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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Tracheophyta --> Spermatophytes --> Angiospermae --> Eudicotyledon --> core eudicots --> rosids --> malvids (eurosids II) --> Ord. Sapindales -->


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Gen. Aegle (Add)
Aegle barteri (Add)
Aegle correa (Add)
Aegle decandra (Add)
Aegle glutinosa (Add)
Aegle marmelos (Add)
Aegle sepiaria (Add)
Gen. Agathosma (Add)
Agathosma betulina (Add)
Agathosma capensis (Add)
Agathosma crenulata (Add)
Agathosma ovata (Add)
Agathosma serratifolia (Add)
Gen. Boronia (Add)
Boronia crenulata (Add)
Boronia cymosa (Add)
Boronia denticulata (Add)
Boronia elatior (Add)
Boronia heterophylla (Add)
Boronia inornata (Add)
Boronia lanuginosa (Add)
Boronia latipinna (Add)
Boronia ledifolia (Add)
Boronia megastigma (Add)
Boronia mollis (Add)
Boronia muelleri (Add)
Boronia pilosa (Add)
Boronia pinnata (Add)
Boronia purdieana (Add)
Boronia serrulata (Add)
Boronia thujona (Add)
Gen. Casimiroa (Add)
Casimiroa edulis (Add)
Casimiroa greggii (Add)
Casimiroa pringlei (Add)
Casimiroa sapota (Add)
Casimiroa tetrameria (Add)
Gen. Citrus
Citrus alata (Add)
Citrus amblycarpa (Add)
Citrus ampullacea (Add)
Citrus asahikan (Add)
Citrus assamensis (Add)
Citrus aurantiaca (Add)
Key lime, Citrus aurantifolia (Add)
Citrus aurantium (Add)
Citrus aurata (Add)
Citrus aurea (Add)
Australian finger lime, Citrus australasica (Add)
Australian round lime, Citrus australis (Add)
Citrus balincolong (Add)
Citrus balotina (Add)
Citrus benikoji (Add)
Citrus bergamia (Add)
Citrus boholensis (Add)
Citrus canaliculata (Add)
Citrus celebica (Add)
Citrus clementina (Add)
Citrus combara (Add)
Citrus crenatifolia (Add)
Citrus daoxianensis (Add)
Citrus davaoensis (Add)
Citrus deliciosa (Add)
Citrus depressa (Add)
Citrus erythrosa (Add)
Citrus excelsa (Add)
Citrus flavicarpa (Add)
Citrus funadoko (Add)
Citrus genshokan (Add)
Citrus glaberrima (Add)
Australian desert lime, Citrus glauca (Add)
Citrus gracilis (Add)
Citrus hainanensis (Add)
Citrus halimii (Add)
Citrus hanaju (Add)
Citrus hassaku (Add)
Citrus hiroshimana (Add)
Citrus hongheensis (Add)
Citrus hyalopulpa (Add)
Kaffir lime, Citrus hystrix (Add)
Citrus ichangensis (Add)
Citrus indica (Add)
Citrus inflata (Add)
Citrus intermedia (Add)
Citrus iwaikan (Add)
Citrus iyo (Add)
Citrus jambhiri (Add)
Citrus japonica (Add)
Citrus junos (Add)
Citrus karna (Add)
Citrus keraji (Add)
Citrus kerrii (Add)
Citrus kinokuni (Add)
Citrus kotokan (Add)
Persian lime, Citrus latifolia (Add)
Citrus latipes (Add)
Citrus leiocarpa (Add)
Sweet lime, Citrus limetta (Add)
Citrus limettioides (Add)
Mandarin lime, Citrus limonia (Add)
Citrus limonimedica (Add)
Citrus longilimon (Add)
Citrus longispina (Add)
Citrus lycopersiciformis (Add)
Citrus macrolimon (Add)
Citrus macrophylla (Add)
Citrus macroptera (Add)
Citrus maderaspatana (Add)
Citrus madurensis (Add)
Citrus maxima (Add)
Citrus medica (Add)
Citrus medioglobosa (Add)
Citrus megaloxycarpa (Add)
Citrus meyeri (Add)
Citrus miaray (Add)
Citrus micrantha (Add)
Citrus montana (Add)
Citrus myrtifolia (Add)
Citrus nana (Add)
Citrus natsudaidai (Add)
Citrus nippokoreana (Add)
Citrus nobilis (Add)
Citrus oblonga (Add)
Citrus obovoidea (Add)
Citrus odorata (Add)
Citrus oleocarpa (Add)
Citrus otachibana (Add)
Citrus oto (Add)
Citrus panuban (Add)
Citrus papaya (Add)
Citrus papillaris (Add)
Citrus paratangerina (Add)
Citrus pennivesiculata (Add)
Citrus platymamma (Add)
Citrus ponki (Add)
Citrus pseudogulgul (Add)
Citrus pseudolimon (Add)
Citrus pseudolimonum (Add)
Citrus pseudopapillaris (Add)
Citrus pseudoparadisi (Add)
Citrus pseudosunki (Add)
Citrus pyriformis (Add)
Citrus reshni (Add)
Citrus reticulata (Add)
Citrus rokugatsu (Add)
Citrus rugulosa (Add)
Citrus semperflorens (Add)
Citrus shunkokan (Add)
