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Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Birds --> Superord. Neognathae --> Neoaves --> Ord. Passerine --> Passeri -->


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Emberiza cirlus

"Escribano soteño-Macho" by Paco Gómez via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Yellowhammer, Emberiza citrinella

"Keltasirkku poimii siemeniä" by Deemu via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Ortolan Bunting, Emberiza hortulana

"Ortolan Bunting; Emberiza hortulana" by Phenolog via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Reed Bunting, Emberiza schoeniclus

Arild tagestad ©.


Gen. Acanthidops (Add)
Acanthidops bairdii (Add)
Gen. Aimophila (Add)
Aimophila aestivalis (Add)
Aimophila botterii (Add)
Aimophila carpalis (Add)
Aimophila cassinii (Add)
Aimophila humeralis (Add)
Aimophila mystacalis (Add)
Aimophila notosticta (Add)
Aimophila quinquestriata (Add)
Aimophila rufescens (Add)
Aimophila ruficauda (Add)
Aimophila ruficeps (Add)
Aimophila stolzmanni (Add)
Aimophila strigiceps (Add)
Aimophila sumichrasti (Add)
Gen. Amaurospiza (Add)
Amaurospiza carrizalensis (Add)
Amaurospiza concolor (Add)
Amaurospiza moesta (Add)
Gen. Ammodramus (Add)
Ammodramus aurifrons (Add)
Ammodramus bairdii (Add)
Ammodramus caudacutus (Add)
Ammodramus henslowii (Add)
Ammodramus humeralis (Add)
Ammodramus leconteii (Add)
Ammodramus maritimus (Add)
Ammodramus nelsoni (Add)
Ammodramus savannarum (Add)
Gen. Amphispiza (Add)
Amphispiza bilineata (Add)
Gen. Arremon (Add)
Arremon abeillei (Add)
Arremon aurantiirostris (Add)
Arremon flavirostris (Add)
Arremon franciscanus (Add)
Arremon schlegeli (Add)
Arremon semitorquatus (Add)
Arremon taciturnus (Add)
Gen. Arremonops (Add)
Arremonops chloronotus (Add)
Arremonops conirostris (Add)
Arremonops rufivirgatus (Add)
Arremonops tocuyensis (Add)
Gen. Artemisiospiza (Add)
Artemisiospiza belli (Add)
Artemisiospiza nevadensis (Add)
Gen. Atlapetes (Add)
Atlapetes albiceps (Add)
Atlapetes albinucha (Add)
Atlapetes albofrenatus (Add)
Atlapetes canigenis (Add)
Atlapetes citrinellus (Add)
Atlapetes crassus (Add)
Atlapetes flaviceps (Add)
Atlapetes forbesi (Add)
Atlapetes fulviceps (Add)
Atlapetes fuscoolivaceus (Add)
Atlapetes latinuchus (Add)
Atlapetes leucopis (Add)
Atlapetes leucopterus (Add)
Atlapetes melanocephalus (Add)
Atlapetes melanopsis (Add)
Atlapetes nationi (Add)
Atlapetes pallidiceps (Add)
Atlapetes pallidinucha (Add)
Atlapetes personatus (Add)
Atlapetes pileatus (Add)
Atlapetes rufigenis (Add)
Atlapetes rufinucha (Add)
Atlapetes schistaceus (Add)
Atlapetes seebohmi (Add)
Atlapetes semirufus (Add)
Atlapetes terborghi (Add)
Atlapetes tricolor (Add)
Gen. Buarremon (Add)
Buarremon brunneinuchus (Add)
Buarremon torquatus (Add)
Buarremon virenticeps (Add)
Gen. Calamospiza (Add)
Calamospiza melanocorys (Add)
Calcarius mccownii (Add)
Gen. Catamenia (Add)
Catamenia analis (Add)
Catamenia homochroa (Add)
Catamenia inornata (Add)
Gen. Certhidea (Add)
Certhidea olivacea (Add)
Gen. Charitospiza (Add)
Charitospiza eucosma (Add)
Gen. Chondestes (Add)
Chondestes grammacus (Add)
Gen. Coereba (Add)
Coereba flaveola (Add)
Gen. Coryphaspiza (Add)
Coryphaspiza melanotis (Add)
Gen. Coryphospingus (Add)
Coryphospingus cucullatus (Add)
Coryphospingus pileatus (Add)
Gen. Diglossopis (Add)
Diglossopis caerulescens (Add)
Diglossopis cyanea (Add)
Diglossopis glauca (Add)
Diglossopis indigotica (Add)
Gen. Diuca (Add)
Diuca diuca (Add)
Diuca speculifera (Add)
Gen. Dolospingus (Add)
Dolospingus fringilloides (Add)
Gen. Donacospiza (Add)
Donacospiza albifrons (Add)
Gen. Emberiza (Add)
Emberiza affinis (Add)
Emberiza aureola (Add)
Emberiza bruniceps (Add)
Emberiza buchanani (Add)
Emberiza cabanisi (Add)
Emberiza caesia (Add)
Emberiza calandra (Add)
Emberiza capensis (Add)
Emberiza chrysophrys (Add)
Emberiza cia (Add)
Emberiza cineracea (Add)
Emberiza cioides (Add)
Emberiza cirlus

