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Gen. Ribes
Ribes subg. Berisia (Add)
Ribes sect. Berisia (Add)
Ribes affine (Add)
Ribes alpinum (Add)
Ribes armenum (Add)
Ribes brachybotrys (Add)
Ribes cuneifolium (Add)
Ribes fontaneum (Add)
Ribes glaciale (Add)
Ribes heterotrichum (Add)
Ribes komarovii (Add)
Ribes laciniatum (Add)
Ribes luridum (Add)
Ribes maximowiczianum (Add)
Ribes maximowiczii (Add)
Ribes orientale (Add)
Ribes vilmorinii (Add)
Ribes sect. Davidia (Add)
Ribes henryi (Add)
Ribes laurifolium (Add)
Ribes sect. Diacantha (Add)
Ribes diacanthum (Add)
Ribes pulchellum (Add)
Ribes saxatile (Add)
Ribes sect. Hemibotrya (Add)
Ribes fasciculatum (Add)
Ribes subg. Grossularia (Add)
Ribes sect. Grossularia (Add)
Ribes aciculare (Add)
Ribes alpestre (Add)
Ribes arcuatum (Add)
Ribes binominatum (Add)
Ribes burejense (Add)
Ribes curvatum (Add)
Ribes cynosbati (Add)
Ribes divaricatum (Add)
Ribes formosanum (Add)
Ribes hirtellum (Add)
Ribes inerme (Add)
Ribes innominatum (Add)
Ribes leptanthum (Add)
Ribes missouriense (Add)
Ribes niveum (Add)
Ribes oxyacanthoides (Add)
Ribes pinetorum (Add)
Ribes quercetorum (Add)
Ribes robustum (Add)
Ribes rotundifolium (Add)
Ribes rusticum (Add)
Ribes sinanense (Add)
Ribes stenocarpum (Add)
Ribes succirubrum (Add)
Ribes uva-crispa (Add)
Ribes velutinum (Add)
Ribes watsonianum (Add)
Ribes sect. Robsonia (Add)
Ribes amarum (Add)
Ribes californicum (Add)
Ribes echinellum (Add)
Ribes lobbii (Add)
Ribes menziesii (Add)
Ribes roezlii (Add)
Ribes speciosum (Add)
Ribes thacherianum (Add)
Ribes subg. Grossularioides (Add)
Ribes horridum (Add)
Ribes lacustre (Add)
Ribes montigenum (Add)
Ribes subg. Parilla (Add)
Ribes sect. Andina (Add)
Ribes chachapoyense (Add)
Ribes cucullatum (Add)
Ribes frankei (Add)
Ribes gayanum (Add)
Ribes huancabambense (Add)
Ribes incarnatum (Add)
Ribes lehmannii (Add)
Ribes pentlandii (Add)
Ribes trilobum (Add)
Ribes tumerec (Add)
Ribes sect. Parilla (Add)
Ribes magellanicum (Add)
Ribes punctatum (Add)
Ribes valdivianum (Add)
Ribes subg. Ribes (Add)
Ribes sect. Botrycarpum (Add)
Ribes americanum (Add)
Ribes bracteosum (Add)
Ribes dikuscha (Add)
Ribes fragrans (Add)
Ribes fuscescens (Add)
Ribes hudsonianum (Add)
Ribes janczewskii (Add)
Ribes japonicum (Add)
Ribes nigrum

Ribes pauciflorum (Add)
Ribes procumbens (Add)
Ribes turbinatum (Add)
Ribes ussuriense (Add)
Ribes viburnifolium (Add)
Ribes sect. Calobotrya (Add)
Ribes bethmontii (Add)
Ribes ciliatum (Add)
Ribes howellii (Add)
Ribes malvaceum (Add)
Ribes neglectum (Add)
Ribes nevadense (Add)
Ribes sanguineum

Ribes viscosissimum (Add)
Ribes wolfii (Add)
Ribes sect. Cerophyllum (Add)
Ribes cereum (Add)
Ribes mescalerium (Add)
Ribes sect. Fargesia (Add)
Ribes sect. Heritiera (Add)
Ribes erythrocarpum (Add)
Ribes glandulosum (Add)
Ribes laxiflorum (Add)
Ribes sachalinense (Add)
Ribes sect. Microsperma (Add)
Ribes sect. Ribes (Add)
Ribes altissimum (Add)
Ribes futurum (Add)
Ribes griffithii (Add)
Ribes holosericeum (Add)
Ribes koehneanum (Add)
Ribes latifolium (Add)
Ribes longeracemosum (Add)
Ribes mandshuricum (Add)
Ribes meyeri (Add)
Ribes moupinense (Add)
Ribes multiflorum (Add)
Ribes palczewskii (Add)
Ribes pallidiflorum (Add)
Ribes petraeum (Add)
Ribes rubrum

Ribes spicatum (Add)
Ribes triste (Add)
Ribes warszewiczii (Add)
Ribes sect. Symphocalyx (Add)
Ribes aureum (Add)

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