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Fam. Colubrid

Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Reptiles --> Ord. Squamata --> Snakes --> Alethinophidia --> Caenophidia -->


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Boiga cynodon

Leonell l. chavez ©.

Boiga dendrophila

Leonell l. chavez ©.

Smooth snake, Coronella austriaca

Piet Spaans (Viridiflavus) via Wikicommons, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Boomslang, Dispholidus typus

William Warby via Wikicommons, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Indigo snake, Drymarchon corais

"Threatened Eastern indigo snake (Drymarchon corais couperi)" by USFWS Endangered Species via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Gonyosoma oxycephalum

Leonell l. chavez ©.

Grey-Banded Kingsnake, Lampropeltis alterna

Patrick JEAN via Wikicommons, ©.

Lampropeltis getula

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Milk Snake, Lampropeltis triangulum

"Scarlet Kingsnake Eating a pinky" by Snakecollector via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Beauty rat snake, Orthriophis taeniurus

"Taiwan Beauty" by TheReptilarium via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Corn Snake, Pantherophis guttatus

"Corn Snake" by Goingslo via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Pituophis catenifer

"Bull snake a.ka. the Deige (Pituophis catenifer sayi)" by Dallas Krentzel via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Grass Snake, Natrix natrix

Jonas Bergsten via Wikicommons, ©.

Western Terrestrial Garter Snake, Thamnophis elegans

"Western terrrestrial garter snake" by Nordique via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Common Garter Snake, Thamnophis sirtalis

"Common Garter Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis)" by Franco Folini via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.


Boodontinae (Add)
Calamariinae (Add)
Gen. Calamaria (Add)
Calamaria abramovi (Add)
Calamaria abstrusa (Add)
Calamaria acutirostris (Add)
Calamaria albiventer (Add)
Calamaria alidae (Add)
Calamaria apraeocularis (Add)
Calamaria banggaiensis (Add)
Calamaria battersbyi (Add)
Calamaria bicolor (Add)
Calamaria bitorques (Add)
Calamaria boesemani (Add)
Calamaria borneensis (Add)
Calamaria brongersmai (Add)
Calamaria buchi (Add)
Calamaria butonensis (Add)
Calamaria ceramensis (Add)
Calamaria crassa (Add)
Calamaria curta (Add)
Calamaria doederleini (Add)
Calamaria eiselti (Add)
Calamaria everetti (Add)
Calamaria forcarti (Add)
Calamaria gervaisii (Add)
Calamaria gialaiensis (Add)
Calamaria grabowskyi (Add)
Calamaria gracillima (Add)
Calamaria griswoldi (Add)
Calamaria hilleniusi (Add)
Calamaria ingeri (Add)
Calamaria javanica (Add)
Calamaria joloensis (Add)
Calamaria lateralis (Add)
Calamaria leucogaster (Add)
Calamaria linnaei (Add)
Calamaria longirostris (Add)
Calamaria lovii (Add)
Calamaria lumbricoidea (Add)
Calamaria lumholtzi (Add)
Calamaria margaritophora (Add)
Calamaria mecheli (Add)
Calamaria melanota (Add)
Calamaria modesta (Add)
Calamaria muelleri (Add)
Calamaria nuchalis (Add)
Calamaria palawanensis (Add)
Calamaria pavimentata (Add)
Calamaria pfefferi (Add)
Calamaria prakkei (Add)
Calamaria rebentischi (Add)
Calamaria schlegelii (Add)
Calamaria schmidti (Add)
Calamaria septentrionalis (Add)
Calamaria suluensis (Add)
Calamaria sumatrana (Add)
Calamaria thanhi (Add)
Calamaria ulmeri (Add)
Calamaria virgulata (Add)
Calamaria yunnanensis (Add)
Gen. Calamorhabdium (Add)
Calamorhabdium acuticeps (Add)
Calamorhabdium kuekenthali (Add)
Gen. Collorhabdium (Add)
Collorhabdium williamsoni (Add)
Gen. Etheridgeum (Add)
Etheridgeum pulchrum (Add)
Gen. Macrocalamus (Add)
Macrocalamus chanardi (Add)
Macrocalamus gentingensis (Add)
Macrocalamus jasoni (Add)
Macrocalamus lateralis (Add)
Macrocalamus schulzi (Add)
Macrocalamus tweediei (Add)
Macrocalamus vogeli (Add)
Gen. Pseudorabdion (Add)
Pseudorabdion albonuchalis (Add)
Pseudorabdion ater (Add)
Pseudorabdion collaris (Add)
Pseudorabdion eiselti (Add)
Pseudorabdion longiceps (Add)
Pseudorabdion mcnamarae (Add)
Pseudorabdion montanum (Add)
Pseudorabdion oxycephalum (Add)
Pseudorabdion sarasinorum (Add)
Pseudorabdion saravacense (Add)
Pseudorabdion talonuran (Add)
Pseudorabdion taylori (Add)
Gen. Rabdion (Add)
Rabdion forsteni (Add)
Colubrinae (Add)
Gen. Ahaetulla (Add)
Gen. Aprosdoketophis (Add)
Gen. Argyrogena (Add)
Gen. Arizona (Add)
Gen. Bogertophis (Add)
Gen. Boiga
Boiga andamanensis (Add)
Boiga angulata (Add)
Boiga barnesii (Add)
Boiga beddomei (Add)
Boiga bengkuluensis (Add)
Boiga blandingii (Add)
Boiga bourreti (Add)
Boiga ceylonensis (Add)
Boiga cyanea (Add)
Boiga cynodon