Yellowhammer, Emberiza citrinella

Emberiza elegans (Add)
Emberiza flaviventris (Add)
Emberiza fucata (Add)
Emberiza godlewskii (Add)
Ortolan Bunting, Emberiza hortulana

Emberiza impetuani (Add)
Emberiza jankowskii (Add)
Emberiza koslowi (Add)
Emberiza lathami (Add)
Emberiza leucocephalos (Add)
Emberiza melanocephala (Add)
Emberiza pallasi (Add)
Emberiza poliopleura (Add)
Emberiza pusilla (Add)
Emberiza rustica (Add)
Emberiza rutila (Add)
Emberiza sahari (Add)
Reed Bunting, Emberiza schoeniclus

Emberiza siemsseni (Add)
Emberiza socotrana (Add)
Emberiza spodocephala (Add)
Emberiza stewarti (Add)
Emberiza striolata (Add)
Emberiza sulphurata (Add)
Emberiza tahapisi (Add)
Emberiza townsendi (Add)
Emberiza tristrami (Add)
Emberiza variabilis (Add)
Emberiza vincenti (Add)
Emberiza yessoensis (Add)
Gen. Emberizoides (Add)
Emberizoides duidae (Add)
Emberizoides herbicola (Add)
Emberizoides ypiranganus (Add)
Gen. Embernagra (Add)
Embernagra longicauda (Add)
Embernagra platensis (Add)
Gen. Euneornis (Add)
Euneornis campestris (Add)
Gen. Geospiza (Add)
Geospiza conirostris (Add)
Geospiza difficilis (Add)
Geospiza fortis (Add)
Geospiza fuliginosa (Add)
Geospiza magnirostris (Add)
Geospiza scandens (Add)
Gen. Gubernatrix (Add)
Gubernatrix cristata (Add)
Gen. Haplospiza (Add)
Haplospiza rustica (Add)
Haplospiza unicolor (Add)
Gen. Idiopsar (Add)
Idiopsar brachyurus (Add)
Gen. Incaspiza (Add)
Incaspiza laeta (Add)
Incaspiza ortizi (Add)
Incaspiza personata (Add)
Incaspiza pulchra (Add)
Incaspiza watkinsi (Add)
Gen. Junco (Add)
Junco hyemalis (Add)
Junco insularis (Add)
Junco phaeonotus (Add)
Junco vulcani (Add)
Gen. Latoucheornis (Add)
Gen. Lophospingus (Add)
Lophospingus griseocristatus (Add)
Lophospingus pusillus (Add)
Gen. Loxigilla (Add)
Loxigilla barbadensis (Add)
Loxigilla noctis (Add)
Loxigilla portoricensis (Add)
Loxigilla violacea (Add)
Gen. Loxipasser (Add)
Loxipasser anoxanthus (Add)
Gen. Lysurus Ridgway (Add)
Lysurus castaneiceps (Add)
Lysurus crassirostris (Add)
Gen. Melanodera (Add)
Melanodera melanodera (Add)
Melanodera xanthogramma (Add)
Gen. Melanospiza (Add)
Melanospiza richardsoni (Add)
Gen. Melophus (Add)
Gen. Melopyrrha (Add)
Melopyrrha nigra (Add)
Gen. Melospiza (Add)
Melospiza georgiana (Add)
Melospiza lincolnii (Add)
Melospiza melodia (Add)
Gen. Melozone (Add)
Melozone biarcuatum (Add)
Melozone kieneri (Add)
Melozone leucotis (Add)
Gen. Miliaria (Add)
Gen. Nesospiza (Add)
Nesospiza acunhae (Add)
Nesospiza wilkinsi (Add)
Gen. Oriturus (Add)
Oriturus superciliosus (Add)
Gen. Oryzoborus (Add)
Oryzoborus angolensis (Add)
Oryzoborus atrirostris (Add)
Oryzoborus crassirostris (Add)
Oryzoborus maximiliani (Add)
Oryzoborus nuttingi (Add)
Gen. Paroaria (Add)
Paroaria baeri (Add)
