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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Tracheophyta --> Spermatophytes --> Gymnospermae --> Class Pinatae --> S.Class Pinidae --> Ord. Pinales -->


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Gen. Abies (Add)
Abies sect. Abies (Add)
Abies alba (Add)
Abies borisii-regis (Add)
Abies cephalonica (Add)
Abies cilicica (Add)
Abies nebrodensis (Add)
Abies nordmanniana (Add)
Abies sect. Amabilis (Add)
Abies amabilis (Add)
Abies mariesii (Add)
Abies sect. Balsamea (Add)
Abies balsamea (Add)
Abies fraseri (Add)
Abies koreana (Add)
Abies lasiocarpa (Add)
Abies nephrolepis (Add)
Abies sachalinensis (Add)
Abies sibirica (Add)
Abies veitchii

Abies sect. Bracteata (Add)
Abies bracteata (Add)
Abies sect. Grandis (Add)
Abies coahuilensis (Add)
Abies concolor

Abies durangensis (Add)
Abies flinckii (Add)
Abies grandis

Abies guatemalensis (Add)
Abies neodurangensis (Add)
Abies sect. Momi (Add)
Abies beshanzuensis (Add)
Abies chensiensis (Add)
Abies fargesii (Add)
Abies firma (Add)
Abies holophylla (Add)
Abies homolepis

Abies kawakamii (Add)
Abies pindrow (Add)
Abies recurvata (Add)
Abies ziyuanensis (Add)
Abies sect. Nobilis

Abies magnifica (Add)
Abies procera (Add)
Abies sect. Oiamel (Add)
Abies hickelii (Add)
Abies religiosa (Add)
Abies vejarii (Add)
Abies sect. Piceaster (Add)
Abies numidica (Add)
Abies pinsapo (Add)
Abies sect. Pseudopicea (Add)
Abies chengii (Add)
Abies delavayi (Add)
Abies densa (Add)
Abies fabri (Add)
Abies fanjingshanensis (Add)
Abies fordei (Add)
Abies forrestii (Add)
Abies spectabilis (Add)
Abies squamata (Add)
Abies yuanbaoshanensis (Add)
Incertae sedis Abies (Add)
Abies milleri (Add)
Gen. Cathaya (Add)
Cathaya argyrophylla (Add)
Gen. Cedrus (Add)
Atlas Cedar, Cedrus atlantica (Add)
Cedrus deodara (Add)
Cedrus libani (Add)
Gen. Ernestiodendron (Add)
Gen. Keteleeria (Add)
Keteleeria davidiana (Add)
Keteleeria evelyniana (Add)
Keteleeria fortunei (Add)
Keteleeria ptesimosperma (Add)
Gen. Larix (Add)
Larix decidua

Larix gmelinii (Add)
Larix griffithii (Add)
Larix himalaica (Add)
Larix kaempferi (Add)
Larix kongboensis (Add)
Larix laricina (Add)
Larix leptolepis (Add)
Larix lyallii (Add)
Larix mastersiana (Add)
Larix occidentalis (Add)
Larix potaninii (Add)
Larix principis-rupprechtii (Add)
Larix russica (Add)
Larix sibirica (Add)
Larix speciosa (Add)
Gen. Nothotsuga (Add)
Nothotsuga longibracteata (Add)
Gen. Picea
Picea abies

Picea alcoquiana (Add)
Picea alpestris (Add)
Picea asperata (Add)
Picea balfouriana (Add)
Picea brachytyla (Add)
Picea breweriana (Add)
Picea chihuahuana (Add)
Picea crassifolia (Add)
Picea critchfieldii (Add)
Picea engelmannii (Add)
Picea farreri (Add)
Picea glauca (Add)
Picea glehnii (Add)
Picea jezoensis (Add)
Picea koraiensis (Add)
Picea koyamae (Add)
Picea likiangensis (Add)
Picea linzhiensis (Add)
Picea mariana (Add)
Picea martinezii (Add)
Picea maximowiczii (Add)
Picea meyeri (Add)
Picea morrisonicola (Add)
Picea neoveitchii (Add)
Picea obovata (Add)
Picea omorika (Add)
Picea orientalis (Add)
Picea pungens (Add)
Picea purpurea (Add)
Picea rubens (Add)
Picea schrenkiana (Add)
Picea sitchensis (Add)
Picea smithiana (Add)
Picea spinulosa (Add)
Picea torano (Add)
Picea wilsonii (Add)
Gen. Pinus
Pinus subg. Ducampopinus
Pinus sect. Parrya (Add)
Pinus subsect. Balfourianae (Add)
Pinus aristata (Add)
Pinus balfouriana (Add)
Bristlecone pine, Pinus longaeva

