaquensis (Add)
Gen. Microhydromys (Add)
Microhydromys argenteus (Add)
Microhydromys richardsoni (Add)
Gen. Micromys (Add)
Micromys erythrotis (Add)
Eurasian harvest mouse, Micromys minutus

Gen. Mikrotia (Add)
Gen. Millardia (Add)
Millardia gleadowi (Add)
Millardia kathleenae (Add)
Millardia kondana (Add)
Millardia meltada (Add)
Gen. Mirzamys (Add)
Mirzamys louiseae (Add)
Mirzamys norahae (Add)
Gen. Muriculus (Add)
Muriculus imberbis (Add)
Gen. Mus
Mus (Coelomys) (Add)
Mus crociduroides (Add)
Mus mayori (Add)
Mus pahari (Add)
Mus vulcani (Add)
Mus (Mus) (Add)
Mus booduga (Add)
Mus caroli (Add)
Mus cervicolor (Add)
Mus cookii (Add)
Cypriot Mouse, Mus cypriacus (Add)
Mus famulus (Add)
Mus fragilicauda (Add)
Macedonian Mouse, Mus macedonicus (Add)
House mouse, Mus musculus

Mus nitidulus (Add)
Steppe Mouse, Mus spicilegus

Algerian mouse, Mus spretus (Add)
Mus terricolor (Add)
Mus (Nannomys) (Add)
Mus baoulei (Add)
Mus bufo (Add)
Mus callewaerti (Add)
Mus goundae (Add)
Mus haussa (Add)
Mus indutus (Add)
Mus kasaicus (Add)
Mus mahomet (Add)
Mus mattheyi (Add)
African Pygmy Mouse, Mus minutoides

