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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Tracheophyta --> Spermatophytes --> Angiospermae --> Monocotyledon --> commelinids --> Ord. Zingiberales -->


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Gen. Ensete (Add)
Ensete gilletii (Add)
Ensete glaucum (Add)
Ensete homblei (Add)
Ensete perrieri (Add)
Ensete superbum (Add)
Ensete ventricosum (Add)
Ensete wilsonii (Add)
Gen. Musa (Add)
Musa acuminata (Add)
Musa alinsanaya (Add)
Musa aurantiaca (Add)
Musa azizii (Add)
Musa balbisiana (Add)
Musa banksii (Add)
Musa barioensis (Add)
Musa basjoo (Add)
Musa bauensis (Add)
Musa beccarii (Add)
Musa boman (Add)
Musa borneensis (Add)
Musa bukensis (Add)
Musa campestris (Add)
Musa celebica (Add)
Musa cheesmani (Add)
Musa chunii (Add)
Musa coccinea (Add)
Musa exotica (Add)
Musa fitzalanii (Add)
Musa formosana (Add)
Musa gracilis (Add)
Musa griersonii (Add)
Musa hirta (Add)
Musa ingens (Add)
Musa insularimontana (Add)
Musa itinerans (Add)
Musa jackeyi (Add)
Musa johnsii (Add)
Musa lanceolata (Add)
Musa laterita (Add)
Musa lawitiensis (Add)
Musa lokok (Add)
Musa lolodensis (Add)
Musa lutea (Add)
Musa maclayi (Add)
Musa mannii (Add)
Musa monticola (Add)
Musa muluensis (Add)
Musa nagensium (Add)
Musa nana (Add)
Musa ochracea (Add)
Musa ornata (Add)
Musa paracoccinea (Add)
Musa paradisiaca (Add)
Musa peekelii (Add)
Musa rosea (Add)
Musa rubinea (Add)
Musa rubra (Add)
Musa sakaiana (Add)
Musa salaccensis (Add)
Musa sanguinea (Add)
Musa sapientum (Add)
Musa savitus (Add)
Musa schizocarpa (Add)
Musa siamensis (Add)
Musa sikkimensis (Add)
Musa textilis (Add)
Musa thomsonii (Add)
Musa tonkinensis (Add)
Musa troglodytarum (Add)
Musa tuberculata (Add)
Musa velutina (Add)
Musa violascens (Add)
Musa viridis (Add)
Musa voonii (Add)
Musa yunnanensis (Add)
Musa zaifui (Add)
Gen. Musella (Add)
Musella lasiocarpa (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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