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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Tracheophyta --> Spermatophytes --> Angiospermae --> Eudicotyledon --> core eudicots --> rosids --> malvids (eurosids II) --> Ord. Myrtales -->


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Jabuticaba, Brazilian Grape Tree, Myrciaria cauliflora

"Jabuticaba (Myrciaria cauliflora) flowers, motherĀ“s home, Sao paulo. Brazilian native" by Mauroguanandi via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Common guava, Psidium guajava

"GOIABA - Guava. (Psidium guajava) fruit. Ceret Sao Paulo Brazlian native tree" by Mauroguanandi via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.


Myrtoideae (Add)
Backhousieae (Add)
Gen. Backhousia (Add)
Gen. Choricarpia (Add)
Chamelaucieae (Add)
Gen. Actinodium (Add)
Gen. Aluta (Add)
Gen. Astartea (Add)
Gen. Babingtonia (Add)
Gen. Baeckea (Add)
Gen. Balaustion (Add)
Gen. Calytrix (Add)
Gen. Chamelaucium (Add)
Gen. Hypocalymma (Add)
Gen. Malleostemon (Add)
Gen. Micromyrtus (Add)
Gen. Pileanthus (Add)
Gen. Scholtzia (Add)
Gen. Thryptomene (Add)
Gen. Verticordia (Add)
Eucalypteae (Add)
Gen. Allosyncarpia (Add)
Gen. Angophora (Add)
Gen. Arillastrum (Add)
Gen. Corymbia (Add)
Gen. Eucalyptopsis (Add)
Gen. Eucalyptus (Add)
Gen. Stockwellia (Add)
Kanieae (Add)
Gen. Barongia (Add)
Gen. Basisperma (Add)
Gen. Kania (Add)
Gen. Lysicarpus (Add)
Gen. Mitrantia (Add)
Gen. Ristantia (Add)
Gen. Sphaerantia (Add)
Gen. Tristaniopsis (Add)
Leptospermeae (Add)
Gen. Agonis (Add)
Gen. Asteromyrtus (Add)
Gen. Homalospermum (Add)
Gen. Kunzea (Add)
Gen. Leptospermum (Add)
Gen. Neofabricia (Add)
Gen. Pericalymma (Add)
Lindsayomyrteae (Add)
Lophostemoneae (Add)
Gen. Kjellbergiodendron (Add)
Gen. Lophostemon (Add)
Gen. Welchiodendron (Add)
Gen. Whiteodendron (Add)
Melaleuceae (Add)
Metrosidereae (Add)
Gen. Metrosideros (Add)
Gen. Tepualia (Add)
Myrteae (Add)
Gen. Acca (Add)
Gen. Accara (Add)
Gen. Algrizea (Add)
Gen. Amomyrtella (Add)
Gen. Amomyrtus (Add)
Gen. Archirhodomyrtus (Add)
Gen. Austromyrtus (Add)
Gen. Blepharocalyx (Add)
Gen. Calycolpus (Add)
Gen. Calycorectes (Add)
Gen. Calyptranthes (Add)
Gen. Calyptrogenia (Add)
Gen. Campomanesia (Add)
Gen. Chamguava (Add)
Gen. Curitiba (Add)
Gen. Decaspermum (Add)
Gen. Eugenia (Add)
Gen. Gomidesia (Add)
Gen. Gossia (Add)
Gen. Hexachlamys (Add)
Gen. Hottea (Add)
Gen. Legrandia (Add)
Gen. Lenwebbia (Add)
Gen. Lithomyrtus (Add)
Gen. Lophomyrtus (Add)
Gen. Luma (Add)
Gen. Marlierea (Add)
Gen. Meteoromyrtus (Add)
Gen. Mitranthes (Add)
Gen. Mosiera (Add)
Gen. Myrceugenia (Add)
Gen. Myrcia (Add)
Gen. Myrcianthes (Add)
Gen. Myrciaria (Add)
Myrciaria aureana (Add)
Myrciaria baporeti (Add)
Jabuticaba, Brazilian Grape Tree, Myrciaria cauliflora

