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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Tracheophyta --> Spermatophytes --> Angiospermae --> Eudicotyledon --> core eudicots --> Ord. Caryophyllales -->


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Gen. Acanthophyllum (Add)
Acanthophyllum aeneae (Add)
Acanthophyllum clermontense (Add)
Acanthophyllum concavum (Add)
Acanthophyllum filosum (Add)
Acanthophyllum implicatum (Add)
Acanthophyllum jenkinsi (Add)
Acanthophyllum pseudohelianthoides (Add)
Acanthophyllum turni (Add)
Gen. Achyronychia (Add)
Achyronychia cooperi (Add)
Gen. Agrostemma (Add)
Agrostemma brachylobum (Add)
Agrostemma githago (Add)
Gen. Allochrusa (Add)
Gen. Alsinidendron (Add)
Alsinidendron lychnoides (Add)
Alsinidendron obovatum (Add)
Alsinidendron trinerve (Add)
Alsinidendron viscosum (Add)
Gen. Ankyropetalum (Add)
Gen. Anychia (Add)
Gen. Arenaria (Add)
Gen. Arenaria (Add)
Arenaria aberrans (Add)
Arenaria aculeata (Add)
Arenaria benthamii (Add)
Arenaria capillaris (Add)
Arenaria ciliata (Add)
Arenaria congesta (Add)
Arenaria decussata (Add)
Arenaria eastwoodiae (Add)
Arenaria fendleri (Add)
Arenaria franklinii (Add)
Arenaria gothica (Add)
Arenaria hookeri (Add)
Arenaria humifusa (Add)
Arenaria kingii (Add)
Arenaria lanuginosa (Add)
Arenaria livermorensis (Add)
Arenaria longipedunculata (Add)
Arenaria ludens (Add)
Arenaria macradenia (Add)
Arenaria montana (Add)
Arenaria norvegica (Add)
Arenaria orbicularis (Add)
Arenaria paludicola (Add)
Arenaria procera (Add)
Arenaria pseudofrigida (Add)
Arenaria pumicola (Add)
Arenaria rotundifolia (Add)
Arenaria serpyllifolia (Add)
Arenaria stenomeres (Add)
Arenaria ursina (Add)
Gen. Bolanthus (Add)
Gen. Brachystemma (Add)
Gen. Brewerina (Add)
Gen. Bufonia (Add)
Gen. Cardionema (Add)
Gen. Cerastium (Add)
Arctic Mouse-ear, Cerastium arcticum

Cerastium arvense (Add)
Cerastium biebersteinii (Add)
Cerastium brachypetalum (Add)
Cerastium carinthiacum (Add)
Cerastium cerastioides (Add)
Cerastium dahuricum (Add)
Cerastium eriophorum (Add)
Cerastium fontanum (Add)
Cerastium glomeratum (Add)
Cerastium lazicum (Add)
Cerastium pumilum (Add)
Cerastium semidecandrum (Add)
Cerastium soleirolii (Add)
Cerastium tomentosum (Add)
Cerastium uniflorum (Add)
Cerastium vulgatum (Add)
Gen. Cerdia (Add)
Gen. Chaetonychia (Add)
Gen. Colobanthus (Add)
Colobanthus muscoides (Add)
Colobanthus pulvinatus (Add)
Colobanthus quitensis (Add)
Gen. Cometes (Add)
Gen. Cucubalus (Add)
Gen. Cyathophylla (Add)
Gen. Dianthus (Add)
Dianthus alpinus (Add)
Dianthus amurensis (Add)
Dianthus anatolicus (Add)
Dianthus andronakii (Add)
Dianthus arenarius (Add)
Dianthus armeria (Add)
Dianthus artwinensis (Add)
Dianthus atrorubens (Add)
Dianthus barbatus

Dianthus biflorus (Add)
Dianthus brevicaulis (Add)
Dianthus callizonus (Add)
Dianthus campestris (Add)
Dianthus carthusianorum (Add)
Dianthus caryophyllus (Add)
