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Piper kadsura

"2010-05-08 130" by 石川 Shihchuan via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.


Piperoideae (Add)
Gen. Peperomia (Add)
Gen. Piper (Add)
Piper aduncum (Add)
Piper angustifolium (Add)
Piper arborescens (Add)
Piper arboreum (Add)
Piper argyrites (Add)
Piper attenuatum (Add)
Piper auritum (Add)
Piper bantamense (Add)
Piper betle (Add)
Piper caducibracteum (Add)
Piper caninum (Add)
Piper cenocladum (Add)
Piper chaba (Add)
Piper crocatum (Add)
Piper cubeba (Add)
Piper decurrens (Add)
Piper dominantinervium (Add)
Piper futokadzura (Add)
Piper guineense (Add)
Piper hispidinervum (Add)
Piper hispidum (Add)
Piper hymenophyllum (Add)
Piper imperiale (Add)
Piper kadsura

Piper latifolium (Add)
Piper lolot (Add)
Piper longifolium (Add)
Piper longum (Add)
Piper magnibaccum (Add)
Piper melanocladum (Add)
Piper methysticum (Add)
Piper nigrum (Add)
Piper ornatum (Add)
Piper peltatum (Add)
Piper phuwuaense (Add)
Piper pilobracteatum (Add)
Piper polycarpa (Add)
Piper porphyrophyllum (Add)
Piper pseudolindenii (Add)
Piper retrofractum (Add)
Piper sanctum (Add)
Piper sarmentosum (Add)
Piper siriboa (Add)
Piper umbellatum (Add)
Piper urostachyum (Add)
Piper wallichii (Add)
Verhuellioideae (Add)
Gen. Verhuellia (Add)
Zippeliodideae (Add)
Gen. Manekia (Add)
Gen. Zippellia (Add)

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