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Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Actinopterygii --> S.Class Neopterygii --> Superord. Clupeomorpha --> Ord. Clupeiformes --> Clupeoidei -->


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Alosinae (Add)
Gen. Alosa (Add)
Alosa aestivalis (Add)
Alosa agone (Add)
Alosa alabamae (Add)
Alosa algeriensis (Add)
Allis Shad, Alosa alosa (Add)
Alosa braschnikowi (Add)
Alosa caspia (Add)
Alosa chrysochloris (Add)
Alosa curensis (Add)
Twait Shad, Alosa fallax (Add)
Alosa immaculata (Add)
Alosa kessleri (Add)
Alosa killarnensis (Add)
Alosa macedonica (Add)
Alosa maeotica (Add)
Alosa mediocris (Add)
Alosa pontica (Add)
Alosa pseudoharengus (Add)
Alosa sapidissima (Add)
Alosa saposchnikowii (Add)
Alosa sphaerocephala (Add)
Alosa suworowi (Add)
Alosa tanaica (Add)
Alosa vistonica (Add)
Alosa volgensis (Add)
Gen. Brevoortia (Add)
Brevoortia coccinea (Add)
Brevoortia ida-maia (Add)
Brevoortia venusta (Add)
Gen. Caspialosa (Add)
Gen. Ethmalosa (Add)
Gen. Ethmidium (Add)
Gen. Gudusia (Add)
Gen. Hilsa (Add)
Gen. Tenualosa (Add)
Tenualosa ilisha (Add)
Tenualosa thibaudeaui (Add)
Tenualosa toli (Add)
Gen. Chasmoclupea (Add)
Chasmoclupea aegyptica (Add)
Clupeinae (Add)
Gen. Amblygaster (Add)
Gen. Clupea (Add)
Clupea bentincki (Add)
Atlantic herring, Clupea harengus (Add)
Clupea pallasii (Add)
Gen. Clupeonella (Add)
Gen. Escualosa (Add)
Gen. Harengula (Add)
Gen. Herklotsichthys (Add)
Gen. Lile (Add)
Gen. Opisthonema (Add)
Dorosomatinae (Add)
Gen. Clupanodon (Add)
Gen. Dorosoma (Add)
Gen. Gonialosa (Add)
Gen. Konosirus (Add)
Gen. Nematalosa (Add)
Dussumieriinae (Add)
Gen. Dayella (Add)
Gen. Dussumieria (Add)
Gen. Etrumeus (Add)
Gen. Gilchristella (Add)
Gen. Jenkinsia (Add)
Gen. Luisiella (Add)
Gen. Sauvagella (Add)
Gen. Spratelloides (Add)
Gen. Spratellomorpha (Add)
Gen. Erichalcis (Add)
Gen. Nannothrissa (Add)
Gen. Neoopisthopterus (Add)
Gen. Paleopiquitinga (Add)
Paleopiquitinga brasiliensis (Add)
Pellonulinae (Add)
Gen. Clupeichthys (Add)
Gen. Clupeoides (Add)
Gen. Congothrissa (Add)
Gen. Corica (Add)
Gen. Cynothrissa (Add)
Gen. Ehirava (Add)
Gen. Hyperlophus (Add)
Gen. Knightia (Add)
Knightia alta (Add)
Knightia eocaena (Add)
Knightia vetusta (Add)
Gen. Laeviscutella (Add)
Gen. Limnothrissa (Add)
Gen. Microthrissa (Add)
Gen. Minyclupeoides (Add)
Minyclupeoides dentibranchialus (Add)
Gen. Odaxothrissa (Add)
Gen. Pellonula (Add)
Gen. Poecilothrissa (Add)
Gen. Potamalosa (Add)
Gen. Potamothrissa (Add)
Gen. Stalothrissa (Add)
Gen. Platanichthys (Add)
Gen. Ramnogaster (Add)
Gen. Rhinosardinia (Add)
Gen. Sardina (Add)
European pilchard, Sardina pilchardus (Add)
Gen. Sardinella (Add)
Gen. Sardinops (Add)
Sardinops melanostictus (Add)
Sardinops sagax (Add)
Gen. Sierrathrissa (Add)
Gen. Sprattus (Add)
Sprattus antipodum (Add)
Sprattus balticus (Add)
Sprattus fuegensis (Add)
Sprattus muelleri (Add)
Sprattus novaehollandiae (Add)
European sprat, Sprattus sprattus (Add)
Sprattus sulinus (Add)
Gen. Stolothrissa (Add)
Gen. Strangomera (Add)
Gen. Thrattidion (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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