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Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Actinopterygii --> S.Class Neopterygii --> Superord. Acanthopterygii --> Ord. Cyprinodontiformes --> Cyprinodontoidei -->


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Aplocheilichthyinae (Add)
Gen. Aplocheilichthys (Add)
Gen. Hylopanchax (Add)
Gen. Lacustricola (Add)
Lacustricola camerunensis (Add)
Lacustricola jeanneli (Add)
Lacustricola kassenjiensis (Add)
Lacustricola kongoranensis (Add)
Lacustricola lacustris (Add)
Lacustricola lualabaensis (Add)
Lacustricola maculatus (Add)
Lacustricola matthesi (Add)
Lacustricola mediolateralis (Add)
Lacustricola moeruensis (Add)
Lacustricola myaposae (Add)
Lacustricola nigrolateralis (Add)
Lacustricola omoculatus (Add)
Lacustricola usanguensis (Add)
Lacustricola vitschumbaensis (Add)
Gen. Poropanchax (Add)
Poeciliinae (Add)
Alfarini (Add)
Gen. Alfaro (Add)
Alfaro cultratus (Add)
Alfaro huberi (Add)
Cnesterodontini (Add)
Gen. Cnesterodon (Add)
Cnesterodon brevirostratus (Add)
Cnesterodon carnegiei (Add)
Cnesterodon decemmaculatus (Add)
Cnesterodon holopteros (Add)
Cnesterodon hypselurus (Add)
Cnesterodon iguape (Add)
Cnesterodon omorgmatos (Add)
Cnesterodon pirai (Add)
Cnesterodon raddai (Add)
Cnesterodon septentrionalis (Add)
Gen. Phalloceros (Add)
Phalloceros alessandrae (Add)
Phalloceros anisophallos (Add)
Phalloceros aspilos (Add)
Phalloceros buckupi (Add)
Phalloceros caudimaculatus (Add)
Phalloceros elachistos (Add)
Phalloceros enneaktinos (Add)
Phalloceros harpagos (Add)
Phalloceros heptaktinos (Add)
Phalloceros leptokeras (Add)
Phalloceros leticiae (Add)
Phalloceros lucenorum (Add)
Phalloceros malabarbai (Add)
Phalloceros megapolos (Add)
Phalloceros mikrommatos (Add)
Phalloceros ocellatus (Add)
Phalloceros pellos (Add)
Phalloceros reisi (Add)
Phalloceros spiloura (Add)
Phalloceros titthos (Add)
Phalloceros tupinamba (Add)
Phalloceros uai (Add)
Gen. Phalloptychus (Add)
Phalloptychus eigenmanni (Add)
Phalloptychus iheringii (Add)
Phalloptychus januarius (Add)
Gen. Phallotorynus (Add)
Phallotorynus dispilos (Add)
Phallotorynus fasciolatus (Add)
Phallotorynus jucundus (Add)
Phallotorynus pankalos (Add)
Phallotorynus psittakos (Add)
Phallotorynus victoriae (Add)
Gambusiini (Add)
Gen. Belonesox (Add)
Belonesox belizanus (Add)
Gen. Brachyrhaphis (Add)
Brachyrhaphis cascajalensis (Add)
Brachyrhaphis episcopi (Add)
Brachyrhaphis hartwegi (Add)
Brachyrhaphis hessfeldi (Add)
Brachyrhaphis holdridgei (Add)
Brachyrhaphis parismina (Add)
Brachyrhaphis punctifer (Add)
Brachyrhaphis rhabdophora (Add)
Brachyrhaphis roseni (Add)
Brachyrhaphis roswithae (Add)
Brachyrhaphis terrabensis (Add)
Gen. Gambusia (Add)
Gambusia (Arthrophallus) (Add)
Gambusia affinis (Add)
Gambusia alvarezi (Add)
Gambusia amistadensis (Add)
Gambusia atrora (Add)
Gambusia aurata (Add)
Gambusia clarkhubbsi (Add)
Gambusia eurystoma (Add)
Gambusia geiseri (Add)
Gambusia georgei (Add)
Gambusia heterochir (Add)
Gambusia holbrooki (Add)
Gambusia hurtadoi (Add)
Gambusia krumholzi (Add)
Gambusia lemaitrei (Add)
Gambusia longispinis (Add)
Gambusia nobilis (Add)
Gambusia senilis (Add)
Gambusia sexradiata (Add)
Gambusia speciosa (Add)
Gambusia (Gambusia) (Add)
