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Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Birds --> Superord. Neognathae --> Galloanserae --> Ord. Galliformes -->


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Wild Turkey, Meleagris gallopavo

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Ocellated Turkey, Meleagris ocellata

"Petén turkeys foraging, El Mirador" by Ggallice via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Yellow-necked Spurfowl, Francolinus leucoscepus

A.K. ©.

Crested Partridge, Rollulus rouloul

"Pheasant" by Bdu via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Himalayan Snowcock, Tetraogallus himalayensis

"Himalayan Snowcock" by Alastair Rae via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Great Argus, Argusianus argus

"Malayan Great Argus Pheasant" by Just chaos via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Red Junglefowl, Gallus gallus

"Red Junglefowl (Gallus gallus) male 1" by Lip Kee via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Himalayan Monal, Lophophorus impejanus

"Himalayan Monal Pheasant #6" by Poplinre via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Bulwer's Pheasant, Lophura bulweri

"Lophura bulweri" by Belgianchocolate via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Crested Fireback, Lophura ignita

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Swinhoe's Pheasant, Lophura swinhoii

"藍腹鷴" by Iamsati via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Indian Peafowl, Pavo cristatus

Maria Kühnl ©.

Common Pheasant, Phasianus colchicus

"Inquisitive pheasant" by Jo-h via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Temminck's Tragopan, Tragopan temminckii

"Temmincks Tragopan 2" by Ahisgett via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Willow Ptarmigan, Lagopus lagopus

"Male Willow Ptarmigan (Lagopus lagopus)" by Alan Vernon. via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Rock Ptarmigan, Lagopus muta

"A male Ptarmigan, Lagopus mutus in The Cairnwell area of Glen Shee. " by Shandchem via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs.

Black Grouse, Lyrurus tetrix

"Black Grouse" by Alastair Rae via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Western Capercaillie, Tetrao urogallus

"Capercaillie Attack" by Alastair Rae via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.


Meleagridinae (Add)
Gen. Turkey (bird), Meleagris (Add)
Wild Turkey, Meleagris gallopavo

Ocellated Turkey, Meleagris ocellata

Perdicinae (Add)
Gen. Alectoris (Add)
Barbary Partridge, Alectoris barbara (Add)
Chukar Partridge, Alectoris chukar (Add)
Rock Partridge, Alectoris graeca (Add)
Przevalski's Partridge, Alectoris magna (Add)
Alectoris melanocephala (Add)
Philby's Partridge, Alectoris philbyi (Add)
Red-legged Partridge, Alectoris rufa (Add)
Gen. Ammoperdix (Add)
Ammoperdix griseogularis (Add)
Ammoperdix heyi (Add)
Gen. Anurophasis (Add)
Anurophasis monorthonyx (Add)
Gen. Arborophila (Add)
Arborophila ardens (Add)
Arborophila atrogularis (Add)
Arborophila brunneopectus (Add)
Arborophila cambodiana (Add)
Arborophila campbelli (Add)
Arborophila charltonii (Add)
Arborophila chloropus (Add)
Arborophila crudigularis (Add)
Arborophila davidi (Add)
Arborophila diversa (Add)
Arborophila gingica (Add)
Arborophila hyperythra (Add)
Arborophila javanica (Add)
Arborophila mandellii (Add)
Arborophila merlini (Add)
Arborophila orientalis (Add)
Arborophila rolli (Add)
Arborophila rubrirostris (Add)
Arborophila rufipectus (Add)
Arborophila rufogularis (Add)
Arborophila sumatrana (Add)
Arborophila torqueola (Add)
Gen. Bambusicola (Add)
Bambusicola fytchii (Add)
Bambusicola thoracica (Add)
Gen. Caloperdix (Add)
Caloperdix oculea (Add)
Gen. Coturnix (Add)
Coturnix adansonii (Add)
Coturnix australis (Add)
King Quail, Coturnix chinensis (Add)
Coturnix coromandelica (Add)
Common Quail, Coturnix coturnix (Add)
Coturnix delegorguei (Add)
Coturnix japonica (Add)
New Zealand Quail, Coturnix novaezelandiae (Add)
Coturnix pectoralis (Add)
Coturnix ypsilophora (Add)
Gen. Francolin, Francolinus
Red-billed Spurfowl, Francolinus adspersus (Add)
Red-necked Spurfowl, Francolinus afer (Add)
Grey-winged Francolin, Francolinus africanus (Add)
Ahanta Francolin, Francolinus ahantensis (Add)
White-throated Francolin, Francolinus albogularis (Add)
Francolinus archeri (Add)
Double-spurred Francolin, Francolinus bicalcaratus (Add)
Francolinus camerunensis (Add)
Cape Spurfowl, Francolinus capensis (Add)
Francolinus castaneicollis (Add)
Francolinus clappertoni (Add)
Coqui Francolin, Francolinus coqui (Add)
Francolinus erckelii (Add)
Francolinus finschi (Add)
Black Francolin, Francolinus francolinus (Add)
Francolinus griseostriatus (Add)
Swamp Francolin, Francolinus gularis (Add)
Hartlaub's Spurfowl, Francolinus hartlaubi (Add)
Francolinus harwoodi (Add)
Francolinus hildebrandti (Add)
Francolinus icterorhynchus (Add)
Francolinus jacksoni (Add)
Latham's Francolin, Francolinus lathami (Add)
Yellow-necked Spurfowl, Francolinus leucoscepus

