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Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Reptiles --> Ord. Squamata --> Lizards --> Iguania -->


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Phrynosoma coronatum

"Coast Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma coronatum)" by Steveberardi via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Phrynosoma orbiculare

Iivangm via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Sagebrush lizard, Sceloporus graciosus

"Common Sagebrush Lizard (Sceloporus graciosus)" by Franco Folini via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.


Gen. Callisaurus (Add)
Callisaurus draconoides (Add)
Gen. Cophosaurus (Add)
Cophosaurus texanus (Add)
Gen. Holbrookia (Add)
Holbrookia lacerata (Add)
Holbrookia maculata (Add)
Holbrookia propinqua (Add)
Holbrookia subcaudalis (Add)
Gen. Petrosaurus (Add)
Petrosaurus mearnsi (Add)
Petrosaurus thalassinus (Add)
Gen. Phrynosoma
Phrynosoma asio (Add)
Phrynosoma braconnieri (Add)
Phrynosoma cerroense (Add)
Phrynosoma cornutum (Add)
Phrynosoma coronatum

Phrynosoma ditmarsi (Add)
Phrynosoma douglasii (Add)
Phrynosoma hernandesi (Add)
Phrynosoma mcalli (Add)
Phrynosoma modestum (Add)
Phrynosoma orbiculare

Desert horned lizard, Phrynosoma platyrhinos (Add)
Regal Horned Lizard, Phrynosoma solare (Add)
Phrynosoma taurus (Add)
Phrynosoma wigginsi (Add)
Gen. Sator (Add)
Sator angustus (Add)
Sator grandaevus (Add)
Gen. Sceloporus (Add)
Sceloporus acanthinus (Add)
Sceloporus adleri (Add)
Sceloporus aeneus (Add)
Sceloporus anahuacus (Add)
Sceloporus arenicolus (Add)
Sceloporus asper (Add)
Sceloporus bicanthalis (Add)
Sceloporus bulleri (Add)
Sceloporus carinatus (Add)
Sceloporus cautus (Add)
Sceloporus chaneyi (Add)
Sceloporus chrysostictus (Add)
Sceloporus clarkii (Add)
Sceloporus consobrinus (Add)
Sceloporus couchii (Add)
Sceloporus cozumelae (Add)
Sceloporus cryptus (Add)
Sceloporus cyanogenys (Add)
Sceloporus dugesii (Add)
Sceloporus edwardtaylori (Add)
Sceloporus exsul (Add)
Sceloporus formosus (Add)
Sceloporus gadovae (Add)
Sceloporus goldmani (Add)
Sagebrush lizard, Sceloporus graciosus

Sceloporus grammicus (Add)
Sceloporus heterolepis (Add)
Sceloporus horridus (Add)
Sceloporus hunsakeri (Add)
Sceloporus insignis (Add)
Sceloporus jalapae (Add)
Sceloporus jarrovii (Add)
Sceloporus lemosespinali (Add)
Sceloporus licki (Add)
Sceloporus lineatulus (Add)
Sceloporus lundelli (Add)
Sceloporus macdougalli (Add)
Sceloporus maculosus (Add)
Sceloporus magister (Add)
Sceloporus malachiticus (Add)
Sceloporus megalepidurus (Add)
Sceloporus melanorhinus (Add)
Sceloporus merriami (Add)
Sceloporus monserratensis (Add)
Sceloporus mucronatus (Add)
Sceloporus nelsoni (Add)
Western fence lizard, Sceloporus occidentalis (Add)
Sceloporus ochoterenae (Add)
Sceloporus olivaceus (Add)
Sceloporus orcutti (Add)
Sceloporus ornatus (Add)
Sceloporus palaciosi (Add)
Sceloporus parvus (Add)
Sceloporus poinsettii (Add)
Sceloporus pyrocephalus (Add)
Sceloporus rufidorsum (Add)
Sceloporus salvini (Add)
Sceloporus samcolemani (Add)
Sceloporus scalaris (Add)
Sceloporus serrifer (Add)
Sceloporus siniferus (Add)
Sceloporus slevini (Add)
Sceloporus smaragdinus (Add)
Sceloporus smithi (Add)
Sceloporus spinosus (Add)
Sceloporus squamosus (Add)
Sceloporus stejnegeri (Add)
Sceloporus subniger (Add)
Sceloporus subpictus (Add)
Sceloporus taeniocnemis (Add)
Sceloporus tanneri (Add)
Sceloporus teapensis (Add)
Sceloporus torquatus (Add)
Sceloporus undulatus (Add)
Sceloporus utiformis (Add)
Sceloporus vandenburgianus (Add)
Sceloporus variabilis (Add)
Sceloporus virgatus (Add)
Sceloporus woodi (Add)
Sceloporus zosteromus (Add)
Gen. Uma (Add)
Uma exsul (Add)
Uma inornata (Add)
Uma notata (Add)
Uma paraphygas (Add)
Uma scoparia (Add)
Gen. Urosaurus (Add)
Urosaurus auriculatus (Add)
Urosaurus bicarinatus (Add)
Urosaurus clarionensis (Add)
Urosaurus gadovi (Add)
Urosaurus graciosus (Add)
Urosaurus irregularis (Add)
Urosaurus lahtelai (Add)
Urosaurus nigricaudus (Add)
Urosaurus ornatus (Add)
Gen. Side-blotched lizard, Uta (Add)
Uta concinna (Add)
Uta encantadae (Add)
Uta lowei (Add)
Uta nolascensis (Add)
Uta palmeri (Add)
Uta squamata (Add)
Common side-blotched lizard, Uta stansburiana (Add)
Uta stejnegeri (Add)
Uta tumidarostra (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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