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Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Actinopterygii --> S.Class Neopterygii --> Superord. Protacanthopterygii --> Ord. Salmoniformes -->


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Coregoninae (Add)
Gen. Coregonus (Add)
Coregonus albellus (Add)
Coregonus albula (Add)
Coregonus alpenae (Add)
Coregonus alpinus (Add)
Coregonus arenicolus (Add)
Coregonus artedi (Add)
Coregonus atterensis (Add)
Coregonus autumnalis (Add)
Coregonus bavaricus (Add)
Coregonus bezola (Add)
Coregonus candidus (Add)
Coregonus chadary (Add)
Coregonus clupeaformis (Add)
Coregonus clupeoides (Add)
Coregonus confusus (Add)
Coregonus danneri (Add)
Coregonus fatioi (Add)
Coregonus fera (Add)
Coregonus googelii (Add)
Coregonus gutturosus (Add)
Coregonus heglingus (Add)
Coregonus hiemalis (Add)
Coregonus hoferi (Add)
Coregonus hoyi (Add)
Coregonus huntsmani (Add)
Coregonus johannae (Add)
Coregonus kiyi (Add)
Coregonus laurettae (Add)
Coregonus lavaretus (Add)
Coregonus lucinensis (Add)
Coregonus macrophthalmus (Add)
Coregonus maraena (Add)
Coregonus maxillaris (Add)
Coregonus megalops (Add)
Coregonus migratorius (Add)
Coregonus muksun (Add)
Coregonus nasus (Add)
Coregonus nelsoni (Add)
Coregonus nelsonii (Add)
Coregonus nigripinnis (Add)
Coregonus nilssoni (Add)
Coregonus nobilis (Add)
Coregonus oxyrinchus (Add)
Coregonus palaea (Add)
Coregonus pallasii (Add)
Coregonus peled (Add)
Coregonus pennantii (Add)
Coregonus pidschian (Add)
Coregonus pollan (Add)
Coregonus reighardi (Add)
Coregonus renke (Add)
Coregonus restrictus (Add)
Coregonus sardinella (Add)
Coregonus stigmaticus (Add)
Coregonus subautumnalis (Add)
Coregonus suidteri (Add)
Coregonus trybomi (Add)
Coregonus tugun (Add)
Coregonus ussuriensis (Add)
Coregonus vandesius (Add)
Coregonus wartmanni (Add)
Coregonus widegreni (Add)
Coregonus zenithicus (Add)
Coregonus zuerichensis (Add)
Coregonus zugensis (Add)
Gen. Prosopium (Add)
Prosopium abyssicola (Add)
Prosopium coulterii (Add)
Prosopium cylindraceum (Add)
Prosopium gemmifer (Add)
Prosopium spilonotus (Add)
Prosopium williamsoni (Add)
Gen. Stenodus (Add)
Stenodus leucichthys (Add)
Salmoninae (Add)
Gen. Brachymystax (Add)
Brachymystax lenok (Add)
Brachymystax savinovi (Add)
Brachymystax tumensis (Add)
Gen. Eosalmo (Add)
Eosalmo driftwoodensis (Add)
Gen. Hucho (Add)
Hucho bleekeri (Add)
Huchen, Hucho hucho (Add)
Hucho ishikawae (Add)
Hucho perryi (Add)
Hucho taimen (Add)
Gen. Oncorhynchus (Add)
Oncorhynchus aguabonita (Add)
Oncorhynchus chrysogaster (Add)
Oncorhynchus clarkii (Add)
Oncorhynchus gilae (Add)
Pink salmon, Oncorhynchus gorbuscha (Add)
Oncorhynchus ishikawai (Add)
Oncorhynchus iwame (Add)
Chum salmon, Oncorhynchus keta (Add)
Coho salmon, Oncorhynchus kisutch (Add)
Oncorhynchus masou (Add)
Rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss (Add)
Sockeye salmon, Oncorhynchus nerka (Add)
Oncorhynchus rastrosus (Add)
Chinook salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha (Add)
Gen. Parahucho (Add)
Parahucho perryi (Add)
Gen. Salmo (Add)
Salmo akairos (Add)
Salmo aphelios (Add)
Salmo balcanicus (Add)
Salmo carpio (Add)
Salmo cenerinus (Add)
Salmo cettii (Add)
Salmo dentex (Add)
Salmo ezenami (Add)
Salmo ferox (Add)
Salmo fibreni (Add)
Salmo ischchan (Add)
Salmo labrax (Add)
Salmo letnica (Add)
Salmo lourosensis (Add)
Salmo lumi (Add)
Salmo macedonicus (Add)
Salmo marmoratus (Add)
Salmo nigripinnis (Add)
Salmo obtusirostris (Add)
Salmo ohridanus (Add)
Salmo pallaryi (Add)
Salmo pelagonicus (Add)
Salmo peristericus (Add)
Salmo platycephalus (Add)
Salmo rhodanensis (Add)
Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar

Salmo schiefermuelleri (Add)
Salmo stomachicus (Add)
Salmo taleri (Add)
Brown trout, Salmo trutta

Salmo visovacensis (Add)
Salmo zrmanjaensis (Add)
Gen. Salvelinus (Add)
Salvelinus agassizi (Add)
Salvelinus albus (Add)
Arctic char, Salvelinus alpinus

Salvelinus anaktuvukensis (Add)
Salvelinus andriashevi (Add)
Salvelinus boganidae (Add)
Salvelinus colii (Add)
Salvelinus confluentus (Add)
Salvelinus czerskii (Add)
Salvelinus drjagini (Add)
Salvelinus elgyticus (Add)
Salvelinus fimbriatus (Add)
Brook trout, Salvelinus fontinalis (Add)
Salvelinus gracillimus (Add)
Salvelinus grayi (Add)
Salvelinus inframundus (Add)
Salvelinus jacuticus (Add)
Salvelinus japonicus (Add)
Salvelinus killinensis (Add)
Salvelinus leucomaenis (Add)
Salvelinus levanidovi (Add)
Salvelinus lonsdalii (Add)
Salvelinus mallochi (Add)
Salvelinus malma (Add)
Salvelinus maxillaris (Add)
Salvelinus murta (Add)
Lake trout, Salvelinus namaycush
Salvelinus neiva (Add)
Salvelinus neocomensis (Add)
Salvelinus obtusus (Add)
Salvelinus perisii (Add)
Salvelinus profundus (Add)
Salvelinus scharffi (Add)
Salvelinus struanensis (Add)
Salvelinus thingvallensis (Add)
Salvelinus tolmachoffi (Add)
Salvelinus trevelyani (Add)
Salvelinus umbla (Add)
Salvelinus willoughbii (Add)
Salvelinus youngeri (Add)
Gen. Salvethymus (Add)
Salvethymus svetovidovi (Add)
Thymallinae (Add)
Gen. Thymallus (Add)
Thymallus arcticus (Add)
Thymallus brevipinnis (Add)
Thymallus brevirostris (Add)
Thymallus burejensis (Add)
Thymallus grubii (Add)
Thymallus mertensii (Add)
Thymallus nigrescens (Add)
Thymallus pallasii (Add)
Thymallus svetovidovi (Add)
Grayling, Thymallus thymallus (Add)
Thymallus tugarinae (Add)
Thymallus yaluensis (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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