Dianthus chinensis (Add)
Dianthus collinus (Add)
Dianthus crinitus (Add)
Dianthus cruentus (Add)
Dianthus deltoides (Add)
Dianthus freynii (Add)
Dianthus furcatus (Add)
Dianthus gallicus (Add)
Dianthus giganteus (Add)
Dianthus glacialis (Add)
Dianthus gracilis (Add)
Dianthus graniticus (Add)
Dianthus gratianopolitanus (Add)
Dianthus haematocalyx (Add)
Dianthus kastembeluensis (Add)
Dianthus knappii (Add)
Dianthus libanotis (Add)
Dianthus micranthus (Add)
Dianthus microlepis (Add)
Dianthus monspessulanus (Add)
Dianthus myrtinervius (Add)
Dianthus nardiformis (Add)
Dianthus pavonius (Add)
Dianthus petraeus (Add)
Dianthus plumarius (Add)
Dianthus rupicola (Add)
Dianthus seguerii (Add)
Dianthus serotinus (Add)
Dianthus serpyliifolius (Add)
Dianthus spiculifolius (Add)
Dianthus subacaulis (Add)
Dianthus suendermannii (Add)
Dianthus sylvestris (Add)
Dianthus webbianus (Add)
Dianthus zonatus (Add)
Gen. Diaphanoptera (Add)
Gen. Dicheranthus (Add)
Gen. Drymaria (Add)
Gen. Drypis (Add)
Gen. Geocarpon (Add)
Gen. Gymnocarpos (Add)
Gen. Gypsophila (Add)
Gypsophila subg. Gypsophila (Add)
Gypsophila bermejoi (Add)
Gypsophila elegans (Add)
Gypsophila perfoliata (Add)
Gypsophila repens (Add)
Gypsophila struthium (Add)
Gypsophila tomentosa (Add)
Gypsophila subg. Macrorrhizae (Add)
Gypsophila bellidifolia (Add)
Gypsophila confertifolia (Add)
Gypsophila filipes (Add)
Gypsophila floribunda (Add)
Gypsophila kermanensis (Add)
Gypsophila muralis (Add)
Gypsophila picta (Add)
Gypsophila stepposa (Add)
Gypsophila tubulosa (Add)
Gypsophila subg. Pseudosaponaria (Add)
Gypsophila glabra (Add)
Gypsophila pilosa (Add)
Gen. Habrosia (Add)
Gen. Haya (Add)
Gen. Herniaria (Add)
Gen. Holosteum (Add)
Gen. Honckenya (Add)
Gen. Illecebrum (Add)
Gen. Kabulia (Add)
Gen. Kabulianthe (Add)
Kabulianthe honigbergeri (Add)
Gen. Krauseola (Add)
Gen. Lepyrodiclis (Add)
Lepyrodiclis holosteoides (Add)
Gen. Lochia (Add)
Gen. Loeflingia (Add)
Gen. Lychnis (Add)
Lychnis flos-cuculi (Add)
Lychnis viscaria (Add)
Gen. Mesostemma (Add)
Gen. Microphyes (Add)
Gen. Minuartia (Add)
Minuartia arctica (Add)
Minuartia circassica (Add)
Minuartia cumberlandensis (Add)
Minuartia graminifolia (Add)
Minuartia groenlandica (Add)
Minuartia hybrida (Add)
Minuartia imbricata (Add)
Minuartia juniperina (Add)
Minuartia kashmirica (Add)
Minuartia laricifolia (Add)
Minuartia recurva (Add)
Minuartia verna (Add)
Gen. Moehringia (Add)
Moehringia lateriflora (Add)
Moehringia macrophylla (Add)
Moehringia trinervia (Add)
Gen. Moenchia (Add)
Moenchia narcissiflora (Add)
Moenchia obliqua (Add)
Gen. Myosoton (Add)
Myosoton aquaticum (Add)
Gen. Ochotonophila (Add)
Gen. Ortegia (Add)
Gen. Paronychia (Add)
Paronychia argentea (Add)
Paronychia canadensis (Add)
Paronychia fastigiata (Add)
Paronychia jamesii (Add)
Paronychia serpilifolia (Add)
Paronychia sessiliflora (Add)
Gen. Pentastemonodiscus (Add)
Gen. Petrocoptis (Add)
Petrocoptis pyrenaica (Add)
