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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Tracheophyta --> Spermatophytes --> Angiospermae --> Eudicotyledon --> core eudicots --> asterids --> Ord. Ericales -->


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Gen. Argania (Add)
Argania sideroxylon (Add)
Argania spinosa (Add)
Gen. Aubregrinia (Add)
Gen. Aulandra (Add)
Gen. Autranella (Add)
Gen. Baillonella (Add)
Baillonella toxisperma (Add)
Gen. Breviea (Add)
Gen. Burckella (Add)
Gen. Capurodendron (Add)
Gen. Chromolucuma (Add)
Gen. Chrysophyllum (Add)
Chrysophyllum africanum (Add)
Chrysophyllum albidum (Add)
Chrysophyllum argenteum (Add)
Chrysophyllum bicolor (Add)
Chrysophyllum cainito (Add)
Chrysophyllum cuneifolium (Add)
Chrysophyllum eximium (Add)
Chrysophyllum gonocarpum (Add)
Chrysophyllum gorungosanum (Add)
Chrysophyllum imperiale (Add)
Chrysophyllum mexicanum (Add)
Chrysophyllum oliviforme (Add)
Chrysophyllum pomiferum (Add)
Chrysophyllum prieurii (Add)
Chrysophyllum pruniforme (Add)
Chrysophyllum sanguinolentum (Add)
Chrysophyllum venezuelanense (Add)
Chrysophyllum viridifolium (Add)
Gen. Delpydora (Add)
Gen. Diploknema (Add)
Diploknema butyracea (Add)
Gen. Diploon (Add)
Gen. Eberhardtia (Add)
Gen. Ecclinusa (Add)
Ecclinusa guianensis (Add)
Ecclinusa ramiflora (Add)
Gen. Elaeoluma (Add)
Gen. Englerophytum (Add)
Englerophytum magalismontanum (Add)
Gen. Faucherea (Add)
Gen. Gluema (Add)
Gen. Inhambanella (Add)
Gen. Isonandra (Add)
Gen. Labourdonnaisia (Add)
Gen. Labramia (Add)
Labramia ankaranaensis (Add)
Labramia boivinii (Add)
Labramia bojeri (Add)
Labramia capuronii (Add)
Labramia coriacea (Add)
Labramia costata (Add)
Labramia louvelii (Add)
Labramia mayottensis (Add)
Labramia platanoides (Add)
Labramia sambiranensis (Add)
Gen. Lecomtedoxa (Add)
Gen. Leptostylis (Add)
Leptostylis filipes (Add)
Leptostylis gatopensis (Add)
Leptostylis goroensis (Add)
Leptostylis grandifolia (Add)
Leptostylis longiflora (Add)
Leptostylis micrantha (Add)
Leptostylis multiflora (Add)
Leptostylis petiolata (Add)
Gen. Letestua (Add)
Gen. Madhuca (Add)
Madhuca betis (Add)
Madhuca burckiana (Add)
Madhuca curtisii (Add)
Madhuca longifolia (Add)
Madhuca malaccensis (Add)
Madhuca motleyana (Add)
Madhuca sericea (Add)
Madhuca utilis (Add)
Gen. Magodendron (Add)
Gen. Manilkara (Add)
Manilkara bahamensis (Add)
Manilkara bella (Add)
Manilkara bidentata (Add)
Manilkara bolivarensis (Add)
Manilkara cavalcantei (Add)
Manilkara chicle (Add)
Manilkara concolor (Add)
Manilkara dardanoi (Add)
Manilkara decrescens (Add)
Manilkara discolor (Add)
Manilkara dissecta (Add)
Manilkara elata (Add)
Manilkara excelsa (Add)
Manilkara excisa (Add)
Manilkara gonavensis (Add)
Manilkara hexandra (Add)
Manilkara huberi (Add)
Manilkara jaimiqui (Add)
Manilkara kanosiensis (Add)
Manilkara kauki (Add)
Manilkara kurziana (Add)
Manilkara littoralis (Add)
Manilkara longifolia (Add)
Manilkara maxima (Add)
Manilkara mayarensis (Add)
Manilkara mochisia (Add)
Manilkara multifida (Add)
Manilkara nicholsonii (Add)
Manilkara paraensis (Add)
Manilkara pleeana (Add)
Manilkara pubicarpa (Add)
Manilkara roxburghiana (Add)
