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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Tracheophyta --> Spermatophytes --> Angiospermae --> Eudicotyledon --> core eudicots --> rosids --> fabids (eurosids I) --> Ord. Rosales -->


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Artocarpeae (Add)
Gen. Artocarpus (Add)
Artocarpus altilis (Add)
Artocarpus anisophyllus (Add)
Artocarpus blancoi (Add)
Artocarpus cannonii (Add)
Artocarpus chama (Add)
Artocarpus chaplasha (Add)
Artocarpus comezianus (Add)
Artocarpus cummingianus (Add)
Artocarpus elasticus (Add)
Jackfruit, Artocarpus heterophyllus

Artocarpus hirsutus (Add)
Artocarpus hypargyreus (Add)
Artocarpus integer (Add)
Artocarpus kemando (Add)
Artocarpus lacucha (Add)
Artocarpus mariannensis (Add)
Artocarpus odoratissimus (Add)
Artocarpus pomiformis (Add)
Artocarpus rigidus (Add)
Artocarpus sarawakensis (Add)
Artocarpus sericicarpus (Add)
Artocarpus tamaran (Add)
Artocarpus tonkinensis (Add)
Gen. Batocarpus (Add)
Gen. Clarisia (Add)
Gen. Hullettia (Add)
Gen. Parartocarpus (Add)
Gen. Prainea (Add)
Gen. Treculia (Add)
Castilleae (Add)
Gen. Antiaris (Add)
Gen. Antiaropsis (Add)
Gen. Castilla (Add)
Gen. Helicostylis (Add)
Gen. Maquira (Add)
Gen. Mesogyne (Add)
Gen. Naucleopsis (Add)
Gen. Perebea (Add)
Gen. Poulsenia (Add)
Gen. Pseudolmedia (Add)
Gen. Sparattosyce (Add)
Dorstenieae (Add)
Gen. Bosqueiopsis (Add)
Gen. Brosimum (Add)
Gen. Dorstenia (Add)
Gen. Helianthostylis (Add)
Gen. Scyphosyce (Add)
Gen. Trilepisium (Add)
Gen. Trymatococcus (Add)
Gen. Utsetela (Add)
Ficeae (Add)
Gen. Ficus (Add)
Ficus abutilifolia (Add)
Ficus altissima (Add)
Ficus americana (Add)
Ficus ampelos (Add)
Ficus amplissima (Add)
Ficus arfakensis (Add)
Ficus arnottiana (Add)
Ficus aspera (Add)
Ficus asperifolia (Add)
Ficus aurea (Add)
Ficus auriculata (Add)
Ficus baileyana (Add)
Ficus barteri (Add)
Ficus benghalensis (Add)
Ficus benjamina (Add)
Ficus botryocarpa (Add)
Ficus burtt-davyi (Add)
Ficus bussei (Add)
Ficus callophylla (Add)
Ficus callosa (Add)
Ficus capreifolia (Add)
Common fig, Ficus carica (Add)
Ficus carolae (Add)
Ficus casapiensis (Add)
Ficus cassidyana (Add)
Ficus caulocarpa (Add)
Ficus celebensis (Add)
Ficus citrifolia (Add)
Ficus coerulescens (Add)
Ficus communis (Add)
Ficus congesta (Add)
Ficus consociata (Add)
Ficus copiosa (Add)
Ficus cordata (Add)
Ficus cordatula (Add)
Ficus coronata (Add)
Ficus costaricana (Add)
Ficus cotinifolia (Add)
Ficus crassiramea (Add)
Ficus crassiuscula (Add)
Ficus craterostoma (Add)
Ficus crocata (Add)
Ficus cumingii (Add)
Ficus cuspidata (Add)
Ficus cyathistipula (Add)
Ficus dammaropsis (Add)
Ficus deltoidea (Add)
Ficus destruens (Add)
Ficus drupacea (Add)
Ficus dryepondtiana (Add)
Ficus dulciaria (Add)
Ficus elastica (Add)
Ficus elasticoides (Add)
Ficus erecta (Add)
Ficus exasperata (Add)
Ficus formosana (Add)
Ficus fulva (Add)
Ficus geniculata (Add)
Ficus gigantosyce (Add)
