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Fam. Whiptail stingray

Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Cartilaginous fishes --> S.Class Elasmobranchii --> Superord. Batoidea --> Ord. Rajiformes --> Dasyatoidea -->


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Gen. Dasyatis (Add)
Dasyatis acutirostra (Add)
Dasyatis akajei (Add)
Southern stingray, Dasyatis americana

Dasyatis annotatus (Add)
Dasyatis bennettii (Add)
Dasyatis brevicaudata (Add)
Dasyatis centroura (Add)
Dasyatis chrysonota (Add)
Dasyatis colarensis (Add)
Dasyatis dipterura (Add)
Dasyatis fluviorum (Add)
Dasyatis garouaensis (Add)
Dasyatis geijskesi (Add)
Dasyatis giganteus (Add)
Dasyatis guileri (Add)
Dasyatis guttata (Add)
Dasyatis izuensis (Add)
Dasyatis laevigata (Add)
Dasyatis laosensis (Add)
Dasyatis lata (Add)
Dasyatis leylandi (Add)
Dasyatis longa (Add)
Dasyatis margarita (Add)
Dasyatis margaritella (Add)
Dasyatis matsubarai (Add)
Dasyatis microps (Add)
Dasyatis navarrae (Add)
Dasyatis pastinaca (Add)
Dasyatis rudis (Add)
Dasyatis sabina (Add)
Dasyatis say (Add)
Dasyatis sinensis (Add)
Dasyatis thetidis (Add)
Dasyatis ukpam (Add)
Dasyatis ushiei (Add)
Dasyatis zugei (Add)
Gen. Himantura (Add)
Himantura alcockii (Add)
Himantura astra (Add)
Himantura bleekeri (Add)
Himantura chaophraya (Add)
Himantura dalyensis (Add)
Himantura draco (Add)
Himantura fai (Add)
Himantura fava (Add)
Himantura fluviatilis (Add)
Himantura gerrardi (Add)
Himantura granulata (Add)
Himantura hortlei (Add)
Himantura imbricata (Add)
Himantura jenkinsii (Add)
Himantura kittipongi (Add)
Himantura krempfi (Add)
Himantura leoparda (Add)
Himantura lobistoma (Add)
Himantura marginata (Add)
Himantura microphthalma (Add)
Himantura oxyrhyncha (Add)
Himantura pacifica (Add)
Himantura pareh (Add)
Himantura pastinacoides (Add)
Himantura schmardae (Add)
Himantura signifer (Add)
Himantura toshi (Add)
Himantura uarnacoides (Add)
Himantura uarnak (Add)
Himantura undulata (Add)
Himantura walga (Add)
Gen. Makararaja (Add)
Makararaja chindwinensis (Add)
Gen. Neotrygon (Add)
Neotrygon annotata (Add)
Neotrygon kuhlii (Add)
Neotrygon ningalooensis (Add)
Neotrygon picta (Add)
Gen. Pastinachus (Add)
Pastinachus sephen (Add)
Pastinachus solocirostris (Add)
Gen. Pteroplatytrygon (Add)
Pteroplatytrygon violacea (Add)
Gen. Taeniura (Add)
Taeniura grabata (Add)
Taeniura lymma (Add)
Taeniura meyeni (Add)
Gen. Urogymnus (Add)
Urogymnus asperrimus (Add)
Urogymnus ukpam (Add)

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