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Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Reptiles --> Ord. Turtle --> Cryptodira --> Testudinoidea --> Fam. Geoemydidae -->


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Gen. Batagur

Northern river terrapin, Batagur baska (Add)
Gen. Callagur (Add)
Callagur borneoensis (Add)
Gen. Chinemys (Add)
Chinemys megalocephala (Add)
Chinemys nigricans (Add)
Chinemys reevesii

Gen. Geoclemys (Add)
Geoclemys hamiltonii

Gen. Hardella (Add)
Hardella thurjii (Add)
Gen. Hieremys (Add)
Yellow-headed temple turtle, Hieremys annandalii

Gen. Kachuga (Add)
Kachuga dhongoka (Add)
Kachuga kachuga (Add)
Kachuga smithii (Add)
Kachuga sylhetensis (Add)
Kachuga tecta (Add)
Kachuga tentoria (Add)
Kachuga trivittata (Add)
Gen. Malayemys (Add)
Malayemys macrocephala (Add)
Malayemys subtrijuga (Add)
Gen. Morenia (Add)
Morenia ocellata (Add)
Morenia petersi (Add)
Gen. Ocadia (Add)
Ocadia glyphistoma (Add)
Ocadia philippeni (Add)
Chinese stripe-necked turtle, Ocadia sinensis

Gen. Orlitia (Add)
Orlitia borneensis (Add)

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