Ficus glaberrima (Add)
Ficus globosa (Add)
Ficus glumosa (Add)
Ficus grewiifolia (Add)
Ficus grossularioides (Add)
Ficus henneana (Add)
Ficus heteromorpha (Add)
Ficus heterophylla (Add)
Ficus heteropleura (Add)
Ficus heteropoda (Add)
Ficus hillii (Add)
Ficus hirta (Add)
Ficus hispida (Add)
Ficus hookeriana (Add)
Ficus ilicina (Add)
Ficus ingens (Add)
Ficus insipida (Add)
Ficus involucrata (Add)
Ficus ischnopoda (Add)
Ficus johannis (Add)
Ficus kellermanii (Add)
Ficus kurzii (Add)
Ficus lapathifolia (Add)
Ficus lingua (Add)
Ficus luschnathiana (Add)
Ficus lutea (Add)
Ficus lyrata (Add)
Ficus macrophylla (Add)
Ficus maxima (Add)
Ficus membranacea (Add)
Ficus microcarpa (Add)
Ficus minahassae (Add)
Ficus montana (Add)
Ficus natalensis (Add)
Ficus neriifolia (Add)
Ficus nigropunctata (Add)
Ficus nodosa (Add)
Ficus nota (Add)
Ficus nymphaeifolia (Add)
Ficus obliqua (Add)
Ficus obscura (Add)
Ficus obtusifolia (Add)
Ficus odorata (Add)
Ficus opposita (Add)
Ficus ovalis (Add)
Ficus ovata (Add)
Ficus padana (Add)
Ficus pallida (Add)
Ficus palmata (Add)
Ficus palmeri (Add)
Ficus pandurata (Add)
Ficus paraensis (Add)
Ficus parietalis (Add)
Ficus pellucidopunctata (Add)
Ficus pertusa (Add)
Ficus petiolaris (Add)
Ficus phaeosyce (Add)
Ficus platyphylla (Add)
Ficus platypoda (Add)
Ficus preussii (Add)
Ficus prolixa (Add)
Ficus pseudopalma (Add)
Ficus pumila (Add)
Ficus punctata (Add)
Ficus pyriformis (Add)
Ficus racemigera (Add)
Ficus racemosa (Add)
Ficus recurva (Add)
Ficus reflexa (Add)
Ficus religiosa (Add)
Ficus retusa (Add)
Ficus ribes (Add)
Ficus rigo (Add)
Ficus rubiginosa (Add)
Ficus rumphii (Add)
Ficus saffordii (Add)
Ficus sagittata (Add)
Ficus sansibarica (Add)
Ficus sarmentosa (Add)
Ficus satterthwaitei (Add)
Ficus saussureana (Add)
Ficus schumacheri (Add)
Ficus semicordata (Add)
Ficus septica (Add)
Ficus sinuata (Add)
Ficus squamosa (Add)
Ficus stenophylla (Add)
Ficus stricta (Add)
Ficus stuhlmannii (Add)
Ficus subandina (Add)
Ficus subcordata (Add)
Ficus subgelderi (Add)
Ficus subincisa (Add)
Ficus subpisocarpa (Add)
Ficus subulata (Add)
Ficus sumatrana (Add)
Ficus sundaica (Add)
Ficus superba (Add)
Ficus sur (Add)
Ficus sycomorus (Add)
Ficus talbotii (Add)
Ficus tecolutensis (Add)
Ficus thonningii (Add)
Ficus tikoua (Add)
Ficus tiliifolia (Add)
Ficus tinctoria (Add)
Ficus trigonata (Add)
Ficus trimenii (Add)
Ficus tsjakela (Add)
Ficus ulmifolia (Add)
Ficus umbellata (Add)
Ficus variegata (Add)
Ficus vasta (Add)
Ficus velutina (Add)
Ficus villosa (Add)
Ficus virens (Add)
Ficus virgata (Add)
Ficus watkinsiana (Add)
Incertae sedis Moraceae (Add)
Gen. Artocarpoides (Add)
Moreae (Add)
Gen. Bagassa (Add)
Gen. Bleekrodea (Add)
Gen. Broussonetia (Add)
Gen. Fatoua (Add)
Gen. Maclura (Add)
Gen. Milicia (Add)
Gen. Morus (Add)
Gen. Sorocea (Add)
Gen. Streblus (Add)
Gen. Trophis (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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