Boiga dendrophila

Boiga dightoni (Add)
Boiga drapiezii (Add)
Boiga forsteni (Add)
Boiga gokool (Add)
Boiga guangxiensis (Add)
Brown tree snake, Boiga irregularis (Add)
Boiga jaspidea (Add)
Boiga kraepelini (Add)
Boiga multifasciata (Add)
Boiga multomaculata (Add)
Boiga nigriceps (Add)
Boiga nuchalis (Add)
Boiga ochracea (Add)
Boiga philippina (Add)
Boiga pulverulenta (Add)
Boiga quincunciata (Add)
Boiga ranawanei (Add)
Boiga saengsomi (Add)
Boiga schultzei (Add)
Boiga siamensis (Add)
Boiga tanahjampeana (Add)
Boiga trigonata (Add)
Boiga wallachi (Add)
Gen. Cemophora (Add)
Cemophora coccinea
Gen. Chilomeniscus (Add)
Gen. Chionactis (Add)
Chionactis occipitalis (Add)
Chionactis palarostris (Add)
Gen. Chironius (Add)
Gen. Chrysopelea (Add)
Chrysopelea ornata (Add)
Chrysopelea paradisi (Add)
Chrysopelea pelias (Add)
Chrysopelea rhodopleuron (Add)
Chrysopelea taprobanica (Add)
Gen. Coelognathus (Add)
Gen. Coluber (Add)
Coluber andreanus (Add)
Coluber bholanathi (Add)
Coluber brevis (Add)
Coluber constrictor (Add)
Coluber dorri (Add)
Coluber elegantissimus (Add)
Coluber gracilis (Add)
Coluber insulanus (Add)
Coluber largeni (Add)
Coluber manseri (Add)
Coluber messanai (Add)
Coluber mormon (Add)
Coluber ravergieri (Add)
Coluber scortecci (Add)
Coluber sinai (Add)
Coluber smithi (Add)
Coluber somalicus (Add)
Coluber taylori (Add)
Coluber thomasi (Add)
Coluber variabilis (Add)
Coluber vittacaudatus (Add)
Coluber zebrinus (Add)
Gen. Colubroelaps (Add)
Gen. Conopsis (Add)
Gen. Coronella (Add)
Smooth snake, Coronella austriaca

