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Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Reptiles --> Ord. Squamata --> Lizards --> Gekkota -->


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Gen. Bavayia (Add)
Bavayia crassicollis (Add)
Bavayia cyclura (Add)
Bavayia exsuccida (Add)
Bavayia geitaina (Add)
Bavayia goroensis (Add)
Bavayia madjo (Add)
Bavayia montana (Add)
Bavayia ornata (Add)
Bavayia pulchella (Add)
Bavayia robusta (Add)
Bavayia sauvagii (Add)
Bavayia septuiclavis (Add)
Gen. Crenadactylus (Add)
Crenadactylus ocellatus (Add)
Gen. Dactylocnemis (Add)
Dactylocnemis pacificus (Add)
Gen. Dierogekko (Add)
Dierogekko inexpectatus (Add)
Dierogekko insularis (Add)
Dierogekko kaalaensis (Add)
Dierogekko koniambo (Add)
Dierogekko nehoueensis (Add)
Dierogekko poumensis (Add)
Dierogekko thomaswhitei (Add)
Dierogekko validiclavis (Add)
Gen. Diplodactylus (Add)
Diplodactylus calcicolus (Add)
Diplodactylus capensis (Add)
Diplodactylus conspicillatus (Add)
Diplodactylus fulleri (Add)
Diplodactylus furcosus (Add)
Diplodactylus galaxias (Add)
Diplodactylus galeatus (Add)
Diplodactylus granariensis (Add)
Diplodactylus kenneallyi (Add)
Diplodactylus klugei (Add)
Diplodactylus mitchelli (Add)
Diplodactylus ornatus (Add)
Diplodactylus polyophthalmus (Add)
Diplodactylus pulcher (Add)
Diplodactylus savagei (Add)
Diplodactylus tessellatus (Add)
Diplodactylus vittatus (Add)
Diplodactylus wiru (Add)
Gen. Eurydactylodes (Add)
Eurydactylodes agricolae (Add)
Eurydactylodes occidentalis (Add)
Eurydactylodes symmetricus (Add)
Eurydactylodes vieillardi (Add)
Gen. Hoplodactylus (Add)
Hoplodactylus delcourti (Add)
Hoplodactylus duvaucelii (Add)
Gen. Lucasium (Add)
Lucasium alboguttatum (Add)
Lucasium bungabinna (Add)
Lucasium byrnei (Add)
Lucasium damaeum (Add)
Lucasium immaculatum (Add)
Lucasium maini (Add)
Lucasium occultum (Add)
Lucasium squarrosum (Add)
Lucasium steindachneri (Add)
Lucasium stenodactylum (Add)
Lucasium wombeyi (Add)
Gen. Mokopirirakau (Add)
Mokopirirakau cryptozoicus (Add)
Mokopirirakau granulatus (Add)
Mokopirirakau kahutarae (Add)
Mokopirirakau nebulosus (Add)
Gen. Naultinus (Add)
Naultinus elegans (Add)
Naultinus gemmeus (Add)
Naultinus grayii (Add)
Naultinus manukanus (Add)
Naultinus poecilochlorus (Add)
Naultinus rudis (Add)
Naultinus stellatus (Add)
Naultinus tuberculatus (Add)
Gen. Oedodera (Add)
Oedodera marmorata (Add)
Gen. Oedura (Add)
Oedura castelnaui (Add)
Oedura coggeri (Add)
Oedura filicipoda (Add)
Oedura gemmata (Add)
Oedura gracilis (Add)
Oedura jacovae (Add)
Oedura jowalbinna (Add)
Oedura lesueurii (Add)
Oedura marmorata (Add)
Oedura monilis (Add)
Oedura obscura (Add)
Oedura reticulata (Add)
Oedura rhombifer (Add)
Oedura robusta (Add)
Oedura tryoni (Add)
Gen. Pseudothecadactylus (Add)
Pseudothecadactylus australis (Add)
Pseudothecadactylus cavaticus (Add)
Pseudothecadactylus lindneri (Add)
Gen. Rhacodactylus (Add)
Gargoyle Gecko, Rhacodactylus auriculatus (Add)
Rhacodactylus chahoua (Add)
Crested Gecko, Rhacodactylus ciliatus

Rhacodactylus leachianus (Add)
Rhacodactylus sarasinorum (Add)
Rhacodactylus trachyrhynchus (Add)
Gen. Rhynchoedura (Add)
Rhynchoedura ornata (Add)
Gen. Strophurus (Add)
Strophurus assimilis (Add)
Strophurus ciliaris (Add)
Strophurus elderi (Add)
Strophurus intermedius (Add)
Strophurus jeanae (Add)
Strophurus krisalys (Add)
Strophurus mcmillani (Add)
Strophurus michaelseni (Add)
Strophurus rankini (Add)
Strophurus robinsoni (Add)
Strophurus spinigerus (Add)
Strophurus strophurus (Add)
Strophurus taeniatus (Add)
Strophurus taenicauda (Add)
Strophurus wellingtonae (Add)
Strophurus williamsi (Add)
Strophurus wilsoni (Add)
Gen. Toropuku (Add)
Toropuku stephensi (Add)
Gen. Tukutuku (Add)
Tukutuku rakiurae (Add)
Gen. Woodworthia Garman (Add)
Woodworthia brunnea (Add)
Woodworthia chrysosiretica (Add)
Woodworthia maculata (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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