Gen. Petrorhagia (Add)
Petrorhagia alpina (Add)
Petrorhagia obcordata (Add)
Petrorhagia prolifera (Add)
Petrorhagia saxifraga (Add)
Petrorhagia syriaca (Add)
Gen. Philippiella (Add)
Gen. Phrynella (Add)
Gen. Phrynella (Add)
Phrynella ortegioides (Add)
Gen. Pinosia (Add)
Gen. Pirinia (Add)
Gen. Plettkea (Add)
Gen. Pollichia (Add)
Gen. Polycarpaea (Add)
Polycarpaea filifolia (Add)
Gen. Polycarpon (Add)
Gen. Polytepalum (Add)
Gen. Pseudostellaria (Add)
Gen. Pteranthus (Add)
Gen. Pycnophyllopsis (Add)
Gen. Pycnophyllum (Add)
Gen. Robbairea (Add)
Gen. Sagina (Add)
Sagina abyssinica (Add)
Sagina afroalpina (Add)
Sagina apetala (Add)
Sagina boydii (Add)
Sagina brachysepala (Add)
Sagina caespitosa (Add)
Sagina decumbens (Add)
Sagina glabra (Add)
Sagina japonica (Add)
Sagina maritima (Add)
Sagina maxima (Add)
Sagina melitensis (Add)
Sagina micropetala (Add)
Sagina muscosa (Add)
Sagina nivalis (Add)
Sagina nodosa (Add)
Sagina pilifera (Add)
Sagina procumbens (Add)
Sagina sabuletorum (Add)
Sagina saginoides (Add)
Sagina subulata (Add)
Gen. Sanctambrosia (Add)
Gen. Saponaria (Add)
Saponaria bargyliana (Add)
Saponaria bellidifolia Sm. (Add)
Saponaria caespitosa (Add)
Saponaria calabrica (Add)
Saponaria cerastoides (Add)
Saponaria chlorifolia (Add)
Saponaria cypria (Add)
Saponaria dalmasii (Add)
Saponaria glutinosa (Add)
Saponaria griffithiana (Add)
Saponaria gypsacea (Add)
Saponaria halophila (Add)
Saponaria kotschyi (Add)
Saponaria lutea L. (Add)
Saponaria mesoginata (Add)
Saponaria ocymoides (Add)
Saponaria officinalis (Add)
Saponaria orientalis (Add)
Saponaria pamphylica (Add)
Saponaria picta (Add)
Saponaria pinetorum (Add)
Saponaria prostrata (Add)
Saponaria pumila (Add)
Saponaria pumilio Boiss. (Add)
Saponaria sicula (Add)
Saponaria spathulifolia (Add)
Saponaria subrosularis (Add)
Saponaria syrica (Add)
Saponaria tadzhikistanica (Add)
Saponaria tridentata (Add)
Saponaria viscosa (Add)
Gen. Schiedea (Add)
Gen. Scleranthopsis (Add)
Gen. Scleranthus (Add)
Gen. Sclerocephalus (Add)
Gen. Scopulophila (Add)
Gen. Silene (Add)
Silene dioica (Add)
Silene nutans (Add)
Silene vulgaris (Add)
Gen. Siphonychia (Add)
Gen. Spergula (Add)
Gen. Spergularia (Add)
Gen. Sphaerocoma (Add)
Gen. Stellaria (Add)
Stellaria crassifolia (Add)
Stellaria graminea (Add)
Stellaria holostea (Add)
Stellaria humifusa (Add)
Stellaria longifolia (Add)
Stellaria media (Add)
Stellaria neglecta (Add)
Stellaria nemorum

Stellaria pallida (Add)
Stellaria palustris (Add)
Stellaria pubera (Add)
Gen. Stipulicida (Add)
Gen. Telephium (Add)
Gen. Thurya (Add)
Gen. Thylacospermum (Add)
Gen. Uebelinia (Add)
Gen. Vaccaria (Add)
Vaccaria hispanica (Add)
Vaccaria oxyodonta (Add)
Gen. Velezia (Add)
Gen. Viscaria (Add)
Viscaria alpina (Add)
Viscaria vulgaris (Add)
Gen. Wilhelmsia (Add)
Gen. Xerotia (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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