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Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Reptiles --> Ord. Squamata --> Lizards --> Platynota -->


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Gen. Cherminotus (Add)
Cherminotus longifrons (Add)
Gen. Chilingosaurus (Add)
Chilingosaurus chingshankouensis (Add)
Gen. Iberovaranus (Add)
Iberovaranus catalaunicus (Add)
Gen. Pachyvaranus (Add)
Gen. Palaeosaniwa (Add)
Palaeosaniwa canadensis (Add)
Gen. Saniwa (Add)
Saniwa agilis (Add)
Saniwa brooksi (Add)
Saniwa crassa (Add)
Saniwa edura (Add)
Saniwa ensidens (Add)
Saniwa feisti (Add)
Saniwa grandis (Add)
Saniwa osmaelensis (Add)
Saniwa paucidens (Add)
Gen. Saniwides (Add)
Borsuk-Bialynicka (Add)
Saniwides mongoliensis (Add)
Gen. Telmasaurus (Add)
Telmasaurus grangeri (Add)
Gen. Varanus (Add)
Spiny-tailed monitor, Varanus acanthurus

Varanus auffenbergi (Add)
Varanus baritji (Add)
Black tree monitor, Varanus beccarii (Add)
Sierra Madre Forest Monitor, Golden Spotted Monitor, Varanus bitatawa (Add)
Varanus boehmei (Add)
Varanus bogerti (Add)
Varanus brevicauda (Add)
Varanus bushi (Add)
Varanus caudolineatus (Add)
Varanus doreanus (Add)
Varanus eremius (Add)
Savannah monitor, Varanus exanthematicus

Varanus finschi (Add)
Varanus flavescens (Add)
Perentie monitor, Varanus giganteus

Varanus gilleni (Add)
Varanus glauerti (Add)
Varanus glebopalma (Add)
Varanus jobiensis (Add)
Varanus juxtindicus (Add)
Varanus keithhornei (Add)
Varanus kingorum (Add)
Komodo dragon, Varanus komodoensis

Varanus kordensis (Add)
Varanus lirungensis (Add)
Varanus mabitang (Add)
Varanus macraei (Add)
Varanus melinus (Add)
Varanus mertensi (Add)
Varanus mitchelli (Add)
Varanus nebulosus (Add)
Nile monitor, Varanus niloticus

Varanus olivaceus (Add)
Varanus ornatus (Add)
Varanus pilbarensis (Add)
Emerald tree monitor, Varanus prasinus

Varanus primordius (Add)
Varanus rosenbergi (Add)
Varanus rudicollis (Add)
Varanus salvadorii (Add)
Water monitor, Varanus salvator

Varanus scalaris (Add)
Varanus semiremex (Add)
Varanus similis (Add)
Varanus spenceri (Add)
Varanus spinulosus (Add)
Varanus telenesetes (Add)
Varanus timorensis (Add)
Lace monitor, Varanus varius

Varanus yuwonoi (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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