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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Tracheophyta --> Spermatophytes --> Angiospermae --> Eudicotyledon --> core eudicots --> rosids --> malvids (eurosids II) --> Ord. Geraniales -->


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Geranium pratense

"Meadow Cranesbill (Geranium pratense)" by Tim Green aka atoach via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Geranium sanguineum

"Geranium sanguineum y abejita" by Ferran pestaña via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.


Gen. Erodium (Add)
Erodium acaule (Add)
Erodium amanum (Add)
Erodium birandianum (Add)
Erodium botrys (Add)
Erodium cicutarium (Add)
Erodium crassifolium (Add)
Erodium hendrikii (Add)
Erodium leucanthum (Add)
Erodium moschatum (Add)
Erodium mouretii (Add)
Erodium olympicum (Add)
Gen. Geranium (Add)
Geranium robertianum (Add)
Geranium subg. Erodioidea (Add)
Geranium sect. Aculeolata (Add)
Geranium sect. Brasiliensia (Add)
Geranium sect. Erodioidea (Add)
Geranium sect. Subacaulia (Add)
Geranium subg. Geranium (Add)
Geranium sect. Azorelloida (Add)
Geranium sect. Dissecta (Add)
Geranium sect. Geranium (Add)
Geranium aequatoriale (Add)
Geranium affine (Add)
Geranium albicans (Add)
Geranium albidum (Add)
Geranium albiflorum (Add)
Geranium album (Add)
Geranium alpicola (Add)
Geranium amatolicum (Add)
Geranium amoenum (Add)
Geranium andicola (Add)
Geranium andringitrense (Add)
Geranium angelense (Add)
Geranium angustipetalum (Add)
Geranium antisanae (Add)
Geranium antrorsum (Add)
Geranium apricum (Add)
Geranium arabicum (Add)
Geranium ardjunense (Add)
Geranium asiaticum (Add)
Geranium atlanticum (Add)
Geranium ayacuchense (Add)
Geranium ayavacense (Add)
Geranium balgooyi (Add)
Geranium bangii (Add)
Geranium baschkyzylsaicum (Add)
Geranium baurianum (Add)
Geranium bellum (Add)
Geranium berterianum (Add)
Geranium bicknellii (Add)
Geranium bockii (Add)
Geranium bolivianum (Add)
Geranium brycei (Add)
Geranium caeruleatum (Add)
Geranium caespitosum (Add)
Geranium californicum (Add)
Geranium campanulatum (Add)
Geranium campii (Add)
Geranium canescens (Add)
Geranium carmineum (Add)
Geranium carolinianum (Add)
Geranium caucense (Add)
Geranium chamaense (Add)
Geranium chaparense (Add)
Geranium charucanum (Add)
Geranium chilense (Add)
Geranium chilloense (Add)
Geranium chimborazense (Add)
Geranium chinchense (Add)
Geranium chinense (Add)
Geranium christensenianum (Add)
Geranium clarkei (Add)
Geranium clarum (Add)
Geranium collae (Add)
Geranium collinum (Add)
Geranium columbianum (Add)
Geranium columbinum (Add)
Geranium comarapense (Add)
Geranium commutatum (Add)
Geranium confertum (Add)
Geranium contortum (Add)
Geranium core-core (Add)
Geranium costaricense (Add)
Geranium crassipes (Add)
Geranium crassiusculum (Add)
Geranium crenatifolium (Add)
Geranium cruceroense (Add)
Geranium cuatrecasasii (Add)
Geranium cuchillense (Add)
Geranium dahuricum (Add)
Geranium delavayi (Add)
Geranium deltoideum (Add)
Geranium dielsianum (Add)
Geranium diffusum (Add)
Geranium digitatum (Add)
Geranium discolor (Add)
Geranium donianum (Add)
Geranium drakensbergense (Add)
Geranium dregei (Add)
Geranium drummondii (Add)
Geranium duclouxii (Add)
Geranium durangense (Add)
Geranium ecuadoriense (Add)
Geranium editum (Add)
Geranium eginense (Add)