Manilkara rufula (Add)
Manilkara salzmannii (Add)
Manilkara sideroxylon (Add)
Manilkara spectabilis (Add)
Manilkara subsericea (Add)
Manilkara valenzuelana (Add)
Sapodilla, Manilkara zapota

Gen. Micropholis (Add)
Micropholis achradiformis (Add)
Micropholis acutangula (Add)
Micropholis angolensis (Add)
Micropholis balata (Add)
Micropholis brochidodroma (Add)
Micropholis burchelliana (Add)
Micropholis calophylloides (Add)
Micropholis casiquiarensis (Add)
Micropholis caudata (Add)
Micropholis cayennensis (Add)
Micropholis chrysophylloides (Add)
Micropholis compta (Add)
Micropholis cowanii (Add)
Micropholis crassipedicellata (Add)
Micropholis crotonoides (Add)
Micropholis cruegeriana (Add)
Micropholis cuneata (Add)
Micropholis cylindrocarpa (Add)
Micropholis discolor (Add)
Micropholis dominicensis (Add)
Micropholis egensis (Add)
Micropholis eggersiana (Add)
Micropholis emarginata (Add)
Micropholis eugeniaefolia (Add)
Micropholis garciniifolia (Add)
Micropholis gardneriana (Add)
Micropholis glazoviana (Add)
Micropholis gnaphaloclados (Add)
Micropholis grandiflora (Add)
Micropholis grandifolia (Add)
Micropholis guatemalensis (Add)
Micropholis guyanensis (Add)
Micropholis humboldtiana (Add)
Micropholis imrayana (Add)
Micropholis linoneura (Add)
Micropholis longipedicellata (Add)
Micropholis macrophylla (Add)
Micropholis madeirensis (Add)
Micropholis maguirei (Add)
Micropholis martiana (Add)
Micropholis melinoniana (Add)
Micropholis mensalis (Add)
Micropholis mexicana (Add)
Micropholis mucronata (Add)
Micropholis obscura (Add)
Micropholis paraensis (Add)
Micropholis paraguayensis (Add)
Micropholis polita (Add)
Micropholis porphyrocarpa (Add)
Micropholis portoricensis (Add)
Micropholis resinifera (Add)
Micropholis retusa (Add)
Micropholis rigida (Add)
Micropholis rosadinha-brava (Add)
Micropholis rufa (Add)
Micropholis rugosa (Add)
Micropholis sanctae-rosae (Add)
Micropholis schwackei (Add)
Micropholis sericea (Add)
Micropholis spectabilis (Add)
Micropholis splendens (Add)
Micropholis spruceana (Add)
Micropholis steyermarkii (Add)
Micropholis submarginalis (Add)
Micropholis suborbicularis (Add)
Micropholis truncata (Add)
Micropholis trunciflora (Add)
Micropholis ulei (Add)
Micropholis urbani (Add)
Micropholis venamoensis (Add)
Micropholis venulosa (Add)
Micropholis williamii (Add)
Micropholis wurdackii (Add)
Gen. Mimusops (Add)
Mimusops acutifolia (Add)
Mimusops angel (Add)
Mimusops balata (Add)
Mimusops caffra (Add)
Mimusops commersonii (Add)
Mimusops coriacea (Add)
Mimusops elengi (Add)
Mimusops obovata (Add)
Mimusops penduliflora (Add)
Mimusops riparia (Add)
Mimusops sechellarum (Add)
Mimusops zeyheri (Add)
Gen. Neohemsleya (Add)
Gen. Neolemonniera (Add)
Gen. Nesoluma (Add)
Gen. Niemeyera (Add)
Apostasia shenzhenica (Add)
Gen. Northia (Add)
Northia seychellana (Add)
Gen. Omphalocarpum (Add)
Gen. Palaquium (Add)
Palaquium amboinense (Add)
Palaquium burckii (Add)
Palaquium calophyllum (Add)
Palaquium gutta (Add)
Palaquium hexandrum (Add)
Palaquium leiocarpum (Add)
Palaquium luzoniense (Add)
Palaquium maingayi (Add)
Palaquium obovatum (Add)
Palaquium philippense (Add)