Paroaria capitata (Add)
Paroaria coronata (Add)
Paroaria dominicana (Add)
Paroaria gularis (Add)
Gen. Passerculus (Add)
Passerculus sandwichensis (Add)
Gen. Passerella (Add)
Passerella iliaca (Add)
Gen. Pezopetes (Add)
Pezopetes capitalis (Add)
Gen. Phrygilus (Add)
Phrygilus alaudinus (Add)
Phrygilus atriceps (Add)
Phrygilus carbonarius (Add)
Phrygilus dorsalis (Add)
Phrygilus erythronotus (Add)
Phrygilus fruticeti (Add)
Phrygilus gayi (Add)
Phrygilus patagonicus (Add)
Phrygilus plebejus (Add)
Phrygilus punensis (Add)
Phrygilus unicolor (Add)
Gen. Piezorhina (Add)
Piezorhina cinerea (Add)
Gen. Pinaroloxias (Add)
Pinaroloxias inornata (Add)
Gen. Pipilo (Add)
Pipilo aberti (Add)
Pipilo albicollis (Add)
Pipilo chlorurus (Add)
Pipilo crissalis (Add)
Pipilo erythrophthalmus (Add)
Pipilo fuscus (Add)
Pipilo maculatus (Add)
Pipilo ocai (Add)
Gen. Pooecetes (Add)
Pooecetes gramineus (Add)
Gen. Poospiza (Add)
Poospiza alticola (Add)
Poospiza baeri (Add)
Poospiza boliviana (Add)
Poospiza caesar (Add)
Poospiza cinerea (Add)
Poospiza erythrophrys (Add)
Poospiza garleppi (Add)
Poospiza hispaniolensis (Add)
Poospiza hypochondria (Add)
Poospiza lateralis (Add)
Poospiza melanoleuca (Add)
Poospiza nigrorufa (Add)
Poospiza ornata (Add)
Poospiza rubecula (Add)
Poospiza thoracica (Add)
Poospiza torquata (Add)
Poospiza whitii (Add)
Gen. Pselliophorus (Add)
Pselliophorus luteoviridis (Add)
Pselliophorus tibialis (Add)
Gen. Rhodospingus (Add)
Rhodospingus cruentus (Add)
Gen. Rowettia (Add)
Rowettia goughensis (Add)
Gen. Saltatricula (Add)
Saltatricula multicolor (Add)
Gen. Sicalis (Add)
Sicalis auriventris (Add)
Sicalis citrina (Add)
Sicalis columbiana (Add)
Sicalis flaveola (Add)
Sicalis lebruni (Add)
Sicalis lutea (Add)
Sicalis luteiventris (Add)
Sicalis luteocephala (Add)
Sicalis olivascens (Add)
Sicalis raimondii (Add)
Sicalis taczanowskii (Add)
Sicalis uropygialis (Add)
Gen. Spizella (Add)
Spizella arborea (Add)
Spizella atrogularis (Add)
Spizella breweri (Add)
Spizella pallida (Add)
Spizella passerina (Add)
Spizella pusilla (Add)
Spizella taverneri (Add)
Spizella wortheni (Add)
Gen. Tiaris (Add)
Tiaris bicolor (Add)
Tiaris canora (Add)
Tiaris fuliginosa (Add)
Tiaris obscura (Add)
Tiaris olivacea (Add)
Gen. Torreornis (Add)
Torreornis inexpectata (Add)
Gen. Urocynchramus (Add)
Urocynchramus pylzowi (Add)
Gen. Volatinia (Add)
Volatinia jacarina (Add)
Gen. Xenospingus (Add)
Xenospingus concolor (Add)
Gen. Xenospiza (Add)
Xenospiza baileyi (Add)
Gen. Zonotrichia (Add)
Zonotrichia albicollis (Add)
Zonotrichia atricapilla (Add)
Zonotrichia capensis (Add)
Zonotrichia leucophrys (Add)
Zonotrichia querula (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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