Mus musculoides (Add)
Mus neavei (Add)
Mus orangiae (Add)
Mus oubanguii (Add)
Mus setulosus (Add)
Mus setzeri (Add)
Mus sorella (Add)
Mus tenellus (Add)
Mus triton (Add)
Mus (Pyromys) (Add)
Mus fernandoni (Add)
Mus phillipsi (Add)
Mus platythrix (Add)
Mus saxicola (Add)
Mus shortridgei (Add)
Gen. Musseromys (Add)
Musseromys gulantang (Add)
Gen. Mylomys (Add)
Mylomys dybowskii (Add)
Mylomys rex (Add)
Gen. Myomyscus (Add)
Myomyscus angolensis (Add)
Myomyscus brockmani (Add)
Myomyscus verreauxii (Add)
Myomyscus yemeni (Add)
Gen. Myotomys (Add)
Myotomys sloggetti (Add)
Myotomys uniculcatus (Add)
Gen. Nesokia (Add)
Nesokia bunnii (Add)
Nesokia indica (Add)
Gen. Nilopegamys (Add)
Nilopegamys plumbeus (Add)
Gen. Niviventer (Add)
Niviventer andersoni (Add)
Niviventer brahma (Add)
Niviventer cameroni (Add)
Niviventer confucianus (Add)
Niviventer coninga (Add)
Niviventer cremoriventer (Add)
Niviventer culturatus (Add)
Niviventer eha (Add)
Niviventer excelsior (Add)
Niviventer fraternus (Add)
Niviventer fulvescens (Add)
Niviventer hinpoon (Add)
Niviventer langbianis (Add)
Niviventer lepturus (Add)
Niviventer niviventer (Add)
Niviventer rapit (Add)
Niviventer tenaster (Add)
Gen. Notomys (Add)
Notomys alexis (Add)
Notomys amplus (Add)
Notomys aquilo (Add)
Notomys cervinus (Add)
Notomys fuscus (Add)
Notomys longicaudatus (Add)
Notomys macrotis (Add)
Notomys mitchellii (Add)
Notomys mordax (Add)
Notomys robustus (Add)
Gen. Oenomys (Add)
Oenomys hypoxanthus (Add)
Oenomys ornatus (Add)
Gen. Orientalomys (Add)
Gen. Otomys (Add)
Otomys anchietae (Add)
Otomys angoniensis (Add)
Otomys barbouri (Add)
Otomys burtoni (Add)
Otomys camuzensis (Add)
Otomys dartmouthi (Add)
Otomys denti (Add)
Otomys dollmani (Add)
Otomys irroratus (Add)
Otomys jacksoni (Add)
Otomys lacustris (Add)
Otomys laminatus (Add)
Otomys maximus (Add)
Otomys occidentalis (Add)
Otomys orestes (Add)
Otomys saundersiae (Add)
Otomys tropicalis (Add)
Otomys typus (Add)
Otomys uzungwensis (Add)
Gen. Palawanomys (Add)
Palawanomys furvus (Add)
Gen. Papagomys (Add)
Papagomys armandvillei (Add)
Papagomys theodorverhoeveni (Add)
Gen. Paraethomys (Add)
Gen. Parahydromys (Add)
Parahydromys asper (Add)
Gen. Paraleptomys (Add)
Paraleptomys rufilatus (Add)
Paraleptomys wilhelmina (Add)
Gen. Paramelomys (Add)
Paramelomys gressitti (Add)
Paramelomys levipes (Add)
Paramelomys lorentzii (Add)
Paramelomys mollis (Add)
Paramelomys moncktoni (Add)
Paramelomys naso (Add)
Paramelomys platyops (Add)
Paramelomys rubex (Add)
Paramelomys steini (Add)
Gen. Parapelomys (Add)
Gen. Parapodemus (Add)
Gen. Parotomys (Add)
Parotomys brantsii (Add)
Parotomys littledalei (Add)
Gen. Paruromys (Add)
Paruromys dominator (Add)
Gen. Paulamys (Add)
Paulamys naso (Add)
Gen. Pelomys (Add)
Pelomys campanae (Add)
Pelomys fallax (Add)
Pelomys hopkinsi (Add)
Pelomys isseli (Add)
Pelomys minor (Add)
Gen. Phloeomys (Add)
Phloeomys cumingi (Add)
Phloeomys pallidus (Add)
Gen. Pithecheir (Add)
