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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Tracheophyta --> Spermatophytes --> Angiospermae --> Eudicotyledon --> core eudicots --> asterids --> lamiids (euasterids I) --> Ord. Lamiales -->


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Fontanesieae (Add)
Gen. Fontanesia (Add)
Fontanesia philliraeoides (Add)
Forsythieae (Add)
Gen. Abeliophyllum (Add)
Abeliophyllum distichum (Add)
Gen. Forsythia (Add)
Forsythia europaea (Add)
Forsythia giraldiana (Add)
Forsythia japonica (Add)
Forsythia mandschurica (Add)
Forsythia ovata (Add)
Forsythia suspensa (Add)
Forsythia togashii (Add)
Forsythia viridissima (Add)
Jasmineae (Add)
Gen. Jasminum (Add)
Jasminum angulare (Add)
Jasminum attenuatum (Add)
Jasminum auriculatum (Add)
Jasminum azoricum (Add)
Jasminum dichotomum (Add)
Jasminum didymum (Add)
Jasminum dispermum (Add)
Jasminum elegans (Add)
Jasminum fluminense (Add)
Jasminum fruticans (Add)
Jasminum lanceolarium (Add)
Jasminum multipartitum (Add)
Jasminum odoratissimum (Add)
Jasminum parkeri (Add)
Jasminum rex (Add)
Jasminum simplicifolium (Add)
Jasminum sinense (Add)
Jasminum subtriplinerve (Add)
Jasminum tortuosum (Add)
Gen. Menodora (Add)
Menodora africana (Add)
Menodora chlorargantha (Add)
Menodora coulteri (Add)
Menodora decimfida (Add)
Menodora gypsophila (Add)
Menodora helianthemoides (Add)
Menodora heterophylla (Add)
Menodora hintoniorum (Add)
Menodora integrifolia (Add)
Menodora intricata (Add)
Menodora jaliscana (Add)
Menodora juncea (Add)
Menodora linoides (Add)
Menodora longiflora (Add)
Menodora magniflora (Add)
Menodora mexicana (Add)
Menodora muellerae (Add)
Menodora potosiensis (Add)
Menodora pulchella (Add)
Menodora robusta (Add)
Menodora scabra (Add)
Menodora spinescens (Add)
Menodora tehucana (Add)
Menodora yecorana (Add)
Gen. Nyctanthes (Add)
Nyctanthes aculeata (Add)
Nyctanthes arbor-tristis (Add)
Myxopyreae (Add)
Gen. Dimetra (Add)
Gen. Myxopyrum (Add)
Gen. Nyctanthes (Add)
Nyctanthes aculeata (Add)
Nyctanthes arbor-tristis (Add)
Oleeae (Add)
Gen. Chionanthus (Add)
Chionanthus foveolatus (Add)
Chionanthus holdridgei (Add)
Chionanthus intermedius (Add)
Chionanthus pubescens (Add)
Chionanthus pygmaeus (Add)
Chionanthus retusus (Add)
Chionanthus virginicus (Add)
Gen. Comoranthus (Add)
Gen. Forestiera (Add)
Forestiera acuminata (Add)
Forestiera ligustrina (Add)
Forestiera neomexicana (Add)
Forestiera pubescens (Add)
Forestiera rhamnifolia (Add)
Forestiera segregata (Add)
Gen. Fraxinus (Add)
Fraxinus albicans (Add)
Fraxinus americana (Add)
Fraxinus angustifolia (Add)
Fraxinus anomala (Add)
Fraxinus apertisquamifera (Add)
Fraxinus baroniana (Add)
Fraxinus berlandieriana (Add)
Fraxinus bungeana (Add)
Fraxinus caroliniana (Add)
Fraxinus chiisanensis (Add)
Fraxinus chinensis (Add)
Fraxinus cuspidata (Add)
Fraxinus dimorpha (Add)
Fraxinus dipetala (Add)
Fraxinus dubia (Add)
Fraxinus excelsior (Add)
Fraxinus ferruginea (Add)
Fraxinus floribunda (Add)
Fraxinus gooddingii (Add)
Fraxinus greggii (Add)
Fraxinus griffithii (Add)
Fraxinus holotricha (Add)
Fraxinus hondurensis (Add)
Fraxinus hubeiensis (Add)
Fraxinus insularis (Add)
