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Fam. Sunbird

Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Birds --> Superord. Neognathae --> Neoaves --> Ord. Passerine --> Passeri -->


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Orange-breasted Sunbird, Anthobaphes violacea

"Orange-breasted Sunbird, Anthobaphes violacea on yellow pincushion" by Derek Keats via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Brown-throated Sunbird, Anthreptes malacensis

"Who named me "plain-throated" ? (Do suggest a more witty title below in "comments&quo" by Lip Kee via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Gen. Cinnyris

Viggo Klokseth ©.

Golden-winged Sunbird, Nectarinia reichenowi

"Golden-winged Sunbird ( Drepanorhynchus reichenowi)" by Rainbirder via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.


Gen. Aethopyga (Add)
Aethopyga bella (Add)
Aethopyga boltoni (Add)
Aethopyga christinae (Add)
Aethopyga duyvenbodei (Add)
Aethopyga eximia (Add)
Aethopyga flagrans (Add)
Aethopyga gouldiae (Add)
Aethopyga ignicauda (Add)
Aethopyga linaraborae (Add)
Aethopyga mystacalis (Add)
Aethopyga nipalensis (Add)
Aethopyga primigenia (Add)
Aethopyga pulcherrima (Add)
Aethopyga saturata (Add)
Aethopyga shelleyi (Add)
Aethopyga siparaja (Add)
Aethopyga temminckii (Add)
Aethopyga vigorsii (Add)
Gen. Anabathmis (Add)
Anabathmis hartlaubii (Add)
Anabathmis newtonii (Add)
Anabathmis reichenbachii (Add)
Gen. Anthobaphes (Add)
Orange-breasted Sunbird, Anthobaphes violacea

Gen. Anthreptes (Add)
Anthreptes anchietae (Add)
Anthreptes aurantium (Add)
Anthreptes gabonicus (Add)
Anthreptes longuemarei (Add)
Brown-throated Sunbird, Anthreptes malacensis

Anthreptes neglectus (Add)
Anthreptes orientalis (Add)
Anthreptes rectirostris (Add)
Anthreptes reichenowi (Add)
Anthreptes rhodolaemus (Add)
Anthreptes rubritorques (Add)
Anthreptes seimundi (Add)
Anthreptes simplex (Add)
Gen. Arachnothera (Add)
Arachnothera affinis (Add)
Arachnothera chrysogenys (Add)
Arachnothera clarae (Add)
Arachnothera crassirostris (Add)
Arachnothera everetti (Add)
Arachnothera flavigaster (Add)
Arachnothera juliae (Add)
Arachnothera longirostra (Add)
Arachnothera magna (Add)
Arachnothera modesta (Add)
Arachnothera robusta (Add)
Gen. Chalcomitra (Add)
Chalcomitra adelberti (Add)
Chalcomitra amethystina (Add)
Chalcomitra balfouri (Add)
Chalcomitra fuliginosa (Add)
Chalcomitra hunteri (Add)
Chalcomitra rubescens (Add)
Chalcomitra senegalensis (Add)
Gen. Chalcoparia (Add)
Chalcoparia singalensis (Add)
Gen. Cinnyris

Cinnyris afer (Add)
Cinnyris asiaticus (Add)
Cinnyris batesi (Add)
Cinnyris bifasciatus (Add)
Cinnyris bouvieri (Add)
Cinnyris buettikoferi (Add)
Cinnyris chacomelas (Add)
Cinnyris chalybeus (Add)
Cinnyris chloropygius (Add)
Cinnyris coccinigastrus (Add)
Cinnyris comorensis (Add)
Cinnyris congensis (Add)
Cinnyris coquerellii (Add)
Cinnyris cupreus (Add)
Cinnyris dussumieri (Add)
Cinnyris erythrocercus (Add)
Cinnyris fuscus (Add)
Cinnyris habessinicus (Add)
Cinnyris humbloti (Add)
Cinnyris johannae (Add)
Cinnyris jugularis (Add)
Cinnyris lotenius (Add)
Cinnyris loveridgei (Add)
Cinnyris ludovicensis (Add)
Cinnyris manoensis (Add)
Cinnyris mariquensis (Add)
Cinnyris mediocris (Add)
Cinnyris minullus (Add)
Cinnyris moreaui (Add)
Cinnyris nectarinioides (Add)
Cinnyris neergaardi (Add)
Cinnyris notatus (Add)
Cinnyris osea (Add)
Cinnyris oustaleti (Add)
Cinnyris pembae (Add)
Cinnyris prigoginei (Add)
Cinnyris pulchellus (Add)
Cinnyris regius (Add)
Cinnyris reichenowi (Add)
Cinnyris rockefelleri (Add)
Cinnyris rufipennis (Add)
Cinnyris shelleyi (Add)
Cinnyris solaris (Add)
Cinnyris sovimanga (Add)
Cinnyris stuhlmanni (Add)
Cinnyris superbus (Add)
Cinnyris talatala (Add)
Cinnyris tsavoensis (Add)
Cinnyris ursulae (Add)
Cinnyris venustus (Add)
Gen. Cyanomitra (Add)
Cyanomitra alinae (Add)
Cyanomitra bannermani (Add)
Cyanomitra cyanolaema (Add)
Cyanomitra obscura (Add)
Cyanomitra olivacea (Add)
Cyanomitra oritis (Add)
Cyanomitra veroxii (Add)
Cyanomitra verticalis (Add)
Gen. Deleornis (Add)
Deleornis axillaris (Add)
Deleornis fraseri (Add)
Gen. Dreptes (Add)
Dreptes thomensis (Add)
Gen. Hedydipna (Add)
Hedydipna collaris (Add)
Hedydipna metallica (Add)
Hedydipna pallidigaster (Add)
Hedydipna platura (Add)
Gen. Hypogramma (Add)
Hypogramma hypogrammicum (Add)
Gen. Leptocoma (Add)
Leptocoma calcostetha (Add)
Leptocoma minima (Add)
Leptocoma sericea (Add)
Leptocoma sperata (Add)
Leptocoma zeylonica (Add)
Gen. Nectarinia (Add)
Nectarinia bocagii (Add)
Seychelles Sunbird, Nectarinia dussumieri (Add)
Nectarinia famosa (Add)
Nectarinia johnstoni (Add)
Nectarinia kilimensis (Add)
Nectarinia purpureiventris (Add)
Golden-winged Sunbird, Nectarinia reichenowi

Souimanga Sunbird, Nectarinia sovimanga (Add)
Nectarinia tacazze (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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