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Lily of the Nile, Agapanthus praecox

"Agapanthus - Lily of the Nile" by Arend Vermazeren via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Allium pskemense

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Amaryllis belladonna

"Skinny Legs and All" by Jinxmcc via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs.

Clivia miniata

Jorid Nygård Myhr ©.

Eucharis grandiflora

"Eucharis grandiflora - Amazon Lily" by MShades via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs.

Galanthus elwesii

"Galanthus elwesii var elwesii" by Ptc24 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Galanthus nivalis

"Snowdrop twins" by Catlovers via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Haemanthus albiflos

Inger Bonsak ©.

Gen. Hippeastrum

"Hippeastrum 'Sovereign'" by Ukhviid via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Leucojum aestivum

"Leucojum aestivum(giant snowflake)" by Joka2000 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Narcissus pseudonarcissus

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.


Agapanthoideae (Add)
Gen. Agapanthus (Add)
Agapanthus africanus (Add)
Agapanthus campanulatus (Add)
Agapanthus caulescens (Add)
Agapanthus hollandii (Add)
Agapanthus inapertus (Add)
Agapanthus longispathus (Add)
Agapanthus pendulus (Add)
Lily of the Nile, Agapanthus praecox

Allioideae (Add)
Gen. Allium (Add)
Allium aaseae (Add)
Allium abramsii (Add)
Allium aciphyllum (Add)
Allium acuminatum (Add)
Allium aemulans (Add)
Allium afghanicum (Add)
Allium aflatunense (Add)
Allium afrum (Add)
Allium akaka (Add)
Allium alaicum (Add)
Allium albopilosum (Add)
Allium albostellerianum (Add)
Allium alexandrae (Add)
Allium alexeianum (Add)
Allium altissimum (Add)
Allium altyncolicum (Add)
Allium amamianum (Add)
Allium amphibolum (Add)
Allium amplectens (Add)
Allium anceps (Add)
Allium anisopodium (Add)
Allium anisotepalum (Add)
Allium aroides (Add)
Allium asarense (Add)
Allium ascalonicum (Add)
Allium aschersonianum (Add)
Allium asclepiadeum (Add)
Allium assadii (Add)
Allium atriphoeniceum (Add)
Allium atropurpureum (Add)
Allium atrorubens (Add)
Allium atrosanguineum (Add)
Allium auctum (Add)
Allium auriculatum (Add)
Allium backhousianum (Add)
Allium badakhshanicum (Add)
Allium bakhtiaricum (Add)
Allium balansae (Add)
Allium baluchistanicum (Add)
Allium bamianicum (Add)
Allium barsczewskii (Add)
Allium baschkyzylsaicum (Add)
Allium bauerianum (Add)
Allium beesianum (Add)
Allium bellulum (Add)
Allium bidentatum (Add)
Allium bigelovii (Add)
Allium bisceptrum (Add)
Allium bodeanum (Add)
Allium bodinieri (Add)
Allium bogdoicolum (Add)
Allium boissieri (Add)
Allium bolanderi (Add)
Allium borszczowii (Add)
Allium botschantzevii (Add)
Allium brachyodon (Add)
Allium brachyscapum (Add)
Allium brahuicum (Add)
Allium brandegeei (Add)
Allium brevidentatum (Add)
Allium brevidentiforme (Add)
Allium breviscapum (Add)
Allium brevistylum (Add)
Allium bucharicum (Add)
Allium burdickii (Add)
Allium burlewii (Add)
Allium cabulicum (Add)
Allium caespitosum (Add)
Allium callidyction (Add)
Allium calocephalum (Add)
Allium campanulatum (Add)
Allium candolleanum (Add)
Allium caput-medusae (Add)
Allium cardiostemon (Add)
Allium caricoides (Add)
Allium caroli-henrici (Add)
Allium carolinianum (Add)
Allium caspium (Add)
Allium cathodicarpum (Add)
Allium cepa (Add)
Allium cernuum (Add)
Allium chalcophengos (Add)
Allium chamarense (Add)
Allium chelotum (Add)
Allium chitralicum (Add)