Girardini (Add)
Gen. Carlhubbsia (Add)
Carlhubbsia kidderi (Add)
Carlhubbsia stuarti (Add)
Gen. Girardinus (Add)
Girardinus creolus (Add)
Girardinus cubensis (Add)
Girardinus denticulatus (Add)
Girardinus falcatus (Add)
Girardinus metallicus (Add)
Girardinus microdactylus (Add)
Girardinus uninotatus (Add)
Gen. Quintana (Add)
Quintana atrizona (Add)
Heterandriini (Add)
Gen. Heterandria (Add)
Heterandria anzuetoi (Add)
Heterandria attenuata (Add)
Heterandria bimaculata (Add)
Heterandria cataractae (Add)
Heterandria dirempta (Add)
Dwarf Livebearer, Heterandria formosa (Add)
Heterandria jonesii (Add)
Heterandria litoperas (Add)
Heterandria obliqua (Add)
Heterandria tuxtlaensis (Add)
Gen. Neoheterandria (Add)
Neoheterandria cana (Add)
Neoheterandria elegans (Add)
Neoheterandria tridentiger (Add)
Gen. Poeciliopsis (Add)
Poeciliopsis baenschi (Add)
Poeciliopsis balsas (Add)
Poeciliopsis catemaco (Add)
Poeciliopsis elongata (Add)
Poeciliopsis fasciata (Add)
Poeciliopsis gracilis (Add)
Poeciliopsis hnilickai (Add)
Poeciliopsis infans (Add)
Poeciliopsis latidens (Add)
Poeciliopsis lucida (Add)
Poeciliopsis lutzi (Add)
Poeciliopsis monacha (Add)
Poeciliopsis occidentalis (Add)
Poeciliopsis paucimaculata (Add)
Poeciliopsis pleurospilus (Add)
Poeciliopsis presidionis (Add)
Poeciliopsis prolifica (Add)
Poeciliopsis retropinna (Add)
Poeciliopsis santaelena (Add)
Poeciliopsis scarlli (Add)
Poeciliopsis sonoriensis (Add)
Poeciliopsis turneri (Add)
Poeciliopsis turrubarensis (Add)
Poeciliopsis viriosa (Add)
Gen. Priapichthys (Add)
Priapichthys annectens (Add)
Priapichthys caliensis (Add)
Priapichthys chocoensis (Add)
Priapichthys darienensis (Add)
Priapichthys nigroventralis (Add)
Priapichthys panamensis (Add)
Priapichthys puetzi (Add)
Gen. Pseudopoecilia (Add)
Pseudopoecilia austrocolumbiana (Add)
Pseudopoecilia festae (Add)
Pseudopoecilia fria (Add)
Gen. Xenophallus (Add)
Xenophallus umbratilis (Add)
Poeciliini (Add)
Gen. Limia (Add)
Limia caymanensis (Add)
Limia dominicensis (Add)
Limia fuscomaculata (Add)
Limia garnieri (Add)
Limia grossidens (Add)
Limia heterandria (Add)
Limia immaculata (Add)
Limia melanogaster (Add)
Limia melanonotata (Add)
Limia miragoanensis (Add)
Humpbacked limia, Limia nigrofasciata (Add)
Limia ornata (Add)
Limia pauciradiata (Add)
Limia perugiae (Add)
Limia rivasi (Add)
Limia sulphurophila (Add)
Limia tridens (Add)
Limia versicolor (Add)
Limia vittata (Add)
Limia yaguajali (Add)
Limia zonata (Add)
Gen. Micropoecilia (Add)
Micropoecilia bifurca (Add)
Micropoecilia branneri (Add)
Micropoecilia minima (Add)
Micropoecilia parae (Add)
Micropoecilia picta (Add)
Gen. Pamphorichthys (Add)
Pamphorichthys araguaiensis (Add)
Pamphorichthys hasemani (Add)
Pamphorichthys hollandi (Add)
Pamphorichthys minor (Add)
Pamphorichthys pertapeh (Add)
Pamphorichthys scalpridens (Add)
Gen. Phallichthys (Add)
Phallichthys amates (Add)
Phallichthys fairweatheri (Add)
Phallichthys quadripunctatus (Add)
Phallichthys tico (Add)
Gen. Poecilia (Add)
Poecilia boesemani (Add)
Poecilia butleri (Add)
Poecilia catemaconis (Add)
Poecilia caucana (Add)
Poecilia caudofasciata (Add)
Poecilia chica (Add)
Poecilia dauli (Add)
Poecilia dominicensis (Add)
Poecilia elegans (Add)