Pithecheir melanurus (Add)
Pithecheir parvus (Add)
Gen. Pithecheirops (Add)
Pithecheirops otion (Add)
Gen. Pogonomelomys (Add)
Pogonomelomys brassi (Add)
Pogonomelomys bruijni (Add)
Pogonomelomys mayeri (Add)
Gen. Pogonomys (Add)
Pogonomys championi (Add)
Pogonomys fergussoniensis (Add)
Pogonomys loriae (Add)
Pogonomys macrourus (Add)
Pogonomys sylvestris (Add)
Gen. Praomys (Add)
Praomys coetzeei (Add)
Praomys daltoni (Add)
Praomys degraafi (Add)
Praomys delectorum (Add)
Praomys derooi (Add)
Praomys hartwigi (Add)
Praomys jacksoni (Add)
Praomys lukolelae (Add)
Praomys minor (Add)
Praomys misonnei (Add)
Praomys morio (Add)
Praomys mutoni (Add)
Praomys obscurus (Add)
Praomys petteri (Add)
Praomys rostratus (Add)
Praomys tullbergi (Add)
Praomys verschureni (Add)
Gen. Progonomys (Add)
Gen. Protochromys (Add)
Protochromys fellowsi (Add)
Gen. Pseudohydromys (Add)
Pseudohydromys berniceae (Add)
Pseudohydromys carlae (Add)
Pseudohydromys eleanorae (Add)
Pseudohydromys ellermani (Add)
Pseudohydromys fuscus (Add)
Pseudohydromys germani (Add)
Pseudohydromys murinus (Add)
Pseudohydromys musseri (Add)
Pseudohydromys occidentalis (Add)
Pseudohydromys patriciae (Add)
Pseudohydromys pumehanae (Add)
Pseudohydromys sandrae (Add)
Gen. Pseudomys (Add)
Pseudomys albocinereus (Add)
Pseudomys apodemoides (Add)
Pseudomys australis (Add)
Pseudomys bolami (Add)
Pseudomys calabyi (Add)
Pseudomys chapmani (Add)
Pseudomys delicatulus (Add)
Pseudomys desertor (Add)
Pseudomys fieldi (Add)
Pseudomys fumeus (Add)
Pseudomys glaucus (Add)
Pseudomys gouldii (Add)
Pseudomys gracilicaudatus (Add)
Pseudomys hermannsburgensis (Add)
Pseudomys higginsi (Add)
Pseudomys johnsoni (Add)
Pseudomys laborifex (Add)
Pseudomys nanus (Add)
Pseudomys novaehollandiae (Add)
Pseudomys occidentalis (Add)
Pseudomys oralis (Add)
Pseudomys patrius (Add)
Pseudomys pilligaensis (Add)
Pseudomys shortridgei (Add)
Gen. Qianomys (Add)
Gen. Ratchaburimys (Add)
Gen. Rat, Rattus
Rattus adustus (Add)
Rattus andamanensis (Add)
Rattus annandalei (Add)
Rattus arfakiensis (Add)
Rice-field Rat, Rattus argentiventer (Add)
Rattus arrogans (Add)
Rattus baluensis (Add)
Rattus blangorum (Add)
Rattus bontanus (Add)
Rattus burrus (Add)
Rattus colletti (Add)
Rattus elaphinus (Add)
Rattus enganus (Add)
Rattus everetti (Add)
Polynesian Rat, Rattus exulans (Add)
Rattus feliceus (Add)
Rattus foersteri (Add)
Bush Rat, Rattus fuscipes (Add)
Rattus giluwensis (Add)
Rattus hainaldi (Add)
Rattus hoffmani (Add)
Rattus hoogerwerfi (Add)
Rattus jobiensis (Add)
Rattus koopmani (Add)
Rattus korinchi (Add)
Rattus leucopus (Add)
Rattus losea (Add)
Rattus lugens (Add)
Rattus lutreolus (Add)
Maclear's Rat, Rattus macleari (Add)
Rattus marmosurus (Add)
Rattus mindorensis (Add)
Rattus mollicomulus (Add)
Rattus montanus (Add)
Rattus mordax (Add)
Rattus morotaiensis (Add)
Bulldog Rat, Rattus nativitatis (Add)
Rattus nikenii (Add)
Rattus niobe (Add)
Rattus nitidus (Add)
Brown rat, Rattus norvegicus