Coronella girondica (Add)
Gen. Crotaphopeltis (Add)
Gen. Cyclophiops (Add)
Gen. Dasypeltis (Add)
Gen. Dendrelaphis (Add)
Gen. Dendrophidion (Add)
Gen. Dinodon (Add)
Gen. Dipsadoboa (Add)
Gen. Dispholidus (Add)
Boomslang, Dispholidus typus

Gen. Dolichophis (Add)
Dolichophis caspius (Add)
Dolichophis cypriensis (Add)
Large whip snake, Dolichophis jugularis (Add)
Dolichophis schmidti (Add)
Gen. Drymarchon (Add)
Indigo snake, Drymarchon corais

Eastern indigo snake, Drymarchon couperi (Add)
Middle American Indigo Snake, Drymarchon melanurus (Add)
Gen. Drymobius (Add)
Gen. Drymoluber (Add)
Gen. Dryocalamus (Add)
Gen. Dryophiops (Add)
Gen. Eirenis (Add)
Gen. Elachistodon (Add)
Gen. Elaphe (Add)
Elaphe bimaculata (Add)
Elaphe carinata (Add)
Elaphe climacophora (Add)
Elaphe davidi (Add)
Elaphe dione (Add)
Elaphe hohenackeri (Add)
Elaphe leonardi (Add)
Elaphe maculata (Add)
Elaphe quadrivirgata (Add)
Elaphe quatuorlineata (Add)
Elaphe rufodorsata (Add)
Elaphe sauromates (Add)
Elaphe scalaris (Add)
Elaphe schrenckii (Add)
Gen. Euprepiophis (Add)
Gen. Ficimia (Add)
Gen. Geagras (Add)
Gen. Gonyophis (Add)
Gen. Gonyosoma (Add)
Gonyosoma jansenii (Add)
Gonyosoma oxycephalum

Gen. Gyalopion (Add)
Gen. Hapsidophrys (Add)
Gen. Hemerophis (Add)
Gen. Hemorrhois (Add)
Hemorrhois algirus (Add)
Horseshoe Whip Snake, Hemorrhois hippocrepis (Add)
Coin snake, Hemorrhois nummifer (Add)
Hemorrhois ravergieri (Add)
Gen. Hierophis (Add)
Hierophis gemonenesis (Add)
Green Whip Snake, Hierophis viridiflavus (Add)
Gen. Kingsnake, Lampropeltis
Grey-Banded Kingsnake, Lampropeltis alterna

Lampropeltis calligaster (Add)
Lampropeltis extenuatum (Add)
Lampropeltis getula

Lampropeltis mexicana (Add)
Lampropeltis pyromelana (Add)
Lampropeltis ruthveni (Add)
Milk Snake, Lampropeltis triangulum