Geranium elatum (Add)
Geranium endressii (Add)
Geranium erianthum (Add)
Geranium escalonense (Add)
Geranium exellii (Add)
Geranium fallax (Add)
Geranium farreri (Add)
Geranium ferganense (Add)
Geranium fiebrigianum (Add)
Geranium filipes (Add)
Geranium finitimum (Add)
Geranium flaccidum (Add)
Geranium flanaganii (Add)
Geranium franchetii (Add)
Geranium frigidurbis (Add)
Geranium fuscicaule (Add)
Geranium geissei (Add)
Geranium gentryi (Add)
Geranium goldmanii (Add)
Geranium gorbizense (Add)
Geranium grandistipulatum (Add)
Geranium graniticola (Add)
Geranium guamanense (Add)
Geranium guatemalense (Add)
Geranium harmsii (Add)
Geranium harveyi (Add)
Geranium hattae (Add)
Geranium hayatanum (Add)
Geranium heinrichsae (Add)
Geranium hernandesii (Add)
Geranium herrerae (Add)
Geranium herzogii (Add)
Geranium himalayense (Add)
Geranium hintonii (Add)
Geranium holm-nielsenii (Add)
Geranium homeanum (Add)
Geranium huantense (Add)
Geranium humboldtii (Add)
Geranium hyperacrion (Add)
Geranium hystricinum (Add)
Geranium igualatense (Add)
Geranium imbaburae (Add)
Geranium incanum (Add)
Geranium jaekelae (Add)
Geranium jinchuanense (Add)
Geranium kashmirianum (Add)
Geranium kilimandscharicum (Add)
Geranium killipianum (Add)
Geranium killipii (Add)
Geranium kishtvariense (Add)
Geranium knuthianum (Add)
Geranium knuthii (Add)
Geranium koreanum (Add)
Geranium krameri (Add)
Geranium lacustre (Add)
Geranium lambertii (Add)
Geranium lasiocaulon (Add)
Geranium latilobum (Add)
Geranium latum (Add)
Geranium laxicaule (Add)
Geranium lechleri (Add)
Geranium lentum (Add)
Geranium leptodactylon (Add)
Geranium leucanthum (Add)
Geranium lilacinum (Add)
Geranium limae (Add)
Geranium loxense (Add)
Geranium lozanoi (Add)
Geranium maculatum (Add)
Geranium madrense (Add)
Geranium magellanicum (Add)
Geranium magniflorum (Add)
Geranium malpasense (Add)
Geranium maniculatum (Add)
Geranium mathewsii (Add)
Geranium matucanense (Add)
Geranium maximowiczii (Add)
Geranium meridense (Add)
Geranium mexicanum (Add)
Geranium mlanjense (Add)
Geranium mogotocorense (Add)
Geranium mollendiense (Add)
Geranium monanthum (Add)
Geranium monticola (Add)
Geranium moorei (Add)
Geranium multipartitum (Add)
Geranium multisectum (Add)
Geranium napuligerum (Add)
Geranium natalense (Add)
Geranium neglectum (Add)
Geranium neohispidum (Add)
Geranium neopumilum (Add)
Geranium nepalense (Add)
Geranium niuginiense (Add)
Geranium nivale (Add)
Geranium niveum (Add)
Geranium nodosum (Add)
Geranium nuristanicum (Add)
Geranium nyassense (Add)
Geranium oaxacanum (Add)
Geranium obtusisepalum (Add)
Geranium ochsenii (Add)
Geranium oreganum (Add)
Geranium orientali-tibeticum (Add)
Geranium ornithopodioides (Add)
Geranium ornithopodon (Add)
Geranium paishanense (Add)
Geranium palcaense (Add)
Geranium pallidifolium (Add)
Geranium paludosum (Add)
Geranium palustre (Add)
Geranium pamiricum (Add)
Geranium papuanum (Add)
Geranium paramicola (Add)
Geranium patagonicum (Add)
Geranium pavonianum (Add)
Geranium peruvianum (Add)
Geranium pflanzii (Add)
Geranium philippii (Add)
Geranium pichinchense (Add)
Geranium pinetophilum (Add)
Geranium piurense (Add)
Geranium planum (Add)
Geranium platyanthum (Add)
Geranium platyrenifolium (Add)
Geranium pogonanthum (Add)
Geranium potentillifolium (Add)
Geranium potentilloides (Add)
Geranium potosinum (Add)
Geranium pratense

