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Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Reptiles --> Ord. Turtle --> Cryptodira -->


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Fam. Adocidae (Add)
Fam. Chelydridae

Gen. Chelydra (Add)
Chelydra acutirostris (Add)
Chelydra rossignonii (Add)
Common snapping turtle, Chelydra serpentina

Gen. Macrochelys (Add)
Alligator snapping turtle, Macrochelys temminckii (Add)
Fam. Emydidae

Deirochelyinae (Add)
Gen. Painted turtle, Chrysemys (Add)
Painted turtle, Chrysemys picta

Gen. Chicken turtle, Deirochelys (Add)
Deirochelys reticularia (Add)
Gen. Graptemys (Add)
Graptemys barbouri (Add)
Cagle's map turtle, Graptemys caglei (Add)
Graptemys ernsti (Add)
Yellow-blotched map turtle, Graptemys flavimaculata (Add)
Graptemys geographica (Add)
Graptemys gibbonsi (Add)
Graptemys kohnii (Add)
Graptemys nigrinoda (Add)
Graptemys oculifera (Add)
Ouachita map turtle, Graptemys ouachitensis (Add)
False map turtle, Graptemys pseudogeographica (Add)
Graptemys pulchra (Add)
Texas map turtle, Graptemys versa (Add)
Gen. Diamondback terrapin, Malaclemys (Add)
Diamondback terrapin, Malaclemys terrapin (Add)
Gen. Pseudemys (Add)
Pseudemys alabamensis (Add)
Pseudemys concinna (Add)
Pseudemys gorzugi (Add)
Pseudemys nelsoni (Add)
Pseudemys peninsularis (Add)
Pseudemys rubriventris (Add)
Pseudemys texana (Add)
Gen. Trachemys (Add)
Trachemys adiutrix (Add)
Trachemys decorata (Add)
Trachemys decussata (Add)
Trachemys dorbigni (Add)
Trachemys gaigeae (Add)
Pond slider, Trachemys scripta

Trachemys stejnegeri (Add)
Trachemys terrapen (Add)
Emydinae (Add)
Gen. Western pond turtle, Actinemys (Add)
Actinemys marmorata (Add)
Gen. Clemmys (Add)
Spotted turtle, Clemmys guttata (Add)
Wood turtle, Clemmys insculpta (Add)
Gen. Blanding's turtle, Emydoidea (Add)
Blanding's turtle, Emydoidea blandingii (Add)
Gen. Emys (Add)
Emys blandingi (Add)
Emys marmorata (Add)
European pond turtle, Emys orbicularis (Add)
Sicilian pond turtle, Emys trinacris (Add)
Gen. Glyptemys (Add)
Wood turtle, Glyptemys insculpta (Add)
Glyptemys muhlenbergii (Add)
Gen. Box turtle, Terrapene (Add)
Common box turtle, Terrapene carolina

Coahuilan box turtle, Terrapene coahuila (Add)
Terrapene nelsoni (Add)
Terrapene ornata (Add)
Fam. Geoemydidae

Batagurinae (Add)
Gen. Batagur

Northern river terrapin, Batagur baska (Add)
Gen. Callagur (Add)
Callagur borneoensis (Add)
Gen. Chinemys (Add)
Chinemys megalocephala (Add)
Chinemys nigricans (Add)
Chinemys reevesii

Gen. Geoclemys (Add)
Geoclemys hamiltonii

Gen. Hardella (Add)
Hardella thurjii (Add)
Gen. Hieremys (Add)
Yellow-headed temple turtle, Hieremys annandalii

Gen. Kachuga (Add)
Kachuga dhongoka (Add)
Kachuga kachuga (Add)
Kachuga smithii (Add)
Kachuga sylhetensis (Add)
Kachuga tecta (Add)
Kachuga tentoria (Add)
Kachuga trivittata (Add)
Gen. Malayemys (Add)
Malayemys macrocephala (Add)
Malayemys subtrijuga (Add)
Gen. Morenia (Add)
Morenia ocellata (Add)
Morenia petersi (Add)
Gen. Ocadia (Add)
Ocadia glyphistoma (Add)
Ocadia philippeni (Add)
Chinese stripe-necked turtle, Ocadia sinensis