Rattus novaeguineae (Add)
Rattus omichlodes (Add)
Rattus osgoodi (Add)
Rattus palmarum (Add)
Rattus pelurus (Add)
Rattus pococki (Add)
Rattus praetor (Add)
Rattus pyctoris (Add)
Rattus ranjiniae (Add)
Black rat, Rattus rattus

Rattus richardsoni (Add)
Rattus salocco (Add)
Rattus sanila (Add)
Rattus satarae (Add)
Rattus simalurensis (Add)
Rattus sordidus (Add)
Rattus steini (Add)
Rattus stoicus (Add)
Rattus tanezumi (Add)
Rattus tawitawiensis (Add)
Rattus timorensis (Add)
Rattus tiomanicus (Add)
Rattus tunneyi (Add)
Rattus unicolor (Add)
Rattus vandeuseni (Add)
Rattus verecundus (Add)
Rattus villosissimus (Add)
Rattus xanthurus (Add)
Gen. Rhabdomys (Add)
Rhabdomys dilectus (Add)
Rhabdomys pumilio (Add)
Gen. Rhagamys (Add)
Rhagamys orthodon (Add)
Gen. Rhagapodemus (Add)
Gen. Rhynchomys (Add)
Rhynchomys banahao (Add)
Rhynchomys isarogensis (Add)
Rhynchomys soricoides (Add)
Rhynchomys tapulao (Add)
Gen. Saidomys (Add)
Gen. Saxatilomys (Add)
Saxatilomys paulinae (Add)
Gen. Solomys (Add)
Solomys ponceleti (Add)
Solomys salamonis (Add)
Solomys salebrosus (Add)
Solomys sapientis (Add)
Solomys spriggsarum (Add)
Gen. Sommeromys (Add)
Sommeromys macrorhinos (Add)
Gen. Spelaeomys (Add)
Spelaeomys florensis (Add)
Gen. Srilankamys (Add)
Srilankamys ohiensis (Add)
Gen. Stenocephalemys (Add)
Stenocephalemys albipes (Add)
Stenocephalemys albocaudata (Add)
Stenocephalemys griseicauda (Add)
Stenocephalemys ruppii (Add)
Gen. Stephanomys (Add)
Gen. Stochomys (Add)
Stochomys longicaudatus (Add)
Gen. Sundamys (Add)
Sundamys infraluteus (Add)
Sundamys maxi (Add)
Sundamys muelleri (Add)
Gen. Taeromys (Add)
Taeromys arcuatus (Add)
Taeromys callitrichus (Add)
Taeromys celebensis (Add)
Taeromys hamatus (Add)
Taeromys microbullatus (Add)
Taeromys punicans (Add)
Taeromys taerae (Add)
Gen. Tarsomys (Add)
Tarsomys apoensis (Add)
Tarsomys echinatus (Add)
Gen. Tateomys (Add)
Tateomys macrocercus (Add)
Tateomys rhinogradoides (Add)
Gen. Thallomys (Add)
Thallomys loringi (Add)
Thallomys nigricauda (Add)
Thallomys paedulcus (Add)
Thallomys shortridgei (Add)
Gen. Thamnomys (Add)
Thamnomys kempi (Add)
Thamnomys major (Add)
Thamnomys venustus (Add)
Gen. Tokudaia (Add)
Tokudaia muenninki (Add)
Tokudaia osimensis (Add)
Tokudaia tokunoshimensis (Add)
Gen. Tonkinomys (Add)
Tonkinomys daovantieni (Add)
Gen. Tryphomys (Add)
Tryphomys adustus (Add)
Gen. Uromys (Add)
Uromys anak (Add)
Uromys boeadii (Add)
Uromys caudimaculatus (Add)
Uromys emmae (Add)
Uromys hadrourus (Add)
Uromys imperator (Add)
Uromys neobritannicus (Add)
Uromys nero (Add)
Uromys porculus (Add)
Uromys rex (Add)
Uromys scaphax (Add)
Uromys siebersi (Add)
Gen. Vandeleuria (Add)
Vandeleuria nilagirica (Add)
Vandeleuria nolthenii (Add)
Vandeleuria oleracea (Add)
Gen. Vernaya (Add)
Vernaya fulva (Add)
Gen. Wushanomys (Add)
Gen. Xenuromys (Add)
Xenuromys barbatus (Add)
Gen. Xeromys (Add)
Xeromys myoides (Add)
Gen. Yunomys (Add)
Gen. Zelotomys (Add)
Zelotomys hildegardeae (Add)
Zelotomys woosnami (Add)
Gen. Zyzomys (Add)
Zyzomys argurus (Add)
Zyzomys maini (Add)
Zyzomys palatilis (Add)
Zyzomys pedunculatus (Add)
Zyzomys rackhami (Add)
Zyzomys woodwardi (Add)
Fam. Nesomyidae (Add)
Cricetomyinae (Add)
Gen. Beamys (Add)
Beamys hindei (Add)
Beamys major (Add)
Gen. Cricetomys (Add)
Cricetomys emini (Add)
Cricetomys gambianus (Add)
Gen. Saccostomus (Add)
Saccostomus campestris (Add)
Saccostomus mearnsi (Add)
Delanymyinae (Add)
Gen. Delanymys (Add)
Delanymys brooksi (Add)
Dendromurinae (Add)
Gen. Dendromus (Add)
Dendromus insignis (Add)
Dendromus kahuziensis (Add)
Dendromus kivu (Add)
Dendromus lachaisei (Add)
Dendromus lovati (Add)
Dendromus melanotis (Add)
Dendromus mesomelas (Add)
Dendromus messorius (Add)
Dendromus mystacalis (Add)
Dendromus nyikae (Add)
Dendromus oreas (Add)
Dendromus ruppi (Add)
Dendromus vernayi (Add)
Gen. Dendroprionomys (Add)
Dendroprionomus rousseloti (Add)
Gen. Leimacomys (Add)
Leimacomys buettneri (Add)
Gen. Malacothrix (Add)
Malacthrix typica (Add)
Gen. Megadendromus (Add)
Megadendromus nikolausi (Add)
Gen. Prionomys (Add)
Prionomys batesi (Add)
Gen. Steatomys (Add)
Steatomys caurinus (Add)
Steatomys cuppedius (Add)
Steatomys jacksoni (Add)
Steatomys krebsii (Add)
Steatomys parvus (Add)
Steatomys pratensis (Add)
Mystromyinae (Add)
Gen. Mystromys (Add)
Mystromys albicaudatus (Add)
Gen. Proodontomys (Add)
Nesomyinae (Add)
Gen. Brachytarsomys (Add)
Brachytarsomys albicauda (Add)
Gen. Brachyuromys (Add)
Brachyuromys betsileoensis (Add)
Brachyuromys ramirohitra (Add)
Gen. Eliurus (Add)
Eliurus carletoni (Add)
Eliurus danieli (Add)
Eliurus majori (Add)
Eliurus minor (Add)
Eliurus myoxinus (Add)
Eliurus penicillatus (Add)
Eliurus tanala (Add)
Eliurus webbi (Add)
Gen. Gymnuromys (Add)
Gymnuromys roberti (Add)
Gen. Hypogeomys (Add)
Hypogeomys antimena

