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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Tracheophyta --> Spermatophytes --> Angiospermae --> Monocotyledon --> Ord. Liliales -->


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Calochortoideae (Add)
Gen. Calochortus (Add)
Gen. Prosartes (Add)
Gen. Scoliopus (Add)
Gen. Streptopus (Add)
Gen. Tricyrtis (Add)
Lilioideae (Add)
Gen. Cardiocrinum (Add)
Gen. Erythronium (Add)
Gen. Fritillaria (Add)
Gen. Gagea (Add)
Gagea lutea (Add)
Gen. Lilium (Add)
Lilium bulbiferum

Gen. Lloydia (Add)
Gen. Nomocharis (Add)
Gen. Notholirion (Add)
Gen. Tulipa (Add)
Tulipa praestans

Tulipa subg. Clusianae (Add)
Tulipa subg. Eriostemones (Add)
Tulipa sect. Australes (Add)
Tulipa australis (Add)
Tulipa biebersteiniana (Add)
Tulipa hageri (Add)
Tulipa orphanidea (Add)
Tulipa primulina (Add)
Tulipa sprengeri (Add)
Tulipa sylvestris (Add)
Tulipa urumiensis (Add)
Tulipa whittallii (Add)
Tulipa sect. Biflores (Add)
Tulipa biflora (Add)
Tulipa bifloriformis (Add)
Tulipa buhseana (Add)
Tulipa dasystemon (Add)
Tulipa dasystemonoides (Add)
Tulipa neustruevae (Add)
Tulipa orithyoides (Add)
Tulipa polychroma (Add)
Tulipa sogdiana (Add)
Tulipa tarda (Add)
Tulipa turkestanica (Add)
Tulipa sect. Saxatiles (Add)
Tulipa aucheriana (Add)
Tulipa bakeri (Add)
Tulipa humilis (Add)
Tulipa pulchella (Add)
Tulipa saxatilis (Add)
Tulipa subg. Orithryia (Add)
Tulipa subg. Tulipa (Add)
Tulipa sect. Clusianae (Add)
Tulipa batalinii (Add)
Tulipa clusiana (Add)
Tulipa linifolia (Add)
Tulipa maximowiczii (Add)
Tulipa montana (Add)
Tulipa wilsoniana (Add)
Tulipa sect. Eichleres (Add)
Tulipa sect. Kolpakowskianae (Add)
Tulipa altaica (Add)
Tulipa borszczowii (Add)
Tulipa kolpakowskiana (Add)
Tulipa korolkovii (Add)
Tulipa lehmanniana (Add)
Tulipa tetraphylla (Add)
Tulipa sect. Tulipa (Add)
Tulipa armena (Add)
Tulipa didieri (Add)
Tulipa gesneriana (Add)
Tulipa hungarica (Add)
Tulipa schrenkii (Add)
Tulipa sintenisii (Add)
Tulipa suaveolens (Add)
Tulipa sect. Tulipanum (Add)
Medeoloideae (Add)
Gen. Clintonia (Add)
Gen. Medeola (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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