Fraxinus lanuginosa (Add)
Fraxinus latifolia (Add)
Fraxinus longicuspis (Add)
Fraxinus malacophylla (Add)
Fraxinus mandshurica (Add)
Fraxinus mariesii (Add)
Fraxinus micrantha (Add)
Fraxinus nigra (Add)
Fraxinus odontocalyx (Add)
Fraxinus ornus (Add)
Fraxinus oxyphylla (Add)
Fraxinus pallisiae (Add)
Fraxinus papillosa (Add)
Fraxinus paxiana (Add)
Fraxinus pennsylvanica (Add)
Fraxinus persica (Add)
Fraxinus platypoda (Add)
Fraxinus profunda (Add)
Fraxinus purpusii (Add)
Fraxinus quadrangulata (Add)
Fraxinus raibocarpa (Add)
Fraxinus rufescens (Add)
Fraxinus sieboldiana (Add)
Fraxinus sogdiana (Add)
Fraxinus spaethiana (Add)
Fraxinus stylosa (Add)
Fraxinus texensis (Add)
Fraxinus trifoliolata (Add)
Fraxinus uhdei (Add)
Fraxinus velutina (Add)
Fraxinus xanthoxyloides (Add)
Gen. Haenianthus (Add)
Gen. Hesperelaea (Add)
Gen. Ligustrum (Add)
Gen. Nestegis (Add)
Nestegis cunninghamii (Add)
Gen. Noronhia (Add)
Noronhia emarginata (Add)
Gen. Notelaea (Add)
Notelaea ligustrina (Add)
Notelaea longifolia (Add)
Gen. Olea (Add)
Olea ambrensis (Add)
Olea borneensis (Add)
Olea brachiata (Add)
Olea capensis (Add)
Olea caudatilimba (Add)
Olea chimanimani (Add)
Olea cordatula (Add)
Olea dioica (Add)
Olea europaea (Add)
Olea exasperata (Add)
Olea gagnepainii (Add)
Olea gamblei (Add)
Olea guangxiensis (Add)
Olea hainanensis (Add)
Olea javanica (Add)
Olea lancea (Add)
Olea laxiflora (Add)
Olea moluccensis (Add)
Olea neriifolia (Add)
Olea obovata (Add)
Olea palawanensis (Add)
Olea paniculata (Add)
Olea parvilimba (Add)
Olea polygama (Add)
Olea rosea (Add)
Olea rubrovenia (Add)
Olea salicifolia (Add)
Olea schliebenii (Add)
Olea tetragonoclada (Add)
Olea tsoongii (Add)
Olea undulata (Add)
Olea welwitschii (Add)
Olea wightiana (Add)
Olea woodiana (Add)
Olea yuennanensis (Add)
Gen. Osmanthus (Add)
Osmanthus americanus (Add)
Osmanthus armatus (Add)
Osmanthus aurantiacus (Add)
Osmanthus decorus (Add)
Osmanthus delavayi (Add)
Osmanthus forrestii (Add)
Osmanthus fragrans (Add)
Osmanthus heterophyllus (Add)
Osmanthus insularis (Add)
Osmanthus rigidus (Add)
Osmanthus serrulatus (Add)
Osmanthus suavis (Add)
Osmanthus x burkwoodii (Add)
Osmanthus x fortunei (Add)
Osmanthus yunnanensis (Add)
Gen. Phillyrea (Add)
Phillyrea angustifolia (Add)
Phillyrea laevis (Add)
Phillyrea latifolia (Add)
Gen. Picconia (Add)
Picconia azorica (Add)
Picconia excelsa (Add)
Gen. Priogymnanthus (Add)
Gen. Schrebera (Add)
Schrebera alata (Add)
Schrebera mazoensis (Add)
Schrebera saundersiae (Add)
Schrebera swietenioides (Add)
Gen. Syringa (Add)
Syringa afghanica (Add)
Syringa emodi (Add)
Syringa josikaea (Add)
Syringa komarowii (Add)
Syringa mairei (Add)
Syringa meyeri (Add)
Syringa microphylla (Add)
Syringa oblata (Add)
Syringa pinetorum (Add)
Syringa pinnatifolia (Add)
Syringa protolaciniata (Add)
Syringa pubescens (Add)
Syringa reticulata (Add)
Syringa spontanea (Add)
Syringa sweginzowii (Add)
Syringa tibetica (Add)
Syringa tomentella (Add)
Syringa villosa (Add)
Syringa vulgaris (Add)
Syringa wardii (Add)
Syringa wolfii (Add)
Syringa yunnanensis (Add)
Gen. Tessarandra (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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