Gen. Macrotarsomys (Add)
Macrotarsomys barstardi (Add)
Macrotarsomys ingens (Add)
Gen. Monticolomys (Add)
Monticolomys koopmani (Add)
Gen. Nesomys (Add)
Nesomys rufus (Add)
Gen. Voalavo (Add)
Petromyscinae (Add)
Gen. Petromyscus (Add)
Petromyscus barbouri (Add)
Petromyscus collinus (Add)
Petromyscus monticularis (Add)
Petromyscus shortridgei (Add)
Fam. Oriental dormice, Platacanthomyidae
Gen. Platacanthomys (Add)
Malabar Spiny Dormouse, Platacanthomys lasiurus (Add)
Gen. Typhlomys (Add)
Typhlomys cinereus (Add)
Fam. Spalacidae
Myospalacinae (Add)
Gen. Eospalax (Add)
Eospalax fontanierii (Add)
Eospalax rothschildi (Add)
Eospalax smithii (Add)
Gen. Myospalax (Add)
Myospalax aspalax (Add)
Myospalax myospalax (Add)
Myospalax psilurus (Add)
Rhizomyinae (Add)
Spalacinae (Add)
Gen. Heramys (Add)
Gen. Nannospalax (Add)
Nannospalax ehrenbergi (Add)
Nannospalax leucodon (Add)
Nannospalax nehringi (Add)
Gen. Pliospalax (Add)
Gen. Spalax (Add)
Spalax arenarius (Add)
Spalax giganteus (Add)
Spalax graecus (Add)
Lesser mole rat, Spalax leucodon (Add)
Greater mole rat, Spalax microphthlamus (Add)
Spalax zemni (Add)
Fam. Aplodontiidae
Aplodontiinae (Add)
Gen. Ansomys (Add)
Gen. Aplodontia (Add)
Aplodontia rufa (Add)
Gen. Liodontia (Add)
Gen. Pseudaplodon (Add)
Gen. Tardontia (Add)
Gen. Tschalimys (Add)
Meniscomyinae (Add)
Fam. Gliridae
Glirinae (Add)
Gen. Glirulus (Add)
Glirulus japonicus (Add)
Gen. Glis (Add)
Edible Dormouse, Glis glis (Add)
Gen. Stertomys (Add)
Stertomys daamsi (Add)
Stertomys daunius (Add)
Stertomys laticrestatus (Add)
Graphiurinae (Add)
Gen. Graphiurus (Add)
Graphiurus angolensis (Add)
Graphiurus christyi (Add)
Graphiurus crassicaudatus (Add)
Graphiurus hueti (Add)
Graphiurus kelleni (Add)
Graphiurus lorraineus (Add)
Graphiurus microtis (Add)
Graphiurus monardi (Add)
Graphiurus murinus (Add)
Graphiurus nagtglasii (Add)
Graphiurus ocularis (Add)
Graphiurus olga (Add)
Graphiurus parvus (Add)
Graphiurus platyops (Add)
Graphiurus rupicola (Add)
Graphiurus surdus (Add)
Leithiinae (Add)
Gen. Chaetocauda (Add)
Chaetocauda sichuanensis (Add)
Gen. Dryomys (Add)
Dryomys apulus (Add)
Woolly Dormouse, Dryomys laniger (Add)
Dryomys niethammeri (Add)
Forest Dormouse, Dryomys nitedula (Add)
Dryomys sichuanensis (Add)
Gen. Eliomys (Add)
Eliomys melanurus (Add)
Eliomys munbyanus (Add)
Garden Dormouse, Eliomys quercinus (Add)
Gen. Muscardinus (Add)
Hazel Dormouse, Muscardinus avellanarius (Add)
Gen. Myomimus (Add)
Myomimus personatus (Add)
Roach's Mouse-tailed Dormouse, Myomimus roachi (Add)
Myomimus setzeri (Add)
Gen. Selevinia (Add)
Selevinia betpakdalaensis (Add)
Fam. Squirrel, Sciuridae

Callosciurinae (Add)
Gen. Callosciurus (Add)
Ear-spot squirrel, Callosciurus adamsi (Add)
Kloss's squirrel, Callosciurus albescens (Add)
Kinabalu squirrel, Callosciurus baluensis (Add)
Gray-bellied squirrels, Callosciurus caniceps (Add)
Pallas's squirrel, Callosciurus erythraeus (Add)
Finlayson's Squirrel, Callosciurus finlaysonii (Add)
Inornate squirrel, Callosciurus inornatus (Add)
Mentawai squirrel, Callosciurus melanogaster (Add)
Black-striped squirrel, Callosciurus nigrovittatus (Add)
Plantain squirrel, Callosciurus notatus

