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Fam. Beaked whale

Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Mammals --> S.Class Theria --> Eutheria --> Boreoeutheria --> Superord. Laurasiatheria --> Ord. Whales --> Odontoceti -->


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Berardiinae (Add)
Gen. Archaeoziphius (Add)
Archaeoziphius microglenoideus (Add)
Gen. Berardius (Add)
Arnoux's beaked whale, Berardius arnuxii (Add)
Baird's beaked whale, Berardius bairdii (Add)
Gen. Microberardius (Add)
Hyperoodontinae (Add)
Gen. Africanacetus (Add)
Gen. Hyperoodon (Add)
Northern bottlenose whale, Hyperoodon ampullatus (Add)
Bottlenose whale, Hyperoodon planifrons (Add)
Gen. Ihlengesi (Add)
Gen. Indopacetus (Add)
Tropical bottlenose whale, Indopacetus pacificus (Add)
Gen. Khoikhoicetus (Add)
Gen. Mesoplodon (Add)
Sowerby's beaked whale, Mesoplodon bidens (Add)
Andrews' beaked whale, Mesoplodon bowdoini (Add)
Hubbs' beaked whale, Mesoplodon carlhubbsi (Add)
Blainville's beaked whale, Mesoplodon densirostris (Add)
Gervais' beaked whale, Mesoplodon europaeus (Add)
Ginkgo-toothed beaked whale, Mesoplodon ginkgodens (Add)
Gray's beaked whale, Mesoplodon grayi (Add)
Hector's beaked whale, Mesoplodon hectori (Add)
Strap-toothed whale, Mesoplodon layardii (Add)
True's beaked whale, Mesoplodon mirus (Add)
Perrin's beaked whale, Mesoplodon perrini (Add)
Pygmy beaked whale, Mesoplodon peruvianus (Add)
Mesoplodon slangkopi (Add)
Stejneger's beaked whale, Mesoplodon stejnegeri (Add)
Spade-toothed whale, Mesoplodon traversii (Add)
Mesoplodon tumidirostris (Add)
Incertae sedis Ziphiidae (Add)
Gen. Anoplonassa (Add)
Gen. Belemnoziphius (Add)
Gen. Eboroziphius (Add)
Gen. Nazcacetus (Add)
Gen. Nenga (Add)
Nenga meganasalis (Add)
Gen. Pelycorhamphus (Add)
Gen. Pterocetus (Add)
Pterocetus benguelae (Add)
Gen. Xhosacetus (Add)
Xhosacetus hendeysi (Add)
Ziphiinae (Add)
Gen. Aporotus (Add)
Gen. Beneziphius (Add)
Gen. Caviziphius (Add)
Caviziphius altirostris (Add)
Gen. Cetorhynchus (Add)
Gen. Choneziphius (Add)
Gen. Izikoziphius (Add)
Gen. Messapicetus (Add)
Gen. Ninoziphius (Add)
Gen. Tasmacetus (Add)
Tasmacetus shepherdii (Add)
Gen. Tusciziphius (Add)
Gen. Ziphirostrum (Add)
Gen. Ziphius (Add)
Cuvier's beaked whale, Ziphius cavirostris (Add)

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