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Fam. Estrildid finch

Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Birds --> Superord. Neognathae --> Neoaves --> Ord. Passerine --> Passeri -->


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Gen. Amadina (Add)
Amadina erythrocephala (Add)
Cut-throat Finch, Amadina fasciata (Add)
Gen. Amandava (Add)
Red Munia, Amandava amandava (Add)
Amandava formosa (Add)
Zebra Waxbill, Amandava subflava (Add)
Gen. Clytospiza (Add)
Clytospiza monteiri (Add)
Gen. Cryptospiza (Add)
Cryptospiza jacksoni (Add)
Cryptospiza reichenovii (Add)
Cryptospiza salvadorii (Add)
Cryptospiza shelleyi (Add)
Gen. Emblema (Add)
Painted Firetail, Emblema pictum (Add)
Gen. Erythrura (Add)
Erythrura coloria (Add)
Erythrura cyaneovirens (Add)
Gouldian Finch, Erythrura gouldiae

Erythrura hyperythra (Add)
Erythrura kleinschmidti (Add)
Erythrura papuana (Add)
Erythrura pealii (Add)
Pin-tailed Parrotfinch, Erythrura prasina (Add)
Erythrura psittacea (Add)
Erythrura regia (Add)
Blue-faced Parrotfinch, Erythrura trichroa (Add)
Erythrura tricolor (Add)
Erythrura viridifacies (Add)
Gen. Estrilda (Add)
Common Waxbill, Estrilda astrild (Add)
Estrilda atricapilla (Add)
Lavender Waxbill, Estrilda caerulescens (Add)
Estrilda charmosyna (Add)
Estrilda erythronotos (Add)
Estrilda kandti (Add)
Swee Waxbill, Estrilda melanotis

Estrilda melpoda (Add)
Estrilda nigriloris (Add)
Estrilda nonnula (Add)
Estrilda ochrogaster (Add)
Estrilda paludicola (Add)
Estrilda perreini (Add)
Estrilda poliopareia (Add)
Estrilda quartinia (Add)
Estrilda rhodopyga (Add)
Estrilda rufibarba (Add)
Estrilda thomensis (Add)
Black-rumped Waxbill, Estrilda troglodytes (Add)
Gen. Euodice (Add)
Euodice cantans (Add)
Euodice malabarica (Add)
Gen. Euschistospiza (Add)
Euschistospiza cinereovinacea (Add)
Dybowski's Twinspot, Euschistospiza dybowskii (Add)
Gen. Heteromunia (Add)
Heteromunia pectoralis (Add)
Gen. Hypargos (Add)
Hypargos margaritatus (Add)
Hypargos niveoguttatus (Add)
Gen. Lagonosticta (Add)
Lagonosticta landanae (Add)
Lagonosticta larvata (Add)
Lagonosticta nitidula (Add)
Lagonosticta rara (Add)
Jameson's Firefinch, Lagonosticta rhodopareia (Add)
African Firefinch, Lagonosticta rubricata (Add)
Lagonosticta rufopicta (Add)
Lagonosticta sanguinodorsalis (Add)
Red-billed Firefinch, Lagonosticta senegala (Add)
Lagonosticta umbrinodorsalis (Add)
Lagonosticta vinacea (Add)
Lagonosticta virata (Add)
Gen. Lemuresthes (Add)
Madagascar Munia, Lemuresthes nana (Add)
Gen. Munia, Lonchura (Add)
Lonchura atricapilla (Add)
Black-and-white Mannikin, Lonchura bicolor (Add)
Lonchura caniceps (Add)
Chestnut-breasted Munia, Lonchura castaneothorax (Add)
Bronze Mannikin, Lonchura cucullata (Add)
Lonchura ferruginosa (Add)
Yellow-rumped Munia, Lonchura flaviprymna (Add)
Lonchura forbesi (Add)
Lonchura fringilloides (Add)
Lonchura fuscans (Add)
Timor Sparrow, Lonchura fuscata (Add)
Lonchura grandis (Add)
Grey-headed Silverbill, Lonchura griseicapilla (Add)
Lonchura hunsteini (Add)
Lonchura kelaarti (Add)
Lonchura leucogastra (Add)
Lonchura leucogastroides (Add)
Lonchura leucosticta (Add)
Lonchura maja (Add)
Lonchura malacca (Add)
Lonchura melaena (Add)
Lonchura molucca (Add)
Lonchura montana (Add)
Lonchura monticola (Add)
Madagascar Munia, Lonchura nana (Add)
Lonchura nevermanni (Add)
Lonchura nigerrima (Add)
Lonchura nigriceps (Add)
Java Sparrow, Lonchura oryzivora (Add)
Lonchura pallida (Add)
Lonchura pallidiventer (Add)
Scaly-breasted Munia, Lonchura punctulata (Add)
Lonchura quinticolor (Add)
Lonchura spectabilis (Add)
White-rumped Munia, Lonchura striata (Add)
Lonchura stygia (Add)
Lonchura teerinki (Add)
Lonchura tristissima (Add)
Lonchura vana (Add)
Gen. Mandingoa (Add)
Green-backed Twinspot, Mandingoa nitidula (Add)
Gen. Neochmia (Add)
Neochmia modesta (Add)
Crimson Finch, Neochmia phaeton (Add)
Star Finch, Neochmia ruficauda

