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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Tracheophyta --> Spermatophytes --> Angiospermae --> Eudicotyledon --> core eudicots --> asterids --> lamiids (euasterids I) --> Ord. Lamiales -->


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Gen. Bartsia (Add)
Gen. Buddleja (Add)
Gen. Calceolaria (Add)
Calceolaria adscendens (Add)
Calceolaria andina (Add)
Calceolaria aquatica (Add)
Calceolaria biflora

Calceolaria chelidonioides (Add)
Calceolaria corymbosa (Add)
Calceolaria crenatiflora (Add)
Calceolaria integrifolia (Add)
Calceolaria lepida (Add)
Calceolaria mexicana (Add)
Calceolaria molaui (Add)
Calceolaria pavonii (Add)
Calceolaria petiolaris (Add)
Calceolaria polyrrhiza (Add)
Calceolaria salicifolia (Add)
Calceolaria tripartita (Add)
Calceolaria uniflora (Add)
Calceolaria x herbeohybrida (Add)
Gen. Chaenorhinum (Add)
Gen. Collinsia (Add)
Gen. Euphrasia

Euphrasia adenocaulon (Add)
Euphrasia adenonota (Add)
Euphrasia ajanensis (Add)
Euphrasia alba (Add)
Euphrasia alpina (Add)
Euphrasia alsa (Add)
Euphrasia altaica (Add)
Euphrasia amblyodonta (Add)
Euphrasia amphisysepala (Add)
Euphrasia amurensis (Add)
Euphrasia andicola (Add)
Euphrasia anglica (Add)
Euphrasia antarctica (Add)
Euphrasia arctica (Add)
Euphrasia arguta (Add)
Euphrasia aristulata (Add)
Euphrasia atropurpurea (Add)
Euphrasia aurea (Add)
Euphrasia australis (Add)
Euphrasia azorica (Add)
Euphrasia bajankolica (Add)
Euphrasia bakurianica (Add)
Euphrasia bella (Add)
Euphrasia bhutanica (Add)
Euphrasia bicknellii (Add)
Euphrasia borneensis (Add)
Euphrasia bottnica (Add)
Euphrasia bowdeniae (Add)
Euphrasia brevilabris (Add)
Euphrasia brevipila (Add)
Euphrasia caespitosa (Add)
Euphrasia calida (Add)
Euphrasia callosa (Add)
Euphrasia cambrica (Add)
Euphrasia campbellae (Add)
Euphrasia caudata (Add)
Euphrasia celebica (Add)
Euphrasia ceramensis (Add)
Euphrasia cheesemanii (Add)
Euphrasia chitrovoi (Add)
Euphrasia chrysantha (Add)
Euphrasia chumbica (Add)
Euphrasia ciliolata (Add)
Euphrasia cisalpina (Add)
Euphrasia cockayniana (Add)
Euphrasia coerulea (Add)
Euphrasia collina (Add)
Euphrasia confusa (Add)
Euphrasia coreana (Add)
Euphrasia coreanalpina (Add)
Euphrasia crassiuscula (Add)
Euphrasia cucullata (Add)
Euphrasia culminicola (Add)
Euphrasia cuneata (Add)
Euphrasia curviflora (Add)
Euphrasia cuspidata (Add)
Euphrasia cyclophylla (Add)
Euphrasia daghestanica (Add)
Euphrasia davidssonii (Add)
Euphrasia debilis (Add)
Euphrasia densiflora (Add)
Euphrasia dinarica (Add)
Euphrasia disjuncta (Add)
Euphrasia disperma (Add)
Euphrasia drosocalyx (Add)
Euphrasia drosophylla (Add)
Euphrasia drucei (Add)
Euphrasia dunensis (Add)
Euphrasia dyeri (Add)
Euphrasia eichleri (Add)
Euphrasia eurycarpa (Add)
Euphrasia fangii (Add)
Euphrasia fedtschenkoana (Add)
Euphrasia flabellata (Add)
Euphrasia flava (Add)
Euphrasia flavescens (Add)
Euphrasia flavicans (Add)
Euphrasia foliosa (Add)
Euphrasia formosissima (Add)
Euphrasia forrestii (Add)
Euphrasia foulaensis (Add)
Euphrasia fragosa (Add)
Euphrasia frigida (Add)
Euphrasia gibbsiae (Add)
Euphrasia glandulosodentata (Add)
Euphrasia grandiflora (Add)
Euphrasia grossheimii (Add)
Euphrasia hachijoensis (Add)
Euphrasia heslop-harrisonii (Add)
Euphrasia hibiscus (Add)
Euphrasia himalayica (Add)
Euphrasia hirtella (Add)
Euphrasia hookeri (Add)
Euphrasia hudsoniana (Add)
Euphrasia humifusa (Add)
Euphrasia hyperborea (Add)
Euphrasia iinumae (Add)
Euphrasia illyrica (Add)
Euphrasia imbricans (Add)
Euphrasia incisa (Add)
Euphrasia inopinata (Add)
Euphrasia insignis (Add)
Euphrasia integrifolia (Add)
Euphrasia integriloba (Add)
Euphrasia intricata (Add)
Euphrasia iranica (Add)
Euphrasia jacutica (Add)
Euphrasia jaeschkei (Add)
Euphrasia juzepczukii (Add)
Euphrasia karataviensis (Add)
Euphrasia kashmiriana (Add)
Euphrasia kemulariae (Add)
Euphrasia kingdon-wardii (Add)
Euphrasia kisoalpina (Add)
Euphrasia kjellbergii (Add)
Euphrasia krassnovii (Add)
Euphrasia kurramensis (Add)
Euphrasia laingii (Add)
Euphrasia lamii (Add)
Euphrasia lasianthera (Add)
Euphrasia laxa (Add)
Euphrasia lebardensis (Add)
Euphrasia liburnica (Add)
Euphrasia macrocalyx (Add)
Euphrasia macrodonta (Add)
Euphrasia marchesettii (Add)
Euphrasia marshallii (Add)
Euphrasia matsumurae (Add)
Euphrasia maximowiczii (Add)
Euphrasia meiantha (Add)
Euphrasia melanosticta (Add)
Euphrasia mendoncae (Add)
Euphrasia merrillii (Add)
Euphrasia micrantha (Add)
Euphrasia microcarpa (Add)
Euphrasia microphylla (Add)
Euphrasia minima (Add)
Euphrasia mirabilis (Add)
Euphrasia mollis (Add)
Euphrasia monroi (Add)
Euphrasia mucronulata (Add)
Euphrasia multiflora (Add)
Euphrasia multifolia (Add)
Euphrasia muscosa (Add)
Euphrasia nankotaizanensis (Add)
Euphrasia nemorosa

