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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Tracheophyta --> Spermatophytes --> Angiospermae --> Eudicotyledon --> core eudicots --> rosids --> fabids (eurosids I) --> Ord. Rosales -->


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Gen. Aboriella (Add)
Gen. Achudemia (Add)
Gen. Archiboehmeria (Add)
Gen. Astrothalamus (Add)
Gen. Australina (Add)
Gen. Boehmeria (Add)
Gen. Cecropia (Add)
Cecropia adenopus (Add)
Cecropia glaziovii (Add)
Cecropia hololeucan (Add)
Cecropia insignis (Add)
Cecropia longipes (Add)
Cecropia maxima (Add)
Cecropia maxonii (Add)
Cecropia membranacea (Add)
Cecropia multiflora (Add)
Cecropia myrtluca (Add)
Cecropia obtusifolia (Add)
Cecropia pachystachia (Add)
Cecropia palmata (Add)
Cecropia pastasana (Add)
Cecropia peltata (Add)
Cecropia polyphlebia (Add)
Cecropia schreberiana (Add)
Cecropia sciadophylla (Add)
Cecropia telealba (Add)
Cecropia tubulosa (Add)
Cecropia utcubambana (Add)
Cecropia velutinella (Add)
Gen. Chamabainia (Add)
Gen. Coussapoa (Add)
Gen. Cypholophus (Add)
Gen. Debregeasia (Add)
Gen. Dendrocnide (Add)
Dendrocnide moroides (Add)
Gen. Didymodoxa (Add)
Gen. Discocnide (Add)
Gen. Droguetia (Add)
Gen. Elatostema (Add)
Gen. Forsskaolea (Add)
Gen. Gesnouinia (Add)
Gen. Gibbsia (Add)
Gen. Girardinia (Add)
Gen. Gyrotaenia (Add)
Gen. Hemistylus (Add)
Gen. Hesperocnide (Add)
Gen. Hyrtanandra (Add)
Gen. Laportea (Add)
Laportea aestuans (Add)
Laportea canadensis (Add)
Laportea cuneata (Add)
Laportea interrupta (Add)
Laportea urentissima (Add)
Gen. Lecanthus (Add)
Gen. Leucosyke (Add)
Gen. Maoutia (Add)
Gen. Meniscogyne (Add)
Gen. Metatrophis (Add)
Gen. Musanga (Add)
Gen. Myrianthus (Add)
Gen. Myriocarpa (Add)
Gen. Nanocnide (Add)
Gen. Neodistemon (Add)
Gen. Neraudia (Add)
Gen. Nothocnide (Add)
Gen. Obetia (Add)
Gen. Oreocnide (Add)
Gen. Parietaria (Add)
Parietaria judaica (Add)
Parietaria officinalis (Add)
Gen. Petelotiella (Add)
Gen. Phenax (Add)
Gen. Pilea (Add)
Pilea cadierei (Add)
Pilea crassifolia (Add)
Pilea depressa (Add)
Pilea fontana (Add)
Pilea grandifolia (Add)
Pilea herniarioides (Add)
Pilea inaequalis (Add)
Pilea involucrata (Add)
Pilea krugii (Add)
Pilea leptophylla (Add)
Pilea margarettae (Add)
Pilea margarettiae (Add)
Pilea matama (Add)
Pilea microphylla (Add)
Pilea multicaulis (Add)
Pilea nummulariifolia (Add)
Pilea parietaria (Add)
Pilea peperomioides (Add)
Pilea peploides (Add)
Pilea pumila (Add)
Pilea repens (Add)
Pilea richardi (Add)
Pilea richardii (Add)
Pilea rivoriae (Add)
Pilea sanctae-crucis (Add)
Pilea semidentata (Add)
Pilea serpyllacea (Add)
Pilea teneerima (Add)
Pilea tenerrima (Add)
Pilea trianthemoides (Add)
Pilea yunquensis (Add)
Gen. Pipturus (Add)
Gen. Poikilospermum (Add)
Gen. Pourouma (Add)
Gen. Pouzolzia (Add)
Gen. Procris (Add)
Procris anfracta (Add)
Procris archboldiana (Add)
Procris axillaris (Add)
Procris boninensis (Add)
Procris brunnea (Add)
Procris cantoniensis (Add)
Procris castaneifolia (Add)
Procris caulescens (Add)
Procris cephalida (Add)
Procris chinensis (Add)
Procris cochinchinensis (Add)
Procris crenata (Add)
Procris decurrens (Add)
Procris divaricata (Add)
Procris dolichophylla (Add)
Procris frutescens (Add)
Procris goepeliana (Add)
Procris grandis (Add)
Procris grueningii (Add)
Procris humblotii (Add)
Procris insularis (Add)
Procris laevigata (Add)
Procris lagunensis (Add)
Procris langbianensis (Add)
Procris latifolia (Add)
Procris littoralis (Add)
Procris melastomoides (Add)
Procris mindanaensis (Add)
Procris montana (Add)
Procris obovata (Add)
Procris pedunculata (Add)
Procris pedunculatum (Add)
Procris philippinensis (Add)
Procris pilifera (Add)
Procris ponapensis (Add)
Procris pseudostrigosa (Add)
Procris puberula (Add)
Procris quinquenervia (Add)
Procris rectangulare (Add)
Procris reticulato-venosa (Add)
Procris rhizantha (Add)
Procris ruhlandii (Add)
Procris rupicola (Add)
Procris torresiana (Add)
Procris urdanetensis (Add)
Procris urticaefolia (Add)
Procris urticifolia (Add)
Procris velutina (Add)
Procris visciformis (Add)
Procris volubilis (Add)
Procris wightiana (Add)
Gen. Rousselia (Add)
Gen. Sarcochlamys (Add)
Gen. Sarcopilea (Add)
Gen. Soleirolia (Add)
Gen. Touchardia (Add)
Gen. Urera (Add)
Gen. Urtica

Urtica angustifolia (Add)
Urtica ardens (Add)
Urtica atrichocaulis (Add)
Urtica atrovirens (Add)
Urtica cannabina (Add)
Urtica chamaedryoides (Add)
Urtica dioica

Urtica dubia (Add)
Urtica ferox (Add)
Urtica fissa (Add)
Urtica galeopsifolia (Add)
Urtica gracilenta (Add)
Urtica hyperborea (Add)
Urtica incisa (Add)
Urtica kioviensis (Add)
Urtica laetivirens (Add)
Urtica mairei (Add)
Urtica membranacea (Add)
Urtica morifolia (Add)
Urtica parviflora (Add)
Urtica pilulifera (Add)
Urtica platyphylla (Add)
Urtica pubescens (Add)
Urtica rupestris (Add)
Urtica sondenii (Add)
Urtica taiwaniana (Add)
Urtica thunbergiana (Add)
Urtica triangularis (Add)
Urtica urens (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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