Lampropeltis webbi (Add)
California mountain kingsnake, Lampropeltis zonata (Add)
Gen. Leptodrymus (Add)
Gen. Leptophis (Add)
Gen. Lepturophis (Add)
Gen. Liopeltis (Add)
Gen. Lycodon (Add)
Lycodon alcalai (Add)
Lycodon aulicus (Add)
Lycodon bibonius (Add)
Lycodon butleri (Add)
Lycodon capucinus (Add)
Lycodon cardamomensis (Add)
Lycodon cavernicolus (Add)
Lycodon chrysoprateros (Add)
Lycodon davidi (Add)
Lycodon dumerili (Add)
Lycodon effraenis (Add)
Lycodon fasciatus (Add)
Lycodon fausti (Add)
Lycodon ferroni (Add)
Lycodon flavicollis (Add)
Lycodon flavomaculatus (Add)
Lycodon gongshan (Add)
Lycodon jara (Add)
Lycodon kundui (Add)
Lycodon laoensis (Add)
Lycodon liuchengchaoi (Add)
Lycodon mackinnoni (Add)
Lycodon muelleri (Add)
Lycodon ophiophagus (Add)
Lycodon osmanhilli (Add)
Lycodon paucifasciatus (Add)
Lycodon ruhstrati (Add)
Lycodon solivagus (Add)
Lycodon stormi (Add)
Lycodon striatus (Add)
Lycodon subcinctus (Add)
Lycodon synaptor (Add)
Lycodon tessellatus (Add)
Lycodon tiwarii (Add)
Lycodon travancoricus (Add)
Lycodon zawi (Add)
Lycodon zoosvictoriae (Add)
Gen. Lycognathophis (Add)
Seychelles wolf snake, Lycognathophis seychellensis (Add)
Gen. Lytorhynchus (Add)
Gen. Maculophis (Add)
Gen. Masticophis (Add)
Gen. Mastigodryas (Add)
Gen. Meizodon (Add)
Gen. Oligodon (Add)
Gen. Opheodrys (Add)
Gen. Oreocryptophis (Add)
Gen. Orthriophis (Add)
Orthriophis cantoris (Add)
Orthriophis hodgsoni (Add)
Orthriophis moellendorffi (Add)
Beauty rat snake, Orthriophis taeniurus

Gen. Oxybelis (Add)
Gen. Pantherophis (Add)
Pantherophis bairdi (Add)
Pantherophis emoryi (Add)
Pantherophis flavirufus (Add)
Pantherophis gloydi (Add)
Corn Snake, Pantherophis guttatus

Pantherophis obsoletus (Add)
Pantherophis slowinskii (Add)
Pantherophis spiloides (Add)
Pantherophis vulpinus (Add)
Gen. Philothamnus (Add)
Gen. Phyllorhynchus (Add)
Gen. Pituophis (Add)
Pituophis catenifer

Pituophis deppei (Add)
Pituophis lineaticollis (Add)
Pituophis melanoleucus (Add)
Pituophis ruthveni (Add)
Gen. Platyceps (Add)
Platyceps najadum (Add)
Gen. Pseudocyclophis (Add)
Gen. Pseudoficimia (Add)
Gen. Pseustes (Add)
Gen. Ptyas (Add)
Gen. Rhadinophis (Add)
Gen. Rhamnophis (Add)
Gen. Rhinechis (Add)
Ladder Snake, Rhinechis scalaris (Add)
Gen. Rhinobothryum (Add)
Gen. Rhinocheilus (Add)
Long-nosed snake, Rhinocheilus lecontei (Add)
Gen. Rhynchocalamus (Add)
Gen. Rhynchophis (Add)
Gen. Salvadora (Add)
Gen. Scaphiodontophis (Add)
Gen. Scolecophis (Add)
Gen. Senticolis (Add)
Gen. Sibynophis (Add)
Gen. Simophis (Add)
Gen. Sonora (Add)
Gen. Spalerosophis (Add)
Gen. Spilotes (Add)
Gen. Stegonotus (Add)
Gen. Stenorrhina (Add)
Gen. Stilosoma (Add)
Gen. Symphimus (Add)
Gen. Sympholis (Add)
Gen. Tantilla (Add)
Gen. Tantillita (Add)
Gen. Telescopus (Add)
Telescopus fallax (Add)
Gen. Thelotornis
Gen. Thrasops (Add)
Gen. Trimorphodon (Add)
Gen. Xenelaphis (Add)
Gen. Xyelodontophis (Add)
Gen. Zamenis (Add)
Italian Aesculapian Snake, Zamenis lineatus (Add)
Aesculapian Snake, Zamenis longissimus (Add)
European Ratsnake, Zamenis situla (Add)
Gen. Zaocys (Add)
Dipsadinae (Add)
Homalopsinae (Add)
Gen. Bitia (Add)
Bitia hydroides (Add)
Gen. Brachyorrhos (Add)
Brachyorrhos albus (Add)
Gen. Cantoria (Add)
Cantoria annulata (Add)
Cantoria violacea (Add)
Gen. Cerberus (Add)
Cerberus microlepis (Add)
Cerberus rynchops (Add)
Gen. Enhydris (Add)
Enhydris alternans (Add)
Enhydris doriae (Add)
Enhydris enhydris (Add)
Enhydris gyii (Add)
Enhydris innominata (Add)
Enhydris longicauda (Add)
Enhydris pakistanica (Add)
Enhydris plumbea (Add)
Enhydris polylepis (Add)
Enhydris punctata (Add)
Enhydris smithi (Add)
Gen. Erpeton (Add)
Erpeton tentaculatum (Add)
Gen. Fordonia (Add)
Fordonia leucobalia (Add)
Gen. Gerarda (Add)
Gerarda prevostiana (Add)
Gen. Heurnia (Add)
Heurnia ventromatriculata (Add)
Gen. Homalopsis (Add)
Homalopsis buccata (Add)
Gen. Myron (Add)
Myron richardsonii (Add)
Natricinae (Add)
Gen. Amplorhinus (Add)
Amplorhinus multimaculatus (Add)
Gen. Natrix (Add)
Natrix maura (Add)
Grass Snake, Natrix natrix