Neochmia temporalis (Add)
Gen. Nesocharis (Add)
Nesocharis ansorgei (Add)
Nesocharis capistrata (Add)
Nesocharis shelleyi (Add)
Gen. Nigrita (Add)
Chestnut-breasted Negrofinch, Nigrita bicolor (Add)
Grey-headed Negrofinch, Nigrita canicapilla (Add)
Nigrita fusconota (Add)
Nigrita luteifrons (Add)
Gen. Odontospiza (Add)
Odontospiza caniceps (Add)
Gen. Oreostruthus (Add)
Oreostruthus fuliginosus (Add)
Gen. Ortygospiza (Add)
African Quail-Finch, Ortygospiza atricollis (Add)
African Quail-Finch, Ortygospiza fuscocrissa (Add)
Ortygospiza gabonensis (Add)
Locustfinch, Ortygospiza locustella (Add)
Gen. Parmoptila (Add)
Parmoptila rubrifrons (Add)
Parmoptila woodhousei (Add)
Gen. Poephila (Add)
Long-tailed Finch, Poephila acuticauda

Black-throated Finch, Poephila cincta (Add)
Masked Finch, Poephila personata (Add)
Gen. Pyrenestes (Add)
Pyrenestes minor (Add)
Pyrenestes ostrinus (Add)
Pyrenestes sanguineus (Add)
Gen. Pytilia (Add)
Pytilia afra (Add)
Pytilia hypogrammica (Add)
Pytilia lineata (Add)
Green-winged Pytilia, Pytilia melba (Add)
Pytilia phoenicoptera (Add)
Gen. Spermophaga (Add)
Spermophaga haematina (Add)
Spermophaga poliogenys (Add)
Spermophaga ruficapilla (Add)
Gen. Stagonopleura (Add)
Beautiful Firetail, Stagonopleura bella (Add)
Diamond Firetail, Stagonopleura guttata

Stagonopleura oculata (Add)
Gen. Taeniopygia (Add)
Double-barred Finch, Taeniopygia bichenovii (Add)
Zebra Finch, Taeniopygia guttata

Gen. Uraeginthus (Add)
Uraeginthus angolensis (Add)
Uraeginthus bengalus (Add)
Blue-capped Cordon-bleu, Uraeginthus cyanocephalus (Add)
Common Grenadier, Uraeginthus granatina (Add)
Purple Grenadier, Uraeginthus ianthinogaster (Add)

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