Pinus subsect. Cembroides (Add)
Pinus cembroides (Add)
Pinus culminicola (Add)
Pinus edulis (Add)
Pinus johannis (Add)
Pinus monophylla (Add)
Pinus orizabensis (Add)
Pinus quadrifolia (Add)
Pinus remota (Add)
Pinus subsect. Gerardianae (Add)
Pinus bungeana (Add)
Pinus gerardiana (Add)
Pinus squamata (Add)
Pinus subsect. Krempfianae (Add)
Pinus krempfii (Add)
Pinus subsect. Nelsonianae (Add)
Pinus nelsonii (Add)
Pinus subsect. Rzedowskianae (Add)
Pinus maximartinezii (Add)
Pinus pinceana (Add)
Pinus rzedowskii (Add)
Pinus subg. Pinus
Pinus sect. Pinea (Add)
Pinus subsect. Pinaster (Add)
Pinus brutia (Add)
Pinus canariensis (Add)
Pinus halepensis (Add)
Pinus latteri (Add)
Pinus merkusii (Add)
Maritime Pine, Pinus pinaster (Add)
Pinus roxburghii (Add)
Pinus subsect. Pineae (Add)
Stone Pine, Pinus pinea (Add)
Pinus sect. Pinus (Add)
Pinus subsect. Pinus (Add)
Pinus densata (Add)
Pinus densiflora (Add)
Pinus escalantensis (Add)
Pinus fragilissima (Add)
Pinus heldreichii (Add)
Pinus henryi (Add)
Huangshan Pine, Pinus hwangshanensis (Add)
Pinus kesiya (Add)
Pinus luchuensis (Add)
Pinus massoniana (Add)
Mountain Pine, Pinus mugo

European Black Pine, Pinus nigra

Pinus resinosa (Add)
Scots Pine, Pinus sylvestris

Pinus tabuliformis (Add)
Pinus taiwanensis (Add)
Pinus thunbergii (Add)
Pinus tropicalis (Add)
Pinus yunnanensis (Add)
Pinus sect. Trifoliae (Add)
Pinus subsect. Australes (Add)
Pinus caribaea (Add)
Pinus clausa (Add)
Pinus cubensis (Add)
Pinus echinata (Add)
Pinus elliottii (Add)
Pinus glabra (Add)
Pinus occidentalis (Add)
Pinus palustris (Add)
Pinus pungens (Add)
Pinus rigida (Add)
Pinus serotina (Add)
Pinus taeda (Add)
Pinus virginiana (Add)
Pinus subsect. Contortae (Add)
Pinus banksiana (Add)
Lodgepole Pine, Pinus contorta

Pinus subsect. Leiophyllae (Add)
Pinus leiophylla (Add)
Pinus lumholtzii (Add)
Pinus subsect. Oocarpae (Add)
Pinus attenuata (Add)
Pinus foisyi (Add)
Pinus greggii (Add)
Pinus herrerae (Add)
Pinus jaliscana (Add)
Pinus lawsonii (Add)
Pinus muricata (Add)
Pinus oocarpa (Add)
Pinus patula (Add)
Pinus praetermissa (Add)
Pinus pringlei (Add)
Pinus radiata (Add)
Pinus tecunumanii (Add)
Pinus teocote (Add)
Pinus subsect. Ponderosae (Add)
Pinus apulcensis (Add)
Pinus arizonica (Add)
Pinus cooperi (Add)
Pinus coulteri (Add)
Pinus devoniana (Add)
Pinus durangensis (Add)
Pinus engelmannii (Add)
Pinus estevezii (Add)
Pinus gordoniana (Add)
Pinus hartwegii (Add)
Pinus jeffreyi (Add)
Pinus johndayensis (Add)
Pinus maximinoi (Add)
Pinus montezumae (Add)
Pinus ponderosa

Pinus pseudostrobus (Add)
Pinus sabiniana (Add)
Pinus torreyana (Add)
Pinus subg. Strobus
Pinus sect. Quinquefoliae (Add)
Pinus subsect. Cembrae (Add)
Pinus albicaulis (Add)
Swiss Pine, Pinus cembra (Add)
Pinus koraiensis (Add)
Pinus pumila (Add)
Siberian Pine, Pinus sibirica

Pinus subsect. Strobi (Add)
Pinus armandii (Add)
Pinus ayacahuite (Add)
Pinus bhutanica (Add)
Pinus chiapensis (Add)
Pinus dabeshanensis (Add)
Pinus dalatensis (Add)
Pinus eremitana (Add)
Pinus fenzeliana (Add)
Pinus flexilis (Add)
Pinus lambertiana

Pinus monticola (Add)
Pinus morrisonicola (Add)
Pinus orthophylla (Add)
Pinus parviflora (Add)
Pinus peuce (Add)
Pinus reflexa (Add)
Pinus strobiformis (Add)
Eastern White Pine, Pinus strobus (Add)
Pinus uyematsui (Add)
Pinus wallichiana (Add)
Pinus wangii (Add)
Gen. Pseudolarix (Add)
Pseudolarix amabilis (Add)
Pseudolarix wehrii (Add)
Gen. Pseudotsuga (Add)
Douglas-fir, Pseudotsuga (Add)
Pseudotsuga japonica (Add)
Pseudotsuga lindleyana (Add)
Pseudotsuga macrocarpa (Add)
Pseudotsuga menziesii (Add)
Pseudotsuga sinensis (Add)
Gen. Tsuga (Add)
Tsuga canadensis (Add)
Tsuga caroliniana (Add)
Tsuga chinensis (Add)
Tsuga diversifolia (Add)
Tsuga dumosa (Add)
Tsuga forrestii (Add)
Tsuga heterophylla (Add)
Tsuga mertensiana (Add)
Tsuga sieboldii (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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