Borneo black-banded squirrel, Callosciurus orestes (Add)
Phayre's squirrel, Callosciurus phayrei (Add)
Prevost's squirrel, Callosciurus prevostii (Add)
Irrawaddy squirrel, Callosciurus pygerythrus (Add)
Anderson's squirrel, Callosciurus quinquestriatus (Add)
Gen. Red-cheeked squirrel, Dremomys (Add)
Dremomys everetti (Add)
Dremomys gularis (Add)
Dremomys lokriah (Add)
Dremomys pernyi (Add)
Dremomys pyrrhomerus (Add)
Dremomys rufigenis (Add)
Gen. Exilisciurus (Add)
Exilisciurus concinnus (Add)
Exilisciurus exilis (Add)
Exilisciurus whiteheadi (Add)
Gen. Funambulus (Add)
Funambulus layardi (Add)
Funambulus palmarum (Add)
Funambulus pennantii

Funambulus sublineatus (Add)
Funambulus tristriatus (Add)
Gen. Sculptor Squirrel, Glyphotes (Add)
Glyphotes simus (Add)
Gen. Hyosciurus (Add)
Hyosciurus heinrichi (Add)
Hyosciurus ileile (Add)
Gen. Lariscus (Add)
Lariscus hosei (Add)
Lariscus insignis (Add)
Lariscus niobe (Add)
Lariscus obscurus (Add)
Gen. Berdmore's Ground Squirrel, Menetes (Add)
Menetes berdmorei (Add)
Gen. Black-eared Squirrel, Nannosciurus (Add)
Nannosciurus melanotis (Add)
Gen. Prosciurillus (Add)
Prosciurillus abstrusus (Add)
Prosciurillus leucomus (Add)
Prosciurillus murinus (Add)
Prosciurillus rosenbergii (Add)
Prosciurillus weberi (Add)
Gen. Shrew-faced Squirrel, Rhinosciurus (Add)
Rhinosciurus laticaudatus (Add)
Gen. Red-bellied squirrel, Rubrisciurus (Add)
Rubrisciurus rubriventer (Add)
Gen. Sundasciurus (Add)
Sundasciurus brookei (Add)
Sundasciurus davensis (Add)
Sundasciurus fraterculus (Add)
Sundasciurus hippurus (Add)
Sundasciurus hoogstraali (Add)
Sundasciurus jentinki (Add)
Sundasciurus juvencus (Add)
Sundasciurus lowii (Add)
Sundasciurus mindanensis (Add)
Sundasciurus moellendorffi (Add)
Sundasciurus philippinensis (Add)
Sundasciurus rabori (Add)
Sundasciurus samarensis (Add)
Sundasciurus steerii (Add)
Sundasciurus tenuis (Add)
Gen. Asiatic striped squirrel, Tamiops (Add)
Tamiops maritimus (Add)
Tamiops mcclellandii (Add)
Tamiops rodolphii (Add)
Tamiops swinhoei (Add)
Ratufinae (Add)
Gen. Ratufa (Add)
Ratufa affinis (Add)
Ratufa bicolor (Add)
Ratufa indica (Add)
Ratufa macroura (Add)
Sciurillinae (Add)
Gen. Sciurillus (Add)
Sciurillus pusillus (Add)
Sciurinae (Add)
Pteromyini (Add)
Gen. Aeretes (Add)
Aeretes melanopterus (Add)
Gen. Aeromys (Add)
Aeromys tephromelas (Add)
Aeromys thomasi (Add)
Gen. Belomys (Add)
Belomys pearsonii (Add)
Gen. Biswamoyopterus (Add)
Biswamoyopterus biswasi (Add)
Gen. Eoglaucomys (Add)
Eoglaucomys fimbriatus (Add)
Gen. Eupetaurus (Add)
Eupetaurus cinereus (Add)
Gen. Glaucomys (Add)
Glaucomys sabrinus (Add)
Glaucomys volans (Add)
Gen. Hylopetes (Add)
Hylopetes alboniger (Add)
Hylopetes baberi (Add)
Hylopetes bartelsi (Add)
Hylopetes fimbriatus (Add)
Hylopetes lepidus (Add)
Hylopetes nigripes (Add)
Hylopetes phayrei (Add)
Hylopetes sipora (Add)
Hylopetes spadiceus (Add)
Hylopetes winstoni (Add)
Gen. Iomys (Add)
Iomys horsfieldi (Add)
Iomys sipora (Add)
Gen. Petaurillus (Add)
Petaurillus emiliae (Add)
Petaurillus hosei (Add)
Petaurillus kinlochii (Add)
Gen. Petaurista (Add)
Petaurista alborufus (Add)
Petaurista elegans (Add)
Petaurista leucogenys (Add)
Petaurista magnificus (Add)
Petaurista nobilis (Add)
Petaurista petaurista (Add)
Petaurista philippensis (Add)
Petaurista xanthotis (Add)
Gen. Petinomys (Add)
Petinomys crinitus (Add)
Petinomys fuscocapillus (Add)
Petinomys genibarbis (Add)
Petinomys hageni (Add)
Petinomys lugens (Add)
Petinomys mindanensis (Add)
Petinomys sagitta (Add)
Petinomys setosus (Add)
Petinomys vordermanni (Add)
Gen. Pteromys (Add)
Pteromys momonga (Add)
Siberian flying squirrel, Pteromys volans