Natrix sipedon (Add)
Dice snake, Natrix tessellata (Add)
Gen. Rhabdophis (Add)
Thamnophiini (Add)
Gen. Adelophis (Add)
Gen. Clonophis (Add)
Gen. Nerodia (Add)
Gen. Regina (Add)
Regina alleni (Add)
Regina grahami (Add)
Regina rigida (Add)
Queen snake, Regina septemvittata (Add)
Gen. Seminatrix (Add)
Gen. Storeria (Add)
Gen. Thamnophis (Add)
Thamnophis angustirostris (Add)
Thamnophis atratus (Add)
Thamnophis bogerti (Add)
Thamnophis brachystoma (Add)
Thamnophis butleri (Add)
Thamnophis caverna (Add)
Thamnophis chrysocephalus (Add)
Thamnophis conanti (Add)
Thamnophis couchii (Add)
Thamnophis cyrtopsis (Add)
Thamnophis digueti (Add)
Thamnophis dubia (Add)
Thamnophis eburatus (Add)
Western Terrestrial Garter Snake, Thamnophis elegans

Thamnophis eques (Add)
Thamnophis errans (Add)
Thamnophis exsul (Add)
Thamnophis fulvus (Add)
Thamnophis gigas (Add)
Thamnophis godmani (Add)
Thamnophis hammondii (Add)
Thamnophis lineri (Add)
Thamnophis marcianus (Add)
Thamnophis melanogaster (Add)
Thamnophis mendax (Add)
Thamnophis nigronuchalis (Add)
Thamnophis ordinoides (Add)
Thamnophis postremus (Add)
Thamnophis proximus (Add)
Thamnophis pulchrilatus (Add)
Thamnophis radix (Add)
Thamnophis rossmani (Add)
Thamnophis rufipunctatus (Add)
Thamnophis sauritus (Add)
Thamnophis scalaris (Add)
Thamnophis scaliger (Add)
Common Garter Snake, Thamnophis sirtalis