Allium chiwui (Add)
Allium chodsha-bakirganicum (Add)
Allium chrysantherum (Add)
Allium chrysanthum (Add)
Allium chrysocephalum (Add)
Allium clathratum (Add)
Allium clausum (Add)
Allium colchicifolium (Add)
Allium collis-magni (Add)
Allium columbianum (Add)
Allium condensatum (Add)
Allium confragosum (Add)
Allium constrictum (Add)
Allium convallarioides (Add)
Allium cordifolium (Add)
Allium cornutum (Add)
Allium coryi (Add)
Allium costatovaginatum (Add)
Allium crameri (Add)
Allium cratericola (Add)
Allium crenulatum (Add)
Allium crispum (Add)
Allium cristophii (Add)
Allium crystallinum (Add)
Allium cucullatum (Add)
Allium cupuliferum (Add)
Allium cuthbertii (Add)
Allium cyaneum (Add)
Allium cyrilli (Add)
Allium czelghauricum (Add)
Allium daghestanicum (Add)
Allium darwasicum (Add)
Allium dasyphyllum (Add)
Allium decipiens (Add)
Allium deltoide-fistulosum (Add)
Allium denticulatum (Add)
Allium dentiferum (Add)
Allium dentigerum (Add)
Allium derderianum (Add)
Allium diabolense (Add)
Allium dichlamydeum (Add)
Allium dictuon (Add)
Allium dictyoscordum (Add)
Allium dilutum (Add)
Allium djimilense (Add)
Allium dodecadontum (Add)
Allium dodecanesii (Add)
Allium dolichomischum (Add)
Allium dolichostylum (Add)
Allium douglasii (Add)
Allium drepanophyllum (Add)
Allium drobovii (Add)
Allium drummondii (Add)
Allium dumetorum (Add)
Allium ecornutum (Add)
Allium edentatum (Add)
Allium eduardii (Add)
Allium eginense (Add)
Allium elburzense (Add)
Allium elegans (Add)
Allium ellisii (Add)
Allium elmendorfii (Add)
Allium eremoprasum (Add)
Allium ericetorum (Add)
Allium eriocoleum (Add)
Allium ertugrulii (Add)
Allium erubescens (Add)
Allium eugenii (Add)
Allium falcifolium (Add)
Allium farctum (Add)
Allium fedschenkoanum (Add)
Allium fedtschenkoi (Add)
Allium ferganicum (Add)
Allium fetisowii (Add)
Allium fibriferum (Add)
Allium fibrillum (Add)
Allium filidentiforme (Add)
Allium fimbriatum (Add)
Allium fistulosum (Add)
Allium flavellum (Add)
Allium flavescens (Add)
Allium flavidum (Add)
Allium fragrans (Add)
Allium fritschii (Add)
Allium funkiifolium (Add)
Allium galanthum (Add)
Allium geyeri (Add)
Allium glandulosum (Add)
Allium globosum (Add)
Allium glomeratum (Add)
Allium gooddingii (Add)
Allium gracillimum (Add)
Allium grande (Add)
Allium griffithianum (Add)
Allium grisellum (Add)
Allium gubanovii (Add)
Allium gulczense (Add)
Allium gunibicum (Add)
Allium gusaricum (Add)
Allium gypsaceum (Add)
Allium gypsodictyum (Add)
Allium haemanthoides (Add)
Allium haussknechtii (Add)
Allium helicophyllum (Add)
Allium henryi (Add)
Allium herderianum (Add)
Allium heteronema (Add)
Allium hexaceras (Add)
Allium hickmanii (Add)
Allium hindukuschense (Add)
Allium hirtifolium (Add)
Allium hissaricum (Add)
Allium hoffmanii (Add)
Allium hollandicum (Add)
Allium horvatii (Add)
Allium howellii (Add)
Allium hyalinum (Add)
Allium hymenorrhizum (Add)
Allium hypsistum (Add)
Allium iliense (Add)
Allium inaequale (Add)
Allium inconspicuum (Add)
Allium incrustatum (Add)
Allium inderiense (Add)
Allium inops (Add)
Allium insufficiens (Add)
Allium isakulii (Add)
Allium isphairamicum (Add)
Allium jacquemontii (Add)
Allium jacuticum (Add)
Allium jaxarticum (Add)
Allium jenischianum (Add)
Allium jepsonii (Add)
Allium jesdianum (Add)
Allium jodanthum (Add)
Allium jucundum (Add)
Allium juldusicolum (Add)
Allium kachrooi (Add)
Allium kansuense (Add)
Allium karamanoglui (Add)
Allium karataviense (Add)
Allium karelinii (Add)
Allium kastekii (Add)
Allium kaufmannii (Add)
