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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Tracheophyta --> Spermatophytes --> Angiospermae --> Eudicotyledon --> core eudicots --> rosids --> malvids (eurosids II) --> Ord. Myrtales -->


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Circaeeae (Add)
Gen. Circaea (Add)
Gen. Fuchsia (Add)
Fuchsia arborescens (Add)
Fuchsia bacillaris (Add)
Fuchsia boliviana (Add)
Fuchsia coccinea (Add)
Fuchsia corymbiflora (Add)
Fuchsia denticulata (Add)
Fuchsia excorticata (Add)
Fuchsia fulgens (Add)
Fuchsia integrifolia (Add)
Fuchsia macrophylla (Add)
Fuchsia magellanica (Add)
Fuchsia microphylla (Add)
Fuchsia paniculata (Add)
Fuchsia parviflora (Add)
Fuchsia procumbens (Add)
Fuchsia pumila (Add)
Fuchsia radicans (Add)
Fuchsia recemosa (Add)
Fuchsia rosea (Add)
Fuchsia splendens (Add)
Fuchsia thymifolia (Add)
Fuchsia triphylla (Add)
Fuchsia umbrosa (Add)
Epilobieae (Add)
Gen. Chamerion (Add)
Chamerion angustifolium

Chamerion caucasicum (Add)
Chamerion colchicum (Add)
Chamerion conspersum (Add)
Chamerion dodonaei (Add)
Chamerion fleischeri (Add)
Chamerion iranicum (Add)
Chamerion latifolium (Add)
Chamerion prantlii (Add)
Chamerion speciosum (Add)
Chamerion stevenii (Add)
Gen. Epilobium (Add)
Epilobium alsinifolium (Add)
Epilobium canum (Add)
Epilobium ciliatum (Add)
Gongylocarpeae (Add)
Hauyeae (Add)
Lopezieae (Add)
Onagreae (Add)
Gen. Calylophus (Add)
Gen. Camissonia (Add)
Camissonia andina (Add)
Camissonia benitensis (Add)
Camissonia brevipes (Add)
Camissonia cheiranthifolia (Add)
Camissonia claviformis (Add)
Camissonia contorta (Add)
Camissonia multijuga (Add)
Camissonia ovata (Add)
Camissonia parvula (Add)
Camissonia tanacetifolia (Add)
Camissonia walkeri (Add)
Gen. Chylismia (Add)
Gen. Clarkia (Add)
Gen. Eulobus (Add)
Gen. Gaura (Add)
Gen. Gayophytum (Add)
Gen. Oenothera (Add)
Oenothera acuticarpa (Add)
Oenothera affinis (Add)
Oenothera albicaulis (Add)
Oenothera arequipensis (Add)
Oenothera argillicola (Add)
Oenothera bahia-blancae (Add)
Oenothera biennis (Add)
Oenothera californica (Add)
Oenothera canascens (Add)
Oenothera catharinensis (Add)
Oenothera cespitosa (Add)
Oenothera clelandii (Add)
Oenothera coquimbensis (Add)
Oenothera coronopifolia (Add)
Birdcage Evening Primrose, Oenothera deltoides

Oenothera drummondii (Add)
Oenothera elata (Add)
Oenothera featherstonei (Add)
Oenothera flava (Add)
Oenothera glazioviana (Add)
Oenothera gracilis (Add)
Oenothera grandiflora (Add)
Oenothera grandis (Add)
Oenothera heterophylla (Add)
Oenothera humifusa (Add)
Oenothera indecora (Add)
Oenothera jamesii (Add)
Oenothera laciniata (Add)
Oenothera longissima (Add)
Oenothera longituba (Add)
Oenothera macrocarpa (Add)
Oenothera mendocinensis (Add)
Oenothera mexicana (Add)
Oenothera mollissima (Add)
Oenothera montevidensis (Add)
Oenothera nana (Add)
Oenothera nuda (Add)
Oenothera nutans (Add)
Oenothera oakesiana (Add)
Oenothera odorata (Add)
Oenothera pallida (Add)
Oenothera parodiana (Add)
Oenothera parviflora (Add)
Oenothera pedunculifolia (Add)
Oenothera perennis (Add)
Oenothera peruana (Add)
Oenothera primiveris (Add)
Oenothera pseudoelongata (Add)
Oenothera pseudolongiflora (Add)
Oenothera pubescens (Add)
Oenothera punae (Add)
Oenothera recurva (Add)
Oenothera rhombipetala (Add)
Oenothera rosea (Add)
Oenothera rubida (Add)
Oenothera sandiana (Add)
Oenothera santarii (Add)
Oenothera scabra (Add)
Oenothera speciosa (Add)
Oenothera stricta (Add)
Oenothera tarijensis (Add)
Oenothera tetragona (Add)
Oenothera tetraptera (Add)
Oenothera triloba (Add)
Oenothera tucumanensis (Add)
Oenothera versicolor (Add)
Oenothera villaricae (Add)
Oenothera villosa (Add)
Oenothera wolfii (Add)
Gen. Stenosiphon (Add)
Gen. Taraxia (Add)
Gen. Xylonagra (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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