Gen. Pteromyscus (Add)
Pteromyscus pulverulentus (Add)
Gen. Trogopterus (Add)
Trogopterus xanthipes (Add)
Sciurini (Add)
Gen. Microsciurus (Add)
Microsciurus alfari (Add)
Microsciurus flaviventer (Add)
Microsciurus mimulus (Add)
Microsciurus santanderensis (Add)
Gen. Tufted Ground Squirrel, Rheithrosciurus (Add)
Rheithrosciurus macrotis (Add)
Gen. Sciurus
Abert's Squirrel, Sciurus aberti (Add)
Brazilian Squirrel, Sciurus aestuans (Add)
Allen's squirrel, Sciurus alleni (Add)
Caucasian Squirrel, Sciurus anomalus (Add)
Arizona gray squirrel, Sciurus arizonensis (Add)
Mexican Gray Squirrel, Sciurus aureogaster (Add)
Eastern gray squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis

Collie's Squirrel, Sciurus colliaei (Add)
Deppe's Squirrel, Sciurus deppei (Add)
Fiery Squirrel, Sciurus flammifer (Add)
Yellow-throated Squirrel, Sciurus gilvigularis (Add)
Red-tailed Squirrel, Sciurus granatensis (Add)
Western Gray Squirrel, Sciurus griseus (Add)
Bolivian Squirrel, Sciurus ignitus (Add)
Northern Amazon Red Squirrel, Sciurus igniventris (Add)
Japanese Squirrel, Sciurus lis (Add)
Mexican Fox Squirrel, Sciurus nayaritensis (Add)
Fox squirrel, Sciurus niger (Add)
Peters's Squirrel, Sciurus oculatus (Add)
Sciurus olsoni (Add)
Andean squirrel, Sciurus pucheranii (Add)
Junín Red Squirrel, Sciurus pyrrhinus (Add)
Richmond's Squirrel, Sciurus richmondi (Add)
Sanborn's Squirrel, Sciurus sanborni (Add)
Southern Amazon Red Squirrel, Sciurus spadiceus (Add)
Guayaquil Squirrel, Sciurus stramineus (Add)
Variegated Squirrel, Sciurus variegatoides (Add)
Red Squirrel, Sciurus vulgaris

Yucatan Squirrel, Sciurus yucatanensis (Add)
Gen. Syntheosciurus (Add)
Bangs's Mountain Squirrel, Syntheosciurus brochus (Add)
Gen. Pine squirrel, Tamiasciurus (Add)
Tamiasciurus douglasii (Add)
Tamiasciurus hudsonicus (Add)
Tamiasciurus mearnsi (Add)
Xerinae (Add)
Marmotini (Add)
Gen. Antelope squirrel, Ammospermophilus (Add)
Ammospermophilus harrisii (Add)
Ammospermophilus insularis (Add)
Ammospermophilus interpres (Add)
Ammospermophilus leucurus (Add)
Ammospermophilus nelsoni (Add)
Gen. Prairie dog, Cynomys (Add)
Gunnison's Prairie Dog, Cynomys gunnisoni (Add)
White-tailed Prairie Dog, Cynomys leucurus (Add)
Black-tailed prairie dog, Cynomys ludovicianus

Mexican Prairie Dog, Cynomys mexicanus (Add)
Utah Prairie Dog, Cynomys parvidens (Add)
Gen. Marmot, Marmota (Add)
Marmota baibacina (Add)
Bobak marmot, Marmota bobak (Add)
Marmota broweri (Add)
Marmota caligata (Add)
Marmota camtschatica (Add)
Marmota caudata (Add)
Marmota flaviventris

Marmota himalayana (Add)
Alpine marmot, Marmota marmota
Marmota menzbieri (Add)
Marmota monax (Add)
Marmota olympus (Add)
Marmota sibirica (Add)
Marmota vancouverensis (Add)
Gen. Otospermophilus (Add)
Otospermophilus atricapillus (Add)
California ground squirrel, Otospermophilus beecheyi