Myrciaria caurensis (Add)
Myrciaria dubia (Add)
Myrciaria edulis (Add)
Myrciaria floribunda (Add)
Myrciaria ibarrae (Add)
Myrciaria jaboticaba (Add)
Myrciaria tenella (Add)
Myrciaria trunciflora (Add)
Myrciaria vexator (Add)
Myrciaria vismeifolia (Add)
Gen. Myrrhinium (Add)
Gen. Myrtastrum (Add)
Gen. Myrtella (Add)
Gen. Myrteola (Add)
Gen. Myrtus (Add)
Gen. Neomitranthes (Add)
Gen. Neomyrtus (Add)
Gen. Octamyrtus (Add)
Gen. Pilidiostigma (Add)
Gen. Pimenta (Add)
Pimenta adenoclada (Add)
Pimenta cainitoides (Add)
Pimenta dioica (Add)
Pimenta ferruginea (Add)
Pimenta filipes (Add)
Pimenta intermedia (Add)
Pimenta moasensis (Add)
Pimenta odiolens (Add)
Pimenta oligantha (Add)
Pimenta podocarpoides (Add)
Pimenta racemosa (Add)
Gen. Plinia (Add)
Gen. Pseudanamomis (Add)
Gen. Psidium (Add)
Psidium acre (Add)
Psidium acutangulum (Add)
Psidium albidum (Add)
Psidium angulatum (Add)
Psidium australe (Add)
Psidium brownianum (Add)
Psidium cattleianum (Add)
Psidium celastroides (Add)
Psidium cinereum (Add)
Psidium coriaceum (Add)
Psidium cuneatum (Add)
Psidium cymosum (Add)
Psidium densicomum (Add)
Psidium formosum (Add)
Psidium friedrichsthalianum (Add)
Psidium grandifolium (Add)
Common guava, Psidium guajava

Psidium incanum (Add)
Psidium laruotteanum (Add)
Psidium laurifolium (Add)
Psidium littorale (Add)
Psidium longipes (Add)
Psidium luridum (Add)
Psidium minutifolium (Add)
Psidium missionum (Add)
Psidium montanum (Add)
Psidium nutans (Add)
Psidium parvifolium (Add)
Psidium persicifolium (Add)
Psidium rotundatum (Add)
Psidium salutare (Add)
Psidium sartorianum (Add)
Psidium scopulorum (Add)
Psidium sellowianum (Add)
Psidium sorocabense (Add)
Psidium suffruticosum (Add)
Psidium tomasianum (Add)
Gen. Rhodamnia (Add)
Gen. Rhodomyrtus (Add)
Gen. Siphoneugena (Add)
Gen. Stereocaryum (Add)
Gen. Ugni (Add)
Gen. Uromyrtus (Add)
Osbornieae (Add)
Syncarpieae (Add)
Gen. Syncarpia (Add)
Syzygieae (Add)
Gen. Acmena (Add)
Gen. Acmenosperma (Add)
Gen. Anetholea (Add)
Gen. Piliocalyx (Add)
Gen. Syzygium (Add)
Syzygium acuminatissimum (Add)
Syzygium alatoramulum (Add)
Syzygium alliiligneum (Add)
Syzygium amplum (Add)
Syzygium aqueum (Add)
Syzygium aromaticum (Add)
Syzygium australe (Add)
Syzygium buxifolium (Add)
Syzygium calubcob (Add)
Syzygium caryophyllaeum (Add)
Syzygium claviflorum (Add)
Syzygium cordatum (Add)
Syzygium cumini (Add)
Syzygium cuminii (Add)
Syzygium curanii (Add)
Syzygium cymosum (Add)
Syzygium eucalyptoides (Add)
Syzygium formosum (Add)
Syzygium francisii (Add)
Syzygium grande (Add)
Syzygium guineense (Add)
Syzygium ingens (Add)
Syzygium jambos (Add)
Syzygium javanicum (Add)
Syzygium lineatum (Add)
Syzygium longiflorum (Add)
Syzygium mairi (Add)
Syzygium malaccense (Add)
Syzygium nervosum (Add)
Syzygium oblatum (Add)
Syzygium oleosum (Add)
Syzygium owariense (Add)
Syzygium paniculatum (Add)
Syzygium polyanthum (Add)
Syzygium polycephaloides (Add)
Syzygium polycephalum (Add)
Syzygium pycnanthum (Add)
Syzygium samarangense (Add)
Syzygium tierneyanum (Add)
Gen. Waterhousea (Add)
Tristanieae (Add)
Gen. Thaleropia (Add)
Gen. Tristania (Add)
Gen. Xanthomyrtus (Add)
Xanthostemoneae (Add)
Gen. Pleurocalyptus (Add)
Gen. Purpureostemon (Add)
Gen. Xanthostemon (Add)
Psiloxyloideae (Add)
Heteropyxideae (Add)
Gen. Heteropyxis (Add)
Psiloxyleae (Add)
Gen. Psiloxylon (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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