Gen. Orlitia (Add)
Orlitia borneensis (Add)
Geoemydinae (Add)
Gen. Cuora (Add)
Amboina box turtle, Cuora amboinensis (Add)
Cuora aurocapitata (Add)
Chinese box turtle, Cuora flavomarginata

Cuora galbinifrons (Add)
Cuora mccordi (Add)
Cuora mouhotii (Add)
Cuora pani (Add)
Cuora trifasciata (Add)
Yunnan box turtle, Cuora yunnanensis (Add)
Cuora zhoui (Add)
Gen. Cyclemys (Add)
Cyclemys atripons (Add)
Asian leaf turtle, Cyclemys dentata (Add)
Cyclemys enigmatica (Add)
Cyclemys fusca (Add)
Cyclemys gemeli (Add)
Cyclemys oldhamii (Add)
Cyclemys pulchristriata (Add)
Gen. Geoemyda (Add)
Ryukyu black-breasted leaf turtle, Geoemyda japonica (Add)
Geoemyda silvatica (Add)
Geoemyda spengleri (Add)
Gen. Heosemys (Add)
Heosemys annandalii (Add)
Heosemys depressa (Add)
Giant Asian Pond Turtle, Heosemys grandis

Heosemys spinosa (Add)
Gen. Leucocephalon (Add)
Leucocephalon yuwonoi (Add)
Gen. Mauremys (Add)
Vietnamese pond turtle, Mauremys annamensis (Add)
Caspian Turtle, Mauremys caspica (Add)
Mauremys japonica (Add)
Mauremys leprosa (Add)
Yellow pond turtle, Mauremys mutica (Add)
Mauremys rivulata (Add)
Gen. Melanochelys (Add)
Melanochelys tricarinata (Add)
Melanochelys trijuga (Add)
Gen. Notochelys (Add)
Notochelys platynota (Add)
Gen. Rhinoclemmys (Add)
Rhinoclemmys annulata (Add)
Rhinoclemmys areolata (Add)
Rhinoclemmys diademata (Add)
Rhinoclemmys funerea (Add)
Rhinoclemmys melanosterna (Add)
Rhinoclemmys nasta (Add)
Painted wood turtle, Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima (Add)
Rhinoclemmys punctularia (Add)
Rhinoclemmys rubida (Add)
Gen. Sacalia (Add)
Sacalia bealei (Add)
Sacalia pseudoocellata (Add)
Four-eyed turtle, Sacalia quadriocellata

Gen. Siebenrockiella (Add)
Siebenrockiella crassicollis (Add)
Siebenrockiella leytensis (Add)
Gen. Vijayachelys (Add)
Cane turtle, Vijayachelys silvatica (Add)
Fam. Big-headed turtle, Platysternidae

Gen. Platysternon (Add)
Big-headed turtle, Platysternon megacephalum

Platysternon megacephalum megacephalum (Add)
Platysternon megacephalum peguense (Add)
Platysternon megacephalum shiui (Add)
Platysternon megacephalum tristernalis (Add)
Platysternon megacephalum vogeli (Add)
Fam. Tortoise, Testudinidae

Gen. Aldabrachelys (Add)
Aldabrachelys abrupta (Add)
Aldabra giant tortoise, Aldabrachelys gigantea

Arnold's giant tortoise, Aldabrachelys gigantea arnoldi (Add)
Daudin's giant tortoise, Aldabrachelys gigantea daudinii (Add)
Aldabra giant tortoise, Aldabrachelys gigantea gigantea (Add)
Seychelles giant tortoise, Aldabrachelys gigantea hololissa (Add)
Aldabrachelys grandidieri (Add)
Gen. Astrochelys (Add)
Radiated tortoise, Astrochelys radiata

Angonoka tortoise, Astrochelys yniphora (Add)
Gen. Chelonoidis (Add)
Red-footed tortoise, Chelonoidis carbonaria (Add)
Argentine tortoise, Chelonoidis chilensis (Add)
Brazilian giant tortoise, Chelonoidis denticulata (Add)
Galápagos tortoise, Chelonoidis nigra

