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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Tracheophyta --> Spermatophytes --> Gymnospermae --> Class Pinatae --> S.Class Pinidae --> Ord. Pinales --> Fam. Pinaceae --> Gen. Pinus --> Pinus subg. Pinus -->

Pinus sect. Trifoliae

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Pinus subsect. Australes (Add)
Pinus caribaea (Add)
Pinus clausa (Add)
Pinus cubensis (Add)
Pinus echinata (Add)
Pinus elliottii (Add)
Pinus glabra (Add)
Pinus occidentalis (Add)
Pinus palustris (Add)
Pinus pungens (Add)
Pinus rigida (Add)
Pinus serotina (Add)
Pinus taeda (Add)
Pinus virginiana (Add)
Pinus subsect. Contortae (Add)
Pinus banksiana (Add)
Lodgepole Pine, Pinus contorta

Pinus subsect. Leiophyllae (Add)
Pinus leiophylla (Add)
Pinus lumholtzii (Add)
Pinus subsect. Oocarpae (Add)
Pinus attenuata (Add)
Pinus foisyi (Add)
Pinus greggii (Add)
Pinus herrerae (Add)
Pinus jaliscana (Add)
Pinus lawsonii (Add)
Pinus muricata (Add)
Pinus oocarpa (Add)
Pinus patula (Add)
Pinus praetermissa (Add)
Pinus pringlei (Add)
Pinus radiata (Add)
Pinus tecunumanii (Add)
Pinus teocote (Add)
Pinus subsect. Ponderosae (Add)
Pinus apulcensis (Add)
Pinus arizonica (Add)
Pinus cooperi (Add)
Pinus coulteri (Add)
Pinus devoniana (Add)
Pinus durangensis (Add)
Pinus engelmannii (Add)
Pinus estevezii (Add)
Pinus gordoniana (Add)
Pinus hartwegii (Add)
Pinus jeffreyi (Add)
Pinus johndayensis (Add)
Pinus maximinoi (Add)
Pinus montezumae (Add)
Pinus ponderosa

Pinus pseudostrobus (Add)
Pinus sabiniana (Add)
Pinus torreyana (Add)

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