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Polystichum aculeatum

"Stijve naaldvaren" by Ryan Somma via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Polystichum lemmonii

"Polystichum lemmonii - Shasta Fern" by Brewbooks via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.


Gen. Acrophorus (Add)
Gen. Aenigmopteris (Add)
Gen. Allantodiopsis (Add)
Allantodiopsis erosa (Add)
Allantodiopsis pugetensis (Add)
Gen. Amphiblestra (Add)
Gen. Arachiodes (Add)
Gen. Atalopteris (Add)
Gen. Ataxipteris (Add)
Gen. Bolbitis (Add)
Gen. Camptodium (Add)
Cissidium adustipenne (Add)
Cissidium basale (Add)
Cissidium crowsoni (Add)
Cissidium elongatum (Add)
Cissidium foveolatum (Add)
Cissidium ikeuchii (Add)
Cissidium ishigakiense (Add)
Cissidium itoi (Add)
Cissidium latum (Add)
Cissidium matthewsi (Add)
Cissidium nishikawai (Add)
Cissidium nomurai (Add)
Cissidium okuensis (Add)
Cissidium reitteri (Add)
Cissidium rufescens (Add)
Cissidium sakaii (Add)
Cissidium scutellare (Add)
Cissidium shibatai (Add)
Gen. Chlamydogramme (Add)
Gen. Coveniella (Add)
Gen. Ctenitis (Add)
Gen. Cyclodium (Add)
Gen. Cyclopeltis (Add)
Gen. Cyrtomium (Add)
Cyrtomium aequibasis (Add)
Cyrtomium balansae (Add)
Cyrtomium brevicuneatum (Add)
Cyrtomium calcicola (Add)
Cyrtomium caryotideum (Add)
Cyrtomium caudatum (Add)
Cyrtomium confertifolium (Add)
Cyrtomium conforme (Add)
Cyrtomium coriaceum (Add)
Cyrtomium cuneatum (Add)
Cyrtomium devexiscapulae (Add)
Cyrtomium dubium (Add)
Cyrtomium falcatum (Add)
Cyrtomium falcipinnum (Add)
Cyrtomium fengianum (Add)
Cyrtomium fortunei (Add)
Cyrtomium fraxinellum (Add)
Cyrtomium houi (Add)
Cyrtomium integrum (Add)
Cyrtomium laetevirens (Add)
Cyrtomium latifalcatum (Add)
Cyrtomium lonchitoides (Add)
Cyrtomium longipes (Add)
Cyrtomium macrophyllum (Add)
Cyrtomium maximum (Add)
Cyrtomium mediocre (Add)
Cyrtomium megaphyllum (Add)
Cyrtomium micropterum (Add)
Cyrtomium moupingense (Add)
Cyrtomium neocaryotideum (Add)
Cyrtomium nephrolepioides (Add)
Cyrtomium nervosum (Add)
Cyrtomium obliquum (Add)
Cyrtomium omeiense (Add)
Cyrtomium ovale (Add)
Cyrtomium pseudocaudipinnum (Add)
Cyrtomium recurvum (Add)
Cyrtomium retrosopaleaceum (Add)
Cyrtomium salicipinnum (Add)
Cyrtomium serratum (Add)
Cyrtomium shandongense (Add)
Cyrtomium simile (Add)
Cyrtomium sinicum (Add)
Cyrtomium sinningense (Add)
Cyrtomium spectabile (Add)
Cyrtomium taiwanianum (Add)
Cyrtomium takusicola (Add)
Cyrtomium tengii (Add)
Cyrtomium trapezoideum (Add)
Cyrtomium tsinglingense (Add)
Cyrtomium uniseriale (Add)
Cyrtomium urophyllum (Add)
Cyrtomium vittatum (Add)
Cyrtomium wangianum (Add)
Cyrtomium yamamotoi (Add)
Cyrtomium yiangshanense (Add)
Cyrtomium yuanum (Add)
Cyrtomium yunnanense (Add)
Gen. Diacalpe (Add)
Gen. Didymochlaena (Add)