Francolinus levaillantii (Add)
Francolinus levaillantoides (Add)
Francolinus nahani (Add)
Francolinus natalensis (Add)
Handsome Francolin, Francolinus nobilis (Add)
Francolinus ochropectus (Add)
Francolinus pictus (Add)
Francolinus pintadeanus (Add)
Grey Francolin, Francolinus pondicerianus (Add)
Francolinus psilolaemus (Add)
Francolinus rufopictus (Add)
Schlegel's Francolin, Francolinus schlegelii (Add)
Crested Francolin, Francolinus sephaena (Add)
Francolinus shelleyi (Add)
Francolinus squamatus (Add)
Ring-necked Francolin, Francolinus streptophorus (Add)
Francolinus swainsonii (Add)
Francolinus swierstrai (Add)
Gen. Galloperdix (Add)
Galloperdix bicalcarata (Add)
Galloperdix lunulata (Add)
Galloperdix spadicea (Add)
Gen. Haematortyx (Add)
Haematortyx sanguiniceps (Add)
Gen. Lerwa (Add)
Lerwa lerwa (Add)
Gen. Margaroperdix (Add)
Margaroperdix madagarensis (Add)
Gen. Melanoperdix (Add)
Melanoperdix nigra (Add)
Gen. Ophrysia (Add)
Ophrysia superciliosa (Add)
Gen. Perdicula (Add)
Perdicula argoondah (Add)
Perdicula asiatica (Add)
Perdicula erythrorhyncha (Add)
Perdicula manipurensis (Add)
Gen. Perdix (Add)
Perdix dauuricae (Add)
Perdix hodgsoniae (Add)
Grey Partridge, Perdix perdix (Add)
Gen. Ptilopachus (Add)
Ptilopachus petrosus (Add)
Gen. Rhizothera (Add)
Rhizothera dulitensis (Add)
Rhizothera longirostris (Add)
Gen. Rollulus (Add)
Crested Partridge, Rollulus rouloul

Gen. Tetraogallus (Add)
Tetraogallus altaicus (Add)
Tetraogallus caspius (Add)
Caucasian Snowcock, Tetraogallus caucasicus (Add)
Himalayan Snowcock, Tetraogallus himalayensis

Tetraogallus tibetanus (Add)
Gen. Tetraophasis (Add)
Tetraophasis obscurus (Add)
Tetraophasis szechenyii (Add)
Gen. Xenoperdix (Add)
Xenoperdix obscurata (Add)
Xenoperdix udzungwensis (Add)
Phasianinae (Add)
Gen. Congo Peafowl, Afropavo (Add)
Congo Peafowl, Afropavo congensis (Add)
Gen. Argusianus (Add)
Great Argus, Argusianus argus

