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Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Reptiles --> Ord. Squamata --> Lizards --> Iguania -->


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Gen. Eurolophosaurus (Add)
Eurolophosaurus amathites (Add)
Eurolophosaurus divaricatus (Add)
Eurolophosaurus nanuzae (Add)
Gen. Microlophus (Add)
Microlophus albemarlensis (Add)
Microlophus atacamensis (Add)
Microlophus bivittatus (Add)
Microlophus delanonis (Add)
Microlophus duncanensis (Add)
Microlophus grayii (Add)
Microlophus habelii (Add)
Microlophus heterolepis (Add)
Microlophus koepckeorum (Add)
Microlophus occipitalis (Add)
Microlophus pacificus (Add)
Microlophus peruvianus (Add)
Microlophus quadrivittatus (Add)
Microlophus stolzmanni (Add)
Microlophus tarapacensis (Add)
Microlophus theresiae (Add)
Microlophus theresioides (Add)
Microlophus thoracicus (Add)
Microlophus tigris (Add)
Microlophus yanezi (Add)
Gen. Plica (Add)
Plica lumaria (Add)
Plica plica (Add)
Plica umbra (Add)
Gen. Stenocercus (Add)
Stenocercus aculeatus (Add)
Stenocercus angel (Add)
Stenocercus apurimacus (Add)
Stenocercus azureus (Add)
Stenocercus boettgeri (Add)
Stenocercus bolivarensis (Add)
Stenocercus caducus (Add)
Stenocercus carrioni (Add)
Stenocercus chlorostictus (Add)
Stenocercus chota (Add)
Stenocercus chrysopygus (Add)
Stenocercus crassicaudatus (Add)
Stenocercus cupreus (Add)
Stenocercus doellojuradoi (Add)
Stenocercus dumerilii (Add)
Stenocercus empetrus (Add)
Stenocercus erythrogaster (Add)
Stenocercus eunetopsis (Add)
Stenocercus festae (Add)
Stenocercus fimbriatus (Add)
Stenocercus formosus (Add)
Stenocercus frittsi (Add)
Stenocercus guentheri (Add)
Stenocercus haenschi (Add)
Stenocercus huancabambae (Add)
Stenocercus humeralis (Add)
Stenocercus imitator (Add)
Stenocercus iridescens (Add)
Stenocercus ivitus (Add)
Stenocercus lache (Add)
Stenocercus latebrosus (Add)
Stenocercus limitaris (Add)
Stenocercus marmoratus (Add)
Stenocercus melanopygus (Add)
Stenocercus nigromaculatus (Add)
Stenocercus nubicola (Add)
Stenocercus ochoai (Add)
Stenocercus orientalis (Add)
Stenocercus ornatissimus (Add)
Stenocercus ornatus (Add)
Stenocercus pectinatus (Add)
Stenocercus percultus (Add)
Stenocercus praeornatus (Add)
Stenocercus prionotus (Add)
Stenocercus puyango (Add)
Stenocercus quinarius (Add)
Stenocercus rhodomelas (Add)
Stenocercus roseiventris (Add)
Stenocercus santander (Add)
Stenocercus scapularis (Add)
Stenocercus simonsii (Add)
Stenocercus sinesaccus (Add)
Stenocercus squarrosus (Add)
Stenocercus stigmosus (Add)
Stenocercus torquatus (Add)
Stenocercus trachycephalus (Add)
Stenocercus tricristatus (Add)
Stenocercus variabilis (Add)
Stenocercus varius (Add)
Gen. Tropidurus (Add)
Tropidurus arenarius (Add)
Tropidurus bogerti (Add)
Tropidurus callathelys (Add)
Tropidurus catalanensis (Add)
Tropidurus chromatops (Add)
Tropidurus cocorobensis (Add)
Tropidurus erythrocephalus (Add)
Tropidurus etheridgei (Add)
Tropidurus guarani (Add)
Tropidurus helenae (Add)
Tropidurus hispidus (Add)
Tropidurus hygomi (Add)
Tropidurus insulanus (Add)
Tropidurus itambere (Add)
Tropidurus jaguaribanus (Add)
Tropidurus melanopleurus (Add)
Tropidurus montanus (Add)
Tropidurus mucujensis (Add)
Tropidurus oreadicus (Add)
Tropidurus panstictus (Add)
Tropidurus pinima (Add)
Tropidurus psammonastes (Add)
Tropidurus semitaeniatus (Add)
Tropidurus spinulosus (Add)
Tropidurus torquatus (Add)
Tropidurus xanthochilus (Add)
Gen. Uracentron (Add)
Uracentron azureum (Add)
Uracentron flaviceps (Add)
Gen. Uranoscodon (Add)
Uranoscodon superciliosus (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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