Palaquium polyandrum (Add)
Palaquium ridleyi (Add)
Palaquium rostratum (Add)
Palaquium stellatum (Add)
Gen. Payena (Add)
Payena leeri (Add)
Gen. Pichonia (Add)
Gen. Pouteria (Add)
Pouteria alnifolia (Add)
Pouteria amygdalina (Add)
Pouteria arguacoensium (Add)
Pouteria brevensis (Add)
Pouteria caimito (Add)
Pouteria campechiana (Add)
Pouteria costata (Add)
Pouteria decussata (Add)
Pouteria dictyoneura (Add)
Pouteria dominigensis (Add)
Pouteria durlandii (Add)
Pouteria elegans (Add)
Pouteria gardneri (Add)
Pouteria gardneriana (Add)
Pouteria glomerata (Add)
Pouteria grandiflora (Add)
Pouteria guianensis (Add)
Pouteria hotteana (Add)
Pouteria lucuma (Add)
Pouteria macrantha (Add)
Pouteria macrocarpa (Add)
Pouteria macrophylla (Add)
Pouteria malaccensis (Add)
Pouteria melanopoda (Add)
Pouteria multiflora (Add)
Pouteria nemorosa (Add)
Pouteria pariry (Add)
Pouteria procera (Add)
Pouteria psammophila (Add)
Pouteria ramiflora (Add)
Pouteria reticulata (Add)
Pouteria salicifolia (Add)
Pouteria sandwicensis (Add)
Pouteria sapota (Add)
Pouteria speciosa (Add)
Pouteria splendens (Add)
Pouteria torta (Add)
Pouteria ucuqui (Add)
Pouteria venosa (Add)
Pouteria viridis (Add)
Gen. Pradosia (Add)
Pradosia brevipes (Add)
Pradosia lactescens (Add)
Pradosia ptychandra (Add)
Gen. Pycnandra (Add)
Gen. Sarcaulus (Add)
Gen. Sarcosperma (Add)
Sarcosperma laurinum (Add)
Gen. Sideroxylon (Add)
Sideroxylon capiri (Add)
Sideroxylon celastrinum (Add)
Sideroxylon foetidissimum (Add)
Sideroxylon grandiflorum (Add)
Sideroxylon inerme (Add)
Sideroxylon lanuginosum (Add)
Sideroxylon lycioides (Add)
Sideroxylon obovatum (Add)
Sideroxylon obtusifolium (Add)
Sideroxylon palmeri (Add)
Sideroxylon persimile (Add)
Sideroxylon salicifolium (Add)
Sideroxylon tenax (Add)
Gen. Synsepalum (Add)
Synsepalum afzelii (Add)
Synsepalum attenuatum (Add)
Synsepalum aubrevillei (Add)
Synsepalum batesii (Add)
Synsepalum bequaertii (Add)
Synsepalum brenanii (Add)
Synsepalum brevipes (Add)
Synsepalum buluensis (Add)
Synsepalum carrieanum (Add)
Synsepalum cerasiferum (Add)
Synsepalum congolense (Add)
Synsepalum dulcificum (Add)
Synsepalum fleuryanum (Add)
Synsepalum gabonense (Add)
Synsepalum glycydora (Add)
Synsepalum kassneri (Add)
Synsepalum lastoursvillense (Add)
Synsepalum laurentii (Add)
Synsepalum le-testui (Add)
Synsepalum letouzei (Add)
Synsepalum msolo (Add)
Synsepalum muelleri (Add)
Synsepalum nyangense (Add)
Synsepalum ogouense (Add)
Synsepalum ovatostipulatum (Add)
Synsepalum oyemense (Add)
Synsepalum passargei (Add)
Synsepalum pobeguinianum (Add)
Synsepalum revolutum (Add)
Synsepalum seretii (Add)
Synsepalum stipulatum (Add)
Synsepalum subcordatum (Add)
Synsepalum subverticillatum (Add)
Synsepalum tomentosum (Add)
Synsepalum tsounkpe (Add)
Synsepalum ulugurense (Add)
Synsepalum zenkeri (Add)
Gen. Tieghemella (Add)
Tieghemella africana (Add)
Tieghemella heckelii (Add)
Gen. Tridesmostemon (Add)
Gen. Tsebona (Add)
Gen. Vitellaria (Add)
Vitellaria paradoxa (Add)
Gen. Vitellariopsis (Add)
Vitellariopsis marginata (Add)
Gen. Xantolis (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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