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Betuloideae (Add)
Gen. Alnus
Alnus subg. Alnobetula (Add)
Alnus viridis (Add)
Alnus subg. Alnus (Add)
Alnus acuminata (Add)
Alnus cordata (Add)
Alnus cremastogyne (Add)
Alnus firma (Add)
Alnus formosana (Add)
Alnus glutinosa

Alnus incana (Add)
Alnus japonica (Add)
Alnus jorullensis (Add)
Alnus mandshurica (Add)
Alnus orientalis (Add)
Alnus parvifolia (Add)
Alnus pendula (Add)
Alnus rhombifolia (Add)
Alnus rubra (Add)
Alnus serrulata (Add)
Alnus subcordata (Add)
Alnus subg. Clethropsis (Add)
Alnus maritima (Add)
Alnus nepalensis (Add)
Alnus nitida (Add)
Incertae sedis Alnus (Add)
Alnus kluckingi (Add)
Alnus operia (Add)
Gen. Betula
Betula subg. Betula (Add)
Betula celtiberica (Add)
Betula cordifolia (Add)
Betula kenaica (Add)
Betula mandschurica (Add)
Betula neoalaskana (Add)
Betula occidentalis (Add)
Betula papyrifera (Add)
Betula pendula (Add)
Betula platyphylla (Add)
Betula populifolia (Add)
Betula pubescens

Betula szaferi (Add)
Betula × caerulea (Add)
Betula subg. Betulaster (Add)
Betula alnoides (Add)
Betula maximowicziana (Add)
Betula subg. Betulenta (Add)
Betula allegheniensis (Add)
Betula austrosinensis (Add)
Betula corylifolia (Add)
Betula globispica (Add)
Betula grossa (Add)
Betula insignis (Add)
Betula lenta (Add)
Betula medwediewii (Add)
Betula megrelica (Add)
Betula murrayana (Add)
Betula uber (Add)
Betula subg. Chamaebetula (Add)
Betula borealis (Add)
Betula fruticosa (Add)
Betula glandulosa (Add)
Betula hallii (Add)
Betula humilis (Add)
Betula michauxii (Add)
Betula microphylla (Add)
Betula middendorffii (Add)
Betula minor (Add)
Betula nana

Betula pumila (Add)
Betula subg. Neurobetula (Add)
Betula albosinensis (Add)
Betula calcicola
Betula chichibuenis (Add)
Betula chinensis (Add)
Betula costata (Add)
Betula davurica (Add)
Betula delavayi (Add)
Betula ermanii

Betula fargesii (Add)
Betula jacquemontii (Add)
Betula leopoldae (Add)
Betula nigra (Add)
Betula potaninii (Add)
Betula raddeana (Add)
Betula schmidtii (Add)
Betula utilis (Add)
Coryloideae (Add)
Gen. Asterocarpinus (Add)
Gen. Carpinus (Add)
Carpinus betulus (Add)
Carpinus caroliniana (Add)
Carpinus cordata (Add)
Carpinus coreana (Add)
Carpinus faginea (Add)
Carpinus fargesiana (Add)
Carpinus fargesii (Add)
Carpinus henryana (Add)
Carpinus japonica (Add)
Carpinus kawakamii (Add)
Carpinus laxiflora (Add)
Carpinus orientalis (Add)
Carpinus perryae (Add)
Carpinus polyneura (Add)
Carpinus tschonoskii (Add)
Carpinus turczaninovii (Add)
Carpinus viminea (Add)
Gen. Coryloides (Add)
Gen. Corylus
Corylus americana (Add)
Corylus avellana

Corylus californica (Add)
Corylus chinensis (Add)
Corylus colurna (Add)
Corylus colurnoides (Add)
Corylus cornuta (Add)
Corylus fargesii (Add)
Corylus ferox (Add)
Corylus heterophylla (Add)
Corylus jacquemontii (Add)
Corylus johnsonii (Add)
Corylus maxima (Add)
Corylus sieboldiana (Add)
Corylus vilmorinii (Add)
Corylus yunnanensis (Add)
Gen. Cranea (Add)
Gen. Kardiasperma (Add)
Gen. Ostrya (Add)
Gen. Ostryopsis (Add)
Gen. Palaeocarpinus (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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