Geranium pringlei (Add)
Geranium procurrens (Add)
Geranium pseudofarreri (Add)
Geranium pseudosibiricum (Add)
Geranium psilostemon (Add)
Geranium pulchrum (Add)
Geranium pylzowianum (Add)
Geranium raimondii (Add)
Geranium rectum (Add)
Geranium refractum (Add)
Geranium reinii (Add)
Geranium renifolium (Add)
Geranium repens (Add)
Geranium reptans (Add)
Geranium retrorsum (Add)
Geranium rhomboidale (Add)
Geranium richardsonii (Add)
Geranium rivulare (Add)
Geranium robustipes (Add)
Geranium robustum (Add)
Geranium rosthornii (Add)
Geranium rotundifolium (Add)
Geranium rubifolium (Add)
Geranium ruizii (Add)
Geranium rupicola (Add)
Geranium ruprechtii (Add)
Geranium sanguineum

Geranium saxatile (Add)
Geranium schiedeanum (Add)
Geranium schimpffii (Add)
Geranium schlechteri (Add)
Geranium schultzei (Add)
Geranium scissum (Add)
Geranium scullyi (Add)
Geranium seemannii (Add)
Geranium selloi (Add)
Geranium sepalo-roseum (Add)
Geranium sericeum (Add)
Geranium sessiliflorum (Add)
Geranium shensianum (Add)
Geranium shikokianum (Add)
Geranium siamense (Add)
Geranium sibbaldioides (Add)
Geranium sibiricum (Add)
Geranium sinense (Add)
Geranium skottsbergii (Add)
Geranium smithianum (Add)
Geranium soboliferum (Add)
Geranium sodiroanum (Add)
Geranium solanderi (Add)
Geranium solitarium (Add)
Geranium sophiae (Add)
Geranium soratae (Add)
Geranium sparsiflorum (Add)
Geranium squamosum (Add)
Geranium staffordianum (Add)
Geranium stapfianum (Add)
Geranium stramineum (Add)
Geranium stuebelii (Add)
Geranium subcompositum (Add)
Geranium subglabrum (Add)
Geranium sublaevispermum (Add)
Geranium subscandens (Add)
Geranium superbum (Add)
Geranium suzukii (Add)
Geranium swatense (Add)
Geranium sylvaticum (Add)
Geranium tafiense (Add)
Geranium tanii (Add)
Geranium tenue (Add)
Geranium texanum (Add)
Geranium thunbergii (Add)
Geranium tiguense (Add)
Geranium totorense (Add)
Geranium tracyi (Add)
Geranium transbaicalicum (Add)
Geranium traversii (Add)
Geranium trianae (Add)
Geranium tripartitum (Add)
Geranium trolliifolium (Add)
Geranium tucumanum (Add)
Geranium unguiculatum (Add)
Geranium uralense (Add)
Geranium vagans (Add)
Geranium venezuelae (Add)
Geranium venturianum (Add)
Geranium versicolor (Add)
Geranium viscosissimum (Add)
Geranium wakkerstroomianum (Add)
Geranium wallichianum (Add)
Geranium weberbauerianum (Add)
Geranium weddellii (Add)
Geranium whartonianum (Add)
Geranium wilfordii (Add)
Geranium wilhelminae (Add)
Geranium wislizeni (Add)
Geranium wlassovianum (Add)
Geranium yaanense (Add)
Geranium yesoense (Add)
Geranium yoshinoi (Add)
Geranium yunnanense (Add)
Geranium sect. Gracilia (Add)
Geranium sect. Neoandina (Add)
Geranium sect. Neurophyllodes (Add)
Geranium sect. Paramensia (Add)
Geranium sect. Tuberosa (Add)
Geranium subg. Robertium (Add)
Geranium sect. Anemonifolia (Add)
Geranium sect. Batrachioidea (Add)
Geranium sect. Divaricata (Add)
Geranium sect. Lucida (Add)
Geranium glaberrimum (Add)
Geranium lasiopus (Add)
Geranium lucidum (Add)
Geranium sect. Polyantha (Add)
Geranium sect. Ruberta (Add)
Geranium sect. Trilopha (Add)
Geranium sect. Unguiculata (Add)
Geranium dalmaticum (Add)
Geranium macrorrhizum (Add)
Gen. Hypseocharis (Add)
Gen. Monsonia (Add)
Gen. Pelargonium (Add)
Pelargonium crispum (Add)
Gen. Rhynchotheca (Add)
Gen. Sarcocaulon (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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