(Lonesome George), Chelonoidis nigra abingdoni (Add)
Chelonoidis nigra becki (Add)
Chelonoidis nigra chathamensis (Add)
Chelonoidis nigra darwini (Add)
Chelonoidis nigra duncanensis (Add)
Chelonoidis nigra guentheri (Add)
Chelonoidis nigra hoodensis (Add)
Chelonoidis nigra microphyes (Add)
Chelonoidis nigra nigra (Add)
Chelonoidis nigra porteri (Add)
Chelonoidis nigra vandenburghi (Add)
Chelonoidis nigra vicina (Add)
Gen. Chersina (Add)
Bowsprit tortoise, Chersina angulata (Add)
Gen. Cylindraspis (Add)
Cylindraspis indica (Add)
Cylindraspis inepta (Add)
Cylindraspis peltastes (Add)
Cylindraspis triserrata (Add)
Cylindraspis vosmaeri (Add)
Gen. Geochelone (Add)
Geochelone atlas (Add)
Indian star tortoise, Geochelone elegans (Add)
Burmese star tortoise, Geochelone platynota (Add)
African spurred tortoise, Geochelone sulcata (Add)
Gen. Gopherus (Add)
Desert tortoise, Gopherus agassizii (Add)
Texas tortoise, Gopherus berlandieri (Add)
Gopherus brevisternus (Add)
Gopherus canyonensis (Add)
Gopherus donlaloi (Add)
Gopherus edae (Add)
Bolson tortoise, Gopherus flavomarginatus (Add)
Gopherus hexagonata (Add)
Gopherus laticunea (Add)
Gopherus mohavensis (Add)
Gopherus pansa (Add)
Gopherus pargensis (Add)
Gopher tortoise, Gopherus polyphemus

Gopherus utahensis (Add)
Gopherus vagus (Add)
Gen. Hadrianus (Add)
Hadrianus carsoni (Add)
Hadrianus majusculus (Add)
Gen. Hesperotestudo (Add)
Hesperotestudo bermudae (Add)
Hesperotestudo brontops (Add)
Hesperotestudo impensa (Add)
Hesperotestudo orthopygia (Add)
Hesperotestudo osborniana (Add)
Gen. Homopus (Add)
Beaked cape tortoise, Homopus areolatus (Add)
Boulenger's cape tortoise, Homopus boulengeri (Add)
Karoo cape tortoise, Homopus femoralis (Add)
Speckled padloper tortoise, Homopus signatus (Add)
Homopus solus (Add)
Gen. Indotestudo (Add)
Elongated tortoise, Indotestudo elongata (Add)
Forsten's tortoise, Indotestudo forstenii (Add)
Travancore tortoise, Indotestudo travancorica (Add)
Gen. Kinixys (Add)
Bell's hinge-back tortoise, Kinixys belliana (Add)
Forest hinge-back tortoise, Kinixys erosa (Add)
Home's hinge-back tortoise, Kinixys homeana (Add)
Lobatse hinge-back tortoise, Kinixys lobatsiana (Add)
Natal hinge-back tortoise, Kinixys natalensis (Add)
Speke's hinge-back tortoise, Kinixys spekii (Add)
Gen. Malacochersus (Add)
Pancake tortoise, Malacochersus tornieri

Gen. Manouria (Add)
Asian forest tortoise, Manouria emys

Impressed tortoise, Manouria impressa (Add)
Manouria oyamai (Add)
Gen. Psammobates (Add)
Geometric tortoise, Psammobates geometricus (Add)
Serrated tortoise, Psammobates oculifer (Add)
Tent tortoise, Psammobates tentorius (Add)
Gen. Pyxis (Add)
Spider tortoise, Pyxis arachnoides (Add)
Flat-backed spider tortoise, Pyxis planicauda (Add)
Gen. Stigmochelys (Add)
Stigmochelys pardalis

Gen. Stylemys (Add)
Stylemys amphithorax (Add)
Stylemys capax (Add)
Stylemys nebrascensis (Add)
Gen. Testudo (Add)
Testudo antakyensis (Add)
Testudo flavominimaralis (Add)
Spur-thighed tortoise, Testudo graeca (Add)
Hermann's tortoise, Testudo hermanni

Testudo hermanni boettgeri (Add)
Russian tortoise, Testudo horsfieldii (Add)
Kleinmann's tortoise, Testudo kleinmanni (Add)
Marginated tortoise, Testudo marginata (Add)
Testudo nabuelensis (Add)
Testudo werneri (Add)

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