Euphrasia nepalensis (Add)
Euphrasia nuristanica (Add)
Euphrasia oakesii (Add)
Euphrasia officinalis (Add)
Euphrasia onegensis (Add)
Euphrasia orthocheila (Add)
Euphrasia ossica (Add)
Euphrasia ostenfeldii (Add)
Euphrasia paghmanensis (Add)
Euphrasia papuana (Add)
Euphrasia parviflora (Add)
Euphrasia pectinata (Add)
Euphrasia peduncularis (Add)
Euphrasia perpusilla (Add)
Euphrasia petiolaris (Add)
Euphrasia petriei (Add)
Euphrasia philippii (Add)
Euphrasia philippinensis (Add)
Euphrasia phragmostoma (Add)
Euphrasia picta (Add)
Euphrasia pinifolia (Add)
Euphrasia platyphylla (Add)
Euphrasia portae (Add)
Euphrasia pseudokemeri (Add)
Euphrasia pseudomollis (Add)
Euphrasia pseudopaucifolia (Add)
Euphrasia pubescens (Add)
Euphrasia pubigera (Add)
Euphrasia putoranica (Add)
Euphrasia ramulosa (Add)
Euphrasia randii (Add)
Euphrasia rectiflora (Add)
Euphrasia regelii (Add)
Euphrasia remota (Add)
Euphrasia repens (Add)
Euphrasia retroticha (Add)
Euphrasia revoluta (Add)
Euphrasia rhumica (Add)
Euphrasia rivularis (Add)
Euphrasia rockii (Add)
Euphrasia rostkoviana (Add)
Euphrasia rotundifolia (Add)
Euphrasia ruptura (Add)
Euphrasia salisburgensis (Add)
Euphrasia scabra (Add)
Euphrasia schischkinii (Add)
Euphrasia schlagintweitii (Add)
Euphrasia schugnanica (Add)
Euphrasia scottica (Add)
Euphrasia scutellarioides (Add)
Euphrasia secundiflora (Add)
Euphrasia semipicta (Add)
Euphrasia setulosa (Add)
Euphrasia sevanensis (Add)
Euphrasia sibirica (Add)
Euphrasia simplex (Add)
Euphrasia sinuata (Add)
Euphrasia sosnowskyi (Add)
Euphrasia spatulifolia (Add)
Euphrasia spectabilis (Add)
Euphrasia striata (Add)
Euphrasia stricta (Add)
Euphrasia subarctica (Add)
Euphrasia subexserta (Add)
Euphrasia suborbicularis (Add)
Euphrasia svanica (Add)
Euphrasia syreitschikovii (Add)
Euphrasia tarokoana (Add)
Euphrasia taurica (Add)
Euphrasia tetraquetra (Add)
Euphrasia tirolensis (Add)
Euphrasia townsonii (Add)
Euphrasia transmorrisonensis (Add)
Euphrasia tranzschelii (Add)
Euphrasia tricuspidata (Add)
Euphrasia trifida (Add)
Euphrasia ussuriensis (Add)
Euphrasia vernalis (Add)
Euphrasia vigursii (Add)
Euphrasia villaricensis (Add)
Euphrasia vinacea (Add)
Euphrasia wettsteinii (Add)
Euphrasia willkommii (Add)
Euphrasia woronowii (Add)
Euphrasia x aequalis (Add)
Euphrasia x christii (Add)
Euphrasia x dilata (Add)
Euphrasia x gratiosa (Add)
Euphrasia x levieri (Add)
Euphrasia x pulchella (Add)
Euphrasia x reuteri (Add)
Euphrasia x trikoviana (Add)
Euphrasia x vestita (Add)
Euphrasia x villosa (Add)
Euphrasia yabeana (Add)
Euphrasia yezoensis (Add)
Euphrasia zelandica (Add)
Gen. Gratiola (Add)
Gen. Kickxia (Add)
Gen. Lathraea (Add)
Gen. Limosella (Add)
Gen. Melampyrum (Add)
Melampyrum pratense (Add)
Melampyrum sylvaticum (Add)
Gen. Mimulus (Add)
Mimulus lewisii

Gen. Misopates (Add)
Gen. Nemesia (Add)
Gen. Odontites (Add)
Gen. Paulownia (Add)
Gen. Penstemon (Add)
Gen. Redicularis (Add)
Gen. Rhinantus (Add)
Gen. Scrophularia (Add)
Gen. Tetranema (Add)
Gen. Verbascum (Add)
Verbascum nigrum (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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