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Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Amphibians --> S.Class Lissamphibia --> Ord. Frog --> Neobatrachia --> Fam. Poison dart frog -->


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Gen. Hyloxalus (Add)
Hyloxalus abditaurantius (Add)
Hyloxalus aeruginosus (Add)
Hyloxalus anthracinus (Add)
Hyloxalus argyrogaster (Add)
Hyloxalus awa (Add)
Hyloxalus azureiventris (Add)
Hyloxalus betancuri (Add)
Hyloxalus bocagei (Add)
Hyloxalus borjai (Add)
Hyloxalus breviquartus (Add)
Hyloxalus cevallosi (Add)
Hyloxalus chlorocraspedus (Add)
Hyloxalus chocoensis (Add)
Hyloxalus delatorreae (Add)
Hyloxalus edwardsi (Add)
Hyloxalus elachyhistus (Add)
Hyloxalus eleutherodactylus (Add)
Hyloxalus exasperatus (Add)
Hyloxalus excisus (Add)
Hyloxalus faciopunctulatus (Add)
Hyloxalus fallax (Add)
Hyloxalus fascianigrus (Add)
Hyloxalus fuliginosus (Add)
Hyloxalus idiomelus (Add)
Hyloxalus infraguttatus (Add)
Hyloxalus insulatus (Add)
Hyloxalus italoi (Add)
Hyloxalus lehmanni (Add)
Hyloxalus leucophaeus (Add)
Hyloxalus littoralis (Add)
Hyloxalus maculosus (Add)
Hyloxalus maquipucuna (Add)
Hyloxalus marmoreoventris (Add)
Hyloxalus mittermeieri (Add)
Hyloxalus mystax (Add)
Hyloxalus nexipus (Add)
Hyloxalus parcus (Add)
Hyloxalus patitae (Add)
Hyloxalus peculiaris (Add)
Hyloxalus peruvianus (Add)
Hyloxalus pinguis (Add)
Hyloxalus pulchellus (Add)
Hyloxalus pulcherrimus (Add)
Hyloxalus pumilus (Add)
Hyloxalus ramosi (Add)
Hyloxalus ruizi (Add)
Hyloxalus saltuarius (Add)
Hyloxalus sauli (Add)
Hyloxalus shuar (Add)
Hyloxalus sordidatus (Add)
Hyloxalus spilotogaster (Add)
Hyloxalus subpunctatus (Add)
Hyloxalus sylvaticus (Add)
Hyloxalus toachi (Add)
Hyloxalus utcubambensis (Add)
Hyloxalus vergeli (Add)
Hyloxalus vertebralis (Add)
Hyloxalus whymperi (Add)
Hyloxalus yasuni (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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