Otospermophilus variegatus (Add)
Gen. Sciurotamias (Add)
Sciurotamias davidianus (Add)
Sciurotamias forresti (Add)
Gen. Spermophilus (Add)
Spermophilus adocetus (Add)
Spermophilus alashanicus (Add)
Spermophilus annulatus (Add)
Spermophilus armatus (Add)
Spermophilus beldingi (Add)
Spermophilus brevicauda (Add)
Spermophilus brunneus (Add)
Spermophilus canus (Add)
European souslik, Spermophilus citellus (Add)
Spermophilus columbianus (Add)
Spermophilus dauricus (Add)
Spermophilus elegans (Add)
Spermophilus erythrogenys (Add)
Spermophilus franklinii (Add)
Spermophilus fulvus (Add)
Spermophilus lateralis (Add)
Spermophilus madrensis (Add)
Spermophilus major (Add)
Spermophilus mexicanus (Add)
Spermophilus mohavensis (Add)
Spermophilus mollis (Add)
Spermophilus musicus (Add)
Spermophilus pallidicauda (Add)
Spermophilus parryii (Add)
Spermophilus perotensis (Add)
Spermophilus pygmaeus (Add)
Spermophilus ralli (Add)
Spermophilus relictus (Add)
Spermophilus richardsonii (Add)
Spermophilus saturatus (Add)
Spermophilus spilosoma (Add)
Speckled ground squirrel, Spermophilus suslicus (Add)
Spermophilus tereticaudus (Add)
Spermophilus townsendii (Add)
Spermophilus tridecemlineatus (Add)
Spermophilus undulatus (Add)
Spermophilus washingtoni (Add)
Spermophilus xanthoprymnus (Add)
Gen. Chipmunk, Tamias (Add)
Tamias alpinus (Add)
Tamias amoenus (Add)
Tamias bulleri (Add)
Tamias canipes (Add)
Tamias cinereicollis (Add)
Tamias dorsalis (Add)
Tamias durangae (Add)
Tamias merriami (Add)
Tamias minimus (Add)
Tamias obscurus (Add)
Tamias ochrogenys (Add)
Tamias palmeri (Add)
Tamias panamintinus (Add)
Tamias quadrimaculatus (Add)
Tamias quadrivittatus (Add)
Tamias ruficaudus (Add)
Tamias rufus (Add)
Tamias senex (Add)
Siberian chipmunk, Tamias sibiricus (Add)
Tamias siskiyou (Add)
Tamias sonomae (Add)
Tamias speciosus (Add)
Tamias striatus

Tamias townsendii (Add)
Tamias umbrinus (Add)
Protoxerini (Add)
Gen. Epixerus (Add)
Epixerus, Epixerus ebii (Add)
Gen. African striped squirrel, Funisciurus (Add)
Funisciurus anerythrus (Add)
Funisciurus bayonii (Add)
Funisciurus carruthersi (Add)
Funisciurus congicus (Add)
Funisciurus isabella (Add)
Funisciurus lemniscatus (Add)
Funisciurus leucogenys (Add)
Funisciurus pyrropus (Add)
Funisciurus substriatus (Add)
Gen. Sun squirrel, Heliosciurus (Add)
Heliosciurus gambianus (Add)
Heliosciurus mutabilis (Add)
Heliosciurus punctatus (Add)
Heliosciurus rufobrachium (Add)
Heliosciurus ruwenzorii (Add)
Heliosciurus undulatus (Add)
Gen. Myosciurus (Add)
African Pygmy Squirrel, Myosciurus pumilio (Add)
Gen. African bush squirrel, Paraxerus (Add)
Paraxerus alexandri (Add)
Paraxerus boehmi (Add)
Paraxerus cepapi (Add)
Paraxerus cooperi (Add)
Paraxerus flavovittis (Add)
Paraxerus lucifer (Add)
Paraxerus ochraceus (Add)
Paraxerus palliatus (Add)
Paraxerus poensis (Add)
Paraxerus vexillarius (Add)
Paraxerus vincenti (Add)
Gen. African giant squirrel, Protoxerus (Add)
Protoxerus aubinnii (Add)
Protoxerus stangeri (Add)
Xerini (Add)
Gen. Atlantoxerus (Add)
Barbary Ground Squirrel, Atlantoxerus getulus (Add)
Gen. Long-clawed Ground Squirrel, Spermophilopsis (Add)
Long-clawed Ground Squirrel, Spermophilopsis leptodactylus (Add)
Gen. African ground squirrel, Xerus (Add)
Xerus daamsi (Add)
Xerus erythropus (Add)
Cape Ground Squirrel, Xerus inauris (Add)
Mountain Ground Squirrel, Xerus princeps (Add)
Unstriped Ground Squirrel, Xerus rutilus (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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