Thamnophis sumichrasti (Add)
Thamnophis validus (Add)
Gen. Tropidoclonion (Add)
Gen. Virginia (Add)
Pareatinae (Add)
Gen. Aplopeltura (Add)
Aplopeltura boa (Add)
Gen. Asthenodipsas (Add)
Asthenodipsas laevis (Add)
Asthenodipsas malaccanus (Add)
Asthenodipsas vertebralis (Add)
Gen. Pareas (Add)
Pareas boulengeri (Add)
Pareas carinatus (Add)
Pareas formosensis (Add)
Pareas hamptoni (Add)
Pareas iwasakii (Add)
Pareas margaritophorus (Add)
Pareas monticola (Add)
Pareas nigriceps (Add)
Pareas nuchalis (Add)
Pareas stanleyi (Add)
Psammophiinae (Add)
Gen. Hemirhagerrhis (Add)
Hemirhagerrhis hildebrandtii (Add)
Hemirhagerrhis kelleri (Add)
Hemirhagerrhis nototaenia (Add)
Hemirhagerrhis viperina (Add)
Gen. Malpolon (Add)
Malpolon moilensis (Add)
Malpolon monspessulanus (Add)
Gen. Mimophis (Add)
Mimophis mahfalensis (Add)
Gen. Psammophis (Add)
Psammophis aegyptius (Add)
Psammophis angolensis (Add)
Psammophis ansorgii (Add)
Psammophis biseriatus (Add)
Psammophis condanarus (Add)
Psammophis crucifer (Add)
Psammophis elegans (Add)
Psammophis jallae (Add)
Psammophis leightoni (Add)
Psammophis leithii (Add)
Psammophis leopardinus (Add)
Psammophis lineolatus (Add)
Psammophis longifrons (Add)
Psammophis mossambicus (Add)
Psammophis notostictus (Add)
Psammophis phillipsi (Add)
Psammophis pulcher (Add)
Psammophis punctulatus (Add)
Psammophis rukwae (Add)
Psammophis schokari (Add)
Psammophis sibilans (Add)
Psammophis subtaeniatus (Add)
Psammophis tanganicus (Add)
Psammophis trigrammus (Add)
Psammophis zambiensis (Add)
Gen. Psammophylax (Add)
Psammophylax rhombeatus (Add)
Psammophylax tritaeniatus (Add)
Psammophylax variabilis (Add)
Gen. Rhamphiophis (Add)
Rhamphiophis acutus (Add)
Rhamphiophis maradiensis (Add)
Rhamphiophis oxyrhynchus (Add)
Rhamphiophis rubropunctatus (Add)
Pseudoxenodontinae (Add)
Gen. Plagiopholis (Add)
Gen. Pseudoxenodon (Add)
Pseudoxyrhophiinae (Add)
Xenodermatinae (Add)
Gen. Achalinus (Add)
Achalinus ater (Add)
Achalinus formosanus (Add)
Achalinus hainanus (Add)
Achalinus jinggangensis (Add)
Achalinus meiguensis (Add)
Achalinus niger (Add)
Achalinus rufescens (Add)
Achalinus spinalis (Add)
Achalinus werneri (Add)
Gen. Fimbrios (Add)
Fimbrios klossi (Add)
Gen. Oxyrhabdium (Add)
Oxyrhabdium leporinum (Add)
Oxyrhabdium modestum (Add)
Gen. Stoliczkaia (Add)
Stoliczkaia borneensis (Add)
Stoliczkaia khasiensis (Add)
Gen. Xenodermus (Add)
Xenodermus germanicus (Add)
Gen. Xylophis (Add)
Xylophis perroteti (Add)
Xylophis stenorhynchus (Add)
Xenodontinae (Add)
Alsophiini (Add)
Amnesteophiini (Add)
Gen. Erythrolamprus (Add)
Erythrolamprus aesculapii
Erythrolamprus bizona
Erythrolamprus guentheri (Add)
Erythrolamprus mimus (Add)
Erythrolamprus ocellatus (Add)
Erythrolamprus pseudocorallus (Add)
Gen. Oxyrhopus (Add)
Oxyrhopus clathratus (Add)
Oxyrhopus doliatus (Add)
Oxyrhopus erdisii (Add)
Oxyrhopus fitzingeri (Add)
Oxyrhopus formosus (Add)
Oxyrhopus guibei (Add)
Oxyrhopus leucomelas (Add)
Oxyrhopus marcapatae (Add)
Oxyrhopus melanogenys (Add)
Oxyrhopus occipitalis (Add)
Oxyrhopus petola
Oxyrhopus rhombifer (Add)
Oxyrhopus trigeminus (Add)

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