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Menyanthes trifoliata

Aslak NedregĂ„rd ©.


Gen. Liparophyllum (Add)
Liparophyllum exiguum (Add)
Liparophyllum gunnii (Add)
Gen. Menyanthes
Menyanthes trifoliata

Gen. Nephrophyllidium (Add)
Nephrophyllidium crista-galli (Add)
Gen. Nymphoides (Add)
Nymphoides (Add)
Nymphoides aquatica (Add)
Nymphoides aurantiaca (Add)
Nymphoides beaglensis (Add)
Nymphoides bosseri (Add)
Nymphoides brevipedicellata (Add)
Nymphoides cambodiana (Add)
Nymphoides cordata (Add)
Nymphoides coreana (Add)
Nymphoides crenata (Add)
Nymphoides cristata (Add)
Nymphoides disperma (Add)
Nymphoides elegans (Add)
Nymphoides elliptica (Add)
Nymphoides exigua (Add)
Nymphoides exiliflora (Add)
Nymphoides ezannoi (Add)
Nymphoides fallax (Add)
Nymphoides flaccida (Add)
Nymphoides forbesiana (Add)
Nymphoides furculifolia (Add)
Nymphoides geminata (Add)
Nymphoides grayana (Add)
Nymphoides guineensis (Add)
Nymphoides hastata (Add)
Nymphoides herzogii (Add)
Nymphoides humboldtiana (Add)
Nymphoides humilis (Add)
Nymphoides hydrocharoides (Add)
Nymphoides hydrophylla (Add)
Nymphoides indica (Add)
Nymphoides krishnakesara (Add)
Nymphoides lungtanensis (Add)
Nymphoides macrosperma (Add)
Nymphoides microphylla (Add)
Nymphoides milnei (Add)
Nymphoides minima (Add)
Nymphoides minor (Add)
Nymphoides montana (Add)
Nymphoides moratiana (Add)
Nymphoides parvifolia (Add)
Nymphoides peltata (Add)
Nymphoides planosperma (Add)
Nymphoides quadriloba (Add)
Nymphoides rautaneni (Add)
Nymphoides siamensis (Add)
Nymphoides simulans (Add)
Nymphoides sivarajanii (Add)
Nymphoides spinulosperma (Add)
Nymphoides spongiosa (Add)
Nymphoides stygia (Add)
Nymphoides subacuta (Add)
Nymphoides tenuissima (Add)
Nymphoides thunbergiana (Add)
Nymphoides tonkinensis (Add)
Nymphoides triangularis (Add)
Nymphoides verrucosa (Add)
Gen. Ornduffia (Add)
Ornduffia albiflora (Add)
Ornduffia calthifolia (Add)
Ornduffia marchantii (Add)
Ornduffia parnassifolia (Add)
Ornduffia reniformis (Add)
Ornduffia submersa (Add)
Ornduffia umbricola (Add)
Gen. Villarsia (Add)
Villarsia albiflora (Add)
Villarsia calthifolia (Add)
Villarsia cambodiana (Add)
Villarsia capensis (Add)
Villarsia capitata (Add)
Villarsia congestiflora (Add)
Villarsia exaltata (Add)
Villarsia excelsa (Add)
Villarsia goldblattiana (Add)
Villarsia grandifolia (Add)
Villarsia lacunosa (Add)
Villarsia lasiosperma (Add)
Villarsia latifolia (Add)
Villarsia manningiana (Add)
Villarsia marchantii (Add)
Villarsia parnassifolia (Add)
Villarsia reniformis (Add)
Villarsia submersa (Add)
Villarsia trachysperma (Add)
Villarsia umbricola (Add)
Villarsia violifolia (Add)

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