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Plantae --> Embryophyta --> Tracheophyta --> Spermatophytes --> Angiospermae --> Eudicotyledon --> core eudicots --> rosids --> fabids (eurosids I) --> Ord. Malpighiales -->


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Malesherbioideae (Add)
Gen. Malesherbia (Add)
Malesherbia paniculata (Add)
Passifloroideae (Add)
Paropsieae (Add)
Gen. Androsiphonia (Add)
Gen. Barteria (Add)
Gen. Paropsia (Add)
Paropsia pubescens (Add)
Gen. Paropsiopsis (Add)
Gen. Smeathmannia (Add)
Gen. Viridivia (Add)
Passifloreae (Add)
Gen. Adenia (Add)
Adenia aculeata (Add)
Adenia acuminata (Add)
Adenia acuta (Add)
Adenia adenifera (Add)
Adenia ambongensis (Add)
Adenia angustisecta (Add)
Adenia angustisepala (Add)
Adenia antongilliana (Add)
Adenia apiculata (Add)
Adenia aspidophylla (Add)
Adenia australis (Add)
Adenia ballyi (Add)
Adenia banaensis (Add)
Adenia bequaertii (Add)
Adenia boivinii (Add)
Adenia borneensis (Add)
Adenia buchananii (Add)
Adenia cardiocarpa (Add)
Adenia cardiophylla (Add)
Adenia catharinae (Add)
Adenia celebica (Add)
Adenia chevalieri (Add)
Adenia cissampeloides (Add)
Adenia cladosepala (Add)
Adenia clementis (Add)
Adenia coccinea (Add)
Adenia cordifolia (Add)
Adenia craibii (Add)
Adenia crassa (Add)
Adenia cynanchifolia (Add)
Adenia densiflora (Add)
Adenia digitata (Add)
Adenia dinklagei (Add)
Adenia diversifolia (Add)
Adenia dolichosiphon (Add)
Adenia ecirrosa (Add)
Adenia elegans (Add)
Adenia ellenbeckii (Add)
Adenia epigea (Add)
Adenia erecta (Add)
Adenia fasciculata (Add)
Adenia fernandesiana (Add)
Adenia firingalavensis (Add)
Adenia formosana (Add)
Adenia fruticosa (Add)
Adenia gedoensis (Add)
Adenia glauca (Add)
Adenia globosa (Add)
Adenia goetzei (Add)
Adenia gracilis (Add)
Adenia grandifolia (Add)
Adenia guineensis (Add)
Adenia gummifera (Add)
Adenia harmandii (Add)
Adenia hastata (Add)
Adenia hederifolia (Add)
Adenia heterophylla (Add)
Adenia hondala (Add)
Adenia huillensis (Add)
Adenia inermis (Add)
Adenia isaloensis (Add)
Adenia karibaensis (Add)
Adenia keramanthus (Add)
Adenia kinabaluensis (Add)
Adenia kirkii (Add)
Adenia lobata (Add)
Adenia macrophylla (Add)
Adenia rumicifolia (Add)
Adenia venenata (Add)
Adenia volkensii (Add)
Adenia wightiana (Add)
Gen. Ancistrothyrsus (Add)
Ancistrothyrsus tessmannii (Add)
Gen. Basananthe (Add)
Basananthe apetala (Add)
Gen. Crossostemma (Add)
Gen. Deidamia (Add)
Deidamia alata (Add)
Deidamia bicolor (Add)
Deidamia bipinnata (Add)
Deidamia clematoides (Add)
Deidamia commersoniana (Add)
Deidamia congolana (Add)
Deidamia setigera (Add)
Deidamia thompsoniana (Add)
Gen. Dilkea (Add)
Dilkea subg. Dilkea (Add)
Dilkea clarkei (Add)
Dilkea granvillei (Add)
Dilkea johanesii (Add)
Dilkea magnifica (Add)
Dilkea margaritae (Add)
Dilkea retusa (Add)
Gen. Efulensia (Add)
Gen. Mitostemma (Add)
Gen. Passiflora (Add)
Passiflora subg. Astrophea (Add)
Passiflora subg. Decaloba (Add)
Passiflora subg. Deidamioides (Add)
Passiflora subg. Dysosmia (Add)
Passiflora chrysophylla (Add)
Passiflora foetida (Add)
Passiflora subg. Passiflora (Add)
Passiflora caerulea (Add)
Passiflora edulis (Add)
Passiflora quadrangularis (Add)
Passiflora × belottii

Passiflora subg. Polyanthea (Add)
Passiflora subg. Tetrapathea (Add)
Passiflora aurantioides (Add)
Passiflora kuranda (Add)
Passiflora tetrandra (Add)
Gen. Schlechterina (Add)
Turneroideae (Add)
Gen. Adenoa (Add)
Gen. Erblichia (Add)
Gen. Hyalocalyx (Add)
Hyalocalyx setifer (Add)
Gen. Loewia (Passifloraceae) (Add)
Loewia glutinosa (Add)
Loewia microphylla (Add)
Loewia tanaensis (Add)
Loewia thomasii (Add)
Gen. Mathurina (Add)
Mathurina penduliflora (Add)
Gen. Piriqueta (Add)
Piriqueta cistoides (Add)
Piriqueta integrifolia (Add)
Piriqueta racemosa (Add)
Gen. Stapfiella (Add)
Stapfiella claoxyloides (Add)
Gen. Streptopetalum (Add)
Streptopetalum serratum (Add)
Gen. Tricliceras (Add)
Tricliceras pilosum (Add)
Gen. Turnera (Add)
Turnera angustifolia (Add)
Turnera diffusa (Add)
Turnera pumilea (Add)
Turnera scabra (Add)
Turnera subulata (Add)
Turnera ulmifolia (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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