Allium kazerouni (Add)
Allium kermesinum (Add)
Allium ketmenense (Add)
Allium kharputense (Add)
Allium khorasanicum (Add)
Allium kirindicum (Add)
Allium koelzii (Add)
Allium koenigianum (Add)
Allium kokanicum (Add)
Allium komarovianum (Add)
Allium komarowii (Add)
Allium korolkowii (Add)
Allium kossoricum (Add)
Allium kujukense (Add)
Allium kunthii (Add)
Allium kuramense (Add)
Allium kurdaicum (Add)
Allium kurssanovii (Add)
Allium kurtzianum (Add)
Allium kysylkumii (Add)
Allium lachnophyllum (Add)
Allium lacunosum (Add)
Allium lallemantii (Add)
Allium lancipetalum (Add)
Allium lasiophyllum (Add)
Allium latifolium (Add)
Allium lehmannianum (Add)
Allium lemmonii (Add)
Allium lenkoranicum (Add)
Allium leonidis (Add)
Allium leptomorphum (Add)
Allium leucanthum (Add)
Allium leucocephalum (Add)
Allium libani (Add)
Allium lineare (Add)
Allium lipskyanum (Add)
Allium litvinovii (Add)
Allium longicuspis (Add)
Allium longiradiatum (Add)
Allium longistylum (Add)
Allium loratum (Add)
Allium lusitanicum (Add)
Allium lutescens (Add)
Allium lycaonicum (Add)
Allium maackii (Add)
Allium macropetalum (Add)
Allium macrostemon (Add)
Allium macrum (Add)
Allium madidum (Add)
Allium magicum (Add)
Allium majus (Add)
Allium malyschevii (Add)
Allium margaritae (Add)
Allium margaritiferum (Add)
Allium mariae (Add)
Allium marschalianum (Add)
Allium materculae (Add)
Allium megalobulbon (Add)
Allium membranaceum (Add)
Allium microdictyon (Add)
Allium minutiflorum (Add)
Allium minutum (Add)
Allium mirum (Add)
Allium moly (Add)
Allium monadelphum (Add)
Allium monanthum (Add)
Allium mongolicum (Add)
Allium monophyllum (Add)
Allium monsspessulanum (Add)
Allium montanum (Add)
Allium montibaicalense (Add)
Allium monticola (Add)
Allium moschatum (Add)
Allium motor (Add)
Allium multibulbosum (Add)
Allium munzii (Add)
Allium nabelekii (Add)
Allium nanodes (Add)
Allium nebrodense (Add)
Allium nemrutdaghense (Add)
Allium nevadense (Add)
Allium nevii (Add)
Allium nevskianum (Add)
Allium nigrum (Add)
Allium noëanum (Add)
Allium nuristanicum (Add)
Allium obtusum (Add)
Allium odorum (Add)
Allium oleraceum (Add)
Allium oliganthum (Add)
Allium olivieri (Add)
Allium olympicum (Add)
Allium ophiophyllum (Add)
Allium oreodictyum (Add)
Allium oreophiloides (Add)
Allium oreophilum (Add)
Allium oreoprasoides (Add)
Allium oreoprasum (Add)
Allium oreoscordum (Add)
Allium orientale (Add)
Allium oschaninii (Add)
Allium ostrowskianum (Add)
Allium oxyphilum (Add)
Allium paepalanthoides (Add)
Allium palentinum (Add)
Allium pallasii (Add)
Allium pamiricum (Add)
Allium pandzhi (Add)
Allium pangasicum (Add)
Allium paniculatum (Add)
Allium parishii (Add)
Allium parryi (Add)
Allium parvulum (Add)
Allium parvum (Add)
Allium passeyi (Add)
Allium pauli (Add)
Allium peninsulare (Add)
Allium perdulce (Add)
Allium petraeum (Add)
Allium pevtzovii (Add)
Allium phanerantherum (Add)
Allium phariense (Add)
Allium platycaule (Add)
Allium platyspathum (Add)
Allium platystemon (Add)
Allium pleianthum (Add)
Allium plummerae (Add)
Allium plurifoliatum (Add)
Allium pogonotepalum (Add)
Allium polycormium (Add)
Allium polyrrhizum (Add)
Allium ponticum (Add)
Allium popovii (Add)
Allium porrum (Add)
Allium praecox (Add)
Allium praemixtum (Add)
Allium praescissum (Add)
Allium procerum (Add)
Allium prokhanovii (Add)
Allium prostratum (Add)
Allium protensum (Add)
Allium przewalskianum (Add)
Allium pseudoalbidum (Add)
Allium pseudostrictum (Add)
Allium pseudowinklerianum (Add)
Allium pseudozeravschanicum (Add)
Allium pskemense

