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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Tracheophyta --> Spermatophytes --> Angiospermae --> Eudicotyledon --> core eudicots --> rosids --> malvids (eurosids II) --> Ord. Sapindales -->


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Gen. Actinocheita (Add)
Gen. Amphipterygium (Add)
Gen. Anacardites (Add)
Gen. Anacardium (Add)
Anacardium corymbosum (Add)
Anacardium excelsum (Add)
Anacardium giganteum (Add)
Anacardium humile (Add)
Anacardium microcarpum (Add)
Anacardium nanum (Add)
Anacardium negrense (Add)
Cashew, Anacardium occidentale (Add)
Anacardium spruceanum (Add)
Gen. Androtium (Add)
Gen. Antrocaryon (Add)
Gen. Apterokarpos (Add)
Gen. Astronium (Add)
Gen. Baronia (Add)
Gen. Blepharocarya (Add)
Gen. Bonetiella (Add)
Gen. Bouea (Add)
Gen. Buchanania (Add)
Gen. Campnosperma (Add)
Gen. Cardenasiodendron (Add)
Gen. Choerospondias (Add)
Gen. Comocladia (Add)
Gen. Cotinus (Add)
Gen. Cyrtocarpa (Add)
Gen. Dobinea (Add)
Gen. Dracontomelon (Add)
Gen. Drimycarpus (Add)
Gen. Ebandoua (Add)
Gen. Euleria (Add)
Gen. Euroschinus (Add)
Gen. Faguetia (Add)
Gen. Fegimanra (Add)
Gen. Gluta (Add)
Gen. Haematostaphis (Add)
Gen. Haplorhus (Add)
Gen. Harpephyllum (Add)
Gen. Heeria (Add)
Gen. Holigarna (Add)
Gen. Koordersiodendron (Add)
Gen. Lannea (Add)
Gen. Laurophyllus (Add)
Gen. Lithraea (Add)
Gen. Loxopterygium (Add)
Gen. Loxostylis (Add)
Gen. Mangifera (Add)
Mangifera altissima (Add)
Mangifera applanata (Add)
Mangifera caesia (Add)
Mangifera casturi (Add)
Mangifera decandra (Add)
Mangifera foetida (Add)
Mangifera gedebe (Add)
Mangifera griffithii (Add)
Mangifera indica (Add)
Mangifera kemanga (Add)
Mangifera lagenifera (Add)
Mangifera laurina (Add)
Mangifera macrocarpa (Add)
Mangifera odorata (Add)
Mangifera pajang (Add)
Mangifera pentandra (Add)
Mangifera quadrifida (Add)
Mangifera rubropetala (Add)
Mangifera similis (Add)
Mangifera swintonioides (Add)
Mangifera sylvatica (Add)
Mangifera torquenda (Add)
Mangifera zeylanica (Add)
Gen. Mauria (Add)
Gen. Melanochyla (Add)
Gen. Metopium (Add)
Gen. Micronychia (Add)
Gen. Montagueia (Add)
Gen. Mosquitoxylum (Add)
Gen. Nothopegia (Add)
Gen. Ochoterenaea (Add)
Gen. Operculicarya (Add)
Gen. Orthopterygium (Add)
Gen. Ozoroa (Add)
Gen. Pachycormus (Add)
Gen. Parishia (Add)
Gen. Pegia (Add)
Gen. Pentaspadon (Add)
Gen. Pentoperculum (Add)
Gen. Pistacia (Add)
Pistacia aethiopica (Add)
Pistacia atlantica (Add)
Pistacia chinensis (Add)
Pistacia eurycarpa (Add)
Pistacia integerrima (Add)
Pistacia khinjuk (Add)
Pistacia lentiscus (Add)
Pistacia mexicana (Add)
Pistacia terebinthus (Add)
Pistacia texana (Add)
Pistacia vera (Add)
Pistacia weinmannifolia (Add)
Gen. Pleiogynium (Add)
Gen. Poupartia (Add)
Gen. Protorhus (Add)
Gen. Pseudoprotorhus (Add)
Gen. Pseudosmodingium (Add)
Gen. Pseudospondias (Add)
Gen. Rhodosphaera (Add)
Gen. Rhus (Add)
Gen. Schinopsis (Add)
Gen. Schinus (Add)
Schinus areira (Add)
Schinus latifolius (Add)
Schinus lentiscifolius (Add)
Schinus longifolius (Add)
Schinus molle (Add)
Schinus polygama (Add)
Schinus terebinthifolius (Add)
Schinus weinmanniifolius (Add)
Gen. Sclerocarya (Add)
Gen. Semecarpus (Add)
Gen. Smodingium (Add)
Gen. Solenocarpus (Add)
Gen. Sorindeia (Add)
Gen. Spondias (Add)
Gen. Swintonia (Add)
Gen. Tapirira (Add)
Gen. Thyrsodium (Add)
Gen. Toxicodendron (Add)
Gen. Trichoscypha (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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