Gen. Dryopolystichum (Add)
Gen. Dryopsis (Add)
Gen. Dryopteris (Add)
Dryopteris aemula (Add)
Dryopteris affinis (Add)
Dryopteris carthusiana (Add)
Dryopteris caucasica (Add)
Dryopteris celsa (Add)
Dryopteris chuckanutensis (Add)
Dryopteris complexa (Add)
Dryopteris crassirhizoma (Add)
Dryopteris cristata (Add)
Dryopteris cycadina (Add)
Dryopteris dilatata (Add)
Dryopteris erythrosora (Add)
Dryopteris expansa (Add)
Dryopteris filix-mas (Add)
Dryopteris fragrans (Add)
Dryopteris gibbsi (Add)
Dryopteris goldieana (Add)
Dryopteris hancockii (Add)
Dryopteris intermedia (Add)
Dryopteris laeta (Add)
Dryopteris liliana (Add)
Dryopteris marginalis (Add)
Dryopteris mindshelkensis (Add)
Dryopteris oligodonta (Add)
Dryopteris oreades (Add)
Dryopteris oreopteris (Add)
Dryopteris paleacea (Add)
Dryopteris patula (Add)
Dryopteris pulcherrima (Add)
Dryopteris remota (Add)
Dryopteris saxifraga (Add)
Dryopteris sieboldii (Add)
Dryopteris sinofibrillosa (Add)
Dryopteris tenebrosa (Add)
Dryopteris uniformis (Add)
Dryopteris varia (Add)
Dryopteris villarii (Add)
Dryopteris wallichiana (Add)
Dryopteris whatcomensis (Add)
Gen. Elaphoglossum (Add)
Elaphoglossum %C3%97revaughanii (Add)
Elaphoglossum acrostichoides (Add)
Elaphoglossum angulatum (Add)
Elaphoglossum aubertii (Add)
Elaphoglossum bifurcatum (Add)
Elaphoglossum brevissimum (Add)
Elaphoglossum cismense (Add)
Elaphoglossum conforme (Add)
Elaphoglossum coursii (Add)
Elaphoglossum crassipes (Add)
Elaphoglossum crinitum (Add)
Elaphoglossum eximium (Add)
Elaphoglossum gayanum (Add)
Elaphoglossum heterolepis (Add)
Elaphoglossum hybridum (Add)
Elaphoglossum lanatum (Add)
Elaphoglossum lancifolium (Add)
Elaphoglossum lankesteri (Add)
Elaphoglossum lepervanchei (Add)
Elaphoglossum lindbergii (Add)
Elaphoglossum lorentzii (Add)
Elaphoglossum macropodium (Add)
Elaphoglossum nervosum (Add)
Elaphoglossum pachydermum (Add)
Elaphoglossum peltatum (Add)
Elaphoglossum piloselloides (Add)
Elaphoglossum richardii (Add)
Elaphoglossum rufidulum (Add)
Elaphoglossum sieberi (Add)
Elaphoglossum skutchianum (Add)
Elaphoglossum spatulatum (Add)
Elaphoglossum splendens (Add)
Elaphoglossum stipidatum (Add)
Elaphoglossum tomentosum (Add)
Elaphoglossum yungense (Add)
Gen. Fadyenia (Add)
Gen. Heterogonium (Add)
Gen. Hypoderris (Add)
Gen. Lastreopsis (Add)
Gen. Leptorumohra (Add)
Gen. Leucostegia (Add)
Gen. Lithostegia (Add)
Gen. Lomagramma (Add)
Gen. Maxonia (Add)
Gen. Megalastrum (Add)
Megalastrum abundans (Add)
Megalastrum adenopteris (Add)
Megalastrum albidum (Add)
Megalastrum andicola (Add)
Megalastrum angustum (Add)
Megalastrum apicale (Add)
Megalastrum aquilinum (Add)
Megalastrum aripense (Add)
Megalastrum atrogriseum (Add)
Megalastrum brevipubens (Add)
Megalastrum canacae (Add)