Allium pumilum (Add)
Allium punctum (Add)
Allium ramazanicum (Add)
Allium reflexum (Add)
Allium regelianum (Add)
Allium regelii (Add)
Allium rhabdotum (Add)
Allium rhetoreanum (Add)
Allium rhodanthum (Add)
Allium robinsonii (Add)
Allium roborowskianum (Add)
Allium robustum (Add)
Allium rosenbachianum (Add)
Allium rosenorum (Add)
Allium rothii (Add)
Allium rouyi (Add)
Allium rude (Add)
Allium rudolfii (Add)
Allium rumelicum (Add)
Allium runyonii (Add)
Allium rupestre (Add)
Allium rupestristepposum (Add)
Allium sabulosum (Add)
Allium sacculiferum (Add)
Allium salinum (Add)
Allium samurense (Add)
Allium sanbornii (Add)
Allium saposhnikovii (Add)
Allium sarawschanicum (Add)
Allium sativum (Add)
Allium saxicola (Add)
Allium scabriscapum (Add)
Allium schachimardanicum (Add)
Allium schischkinii (Add)
Allium schmitzii (Add)
Allium schoenoprasoides (Add)
Allium schoenoprasum (Add)
Allium schrenkii (Add)
Allium schubertii (Add)
Allium schugnanicum (Add)
Allium scilloides (Add)
Allium scotostemon (Add)
Allium scrobiculatum (Add)
Allium semenovii (Add)
Allium sergii (Add)
Allium serra (Add)
Allium setifolium (Add)
Allium severtzovioides (Add)
Allium sewerzowii (Add)
Allium sharsmithiae (Add)
Allium shatakiense (Add)
Allium shelkovnikovii (Add)
Allium shevockii (Add)
Allium sikkimense (Add)
Allium simile (Add)
Allium simillimum (Add)
Allium singulifolium (Add)
Allium sinkiangense (Add)
Allium siphonanthum (Add)
Allium siskiyouense (Add)
Allium songpanicum (Add)
Allium sordidiflorum (Add)
Allium spathulatum (Add)
Allium speciosum (Add)
Allium speculae (Add)
Allium splendens (Add)
Allium stellatum (Add)
Allium stenopetalum (Add)
Allium stephanophorum (Add)
Allium stipitatum (Add)
Allium stoliczkii (Add)
Allium straussii (Add)
Allium strictum (Add)
Allium suaveolens (Add)
Allium subalpinum (Add)
Allium subangulatum (Add)
Allium subhirsutum (Add)
Allium subtilissimum (Add)
Allium sulphureum (Add)
Allium suworowii (Add)
Allium svetlanae (Add)
Allium szovitsii (Add)
Allium taciturnum (Add)
Allium taeniopetalum (Add)
Allium taishanense (Add)
Allium talyschense (Add)
Allium tashkenticum (Add)
Allium telavivense (Add)
Allium tenuicaule (Add)
Allium tenuissimum (Add)
Allium teretifolium (Add)
Allium textile (Add)
Allium tianschanicum (Add)
Allium togashii (Add)
Allium tokaliense (Add)
Allium tolmiei (Add)
Allium trachyoscordum (Add)
Allium transvestiens (Add)
Allium trautvetterianum (Add)
Allium tribracteatum (Add)
Allium trilophostemon (Add)
Allium tripedale (Add)
Allium triste (Add)
Allium tschimganicum (Add)
Allium tubergenii (Add)
Allium tulipifolium (Add)
Allium tuncelianum (Add)
Allium tuolumnense (Add)
Allium turcomanicum (Add)
Allium turkestanicum (Add)
Allium turtschicum (Add)
Allium tuvinicum (Add)
Allium tytthanthum (Add)
Allium tytthocephalum (Add)
Allium ubsicolum (Add)
Allium unifolium (Add)
Allium urmiense (Add)
Allium ursinum (Add)
Allium vakhtinae (Add)
Allium valentinae (Add)
Allium validum (Add)
Allium vavilovii (Add)
Allium verticillatum (Add)
Allium vinicolor (Add)
Allium virgunculae (Add)
Allium viridiflorum (Add)
Allium viridulum (Add)
Allium vodopjanovae (Add)
Allium vvedenskyanum (Add)
Allium wakegi (Add)
Allium walteri (Add)
Allium warzobicum (Add)
Allium wenchuanense (Add)
Allium weschniakowii (Add)
Allium winklerianum (Add)
Allium woronowii (Add)
Allium xichuanense (Add)
Allium xiphopetalum (Add)
Allium yanchiense (Add)
Allium yatei (Add)
Allium yildirimlii (Add)
Allium yongdengense (Add)
Allium yosemitense (Add)
Allium yuanum (Add)
Allium zaprjagajevii (Add)
Allium zergericum (Add)
Gen. Ancrumia (Add)
Gen. Caloscordum (Add)
Gen. Erinna (Add)
Gen. Garaventia (Add)
Gen. Gethyum (Add)
Gen. Gilliesia (Add)
Gen. Gilliesia (Add)
Gen. Latace (Add)
Gen. Leucocoryne (Add)
Gen. Miersia (Add)
Gen. Milula (Add)
Gen. Muilla (Add)
Gen. Nothoscordum (Add)
Gen. Schickendantziella (Add)
Gen. Solaria (Add)
Gen. Speea (Add)
Gen. Trichlora (Add)
Gen. Tristagma (Add)
Gen. Tulbaghia (Add)
Gen. Amaryllis (Add)
Amaryllis belladonna

