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Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Actinopterygii --> S.Class Neopterygii --> Superord. Acanthopterygii --> Ord. Perciformes -->


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Gasterochismatinae (Add)
Gen. Gasterochisma (Add)
Gasterochisma melampus (Add)
Scombrinae (Add)
Gen. Acanthocybium (Add)
Acanthocybium solandri (Add)
Gen. Allothunnus (Add)
Allothunnus fallai (Add)
Gen. Auxis (Add)
Gen. Cybiosarda (Add)
Cybiosarda elegans (Add)
Gen. Euthynnus (Add)
Gen. Grammatorcynus (Add)
Gen. Gymnosarda (Add)
Gymnosarda unicolor (Add)
Gen. Katsuwonus (Add)
Skipjack tuna, Katsuwonus pelamis (Add)
Gen. Orcynopsis (Add)
Orcynopsis unicolor (Add)
Gen. Rastrelliger (Add)
Rastrelliger brachysoma (Add)
Rastrelliger faughni (Add)
Rastrelliger kanagurta (Add)
Gen. Sarda (Add)
Sarda australis (Add)
Sarda chiliensis (Add)
Sarda orientalis (Add)
Sarda sarda (Add)
Gen. Scomber (Add)
Chub mackerel, Scomber japonicus (Add)
Atlantic mackerel, Scomber scombrus

Gen. Scomberomorus (Add)
Scomberomorus brasiliensis (Add)
Scomberomorus cavalla (Add)
Scomberomorus commerson (Add)
Scomberomorus concolor (Add)
Scomberomorus guttatus (Add)
Scomberomorus koreanus (Add)
Scomberomorus lineolatus (Add)
Scomberomorus maculatus (Add)
Scomberomorus multiradiatus (Add)
Scomberomorus munroi (Add)
Scomberomorus niphonius (Add)
Scomberomorus plurilineatus (Add)
Scomberomorus queenslandicus (Add)
Scomberomorus regalis (Add)
Scomberomorus semifasciatus (Add)
Scomberomorus sierra (Add)
Scomberomorus sinensis (Add)
Scomberomorus tritor (Add)
Gen. Thunnus (Add)
Neothunnus (Add)
Yellowfin tuna, Thunnus albacares (Add)
Thunnus atlanticus (Add)
Thunnus tonggol (Add)
Thunnus (Add)
Thunnus alalunga (Add)
Thunnus maccoyii (Add)
Thunnus obesus (Add)
Thunnus orientalis (Add)
Northern bluefin tuna, Thunnus thynnus (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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