Poecilia formosa (Add)
Poecilia gillii (Add)
Poecilia hispaniolana (Add)
Poecilia koperi (Add)
Poecilia kykesis (Add)
Poecilia latipinna (Add)
Poecilia latipunctata (Add)
Poecilia marcellinoi (Add)
Poecilia maylandi (Add)
Poecilia mechthildae (Add)
Poecilia mexicana (Add)
Poecilia nicholsi (Add)
Poecilia obscura (Add)
Poecilia orri (Add)
Poecilia parae (Add)
Poecilia petenensis (Add)
Guppy, Poecilia reticulata
Poecilia rositae (Add)
Poecilia salvatoris (Add)
Poecilia sarrafae (Add)
Poecilia sphenops (Add)
Poecilia sulphuraria (Add)
Poecilia teresae (Add)
Poecilia vandepolli (Add)
Poecilia velifera (Add)
Poecilia vivipara (Add)
Poecilia wandae (Add)
Poecilia wingei (Add)
Gen. Xiphophorus (Add)
Xiphophorus alvarezi (Add)
Xiphophorus andersi (Add)
Xiphophorus birchmanni (Add)
Xiphophorus clemenciae (Add)
Xiphophorus continens (Add)
Xiphophorus cortezi (Add)
Xiphophorus couchianus (Add)
Xiphophorus evelynae (Add)
Xiphophorus gordoni (Add)
Green swordtail, Xiphophorus hellerii (Add)
Xiphophorus kosszanderi (Add)
Southern platyfish, Xiphophorus maculatus (Add)
Xiphophorus malinche (Add)
Xiphophorus mayae (Add)
Xiphophorus meyeri (Add)
Xiphophorus milleri (Add)
Xiphophorus mixei (Add)
Xiphophorus montezumae (Add)
Xiphophorus monticolus (Add)
Xiphophorus multilineatus (Add)
Xiphophorus nezahualcoyotl (Add)
Xiphophorus nigrensis (Add)
Xiphophorus pygmaeus (Add)
Xiphophorus roseni (Add)
Xiphophorus signum (Add)
Variatus platy, Xiphophorus variatus (Add)
Xiphophorus xiphidium (Add)
Priapellini (Add)
Gen. Priapella (Add)
Priapella bonita (Add)
Priapella chamulae (Add)
Priapella compressa (Add)
Priapella intermedia (Add)
Priapella olmecae (Add)
Scolichthyini (Add)
Gen. Scolichthys (Add)
Tomeurini (Add)
Gen. Tomeurus (Add)
Tomeurus gracilis (Add)
Xenodexini (Add)
Gen. Xenodexia (Add)
Procatopodinae (Add)
Gen. Fluviphylax (Add)
Fluviphylax obscurus (Add)
Fluviphylax palikur (Add)
Fluviphylax pygmaeus (Add)
Fluviphylax simplex (Add)
Fluviphylax zonatus (Add)
Gen. Hypsopanchax (Add)
Hypsopanchax catenatus (Add)
Hypsopanchax deprimozi (Add)
Hypsopanchax jobaerti (Add)
Hypsopanchax jubbi (Add)
Hypsopanchax modestus (Add)
Hypsopanchax platysternus (Add)
Hypsopanchax zebra (Add)
Gen. Lamprichthys (Add)
Lamprichthys tanganicanus (Add)
Gen. Micropanchax (Add)
Micropanchax bracheti (Add)
Micropanchax ehrichi (Add)
Micropanchax kingii (Add)
Micropanchax loati (Add)
Micropanchax macrophthalmus (Add)
Micropanchax pfaffi (Add)
Micropanchax pumilus (Add)
Micropanchax rudolfianus (Add)
Micropanchax scheeli (Add)
Gen. Pantanodon (Add)
Pantanodon madagascariensis (Add)
Pantanodon stuhlmanni (Add)
Gen. Plataplochilus (Add)
Plataplochilus chalcopyrus (Add)
Plataplochilus miltotaenia (Add)
Plataplochilus mimus (Add)
Plataplochilus ngaensis (Add)
Plataplochilus pulcher (Add)
Plataplochilus terveri (Add)
Gen. Procatopus (Add)
Procatopus aberrans (Add)
Procatopus cabindae (Add)
Procatopus kabae (Add)
Procatopus lamberti (Add)
Procatopus loemensis (Add)
Procatopus nimbaensis (Add)
Procatopus nototaenia (Add)
Procatopus schioetzi (Add)
Procatopus similis (Add)
Procatopus websteri (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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