Citrus sinograndis (Add)
Citrus southwickii (Add)
Citrus suavissima (Add)
Citrus succosa (Add)
Citrus sudachi (Add)
Citrus suhuiensis (Add)
Citrus sulcata (Add)
Citrus sunki (Add)
Citrus Sweetie (Add)
Citrus tachibana (Add)
Citrus taiwanica (Add)
Citrus takuma-sudachi (Add)
Citrus tamurana (Add)
Citrus tangelo (Add)
Citrus tangerina (Add)
Citrus tankan (Add)
Citrus tardiferax (Add)
Citrus tardiva (Add)
Citrus tarogayo (Add)
Citrus temple (Add)
Citrus tengu (Add)
Citrus tumida (Add)
Citrus ujukitsu (Add)
Citrus unshiu (Add)
Citrus vitiensis (Add)
Citrus webberi (Add)
Citrus westeri (Add)
Citrus wilsonii (Add)
Citrus yamabuki (Add)
Citrus yatsushiro (Add)
Citrus yuko (Add)
Citrus × limon (Add)
Citrus × paradisi (Add)
Citrus × sinensis (Add)
Gen. Clymenia (Add)
Clymenia polyandra (Add)
Gen. Fortunella (Add)
Kumquat, Fortunella japonica (Add)
Gen. Glycosmis (Add)
Glycosmis angustifolia (Add)
Glycosmis boreana (Add)
Glycosmis chlorosperma (Add)
Glycosmis cochinchinensis (Add)
Glycosmis collina (Add)
Glycosmis crassifolia (Add)
Glycosmis cyanocarpa (Add)
Glycosmis decipiens (Add)
Glycosmis dinhensis (Add)
Glycosmis elongata (Add)
Glycosmis erythrocarpa (Add)
Glycosmis esquirolii (Add)
Glycosmis gracilis (Add)
Glycosmis greenei (Add)
Glycosmis longipes (Add)
Glycosmis longisepala (Add)
Glycosmis macrantha (Add)
Glycosmis macrocarpa (Add)
Glycosmis macrophylla (Add)
Glycosmis mansiana (Add)
Glycosmis mauritiana (Add)
Glycosmis ovoidea (Add)
Glycosmis parkinsonii (Add)
Glycosmis parva (Add)
Glycosmis parviflora (Add)
Glycosmis pentaphylla (Add)
Glycosmis perakensis (Add)
Glycosmis petelotii (Add)
Glycosmis pierrei (Add)
Glycosmis pilosa (Add)
Glycosmis pseudoracemosa (Add)
Glycosmis pseudosapindoides (Add)
Glycosmis puberula (Add)
Glycosmis singuliflora (Add)
Glycosmis stenura (Add)
Glycosmis subopposita (Add)
Glycosmis sumatrana (Add)
Glycosmis superba (Add)
Glycosmis tetracronia (Add)
Glycosmis tomentella (Add)
Glycosmis trichanthera (Add)
Glycosmis trifoliata (Add)
Gen. Melicope (Add)
Melicope accedens (Add)
Melicope adscendens (Add)
Melicope anisata (Add)
Melicope balloui (Add)
Melicope degeneri (Add)
Melicope denhamii (Add)
Melicope haupuensis (Add)
Melicope knudsenii (Add)
Melicope lunu-ankenda (Add)
Melicope lydgatei (Add)
Melicope mucronulata (Add)
Melicope munroi (Add)
Melicope ovalis (Add)
Melicope pallida (Add)
Melicope paniculata (Add)
Melicope pteleifolia (Add)
Melicope quadrangularis (Add)
Melicope reflexa (Add)
Melicope saint-johnii (Add)
Melicope ternata (Add)
Melicope triphylla (Add)
Melicope zahlbruckneri (Add)
Gen. Pilocarpus (Add)
Pilocarpus alatus (Add)
Pilocarpus jaborandi (Add)
Pilocarpus microphyllus (Add)
Pilocarpus pennatifolius (Add)
Pilocarpus racemosus (Add)
Pilocarpus spicatus (Add)
Gen. Triphasia (Add)
Triphasia brassii (Add)
Triphasia grandifolia (Add)
Triphasia trifolia (Add)
Gen. Zanthoxylum (Add)
Zanthoxylum acanthopodium (Add)
Zanthoxylum ailanthoides (Add)
Zanthoxylum americanum (Add)
Zanthoxylum armatum (Add)
Zanthoxylum bungeanum (Add)
Zanthoxylum clava-herculis (Add)
Zanthoxylum coco (Add)
Zanthoxylum coreanum (Add)
Zanthoxylum dipetalum (Add)
Wild lime, Zanthoxylum fagara (Add)
Zanthoxylum flavum (Add)
Zanthoxylum hawaiiense (Add)
Zanthoxylum hyemale (Add)
Zanthoxylum martinicense (Add)
Zanthoxylum molle (Add)
Zanthoxylum myriacanthum (Add)
Zanthoxylum naranjillo (Add)
Zanthoxylum nitidum (Add)
Zanthoxylum ovalifolium (Add)
Zanthoxylum oxyphyllum (Add)
Zanthoxylum panamense (Add)
Zanthoxylum parvum (Add)
Zanthoxylum pilosulum (Add)
Zanthoxylum piperitum (Add)
Zanthoxylum rhetsa (Add)
Zanthoxylum schinifolium (Add)
Zanthoxylum simulans (Add)
Zanthoxylum stenophyllum (Add)
Zanthoxylum thomasianum (Add)
Zanthoxylum zanthoxyloides (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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