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Fam. Tortoise

Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Reptiles --> Ord. Turtle --> Cryptodira --> Testudinoidea -->


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Gen. Aldabrachelys (Add)
Aldabrachelys abrupta (Add)
Aldabra giant tortoise, Aldabrachelys gigantea

Aldabrachelys grandidieri (Add)
Gen. Astrochelys (Add)
Radiated tortoise, Astrochelys radiata

Angonoka tortoise, Astrochelys yniphora (Add)
Gen. Chelonoidis (Add)
Red-footed tortoise, Chelonoidis carbonaria (Add)
Argentine tortoise, Chelonoidis chilensis (Add)
Brazilian giant tortoise, Chelonoidis denticulata (Add)
Galápagos tortoise, Chelonoidis nigra

Gen. Chersina (Add)
Bowsprit tortoise, Chersina angulata (Add)
Gen. Cylindraspis (Add)
Cylindraspis indica (Add)
Cylindraspis inepta (Add)
Cylindraspis peltastes (Add)
Cylindraspis triserrata (Add)
Cylindraspis vosmaeri (Add)
Gen. Geochelone (Add)
Geochelone atlas (Add)
Indian star tortoise, Geochelone elegans (Add)
Burmese star tortoise, Geochelone platynota (Add)
African spurred tortoise, Geochelone sulcata (Add)
Gen. Gopherus (Add)
Desert tortoise, Gopherus agassizii (Add)
Texas tortoise, Gopherus berlandieri (Add)
Gopherus brevisternus (Add)
Gopherus canyonensis (Add)
Gopherus donlaloi (Add)
Gopherus edae (Add)
Bolson tortoise, Gopherus flavomarginatus (Add)
Gopherus hexagonata (Add)
Gopherus laticunea (Add)
Gopherus mohavensis (Add)
Gopherus pansa (Add)
Gopherus pargensis (Add)
Gopher tortoise, Gopherus polyphemus

Gopherus utahensis (Add)
Gopherus vagus (Add)
Gen. Hadrianus (Add)
Hadrianus carsoni (Add)
Hadrianus majusculus (Add)
Gen. Hesperotestudo (Add)
Hesperotestudo bermudae (Add)
Hesperotestudo brontops (Add)
Hesperotestudo impensa (Add)
Hesperotestudo orthopygia (Add)
Hesperotestudo osborniana (Add)
Gen. Homopus (Add)
Beaked cape tortoise, Homopus areolatus (Add)
Boulenger's cape tortoise, Homopus boulengeri (Add)
Karoo cape tortoise, Homopus femoralis (Add)
Speckled padloper tortoise, Homopus signatus (Add)
Homopus solus (Add)
Gen. Indotestudo (Add)
Elongated tortoise, Indotestudo elongata (Add)
Forsten's tortoise, Indotestudo forstenii (Add)
Travancore tortoise, Indotestudo travancorica (Add)
Gen. Kinixys (Add)
Bell's hinge-back tortoise, Kinixys belliana (Add)
Forest hinge-back tortoise, Kinixys erosa (Add)
Home's hinge-back tortoise, Kinixys homeana (Add)
Lobatse hinge-back tortoise, Kinixys lobatsiana (Add)
Natal hinge-back tortoise, Kinixys natalensis (Add)
Speke's hinge-back tortoise, Kinixys spekii (Add)
Gen. Malacochersus (Add)
Pancake tortoise, Malacochersus tornieri

Gen. Manouria (Add)
Asian forest tortoise, Manouria emys

Impressed tortoise, Manouria impressa (Add)
Manouria oyamai (Add)
Gen. Psammobates (Add)
Geometric tortoise, Psammobates geometricus (Add)
Serrated tortoise, Psammobates oculifer (Add)
Tent tortoise, Psammobates tentorius (Add)
Gen. Pyxis (Add)
Spider tortoise, Pyxis arachnoides (Add)
Flat-backed spider tortoise, Pyxis planicauda (Add)
Gen. Stigmochelys (Add)
Stigmochelys pardalis

Gen. Stylemys (Add)
Stylemys amphithorax (Add)
Stylemys capax (Add)
Stylemys nebrascensis (Add)
Gen. Testudo (Add)
Testudo antakyensis (Add)
Testudo flavominimaralis (Add)
Spur-thighed tortoise, Testudo graeca (Add)
Hermann's tortoise, Testudo hermanni

Russian tortoise, Testudo horsfieldii (Add)
Kleinmann's tortoise, Testudo kleinmanni (Add)
Marginated tortoise, Testudo marginata (Add)
Testudo nabuelensis (Add)
Testudo werneri (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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