Argusianus bipunctatus (Add)
Gen. Catreus (Add)
Catreus wallichi (Add)
Gen. Chrysolophus (Add)
Lady Amherst's Pheasant, Chrysolophus amherstiae (Add)
Golden Pheasant, Chrysolophus pictus (Add)
Gen. Crossoptilon (Add)
Crossoptilon auritum (Add)
Crossoptilon crossoptilon (Add)
Crossoptilon harmani (Add)
Crossoptilon mantchuricum (Add)
Gen. Gallus (Add)
Red Junglefowl, Gallus gallus

Sri Lanka Junglefowl, Gallus lafayetii (Add)
Grey Junglefowl, Gallus sonneratii (Add)
Green Junglefowl, Gallus varius (Add)
Gen. Ithaginis (Add)
Ithaginis cruentus (Add)
Gen. Monal, Lophophorus (Add)
Himalayan Monal, Lophophorus impejanus

Chinese Monal, Lophophorus lhuysii (Add)
Sclater's Monal, Lophophorus sclateri (Add)
Gen. Gallopheasant, Lophura (Add)
Bulwer's Pheasant, Lophura bulweri

Lophura diardi (Add)
Lophura edwardsi (Add)
Lophura erythrophthalma (Add)
Lophura hatinhensis (Add)
Lophura hoogerwerfi (Add)
Crested Fireback, Lophura ignita

Lophura imperialis (Add)
Lophura inornata (Add)
Lophura leucomelanos (Add)
Lophura nycthemera (Add)
Swinhoe's Pheasant, Lophura swinhoii

Gen. Pavo (Add)
Indian Peafowl, Pavo cristatus

Green Peafowl, Pavo muticus (Add)
Gen. Phasianus (Add)
Common Pheasant, Phasianus colchicus

Green Pheasant, Phasianus versicolor (Add)
Gen. Peacock-pheasant, Polyplectron (Add)
Grey Peacock-Pheasant, Polyplectron bicalcaratum (Add)
Polyplectron chalcurum (Add)
Palawan Peacock-Pheasant, Polyplectron emphanum (Add)
Germain's Peacock-Pheasant, Polyplectron germaini (Add)
Mountain Peacock-Pheasant, Polyplectron inopinatum (Add)
Polyplectron katsumatae (Add)
Malayan Peacock-Pheasant, Polyplectron malacense (Add)
Bornean Peacock-Pheasant, Polyplectron schleiermacheri (Add)
Gen. Pucrasia (Add)
Pucrasia macrolopha (Add)
Gen. Rheinardia (Add)
Rheinardia nigrescens (Add)
Rheinardia ocellata (Add)
Gen. Syrmaticus (Add)
Syrmaticus ellioti (Add)
Syrmaticus humiae (Add)
Mikado Pheasant, Syrmaticus mikado (Add)
Reeves's Pheasant, Syrmaticus reevesii (Add)
Syrmaticus soemmerringii (Add)
Gen. Tragopan (Add)
Blyth's Tragopan, Tragopan blythii (Add)
Tragopan caboti (Add)
Tragopan melanocephalus (Add)
Satyr Tragopan, Tragopan satyra (Add)
Temminck's Tragopan, Tragopan temminckii

Tetraoninae (Add)
Gen. Bonasa (Add)
Hazel Grouse, Bonasa bonasia (Add)
Bonasa sewerzowi (Add)
Ruffed Grouse, Bonasa umbellus (Add)
Gen. Centrocercus (Add)
Centrocercus minimus (Add)
Sage Grouse, Centrocercus urophasianus (Add)
Gen. Dendragapus (Add)
Spruce Grouse, Dendragapus canadensis (Add)
Siberian Grouse, Dendragapus falcipennis (Add)
Dendragapus fuliginosus (Add)
Dusky Grouse, Dendragapus obscurus (Add)
Gen. Lagopus (Add)
Willow Ptarmigan, Lagopus lagopus

Lagopus leucura (Add)
Rock Ptarmigan, Lagopus muta

Gen. Lyrurus (Add)
Lyrurus mlokosiewiczi (Add)
Black Grouse, Lyrurus tetrix

Gen. Tetrao (Add)
Tetrao parvirostris (Add)
Western Capercaillie, Tetrao urogallus

Gen. Tympanuchus (Add)
Greater Prairie Chicken, Tympanuchus cupido (Add)
Tympanuchus pallidicinctus (Add)
Tympanuchus phasianellus (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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