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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Tracheophyta --> Spermatophytes --> Angiospermae --> Eudicotyledon --> core eudicots --> rosids --> malvids (eurosids II) --> Ord. Myrtales -->


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Cuphea ignea

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Lythrum salicaria

"Wild flower" by Per Ola Wiberg ~ Powi via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Punica granatum

"Pomegranade (Punica granatum), little romã, my balcony, S. Paulo Brazil. Asia native" by Mauroguanandi via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.


Gen. Adenaria (Add)
Adenaria floribunda (Add)
Gen. Ammannia (Add)
Ammannia auriculata (Add)
Ammannia baccifera (Add)
Ammannia coccinea (Add)
Ammannia latifolia (Add)
Ammannia peploides (Add)
Ammannia robusta (Add)
Ammannia senegalensis (Add)
Gen. Capuronia (Add)
Capuronia madagascariensis (Add)
Gen. Crenea (Add)
Gen. Cuphea (Add)
Cuphea acicularis (Add)
Cuphea acinifolia (Add)
Cuphea aequipetala (Add)
Cuphea angustifolia (Add)
Cuphea antisyphilitica (Add)
Cuphea aperta (Add)
Cuphea aspera (Add)
Cuphea avigera (Add)
Cuphea axilliflora (Add)
Cuphea brachiata (Add)
Cuphea bustamanta (Add)
Cuphea caeciliae (Add)
Cuphea caesariata (Add)
Cuphea calaminthifolia (Add)
Cuphea calcarata (Add)
Cuphea calophylla (Add)
Cuphea carthagenensis (Add)
Cuphea confertiflora (Add)
Cuphea cordata (Add)
Cuphea crassiflora (Add)
Cuphea cyanea (Add)
Cuphea decandra (Add)
Cuphea denticulata (Add)
Cuphea diosmifolia (Add)
Cuphea dipetala (Add)
Cuphea disperma (Add)
Cuphea elliptica (Add)
Cuphea erectifolia (Add)
Cuphea ericoides (Add)
Cuphea ferrisiae (Add)
Cuphea ferruginea (Add)
Cuphea fruticosa (Add)
Cuphea fuchsiifolia (Add)
Cuphea gardneri (Add)
Cuphea gaumeri (Add)
Cuphea glareosa (Add)
Cuphea glossostoma (Add)
Cuphea glutinosa (Add)
Cuphea graciliflora (Add)
Cuphea heterophylla (Add)
Cuphea hookeriana (Add)
Cuphea hyssopifolia (Add)
Cuphea ianthina (Add)
Cuphea ignea

Cuphea inaequalifolia (Add)
Cuphea inflata (Add)
Cuphea ingrata (Add)
Cuphea jorullensis (Add)
Cuphea koehneana (Add)
Cuphea laminuligera (Add)
Cuphea lanceolata (Add)
Cuphea leptopoda (Add)
Cuphea linarioides (Add)
Cuphea linifolia (Add)
Cuphea llavea (Add)
Cuphea lobophora (Add)
Cuphea lophostoma (Add)
Cuphea lutea (Add)
Cuphea lutescens (Add)
Cuphea melanium (Add)
Cuphea melvilla (Add)
Cuphea micrantha (Add)
Cuphea micropetala (Add)
Cuphea mimuloides (Add)
Cuphea nitidula (Add)
Cuphea ownbeyi (Add)
Cuphea painteri (Add)
Cuphea palustris (Add)
Cuphea parsonsia (Add)
Cuphea paucipetala (Add)
Cuphea pinetorum (Add)
Cuphea pohlii (Add)
Cuphea polymorpha (Add)
Cuphea procumbens (Add)
Cuphea pseudovaccinium (Add)
Cuphea pulchra (Add)
Cuphea purpurea (Add)
Cuphea racemosa (Add)
Cuphea ramosissima (Add)
Cuphea rasilis (Add)
Cuphea retrorsicapilla (Add)
Cuphea salicifolia (Add)
Cuphea salvadorensis (Add)
Cuphea scaberrima (Add)
Cuphea schumannii (Add)
Cuphea sessiliflora (Add)
Cuphea sessilifolia (Add)
Cuphea spectabilis (Add)
Cuphea tetrapetala (Add)
Cuphea thymoides (Add)
Cuphea tolucana (Add)
Cuphea trochilus (Add)
Cuphea tuberosa (Add)
Cuphea urbaniana (Add)
Cuphea urens (Add)
Cuphea utriculosa (Add)
Cuphea varia (Add)
Cuphea vesiculigera (Add)
Cuphea viscosa (Add)
Cuphea viscosissima (Add)
Cuphea visivulosa (Add)
Cuphea wrightii (Add)
Gen. Decodon (Add)
Decodon allenbyensis (Add)
Decodon verticillatus (Add)
Gen. Diplusodon (Add)
Diplusodon virgatus (Add)
Gen. Duabanga (Add)
Duabanga grandiflora (Add)
Gen. Galpinia (Add)
Gen. Ginoria (Add)
Ginoria americana (Add)
Ginoria ginorioides (Add)
Gen. Haitia (Add)
Gen. Heimia (Add)
Heimia myrtifolia (Add)
Heimia salicifolia (Add)
Gen. Hionanthera (Add)
Gen. Koehneria (Add)
Gen. Lafoensia (Add)
Lafoensia glyptocarpa (Add)
Lafoensia nummularifolia (Add)
Lafoensia pacari (Add)
Lafoensia punicifolia (Add)
Lafoensia vandelliana (Add)
Gen. Lagerstroemia (Add)
Lagerstroemia sect. Adambea (Add)
Lagerstroemia sect. Lagerstroemia (Add)
Lagerstroemia sect. Trichocarpidium (Add)
Gen. Lawsonia (Add)
Lawsonia inermis (Add)
Gen. Lourtella (Add)
Gen. Lythrum (Add)
Lythrum acutangulum (Add)
Lythrum alatum (Add)
Lythrum anatolicum (Add)
Lythrum californicum (Add)
Lythrum hyssopifolia (Add)
Lythrum junceum (Add)
Lythrum portula (Add)
Lythrum salicaria

Lythrum thymifolia (Add)
Lythrum virgatum (Add)
Gen. Nesaea (Add)
Gen. Pehria (Add)
Pehria compacta (Add)
Gen. Pemphis (Add)
Gen. Physocalymma (Add)
Physocalymma scaberrimum (Add)
Gen. Pleurophora (Add)
Pleurophora anomala (Add)
Pleurophora saccocarpa (Add)
Gen. Punica (Add)
Punica granatum

Punica protopunica (Add)
Gen. Rotala (Add)
Rotala indica (Add)
Rotala ramosior (Add)
Rotala rotundifolia (Add)
Gen. Shirleya (Add)
Shirleya grahamae (Add)
Gen. Socotria (Add)
Gen. Sonneratia (Add)
Sonneratia alba (Add)
Sonneratia caseolaris (Add)
Gen. Tetrataxis (Add)
Gen. Trapa (Add)
Trapa bicornis (Add)
Trapa incisa (Add)
Trapa natans (Add)
Gen. Woodfordia (Add)
Woodfordia floribunda (Add)
Woodfordia fruticosa (Add)
Woodfordia uniflora (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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