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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Tracheophyta --> Spermatophytes --> Gymnospermae --> Class Pinatae --> S.Class Pinidae --> Ord. Pinales --> Fam. Pinaceae --> Gen. Pinus -->

Pinus subg. Strobus

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Pinus sect. Quinquefoliae (Add)
Pinus subsect. Cembrae (Add)
Pinus albicaulis (Add)
Swiss Pine, Pinus cembra (Add)
Pinus koraiensis (Add)
Pinus pumila (Add)
Siberian Pine, Pinus sibirica

Pinus subsect. Strobi (Add)
Pinus armandii (Add)
Pinus ayacahuite (Add)
Pinus bhutanica (Add)
Pinus chiapensis (Add)
Pinus dabeshanensis (Add)
Pinus dalatensis (Add)
Pinus eremitana (Add)
Pinus fenzeliana (Add)
Pinus flexilis (Add)
Pinus lambertiana

Pinus monticola (Add)
Pinus morrisonicola (Add)
Pinus orthophylla (Add)
Pinus parviflora (Add)
Pinus peuce (Add)
Pinus reflexa (Add)
Pinus strobiformis (Add)
Eastern White Pine, Pinus strobus (Add)
Pinus uyematsui (Add)
Pinus wallichiana (Add)
Pinus wangii (Add)

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