Amaryllis paradisicola (Add)
Gen. Clivia (Add)
Clivia gardneri (Add)
Clivia miniata

Clivia nobilis (Add)
Gen. Crinum (Add)
Gen. Eucharis (Add)
Eucharis grandiflora

Gen. Galanthus
Galanthus allenii (Add)
Galanthus alpinus (Add)
Galanthus angustifolius (Add)
Galanthus cilicicus (Add)
Galanthus elwesii

Galanthus fosteri (Add)
Galanthus gracilis (Add)
Galanthus grandiflorus (Add)
Galanthus ikariae (Add)
Galanthus kemulariae (Add)
Galanthus koenenianus (Add)
Galanthus krasnovii (Add)
Galanthus lagodechianus (Add)
Galanthus nivalis

Galanthus peshmenii (Add)
Galanthus platyphyllus (Add)
Galanthus plicatus (Add)
Galanthus reginae-olgae (Add)
Galanthus rizehensis (Add)
Galanthus transcaucasicus (Add)
Galanthus trojanus (Add)
Galanthus woronowii (Add)
Gen. Haemanthus (Add)
Haemanthus albiflos

Haemanthus katherinae (Add)
Haemanthus lindenii (Add)
Haemanthus multiflorus (Add)
Gen. Hippeastrum

Hippeastrum hortorum (Add)
Gen. Leucojum (Add)
Leucojum aestivum

Leucojum vernum (Add)
Gen. Narcissus (Add)
Narcissus barrii (Add)
Narcissus incomparabilis (Add)
Narcissus poetaz (Add)
Narcissus poeticus (Add)
Narcissus pseudonarcissus

Narcissus tazetta (Add)
Gen. Nerine (Add)
Gen. Vallota (Add)
Vallota purpurea (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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