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fabids (eurosids I)

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Ord. Celastrales (Add)
Fam. Celastraceae
Fam. Parnassiaceae

Ord. Cucurbitales (Add)
Fam. Begoniaceae (Add)
Fam. Cucurbitaceae

Fam. Datiscaceae (Add)
Ord. Fabales
Fam. Chrysobalanaceae (Add)
Fam. Fabaceae

Fam. Krameriaceae (Add)
Fam. Polygalaceae (Add)
Ord. Fagales (Add)
Fam. Betulaceae

Fam. Casuarinaceae (Add)
Fam. Fagaceae

Fam. Juglandaceae (Add)
Fam. Myricaceae (Add)
Fam. Nothofagaceae
Ord. Malpighiales (Add)
Fam. Achariaceae (Add)
Fam. Balanopaceae (Add)
Fam. Dichapetalaceae (Add)
Fam. Erythroxylaceae
Fam. Euphorbiaceae

Fam. Hypericaceae

Fam. Lacistemaceae (Add)
Fam. Malpighiaceae (Add)
Fam. Pandaceae (Add)
Fam. Passifloraceae

Fam. Picrodendraceae (Add)
Fam. Salicaceae
Fam. Trigoniaceae (Add)
Fam. Violaceae

Ord. Oxalidales (Add)
Fam. Cephalotaceae

Fam. Oxalidaceae

Ord. Rosales (Add)
Fam. Amygdalaceae (Add)
Fam. Barbeyaceae (Add)
Fam. Cannabaceae
Fam. Crossosomataceae (Add)
Fam. Malaceae (Add)
Fam. Moraceae

Fam. Rhamnaceae
Fam. Rosaceae

Fam. Ulmaceae
Fam. Urticaceae

Ord. Zygophyllales (Add)

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