Megalastrum canescens (Add)
Megalastrum caribaeum (Add)
Megalastrum connexum (Add)
Megalastrum costipubens (Add)
Megalastrum crenulans (Add)
Megalastrum ctenitoides (Add)
Megalastrum dentatum (Add)
Megalastrum eugenii (Add)
Megalastrum galeottii (Add)
Megalastrum gilbertii (Add)
Megalastrum glabrius (Add)
Megalastrum glabrum (Add)
Megalastrum gompholepis (Add)
Megalastrum grande (Add)
Megalastrum heydei (Add)
Megalastrum inaequale (Add)
Megalastrum inaequalifolium (Add)
Megalastrum indusiatum (Add)
Megalastrum intermedium (Add)
Megalastrum lanatum (Add)
Megalastrum lanuginosum (Add)
Megalastrum littorale (Add)
Megalastrum longiglandulosum (Add)
Megalastrum longipilosum (Add)
Megalastrum lunense (Add)
Megalastrum macrotheca (Add)
Megalastrum martinicense (Add)
Megalastrum masafuerae (Add)
Megalastrum mexicanum (Add)
Megalastrum oreocharis (Add)
Megalastrum organense (Add)
Megalastrum palmense (Add)
Megalastrum peregrinum (Add)
Megalastrum pulverulentum (Add)
Megalastrum reductum (Add)
Megalastrum retrorsum (Add)
Megalastrum sparsipilosum (Add)
Megalastrum spectabile (Add)
Megalastrum squamosum (Add)
Megalastrum subincisum (Add)
Megalastrum substrigosum (Add)
Megalastrum taafense (Add)
Megalastrum umbrinum (Add)
Megalastrum vastum (Add)
Megalastrum villosulum (Add)
Megalastrum villosum (Add)
Megalastrum wacketii (Add)
Gen. Nothoperanema (Add)
Gen. Peltapteris (Add)
Gen. Peranema (Add)
Gen. Phanerophlebia (Add)
Phanerophlebia auriculata (Add)
Phanerophlebia aurita (Add)
Phanerophlebia gastonyi (Add)
Phanerophlebia haitiensis (Add)
Phanerophlebia juglandifolia (Add)
Phanerophlebia macrosora (Add)
Phanerophlebia nobilis (Add)
Phanerophlebia pumila (Add)
Phanerophlebia umbonata (Add)
Gen. Phanerophlebiopsis (Add)
Gen. Plecosorus (Add)
Gen. Pleocnemia (Add)
Gen. Pleuroderris (Add)
Gen. Polybotrya (Add)
Gen. Polystichopsis (Add)
Gen. Polystichum (Add)
Polystichum acrostichoides (Add)
Polystichum aculeatum

Polystichum lemmonii

Polystichum lonchitis (Add)
Polystichum munitum (Add)
Polystichum setiferum (Add)
Polystichum woronowii (Add)
Gen. Pseudotectaria (Add)
Gen. Psomiocarpa (Add)
Gen. Pteridrys (Add)
Gen. Rumohra (Add)
Rumohra adiantiformis (Add)
Rumohra bartonae (Add)
Rumohra berteroana (Add)
Rumohra linearisquamosa (Add)
Rumohra lokohensis (Add)
Rumohra madagascarica (Add)
Rumohra quadrangularis (Add)
Gen. Stenolepia (Add)
Gen. Stigmatopteris (Add)
Gen. Tectaria (Add)
Tectaria acrocarpa (Add)
Tectaria chinensis (Add)
Tectaria sagenioides (Add)
Tectaria subsageniacea (Add)
Tectaria trifoliata (Add)
Gen. Tectaridium (Add)
Gen. Teratophyllum (Add)
Gen. Triplophyllum (Add)
Gen. Wessiea (Add)
Wessiea yakimaensis (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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